Edge of Space - LordShaggy
Hey everyone. I know it's been quite a some time since we have posted or patched the game.

It's been a very complex ride after the release, and I will go more into it in another post.

What I wanted to get out there was that we are still alive and we have not just abandoned you, but there were logistical things that had to take priority.

In my next post I will ellaberate on that more directly, as I can not at the moment. But to say the least, please bare with us.

Edge of Space - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

We have another round of fixes for your gaming pleasure, and are still working through the suggestions and feedback from the community. We are in the process of revamping the NPC system in a number of ways, but that update will be longer in coming as the holidays are approaching, and the team takes time off to spend with family and friends. After the new year we’ll be sitting down to plan things out, and update the community on what’s next. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

  • Sound now updates while the game is paused (this prevents looping or repeating issues)
  • The ”Welcome to the edge” and “one of us” achievements work again
  • Carbon Fiber factory now works like the other factories. The required quantity has been reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Unused stats have been removed from the character stats tab. Exposure Rank has been added to the stats tab
  • Fixed an issue where inventory slots could be active past the bottom of the inventory window
  • You can now only drag and drop things from the crafting slots if the target slot is empty
  • Banner popups no longer block mouse input
  • Clarified reforge schematic tooltips in the knowledge window
  • Added a form of triple jump to the defense mech and removed falling damage from it as well
  • Improved vehicle related creature hate (aggro) for vehicles with weapons
  • Fixed the arm animation when aiming left and up
  • Fixed an issue where teleport menu would remain active after teleport and not update
  • Ammo requirements for weapons now appear on the right side of the crafting window
  • Boomerangs no longer knockback targets, which should correct a number of issues
  • Changed how anomalies (non-bunker crab nests and jelly nests, crab eggs, random mechs, etc) spawn near structure tiles and bunkers/nests. This should reduce the chance of anomalies spawning near player bases as long as the background tiles are not empty or naturally occurring resources (dirt, rock, mud, clay, ice, biomass, aluminum, titanium, uranium, radium, or promethium). The dirt structure, rock structure, et cetera tiles will prevent anomalies, just not the basic tiles
Edge of Space - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

We’ve been continuing to pound away on bugs and issues in the game, especially the lag and UI issues. Uncovering them all is certainly challenging, but we have noticed significant improvement in testing from the latest round of fixes. We definitely want to hear from the community to help us determine how effective the fixes have been!

  • Added Holopet Jack-o-lantern
  • Master cryopod and chests no longer display removal icon when they cannot be picked up
  • You can now split stacks into another identical stack
  • Reduced Jack O Lantern beam length
  • Craft window text filter now clears when window closes
  • Mortar Penguin and Artillabear no longer damage tiles
  • Fixed an issue that prevented defense mech from damaging placeables
  • You can now right click to remove items from factories
  • Fixed the auto button for factories with less than 3 components
  • Codex entries for factories will unlock when you click on the codex page icon if you do not already have it unlocked
  • The player info area no longer blocks input
  • Weapon firing now resumes after moving mouse off of UI areas
  • Some event nests can no longer be picked up
  • Fixed a number of potential memory leaks in the UI
  • Item banner text now has an approximate delay of 2 seconds after picking up an item
  • Picking up multiple items will now only display a single banner text
  • Command centers now have the number of PIOS outputs in their description
  • When placing or renaming a Command center they will get their XY coordinates added to their name instead of hex ID
  • Corrected unnecessary memory allocations in the mining system
  • Corrected unnecessary memory allocations in the vehicle mining system
  • Adjusted structure tile mining speed to help prevent accidental removal
Edge of Space - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

Just a few quick hotfixes from last night’s patch, addressing some of the things reported since 1.06 dropped. Keep reporting guys, and stay awesome!

  • Corrected an issue where players in multiplayer might not get rewards for completing halloween event
  • Corrected an issue where chests could remain open after clicking them twice
  • Corrected an issue where craft window search would only search current section (search now ignores filters)
  • Corrected an issue where upgrading a tower in halloween event without enough currency would consume any currency player has
  • Pressing enter in the split stack screen no longer focuses on chat UI
  • Corrected a duplication issue in display modes pulldown
  • Corrected an issue where DJ Dubstep dungeon would not function
Edge of Space - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

Don’t worry, we didn’t die! We’ve been a little quieter this last couple of weeks, as we’ve dug in to get the Halloween event together and in game, as well as continuing to fight bugs and make quality of life improvements. As you can see, we’ve been far from idle, and now we present the Halloween patch. Enjoy!

NOTE: we are tracking an issue that prevents rewards for halloween dungeon from being granted in some Multiplayer instances.

Headline Feature
  • Halloween Dungeon event!!

