Community Announcements - Tiveran
The World Water Day bundle is now available on Indie Royale! This bundle includes six games; The Ship, Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians, Puddle, Pressure, Depth Hunter and Storm in a Teacup. Pick up a copy of the bundle and help support charity: water!
Community Announcements - GumboChoppa
For the next 48 hours The Ship is on the Steam daily deal with 80% off! You can pick up the complete pack for £2.79 ($3.99) or the singleplayer only version for £1.19 ($1.99).
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 80% on The Ship!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Saturday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - GumboChoppa
For the next 72 hours The Ship is on Daily Royale with 75% off! You can pick up yours for just £3.49, but be quick – there’s only 500 copies of the game available!

Head on over to Daily Royale to grab The Ship now!
Community Announcements - Tenebrious
Take your chance to feedback on our Full Steam Ahead game project, as it sails onto Steam Greenlight.

As we showed on Kickstarter, we’re delighted to consider, react and adapt to reasonable, constructive, comments and want your feedback.
Unlike that forum anyone on Steam has the opportunity to have their say.

So don’t miss out on the chance to get involved in the development process and tell us what you’d like to see in a sequel to The Ship.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Nathan Grayson)

Fun fact: RPS is actually operated in its fun>dane day-to-day fashion entirely from the crowded deck of an upscale 1920s cruise liner. While jovially spinning our thoughts into the most eloquent of wordshapes, Jim, John, Alec, Adam, and I are constantly engaged in a methodical hunt for one other. We like to think that the ever-present threat of death keeps our writing sharp. But finally, I think I’m closing in on my target. Adam, quite simply, has demonstrated that he knows too much>. Look at what he said about the just-announced The Ship sequel – titled Full Steam Ahead - nearly a year ago: “Kick-start The Ship… ‘Full Steam Ahead.’” And sure, I may have rearranged some words to break his maniacally brilliant code, but the point’s still clear as day: Adam must be eliminated. But first, let’s talk about videogames!


Community Announcements - Tenebrious
<img src="">
We're elated to launch <a href="">The Ship: Full Steam Ahead on Kickstarter.</a>

Now's your chance to take part; view our entertaining and distinctive Kickstarter video and see the rewards you can reap for supporting the game. Any great ship needs a successful launch and your help to fund this project, however big or small, is invaluable. Become a member of The Royal Society for the Proliferation of Steam, support the project, tell all your friends, and join us to complete with the finished game.

<a href="">Join us, pledge the project, and get set for new adventures as we go Full Steam Ahead!</a>
PC Gamer
The Ship 2

Remember The Ship? You know, the innovative cruise ship-based multiplayer murder game that entertained us back in 2006? It went on to spawn a Hollywood-themed follow-up, Bloody Good Time, and arguably inspired the multiplayer bits of the recent Assassin's Creeds. We thought it had been hit by an iceberg, along (sadly) with developers Outerlight, but it turns out The Ship 2 is unexpectedly plotting a course for Kickstarter.

The game's crowdfunding page will go live on Kickstarter's new UK site on October 31st, which coincidentally is when the site itself is set to launch. Spooky. Despite that, The Ship: Full Steam Ahead will feature on both the US and UK services simultaneously, so you'll be able to pledge in dollars or pounds sterling - but not in Red Dwarf's fancy dollarpounds.

We won't know much about the game until that page sneaks onto the internet, but we do know that the original developers won't be involved - publisher Blazing Griffin bought the rights to The Ship from Outerlight back in 2011. In other news, if you like vague bits of concept art then, hoo boy, are you in luck. The following image offers a very tiny glimpse of what we presume are the new playable characters. They all look a bit... roboty.

PC Gamer

Place these paddles firmly on your chest and look below to get your end-of-day gaming news fix applied directly to your circulatory system. Dawn of the Reapers is bringing Mass Effect's most notable starfaring conflict to Sins of a Solar Empire, and The Ship's developers are looking to float a Kickstarter-funded sequel.

Sins of a Solar Empire and Mass Effect. Sometimes, just mashing two awesome things together doesn't produce the best results. We don't think this is one of those times. The Dawn of the Reapers mod will allow you to play as the Council races or their enigmatic enemies in one of the best space-based RTS-4X games of all time.
Full Steam Ahead is a sequel to The Ship, a game where you walk around on a boat and try to stab people in secret. Essentially what our last few PC Gamer office retreats looked like. Scottish developers Blazing Griffin have announced a Kickstarter for the follow-up embarking on October 25.
Project Lumoria is a mod that adds an expansive new campaign using assets from that one Halo game that actually came out on PC and people actually cared about. You know, the one that didn't have any numbers at the end. Set in the early years of the Human-Covenant War, the missions have been in development since 2008.
Microsoft is dropping SpaceBux Microsoft Points in Windows 8, embracing the radical idea of just using existing currencies instead of making new ones up.
Mafia is being remade in the GTA IV engine, speaking of porting cool things into other cool things. Chances are, we'll all be quantum dust by tomorrow.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Nathan Grayson)

I desperately want to play with that tassel.

I’m incredibly proud to announce that Indie Royale has finally graduated. I haven’t the foggiest idea of what it’s actually graduated from>, but it has one of those fun dangly tassel hats now, so that means it’s probably smarter than me. Before it goes off and writes the next great American novel while aboard a rocket of its own construction made from inferior American novels, however, it’s putting more indie games on sale. Six more of them, in fact – including the debut of retro-themed zombie-blasting RPG Dead Pixels. “But wait,” you might say, tossing around high-level math like some kind of graduate-school-bound indie bundle, “that’s only one> game; where are the other five?” Be educated after the break.



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