Nov 30, 2013
Edge of Space - LordShaggy
  • Swapping out current light system with a slightly simplier one temporarly. This is to solve an issue were a number of users would experience inconsistant but frequent freezes while playing the game.
    We are moving to full focus on multiplayer and will return and focus on solving this issue after, but we wanted to remove the crash
  • Optimization in the rendery loop
  • Added First Achievment
  • Memory Leaked Plugged
Edge of Space - Ste4mPunkProgrammer
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, we just wanted to throw out a quick patch to resolve some of the issues players have been experiencing, as well as turn the logging all the way up to help provide more information on other issues currently out there.

  • Fixed a freeze that was caused by formation growth getting into a bad state. Hopefully this will resolve some of the freezing issues people are experiencing.
  • Ensuing Growth events dont happen at the same frame, will reduce studders.
  • Cranked up the logging in the release build, in an effort to better debug issues players are currently experiencing.
  • Disabled the telnet console (it was used for debugging) and could cause performance issues as well as crashes in the right configurations.

Happy Holidays everyone!
Nov 27, 2013
Edge of Space - LordShaggy
- Enemies now have a lower chance of initial aggro. This should make swarming a little less prominent

- Big leak in texture management, this should be very noticeable

- Fixed a leak in formation rendery, this should also be very noticeable

- Added a manual save world button to the option screen

- Added a link to the support center in the launcher
Edge of Space - LordShaggy
This patch marks a big milestone as we have gotten the last of the very complex systems into place. There are a few crash bugs we are investigating, but now Paul will be moving on to multi-player and I will be pushing through a lot of new content and content tweaks. We are extremely excited about the coming updates and want to thank everyone for your continued support.

- Matter Dynamics are now active. This is related to gas and liquid currently only gas dynamics are implemented.

- Growth! Plants now grow on their own after world generation and currently there is a chance to find protolife tree seeds that you can plant.

- Tiles States working properly. Tiles can now hold special states based on what might influence them

- Polar bear now has a limited attack speed and reduced damage

- Buffs on food now reset after a disconnect so you can no longer get the chance of negative stats

- Generic Spawn FX now active. Creatures can also now spawn in view of the player

- Atmo-Generators now available in crafting

- Updated Biome Art
Oct 30, 2013
Edge of Space - LordShaggy
Continuing with round offs and improving overall player experience while cleaning up some bugs.

  • Most loot can now be eaten to get temporary bonuses. Place in your tool bar equip and left click to consume. Example: ProtoLeaf
  • Memory Leak inside of particles that could lead to an eventual crash Fixed, This also fixed the slow steady drop in FPS
  • Schematics no longer need to be placed in the slot inside of crafting. Instead can be consumed like loot consumables
  • Toolbar interaction revamped: Now you click the arrow in the link to select from a list within your inventory.
  • Crafting UI revamped. Made it look more unique and made tweaks to make feel cleaner as a whole
  • Penguins now drop correct loot
  • Guns and tool alignment bug fixed and adjusted for a better look and feel
  • Fixed various placeables that could be placed on tables but disappear
  • Continued implementation of art updates to protolife biome
  • Updated the start pages background
  • Now when crafting items, if the player’s inventory is full the item will drop down to the ground
  • Fixed bug with platforms being placed in the background and being consumed but not placed
  • Chests within wormholes now give rewards
  • Wormholes now last the correct amount of time.
  • Fixed a crash related to Jellies
  • Hives now clean up correctly after killed
  • Mouse wheel can now scroll through toolbar when mouse is not over any other UI
  • General Lighting optimizations
  • Changed the text in the craft window from green/red to light green and light red to make it more readable to the colorblind.
  • Fixed an issue with the crafting component menu and it now scrolls correctly
Oct 18, 2013
Edge of Space - LordShaggy