  • Added zoom speed slider to options
  • Zoom now works when on a vehicle
  • SFX volume functions properly now
  • Adjusted headhunter impact sound
  • Corrected issues that could cause or lead to: players moving off screen, vehicles moving off-screen, world chunks not loading at the edge of screen in multiplayer, and an infinite loading screen when moving quickly in multiplayer
  • Corrected an issue that could cause items to be removed from chests when activating the chest
  • Cubbs’ upgrade quest now autocompletes if the player has 12 or more upgrades
  • Adjusted DJ penguin’s contact damage and size to prevent exploits
  • The crafting window is now paginated instead of scrolled
  • Reduced the volume and range of command center sounds
  • Upgrade podiums no longer show icons if player has that upgrade or returns to the area
  • Corrected issues that could prevent boss/npc rooms from generating in certain dungeons
  • Added tooltips to knowledge window tabs
  • Increased the height of the character panel
  • Adjusted science xp burst text to be smaller
  • Removing placeables is now faster and is no longer interrupted by player movement
  • Placeables can now be placed through platforms
  • The “Esc” key now goes back ni main menu windows
  • Wherebot and Infobot now say the owner’s position instead of their own
  • Coordinate shards now stack to 50
  • The Command Center teleport list is now sorted
  • Corrected several typos
  • Updated several codex entries
  • Added Refining codex entry
  • All factories now open a codex
  • Added new character customization options
  • Added a “no accessory” option
  • Knowledge UI now displays weapon ammo type and energy consumption
  • Added energy consumption to weapon tooltips
  • Added Halloween Dungeon event
  • Added ghost armor and ghostly scythe for halloween dungeon event

Edge of Space - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

Bringing some more of your requests to life with another big quality of life and bugfix patch. Keep the feedback coming, and the bug reports, they’re making a difference!

  • Players can now Pause in single player mode by hitting the esc key (you can finally enjoy those long, leisurely bathroom breaks!!)
  • UI windows now save their position

  • Added ability to pause when esc is used when playing in Single Player
  • Added Auto fill button to appropriate factories
  • Corrected a few issues with factories
  • Corrected an issue where players that die in a vehicle might not dismount
  • Corrected an issue that allowed players to use Detonators in nests and other event areas
  • Added some context sensitive assistance to Where Bot if you are standing in certain placeable objects
  • Updated several icons and placeable art for factories
  • Corrected meta stats for recon and assassin armor
  • Added new vehicle repair bays
  • UI windows now save their position
  • Adjusted placeable hover text position, moved “Out of Range” text to a new line, and added a “Not Powered” condition
  • Fuels no longer require rare materials
  • Adjusted starter weapon damage
  • Corrected another issue that could cause UI lag
  • Turned loose a python to eat up many spelling errors
  • Corrected an issue which caused players inventory size to not update properly when changing avatars
  • Corrected an issue that prevented NPCs from following on future escort missions after the player died
  • Corrected an issue with tiles on the edge of the world
  • Breakables no longer display the removal icons when x is used
  • Chests and command centers clear the name field when opened
  • Beam weapons are no longer blocked by platforms
  • Removed map keybinding
  • Added a message when attempting to mine in a nest or other event area that is not yet unlocked
  • Added Stealth Buddy to Explorer Armor rank 15
  • Added Task Log to the Quick Menu
  • Corrected an issue that might cause inventory slots to become unresponsive
  • Increased the size of the slider handles in the Options menu
  • The chat window now loses focus after entering a message
  • Stack split UI now gains focus when opened and enter works to set it
  • The Inertia Field Kit is no longer canceled when standing on terrain
  • Laser saws no longer pass through terrain
  • Info bot no longer detects cleared terraformers
  • Lovebird’s height has been adjusted
  • Increased protoleaf drop rate and added a small chance to drop from protovines
  • Raised base exp cap to 10,000 and adjusted upgrades accordingly
Edge of Space - LadyAijou
Who’s ready for some more Handyman love? Here comes another round of bug fixing, thanks to all the feedback and reports coming in from the community. You guys are awesome, and we really appreciate everyone taking the time to send in tickets, logs, and feedback threads on the forums!

