Anodyne - Sean Han Tani
That's it!
May 9
Anodyne - Sean Han Tani
- Added a link to our company newsletter on the title screen (please join! hehe)
- Updated my name to be Sean Han Tani
Thanks for your support as always. Be sure to check out my recent free game All Our Asias:
Anodyne - Sean Han Tani
Hello all, you should have a 50% off coupon for Even the Ocean - please enjoy it!

Also, you may like our other games, so please join our monthly newsletter at .
Aug 24, 2017
Anodyne - Sean Han Tani
Nothing newsworthy, fixed a bug display of portugese text in the initial window-adjustment dialogue when starting the game.
Anodyne - Sean Han Tani
Hi all, here are the updates.

- The spanish and brazilian portuguese versions are finally available.
- A bug has been fixed where the R2 and L2 triggers on PS4 controllers would mess up the controller config. This must have been around for years, sorry!
Community Announcements - Sean HTCH
Community Announcements - Sean HTCH

Hi there, if you liked Anodyne, you'd like the monthly newsletter I send out about Joni and I's new games.

You can join it right here: here

And you'll get exclusive news and screenshots once a month! Plus, you'll be able to know when our next game Even the Ocean goes on sale.
Community Announcements - Sean HTCH
Please wishlist our new game Even the Ocean!

You can do that here: Here!
Community Announcements - seagaia
Anodyne, the surreal indie zelda-like is on sale! It's the 2nd anniversary of anodyne ! 50% off! Hooray! Follow our new game Even the Ocean: . Note: Sale won't start till normal steam sale start time.

(note: this is the 2nd anniversary of the original release, which is feb 4, 2013, not steam's initial release whichw as in march 2013)
Nov 12, 2014
Community Announcements - seagaia
Finally, the Anodyne OST is now available for purchase on Steam for $5. When downloaded, it will be put into (YOUR STEAM FOLDER)/steamapps/common/Anodyne/ .

Be sure to follow updates on our next game, Even the Ocean -

And listen to more of my music at

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