Planet Explorers - kkiablo
Dear PE Players,

As you know by now, if you're still playing PE, our lobby server had an issue where all the code base got deleted from its server. After trying to fix it for the last month, we've arrived at the unfortunate conclusion that it's a lost cause unless we completely rewrite the code from scratch. We used a software called U-link for PE, and that software is now defunct. Even if we had the original U-link code, we still don't have the configurations and additional code we wrote back in 2013. Under the circumstances, we just don't have the resources to rewrite the multiplayer code for PE. We're truly sorry for this.

Without the multiplayer, Planet Explorers will not be the complete package that we originally envisioned. Thus, starting next week, we'll make the game free. We'll also try to make the game code available online (we're still looking into the how part).

Going forward, we will be making a PE2. It will be much better than the original, as we've matured as a studio. We'll probably start on that project next year. We'll put that game's alpha on a branch of Planet Explorers for free for you to play when the time comes.

Thank you all for supporting us all this time.

Planet Explorers Team
Planet Explorers - kkiablo
Hi everyone,

We've been working hard on getting the network code for multiplayer back online. Due to the server outage, some of the server code base was lost. As we went looking through it, it turns out there was more loss than we anticipated. So it's taking a bit more time to fix it than we expected. But we do have someone working on it and will hopefully have multiplayer back soon. Please stay tuned for further information. Thank you.
Planet Explorers - AaronDeng
Hi guys,

We have found out that the server of Planet Explorers is down. We're trying our best to fix this issue and hopefully get it done very soon. We will post out the update once the server is back to life. Please stay stuned. Thank you.
Planet Explorers - kkiablo
It's been a long time since the last update. And here's what we've been doing.


Changed the inertance of the default camera to 0(ps: old players need to tweak it yourselves in setting)
Fixed the bug that clicking tower defense button may lead to game crash in single player mode.
Fixed the bug that some materials show wrong number when repairing ISOs.
Fixed the bug that player can accomplish the Counterattack mission in adventure mode by destroying any one of PUJA camps.
Fixed the bug that clicking UI leads to game crash when player defends towers& mobs siege the city.
Delete the camera shake when player is in idle state.
Planet Explorers - kkiablo
Hey guys, a really quick update to fix a couple of major issues.

Fixed the bug where the pistol cannot shoot.
Fixed the crash caused by UI operation during tower defense in single player.

Feb 7, 2018
Planet Explorers - kkiablo
Hey all, another patch in coming. We took a look at a lot of the co-op story issues and tried to fix as many as we can.

Fixed the display error of the Mctalk in multiplayer coop
Fixed issue where the Mctalk stays on the ground even after the take-off in multiplayer coop
Adjusted the collision of firebear nest in story mode, so that the firebear will not get stuck
Adjusted the following AI of NPCs, so that they will not teleport to your front
Fixed the issue in multiplayer story mode where the number of monsters and attacks in tower defense missions are different for each player
Fixed the bug that Pajan not showing up in last battle in multiplayer coop
Changed the mission structure of helping colonists to safety for multiplayer coop
Fixed the issue where vertical plane cannot be dragged to the lowest plane in creation system
Added the setting of aim sensitivity in options
Added the setting that players will know which mission they're doing after interacting with NPCs
Added the total bullet number in your bag aside of the existing bullet number in your weapon
Added store icons aside of merchants' name in multiplayer story mode
Added free perspective while running, press alt to do so
Changed the sorting rules of the ISO downloading from the workshop
Added the terrain numbers in the mini map in story mode
Adjusted the campfire model, so that it will not look like a giant one
Optimized the displaying of the building, so that the building will show up more smoothly
Optimized the frame rate in multiplayer coop
Jan 15, 2018
Planet Explorers - kkiablo
Ok, this is a very tiny patch since build 1.1.1, so we'll not change the version number.

In this patch, we fixed the bug that sometimes players cannot export ISOs or update ISOs to workshop in multiplayer.

Have fun in game!
Jan 12, 2018
Planet Explorers - zede05
So we've had a couple of staff changes causing a delay of this release, mainly trying to find a mulitplayer programmer. Now that we've finally found one, we're starting our updates again, sorry for the rather long delay.

PE is content complete, but there's a lot of room for better user experience and less bugs, so we'll still be working on that. The next item on the list is to see if we can cut down on the stuttering.


Fixed monorail consistency issues in multiplayer
Fixed NPC store issue when buying from a second page and resetting to first page
Fixed Chen Zhen’s music playing too loud when approaching him a second time
Fixed sound settings not being applied correctly in the menu
Fixed not being able to shoot an arrow after crafting an arrow on the go
Fixed Gerdy still floating in her stasis tube sometimes in story mode
Fixed tower defense issue in multiplayer when the player fails when getting a little too far from the mission area
Fixed issue with item disappearing when moved to inventory from fast bar, only reappearing after refresh
Fixed bug with ISO numbers exporting wrong, causing the player not being able to get into the vehicle
Fixed issue with the currency resetting to the old meat currency after an event in the story mode
Fixed NPC cash not being saved in multiplayer
Fixed stuttering when firing a weapon for the first time
Tweaked time for getting on a monorail
Tweaked mission UI display to more easily display main missions and sidequests
Changed the display of friendly players to arrows on maps in multiplayer instead of a dot
Added ability to teleport to a friendly player by clicking on the player on the map in multiplayer
Added sleeping bag for coop story
Added a "track" option in the replicator to see what you're still missing for replicating an item
Planet Explorers - zede05
Hey everyone, here's latest build, it's mostly bug fixes. We've gathered a lot of data from players during this time to pin point some of the rarer crash bugs.

Here's the changelist

Fixed replicator filter not working sometimes
Fixed Xbox 360 controller dodge function not working
Fixed monorail stop time not synchronized in multiplayer
Fixed some items not being able to repair, upgrade, and recycle in multiplayer
Fixed around 40 crashes

Also, going forward, the price for the game will permanently drop to $14.99.
Planet Explorers - Valve
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