Card City Nights 2 - .pxl | Haku
- game tries to quietly reconnect when getting an connection error in online match
- fixed a bug in tutorial
Nov 8, 2017
Card City Nights 2 - .pxl | Haku
This patch syncs the Steam version with the Mobile version releasing tomorrow (thursday) on iOS and Android. Crossplay is available as long as both devices run the same version of the game.
- Fixes a targeting bug with the restore effect. (edited)

[Note: We (the devs) will be online and play some matches at 18:00 CET on friday so come play us!]
Card City Nights 2 - reallyjoel
We just released the 42-track strong OST for Card City Nights 2 as a DLC here on Steam. It'll show up in your Steam Music library automatically after download!

Get it here:
Sep 20, 2017
Card City Nights 2 - reallyjoel
- The new sleeves are now selectable in the deck editor.
- Fixed a bug where the AI would sometimes freeze when there was an Alpha Strike on the board.
- Fixed a bug where the "your opponent has conceded" message wouldn't show after a multiplayer match.
- Fixed a bug where the deck cards would flip their order after an effect would add cards to it.
- Fixed a bug where the game would lock up if you had to discard cards from hand without any cards in hand.
Card City Nights 2 - reallyjoel
Hey guys,

As announced on Twitter and elsewhere, we're all going to be live playing CCN2 with you tonight, starting in just a few minutes. To celebrate this we also added ONLINE DRAFTING and a few other changes to the game!

Patch 1.2.0 Changelog:
- Online Draft mode has been added
- Fixed a bug with match code
- A new NPC with three challenging battles, which award new card sleeves
- Added Sofia card
- Changed Devasom, Role Reversal and Rainbow Ring cards

Before going online, make sure CCN2 is updated. You can do this either by restarting steam, or by veifying your game files (rightclick on CCN2, go into properties, local files, verify integrity of game files)
Sep 10, 2017
Card City Nights 2 - .pxl | Haku
Fixed a bug where the last boss froze the game.
Sep 9, 2017
Card City Nights 2 - .pxl | Haku
-Added achievements (loading an existing savefile to unlock them will work)
-Added six replayable post-game rematches with brand new decks
-Added three new cards
-Added a help menu with detailed rules and information
-Hacking now costs 2 credits
-Tweaked a card (The King now activates all cards)
-Tweaked the player's starting deck
-Tweaked some opponent decks
-A bunch of bug fixes
-Fixed spelling errors
Sep 1, 2017
Card City Nights 2 - reallyjoel
Card City Nights 2 is finally live on Steam as of today! Grab it while it's hot!!

See you online!

Card City Nights 2 - reallyjoel
Mattias recorded himself chopping up his own song for a new battle theme. See behind the scenes how we get that CCN sound. Our first DevVlog!
Card City Nights 2 - reallyjoel
Hello everyone! It’s me, Regnslöja, one of Ludosity’s two artists here to tell you about Card City Nights 2.

Just like in CCN1, I’ve drawn all the characters and most of the cards while leaving backgrounds to my co-artist Nils. I don’t have the patience for big scenes like that.

The style we went for here was basically “like CCN1, but cleaner and better”, so I hope those who liked the first game will feel at home. If you haven’t played CCN1 in a while, maybe you wouldn’t even notice the difference, but here we see Jenny Bun and Ittle Dew in both games, and I think you can tell it’s changed a bit.

Just like in CCN1 and Princess Remedy, me and Daniel (star designer and writer here in Ludo City) work kind of separately with characters, which I think is an interesting dynamic allowing us both to be creative. We basically decided on the characters that would appear in the game, and some basics about the character. Then I just went through the list and drew them while Daniel wrote the campaign. This desync can lead to interesting results. For example, I drew Navigator (Green Crystal) as very flirty, giving her expressions like ;P and a kissy face.

And then Daniel goes and writes her as married.

The few cards that reuse the art from CCN1 have been touched up to fit in better with the new ones. However, consistent style isn’t as important with the cards, and there are cards drawn by Nils (notably Bird, just like he did in CCN1, but many others too) and Daniel (Hype Snake for example).

By the way, did you know that we brought back cards in the upcoming Ittle Dew 2+ thingy on Switch?

In CCN1, we really had to scramble for cards to the point where some cards were the geometric shape enemies from Daniel’s old game Castle of Elite, haha. This time around, it’s the opposite! With Ittle Dew 2, two Princess Remedy games and Psycard… the amount of characters in the Ludoverse have increased dramatically!

So now we have more than we need, really. Not even close to all the Remedy characters have cards yet (my beloved Pancake Master is missing), and not even all of Ittle Dew 2 either. Psycard has a surprising amount of cards for a mostly unknown game, but that’s because they were so easy to make – just take the portrait straight from the game. Since we needed a lot of cards quickly, “ease of making” did play part in what cards got in for release. Like “Crossover Adventure” below, the art is just a promo picture we already had.

Rest assured that we’ll be adding a bunch of cards in patches after release, just like we did with the first one, except this time there’s online multiplayer so it’s even more fun to get new cards!

As usual, we had a lot of fun making this game. I love designing alternate versions of our characters! Will YOU recognize them all?? Probably not, as some are too obscure – like Rulle or the musical group that only appears on a tiny poster in ID2.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of your Let’s Plays after release 😀

-Anton (@regnsloja)

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