Community Announcements - danijel
v0.6011, February 27, 2014
Update v0.6011 going live! We've got several new things for you today among which is the Skill & Perk respec panel on stations and planets so you can change your skill modifiers and chosen perks. The visual upgrade this time goes for anomalies. You can check them out in-game.

Another bit of news for today's update is the Hero contest!

You can submit your imagination's creations into the contest through our webpage .Just click on the Contest banner on the right ;). The top five characters with the most votes at the end of the contest will get their character recreated in-game, their esteemed name in the credits section AND a complimentary Starpoint Gemini 2 Steam key you can give to your friend or keep for yourself!

The next update is planned to finally bring character class choice and improved mission object markers to make them easier to distinguish from "standard" game objects and to quickly show what you should do with/to the object.

  • FIXED: Several glitches in the station/planet interface
  • FIXED: Several errors in the game text files
  • ADDED: All ships now have their own derelict model, with upgraded visuals as well
  • ADDED: Local region security now does random security checks to see if a ship is carrying illegal goods and will request the contraband to be jettisoned
  • ADDED: Skill & Perk respec panel to stations and planets so players can re-acquire their used skill and perk points and redistribute them differently (for a price!)
  • ADDED: Several confirmation panels on station/planet interface to clarify certain situations (Purchase ship, Purchase to garage, Sell ship from garage)
  • ADDED: Several hints
  • UPDATED: Boarding mechanics now includes random micro-events that can change the course of on-ship battles
  • UPDATED: Derelicts now appear more frequently after a ship is destroyed
  • UPDATED: Anomalies have received a substantial upgrade
    • Several anomalies changed visually
    • Almost all anomalies now come with thir on-screen effect to show when you're inside the anomaly's effect radius (the on-screen effect will be further refined and upgraded)
    • Almost all anomalies now come with their proper gameplay effect (Displacement and Hyper-resonance are NOT yet fully implemented!)
    • Randomly appearing anomalies have double effect radius
  • UPDATED: Science Freelance missions now utilize all implemented anomalies. More dangerous anomalies yield greater Credit rewards
  • UPDATED: Increased Freelance mission Credit rewards
  • UPDATED: Planetary landing fee reduced to 10% if planet is the destination of a Taxi Freelance mission
  • UPDATED: Modified Experience gain for destroying ships
  • UPDATED: Increased Shield recharge rate
Community Announcements - danijel
v0.6010, February 16, 2014
Here's a short one folks! We felt it was weird that a quickfix for 6009 wasn't needed, so we decided to push a small update anyway :).

  • ADDED:
  • ADDED: Planetary landing fee is now charged. The actual price depends on player relation to the governing faction and ship size.
  • ADDED: Helpful shortcuts now avilable on the Trader, Drydock->Systems and Drydock->Equipment panel. Details available when hovering over the triangle ;).
  • FIXED: Structure repair icon
  • UPDATED: LOW and MID environment detail option tweaked and optimized
  • UPDATED: Several text files

Happy space-hunting, Captains!
Community Announcements - danijel
v0.6009, February 14, 2014
Hi everyone!

We'll begin with something different this time...
All of us here at LGM wish you all the best FastJack! Keep it steady man. We hope you get out of the hospital soon and back on your space-faring feet!

New update incoming. The highlight is the overhaul of the asteroid system. Wev'e replaced the place-holder asteroid models with new ones. And perhaps more importantly, we've done a lot on optimizing the asteroid fields to improve overall game performance.
Riftways, that we've mentioned last time unfortunately didn't find their way into this update. We've got more work left on it before we can release it.

Moving on to the next update. I've seen in mentioned on the forums recently, so I'll mention it here. We'll finally address the issue of slow shield recharge. While out-of-combat, ship shields will receive a massive recharge boost, so you ladies and gents don't have to wait for ages until your shields recharge before going into the next fray.

