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More great news! Fist Puncher is an absurd 75% off on Steam in celebration of that wonderful candy-fueled holiday we call Halloween. Along with the sale, we added three new playable Halloween-themed characters earlier this week: the maniacal Murdering Clown, the brain-eating Bath Salt Zombie, or the pumpkin-headed Samhain. Get the classic brawler and all of its Halloween absurdity at a crazy price. Dig into that candy bag and kick back with some old school beat 'em up mayhem (but please save us a mini-Snickers bar).

Community Announcements - TheRealMattKain
Put down your trick-or-treat bag, forget about carving that jack-o-lantern, and pick up a controller. The classic brawler Fist Puncher is back with three new playable Halloween-inspired characters who are ready to kick, punch, and stomp through the violent streets of San Cruces and deliver a frightening dose of justice. Play as the maniacal Murdering Clown, the brain-eating Bath Salt Zombie, or the pumpkin-headed Samhain.

All three new Halloween characters are fully unlocked in the PC version of Fist Puncher. We're hoping to eventually bring these characters to the Mac/Linux versions of Fist Puncher as well, but that will have to wait for a future update (thanks for your patience).

Happy Halloween!
- Team2Bit (the Lewandowski Brothers)

Community Announcements - granom
Hey Team,

We've got a Steam Curator page going that features all our games, plus a few personal faves. We'll try to update it regularly, so please give us a follow.

We hate how much we love you,

Community Announcements - granom
Hey Team,

We've put a bunch of our games in this week's Humble Weekly Bundle, and even threw in some great merchandise for the high rollers. You can give all of it to charity, so stop complaining and help somebody else for once in your life.

Everything you need to know is right here. Clickety-click:


Community Announcements - granom
Our new multiplayer game Mega Coin Squad is coming next week!

Join our official Adult Swim Games group and post a comment in this thread for your chance to win a copy:

Finally, meet us this Friday (Aug 8) at noon EST on our Twitch channel to see the game in action and chat with developers Big Pixel Studios:

Cool? Cool.

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Mac and Linux support for Fist Puncher is now live. Sorry it took so long, but we're happy to announce that we completed the port to Mac and Linux. We also updated the standard release and added two more characters (that makes 20 in all including the RUA add-on character). Enjoy!
Community Announcements - granom
Listen Up:

For only 4 US dollars and 7 US cents, you can own yourself some Volgarr thanks to today's Daily Deal.

If you consider yourself an old-school, 2D-action tough guy, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.


PS Your mom says "hi"
Shacknews - Robert Workman
Developer Team2Bit has announced that it has released its indie side-scrolling beat-em-up Fist Puncher to OUYA, the first half of a two-game deal for the system. In Fist Puncher, players plow their way through 50 levels of bad guys with over 19 playable characters, including Dr. Karate, Steroid Jackson, and Hella Fitsgerald. The game promises four-player local co-op play and RPG elements to allow players to tweak characters.
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Hi Everyone!

The official Adult Swim Games group on Steam is now only a click away:

Become a fledgling member and help shape the identity of this growing community. You want to talk about cats? Sure, we'll talk about cats. Angry about the latest update to your favorite game? Come cry on our virtual e-shoulder. Life making you blue? We'll talk you down from that ledge, buddy! It's never as bad as it seems.

We don't know where this road will take us, but let's take it together. Can you bring the snacks?


Adult Swim Games
Community Announcements - granom
Hey Team:

Adult Swim Games is proud to present JAZZPUNK, courtesy of the talented dudes at Necrophone Games. We could go on and on about how good this game is, how funny, how strange...but we think this quote sums it up nicely:

"I'm gonna buy the crap out of this."
-Some Guy

You, too, can buy the crap out of this. Don't delay. Get Jazzpunk RIGHT NOW for $11.99. The game will return to its regular price of $14.99 on February 14th at 9 am PST.

Thanks and Bye,


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