  • Corrected an invalid schematic requirement for architect armor, engineer armor, and bulldozer pet
  • Tweak to UI performance
  • Boosted chances of Master Brain dropping items
  • ”Fun Dungeon” achievement should track properly now
  • Crab and Jelly mounts no longer vanish when out of energy
  • Updated Primal Zone Parallax
  • Added a taller warehouse bay door for players to create a garage to store vehicles away from creatures
  • Corrected female hairstyle numbering
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Joey from granting his anchor schematic
  • Plasma bears now have proper loot
  • Wild Jellies now have proper loot
  • Corrected an issue where a shadow arm could be seen when holding melee weapons
  • Gun reload bonus no longer overwrites current buffs
  • Fixed an issue where some creatures created too many particles on death
  • Fixed an issue where removing items that increase inventory size could make those items stay in the inventory instead of being returned in the Rewards window
  • Fixed two possible issues that could cause Network Loop Errors
  • Added small and medium relays to base construction
  • Added a power splitter to base construction
  • Adjusted consumable turret HP levels
  • Adjusted all consumable requirements for crafting, removed more rare materials from their requirements
  • Fixed an issue that prevented coordinate shards dropping for Omegatron and DJ Penguin
Edge of Space - LadyAijou
UPDATE 9/24/15: Thanks to the reporting since last night's patch, 1.03, we figured out that a problem in the build process had actually prevented some of the changes from going through. We have rebuilt tonight, and pushed the patch again, with the following additional changes as well:

  • Fixed the materials required for Architect armor, Engineer armor, and the Bulldozer pet.
  • Fixed another issue that could cause UI lag.
  • Increased the drop chances for the Master Brain.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the "Fun Dungeon" achievement from being set when taking the Skiff from the dungeon exit.
Edge of Space - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

After reading your feedback and listening to all the requests coming in, here is another round of changes, fixes, and balances that you guys helped us find. We are lucky to have such an engaged community, and we hope you’ll keep the feedback and reports coming!

  • Corrected an issue that could cause UI lag
  • Corrected an issue that caused the UI eventually to build up so much memory it would crash
  • Corrected an issue that would cause Lovebird to spawn outside of his room
  • Adjusted some schem requirements that involved achomium
  • Corrected an issue that could cause players to get stuck in tiles that sit above a slope
  • Melee weapons are better at hitting breakable objects
  • Left clicking at item in the knowledge window will open the crafting window to that item
  • Chests can be renamed
  • Fixed several issues with boomerang weapons. Some fixes will require re-crafting the weapon
  • Greatly reduced the number of creatures that spawn in mid-air
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Headhunter Dungeon to loop back on itself or change the entry room
  • The door in the Headhunter Dungeon boss room should now open after killing the Master Brain
  • The Master Brain once again has loot
  • Removed a few spawners in the Headhunter Dungeon to avoid gaining aggro as soon as the player entered the room
  • Adjusted sound attenuation ranges. Fewer sounds should be audible off-screen
  • The “Smarty Pants” and “Building Better Worlds” achievements should track properly now
  • Nest events now give a choice of either leaving the area (and blowing up) or disarming the bombs. When a Nest explodes, a small portion of the resources are dropped
  • Rebalanced hazard anomalies. Green plasma trees and volcanic vents should be easier to handle
  • Plasma tree projectiles have a light source
  • Fixed an issue where NPC’s could get the “kill shot” preventing the player from getting credit
  • Laser Picks no longer have a long light beam for a split second after being equipped
  • Tools are no longer semi-equippable while mounted
  • Fixed an issue with the center point of Pulse Grenade and ArkLife area damage
  • Pulse Grenades ignore damage from creatures after they hit the ground
  • Several features in the top areas of planetoids now have background tiles
  • Spread out burst text (damage numbers, etc)
  • Adjusted window positions for low resolutions
  • Added a light source to the Earthworm pet
  • Breakable objects now leave loot if they are destroyed by mining the tile they are attached to
  • PIOS mode closes when pressing Esc
  • Players piloting Mechs will now get Science XP from kills
  • Fixed an issue that caused Command Centers to continue playing their sound after they were picked up
  • Added a light source to Command Centers
  • Tall Power Generators can now be placed in the world
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Penguin Dungeon to fail to generate
  • Fixed the Strange Plant’s activation size
  • Fixed an issue where renaming Command Centers or Chests would not be immediately visible to other players
  • Automation tiles no longer disappear when mined
  • Several minor fixes for Nests and other events. These will only be visible in new worlds
  • Fixed an issue where the bomb timer sound in Nests would continue playing
  • Added Raptor Nests. These will only appear in new worlds
  • Vehicles no longer decay when no players or vehicle bays are nearby
  • Added a new pet to Companions 1: Where Bot. This pet tells you where you are
Edge of Space - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

Terraria and space, sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G. First comes Kickstarter, then comes Early Access, then comes- no, not Starbound, I’m talking about Edge of Space [official site]. It’s a bit ‘Terraria in space’ in that it’s a 2D platform-o-explore-a-mine-o-craft-a-build-o-fight-a-silliness game, but different enough in ways that fans of the genre might dig.

After two years on Steam Early Access, Edge of Space has finally been declared done (enough to launch), and is available on Steam for 8.02.

… [visit site to read more]


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