  • FIXED: Tooltips for comparing offensive and utility systems for garaged ships now work properly
  • FIXED: Selling a ship from the garage will now properly display new credit balance
  • FIXED: Long station/TGate titles spread across 2 lines now
  • FIXED: Several issues with the Patrol Freelance mission
  • FIXED: Several errors with hints being displayed wrong
  • FIXED: Anomalies can no longer be exploited for Experience over and over again
  • FIXED: You can no longer use the Radar and the Energy distribution panel when the game is paused
  • ADDED: New station model
  • ADDED: A derelict can now appear after a ship explodes. Ship file (*.shp) received an additional Derelict section that shows which derelict can appear. Not all derelict models have been created so far, so don't be surprised if a Taurus gunship, leaves in its wake an Adept cruiser ;). You can then loot the derelict.
  • ADDED: More quest items for Taxi and Ferry Freelance missions
  • ADDED: Repair progress bar indicator is now visible when repairing structures
  • UPDATED: The asteroid render system received an overhaul
    • Changed existing place-holder asteroid models with new ones
    • Added Level-of-detail models for asteroids
    • Asteroid mechanics received some optimization to improve performance
    • Asteroids can now rotate
  • UPDATED: Several sectors around Fjord asteroid field switched to a different ambient
  • UPDATED: Derelict mechanics changed to accommodate new derelict mechanics (derelicts appearing on ship destroy)
  • UPDATED: Changed multiple Enhancement names
Community Announcements - danijel
Update 0.6008 was more focused on fixes rather than adding more content. The highlights are ship visual customization available on the Station->Drydock panel, functional shortcuts (sorry it took this long ladies and gents) and a severe optimization of the GUI system. We've drastically improved performance of that section. You might notice some performance improvement in general as well. This is only ONE optimization step and further will follow.

The next update is planned to bring about the Riftway system which will spring out all over Gemini and help you travel around faster. New asteroid visuals are also planned to go along with that.

  • FIXED: A bug where hovering the cursor over the Fighter wing buttons on the Context menu would show the targeting reticle instead of standard select cursor
  • FIXED: Several errors that could occur on loading a save file
  • FIXED: Shortcuts are now functional as intended
    • HostilePrev | HostileNext
    • Skill1 | Skill2 | Skill3 | Skill4
    • Equipment1 | Equipment2 | Equipment3 | Equipment4
    • LaunchAll | LaunchWing1 |LaunchWing2 |LaunchWing3
    • MarkTarget
    • Menu
    • QuickAction
  • FIXED: A bug where the second fighter wing would show the wrong hint on mouse hover
  • FIXED: A bug where the Freelance mission panel could be opened and automatically closed which could cause other issues only repairable by restarting game
  • FIXED: Loot drops no longer come with zero quantity
  • FIXED: Ship name on the Fleet panel now shows actual ship name
  • FIXED: Ship name on the Drydock panel now shows actual ship name
  • FIXED: Several text errors
  • FIXED: Several text formatting errors that could cause memory leaks
  • ADDED: Schematic images for several stations
  • ADDED: A new station model
  • ADDED: Customization tab on Station->Dryodock
    • Ship banner and banner color can now be set
    • Ship color can now be tinted
    • Ship material glossiness and reflection can now be tweaked
    • Ship decals and decals color can now be set
    • Ship name and name color can now be set
  • UPDATED: Severe performance optimization of the GUI system
  • UPDATED: Mouse sensitivity slider is now functional
  • UPDATED: Camera sensitivity slider is now functional
  • UPDATED: Wormholes are now appropriately named "Wormhole". This will be further expanded on to show the wormhole's destination
Community Announcements - danijel
v0.6007, January 20, 2014
As promised, here's another quick update to address the late-encountered issues with the Tutorial screens and their listing panel. We've pushed in a few other fixes as well.

  • FIXED: Several problems with the Tutorial screens and updated the listing
  • FIXED: Several resolution-related problems
  • FIXED: A problem where Tutorials weren't saved/loaded properly
  • FIXED: Licenses now get flushed from memory when starting a new game after you've already loaded a previous save
Jan 17, 2014
Community Announcements - danijel
v0.6006, January 17, 2014
Here comes the first update in 2014, one of many to come. The absolute higlight of this update are Fighters. You can now finally launch them on their mission of utter destruction. Release the Kraken! ;)

We've also done some more work on the Tutorials. A new button is added on the upper-right HUD console (shaped like a question mark). This opens up a panel where you can review all unlocked tutorials whenever you need them. This is the first step on improving the general tutorial section in the game.

That's only a part of the job done since the last update. The foundation of a lot more has been set and the next update is planned to come with ship visual customization (ship name, banner, colorizing etc.)

IMPORTANT: We've encountered some problems with the tutorial panels a few moments ago, but we won't delay the update further. We really want you to get those fighters today ;).The fix for the tutorials will come as soon as possible (likely a day or two). A thousand apologies for these issues!