  • Radiant Scanner now has an Icon and schematic is named correctly
  • Lighting adjustments
  • Jelly hives no longer spawn near the starter pod
  • Command Crafting now has an Icon
  • Auxillery Generators now function properly
  • Power bug that causes a crash bug
  • Optimizations for lower end computers
  • Fixed a world for if you go to the edge of the world
  • Radiant Scanner now uses correct ammo type
  • Crowd equalizer uses correct ammo type
  • Jetpack animation no longer stays while dead
  • Fixed a bug with wormhoels causing them to crash
  • Fixed a bug where you could not dig in alternate worlds
  • SFX
  • Player Bonk Impact SFX update
  • Jetpack Sounds update
  • Protolife music update
Edge of Space - LordShaggy
  • Command Centers
  • A new addition to your base.
  • If you place one and hit B you will see the area your command center Influences
  • To use things like “Automated drones” they must be placed within that influence area. More will become dependant on these in the near future
  • Command center Base overlay
  • Key Binding options
  • Found in the Pause Menu by pressing ‘ESC’
  • Power Heat Map
  • Generators now have an icon that represents the amount of radiant energy they need to work
  • A new tool has been added which uses canister ammo to find areas valid for generators as their requirements get more specific.
  • Added Radar and Beacons
  • These items will help you find your way around the world
  • Crafting UI revamped
  • Crafting UI was completely overhauled to make it easier and more efficient
  • Sloping
  • Now walk up and down hills, with style
  • Lighting Upgrade Optimization
  • Complete overhaul of the Lighting
  • Brighter lighting, stronger lighting, colored lighting!
  • Render Updates
  • Large improvements in performance and image quality
  • Disabled Structure Tiles
  • Structure tiles now can be damaged but instead of popping off, when damaged enough, they become disabled. Tiles can also be repaired back to functional
  • Dynamic Tile States
  • Tiles can now have various visual states applied to them
  • Tile Health
  • Each structure tile has it’s own health value, not set beyond default at the moment
  • Formation Generation
  • Overhaul on how the world generates plants and trees and
  • Changes how rendering and the system is handled
  • Tier 3 Crafting and stat propagation
  • Refined resources now will show their secondary stats when refined
  • Tier 3 Crafting
  • Is available but currently only 1 item requires it
  • Deployables
  • Special temporary placeables that can be released
  • Implemented internally not available to player yet
  • Interface Updates
  • Added a back behind items in your tool bar
  • Removed red Xs so that they only show up when an item is unusable
  • Complete retooling of the crafting interface
  • Hold down right click to split items automatically
  • Improvements to Tiles to make them more discernible
  • Effect System
  • Special effects like Damage over time, Heal over time, ect can now happen.
  • Balance Controls for Gun
  • Component limiters now in place to keep from 10 +1 adjustments
  • (This means less components on weapons but higher level components)
  • New Creatures
  • Plasma Polar Bears
  • Ambush Crabs
  • New Events
  • I bet you would like to know =)
  • Upgrade Platform Hint Event
  • Balance pass on weapons/gear
  • Screen Shake
  • The screen will now shake if the player is close enough to an explosion
  • Reloading
  • Set to the ‘Tab’ button
  • Update to spawning rules
  • To be more constant and natural
  • Updates some abilities to use
  • Effects
  • More Sound FX added and new ambiance tracks
  • Updates projectile physics
  • Updated changing music for areas and events
  • Adjust chests/creatures to use new looting method
  • Flipping placeables when placing
  • Right click while placeable is in hand and it will flip to face the other direction if able.
  • The ability put placeables on tables
  • Upgrade Platforms now produce light
  • This makes the upgrade platforms easier to see in caves
  • Added platforms
  • Players can jump through and fall through platforms
  • Fall indicators “when on fire you will die”
  • When low on energy a warning will flash over your head
  • Chests now have slot limits
  • Can now place a tile anywhere if there is back tile there
  • Matter re-combiner
  • Allows you to consolidate refined materials of the same base type at a cost to the secondary stats.
  • Item Recyling allows you to salvage items
Check the launcher for the full list.We Reached the Edge Of the text Space!
Terraria - (Nathan Grayson)

Edge of Space is yet another one of those reminders that game development has gone completely bonkers in recent years. Like direct inspiration Terraria before it, Edge of Space offers massive, bit-and-bob-and-secret-and-jetpack-laser-shark-packed worlds, despite being developed by an itsy bitsy team of two. It’s also run the full gamut of crowd-powered developmental aids – from Kickstarter to Steam Greenlight to Steam Early Access. Lead developer Jake Crane has, in other words, been around the block. But in an ever-expanding genre with a single game’s influence looming heavy, how do you avoid being more than just a clone? And is the trend of Early Access actually a danger in disguise – both for gamers and developers? Also, what’s on the horizon for Edge of Space, a game that’s still very much unfinished? I spoke with Crane about all that and more.>


Edge of Space - LordShaggy
- Night is more dark

- MOAR Caves!!!!! (Must make new world to see)

- Torches light increased as well as when held

- Cryorods are now cheaper

- Jellies, Bomb bots, Protolife crabs have had balance adjustments

- Switched tool bar to be in full view as default (hit shift to condense)

- Can now see current rounds in clip, maximum in clip, current rounds in storage, maximum rounds in storage for a particular weapon when that weapon is equipped.

- Can see how many rounds vs max rounds by opening up your inventory for each projectile type

- Adjustments to creature spawns

- Solar storm event has been adjusted and now drains energy instead of health for it's duration

- Laser Picks now do damage to enemies at the cost of energy

- Fixed issues with creature spawn positions

- Fixed issue with world generation

- Fixed issues with wormholes

- Added more threat to Protolife anomalies

- New tutorial
Edge of Space - LordShaggy
-Fixed Creature spawns

-Fixed resource spawns

-Fixed portal related crash

-Fixed day/night cycle issue

-Now while holding a torchlight the player will emit light

-Spawns tuned (They sound amazingly deadly)

-Tweaked Resources

-Teir 1 turrets are now in

-Caves at night now spawn more appropriately in Protolife

-Outside now spawns more appropriately in Protolife

-Refinery Schematic Fixed

-Tuned creature difficulty

-Weapon schem adjustments


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