Until next time, safe travels!

  • FIXED: You can no longer delete NewSave
  • FIXED: Starchart tutorial related crash
  • FIXED: Turret view shortcut (def. V) now works properly
  • FIXED: Mem-leak - Perks are flushed from memory on game reload
  • FIXED: Mem-leak - Officers are flushed from memory on game reload
  • FIXED: Mem-leak & exploit - Licenses could become doubled
  • FIXED: Bounty board panel can now be moved around
  • FIXED: Esc button now closes the Bounty board panel and then the Starchart
  • FIXED: Text on Commodities hint is no longer cut-off
  • FIXED: A bug related to opening the tutorial and the Starchart at the same time and pressing Esc button
  • FIXED: Errors on Fighter hints
  • FIXED: Actual shortcuts are now displayed in tutorial texts
  • FIXED: Wrong hint was shown on some hangar slots in the Drydock->Loadout panel
  • ADDED: A lot more random ships flying around in space. This is only the first step, as we'll return to the subject to tweak each individual region
  • ADDED: Fighter wings
    • Fighters can now be launched
    • Hangar Enhancements now work properly
    • Updated hints on Hangar and Fighter wings
    • Fighter idle AI - Fly out and stay near carrier
    • Mark target (on Context menu) designates the object as fighter primary target
    • Fighter definition files added to enable modding
    • Updated Fighters.wdt database table to enable modding
    • Added sitRep panels for each fighter wing on the left side of the HUD
    • Fixed several errors on Fighter hints and added more information
    • Fighters return to carrier prior to T-Gate jump
    • Some interceptors and all bombers carry both light and heavy weapons
  • ADDED: Invert mouse option in the Options -> Controls panel
  • UPDATED: First step on upgrading the tutorial mechanics is implemented
    • All unlocked tutorials are listed and can be accessed at any time with the button on the upper-right HUD console (shaped like a question mark)
    • Added new tutorials and changed some existing ones
  • ADDED: Mark target (context menu action) is now operational for hostile ships. Fire at will is not yet influenced by this command
  • ADDED: Fighting in the vicinity of a station forces the station to call for reinforcements for help
  • ADDED: Special "heroes" - persistent ships flying around Gemini who can be hunted down for special rewards. This is ONLY the first step, as we have yet to implement randomly generated news linked to heroes and their whereabouts.
  • ADDED: Auto-pilot now avoids planets. This is the first, basic implementation, simply to avoid those annoying space collisions ;)
  • ADDED: Added new script functions (for modders; check for details)
  • UPDATED: Status of "heroes" is properly saved
  • UPDATED: AI ships will use Power to Engines to reach their opponent and engage them
  • UPDATED: Security and Military ships (by profession) will aid their allies if attacked within 2500 distance
  • MODDING: Updated Notepad++ script plugins (for modders; check for details)
  • MODDING: Added Modding section -> Modding databases on website (for modders; check for details)
  • MODDING: Added Miscellaneous section -> Bonuses list on website (for modders; check for details)
  • MODDING: Added Miscellaneous section -> Text formatting on website (for modders; check for details)
Community Announcements - danijel
Hello everybody!

Hope you're having a wonderful and gameful holiday season. Just popped by to hint a few notes that might pique your interest ;).

We're still on a somewhat of a break, but Oliver is not giving in and keeps on burning the midnight oil.

The next update is planned for mid-january and here are just a few of the highlights:
  • Fighters - Launching fighters so they can assist you in combat
  • Heroes - Persistent ships you can hunt down for special rewards. The Bounty list can be accessed through the Starchart
  • AI improvements
    • Autopilot will avoid large objects (for now, smaller object will come into play as well)
    • Attacking ships near a station friendly to them will force the station to call for reinforcements
    • Security patrols react to player attacking their friendly ships in their vicinity
    • Increased ship spawning near stations and planets

We'll update the highlight thread up until the update goes live :) !

Have fun ladies and gents, and we wish you continually happy holidays!
Community Announcements - danijel
v0.6005, December 19, 2013
A new day and time for a new update. This will be the last update this year ladies and gents. Well, that is unless a quickfix or two will be required :).

As the highlight this time we chose two features. The first is the Fire at will command. This is the basic model and we're looking forward to your feedback. The second is energy redistribution accessible through the panel in the bottom left (hover over your ship schematic). This feature was almost entirely implemented after a thorough and detailed suggestion by one of the community members.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the exact post and that way the original poster, so please if you're reading this, contact us. Credit where credit is due :).

  • FIXED: A bug where a target ship schematic was left hanging on the context menu after a ship was captured and transferred to the garage
  • FIXED: Several errors in region files
  • FIXED: Several errors in game text files
  • FIXED: Several errors regarding bonus modifiers
  • FIXED: Fleet->Ship systems panel now works as intended
  • FIXED: Numerous errors in the Material Editor (for modders)
  • FIXED: Several errors in the boarding mechanics that could cause adverse effects
  • FIXED: A bug where particle and other various effects continued to show after player died and loaded a save game
  • FIXED: Selling your ship now correctly adds 20% of it's value to your account instead of 100%
  • FIXED: Several errors regarding object and target markers that were left hanging on the HUD after jumping through a TGate
  • FIXED: Enhancement markers for the light and heavy weapon on the back battery switched to correct positions
  • FIXED: Left and right heavy weapon slots on the schematics panel (bottom left part of HUD) were switched to correct positions
  • FIXED: Shield capacity boost no longer applies after shield status update, which caused the shield to refill up to the base capacity value instead of the modified one resulting in partially filled shields.
  • ADDED: Licenses are now available for purchase on stations (planets will receive them in the next update). Licenses can only be acquired when you're allied to a faction
  • ADDED: New holo panels to several station models. This is just the starting point of the new system and will be further upgraded to show various information dynamically.
  • ADDED: Credit numeric values now have delimiters , to make them more readable (community suggested)
  • ADDED: New script functions (for modders; check for details)
  • ADDED: Energy redistribution mechanics. Energy can be easily transferred between Propulsion, Weapons and Shields via the panel in the bottom left. The panel switches with the player ship schematic. (community suggested)
  • ADDED: Fire at will command in its basic form uses a smart algorithm to switch between targets. This feature is a work in progress and feedback is most welcome.
  • ADDED: New station model
  • ADDED: Structures can now be guarded. Damaging them can trigger security forces to arrive in its defense.
  • ADDED: New planet background for planet Korkyra
  • ADDED: Environment detail can now be set in the Options->Video menu to improve game performance. This option impacts asteroid visibility the most.
  • UPDATED: Planet Iolia and planet Hogosha models
  • UPDATED: Several new bonus modifiers are now functional (Heavy weapon reload, Weapon battery recharge...)
  • UPDATED: Improved two ambients
  • UPDATED: AI routines
    • AI ships can now form fleets (basic implementation; will be further upgraded)
    • AI ships now use Power to Engines
    • Improved AI decision making on when to engage an enemy vs. when to flee
    • AI skirmishes should now occur more often
Community Announcements - danijel
Hi everyone! We've been receiving reports of some troubling issues these last days since the last update and naturally we had to look in more detail. What we encountered wasn't nice at all so we had to act. It is possible that some save files could have gotten corrupted. So here's the deal:

1)Anyone experiencing difficulties loading their save files the last couple of days, please try loading them with the v0.6004 update. It should repair almost all of the potential problems on its own.

2)If numero 1 doesn't work, please contact Oliver directly and preferrably send him your save file so we can see if we can help.

We're terribly sorry for these problems and hope it ddn't cause too much problems.

Thanks everyone for your support, suggestions and patience. We honestly and really appreciate it!
Community Announcements - danijel
To address several issue encountered by both you fair ladies and gents and us as well, we're releasing yet another update. A small one, of course. The details are as always below.

Have fun and feel free to comment! :)

  • FIXED: A bug where the Tactical overlay would "get scrambled" on window resize
  • FIXED: Borehole torpedo efficiency improved
  • ADDED: Viral torpedo equipment - Reduces target Trooper count (actually added in v0.6002, but we forgot to make a note of it ;) )
  • UPDATED: Viral torpedo price increased and effect modifier reduced (it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay overpowered)
  • UPDATED: Officer's price and salary drastically reduced. This is a temporary measure to counteract low income problem. They will be further refined and tweaked over time.
  • UPDATED: HUD Object markers tweaked to represent actual Sensor radius, but also taking into account object size and relevance
  • UPDATED: Object target distance tweaked based on size and relevance (planets can now be targeted from much farther away for example)
  • UPDATED: CaptainInfo->Bonuses list can now be scrolled with the mousewheel
  • UPDATED: Heavy weapons' projectile speed increased

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