Project CARS - (Alec Meer)

My 2018 prediction: the demo is coming back, baby, back. With so many games to choose from, and so many big names that haven’t chart-topped with the expected ease, The Man will pursue new ways of making people crave his output. By new ways, I mean old ways. Free, limited demonstration editions of videogames: they are the future.

Earlier this week, Bethesda offered a belated Wolfenstein 2 trial, and now Project CARS 2 has also embraced the promotional techniques of yesteryear. There’s now a three car/one track demo available for the hyper-realistic, ultro-graphics racer. (more…)

Project CARS - (Katharine Byrne)

Oculus Rift

If you saw our heads-up about the HTC Vive Black Friday deal earlier this week (to recap, you get a Vive, Fallout 4 VR, Doom VFR and a free deluxe audio strap and more for 599 starting from tomorrow), then you’ll be pleased to know that the Oculus Rift is also being discounted for Black Friday – starting TODAY, in fact. It’s almost as if they knew…


Project CARS - (Alice O'Connor)

Slightly Mad Studios flashed the starting lights for their racing game Project CARS 2 [official site] yesterday, sending it roaring into the night and onto Steam. Stirling Matheson celebrated it (with some reservations) in our Project CARS 2 review, and I know I’ll certainly trust the racing opinions of someone with a name like Stirling Matheson. (more…)

Project CARS - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 66% on Project CARS!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Saturday at 10AM Pacific Time
Project CARS - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 66% on Project CARS!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time
Project CARS

Similar its last partnering with Humble Bundle, Bandai Namco's latest collection of discounted games spans a number of genres—including racing, third-person shooters, platformers, and JRPGs. Live now, the Humble Bandai Namco Bundle 2 runs for the next 13 days. 

In Humble's familiar tiered reward style, this bundle's first 'pay what you want' level (which requires you pay $1+ to obtain a Steam key) includes Pac-Man 256, Ace Combat Assault Horizon, and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West's Premium Edition. 

Jump to the 'beat the average' section—which, at the time of writing, stands at $8.52 (approximately £6.82)—and you'll also get third-person shoot 'em up Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, drive 'em up Project Cars, and fight 'em up Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst. 

Part with $15 (about £12.01) and you'll receive all of the above, as well as JRPG Tales of Zestiria and Project Cars' On Demand DLC which includes an impressive 12 slices of downloadable extras. If you're feeling extra flush, coughing up $35 (around £28.08) will also bag you a pre-order code for Tarsier Studios' incoming and lovely-looking platformer Little Nightmares (due April 28). 

As always, it's up to you how you split your money between the publisher, the organisers and charity—Extra Life and Save the Children being the designated organisations this time round. In the event you're tempted to vouch for the top tier but aren't too familiar with Little Nightmares, here's a look at its latest trailer

The Humble Bandai Namco Bundle 2 is live now through February 14.

Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links. Read our affiliate policy for more info.  

Project CARS

We haven't heard much about Project Cars 2 since its crowdfunding campaign kicked off in the summer of 2015. But it may not be too terribly far away, as Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell said in a recent forum post that it could be released as soon as September. 

"It's still a very tight run as we're a bit behind on GUI and Career so nothing is set in stone yet. Current guess is Septemberish," he wrote. In a follow-up post, he said he gave the September target "because the leaks are getting worse and a lot of misinformation was building." He also denied that "Septemberish" indicates a delay, since a release date hadn't been announced in the first place. 

Bell also indicated that we'll be hearing more about Project Cars 2 soon. "We have a very carefully planned marketing and information release program and anything that wasn't already out there by me (like our late 17 release 'aim' which I'm on record here stating from over a year back) has to stay under wraps," he wrote. "[It will begin in] weeks not months. So as per our tweets, very soon now. The ancient screenies are killing me BTW. It looks so much better now with more to come until beta." 

In December, Bell said that QA testing on Project Cars 2 had already begun, and that Slightly Mad planned a minimum of seven months of testing. He also promised that "none of the famous brands are missing this time." That could even include Porsche, whose exclusive licensing agreement with Electronic Arts expired late last year.

Project CARS - Stephen Viljoen
Project CARS - PC Patch 11.2

Hi all,

A new Project CARS patch is now live on Steam. With this patch we're adding a way to configure VR super sampling in the game's settings file.

What does this do? - It provides a way to scale up the resolution of the image rendered by the game, so that when it is displayed on the VR HMD, it appears clearer, with less shimmer and aliasing artifacts

How do I do this? - Look in this folder: \Users\<current user>\Documents\Project CARS\

Depending on the HMD you're using...
Oculus Rift, edit: oculussettings.xml
HTC Vive, edit: openvrsettings.xml

Look for a line called "<prop name="ResScale" data="1" />"

Change the number after 'data=' to whatever you want to set your super sampling to. Higher numbers will increase the resolution, while lowering the number will decrease the resolution. We recommend starting with a value around 1.5 and experimenting with it from there. How much you can push this will depend on your GPU.
Project CARS - Stephen Viljoen
Hi All,

We just pushed a small patch out to address a few issues. Details below:

Project CARS - Patch 11.1

Virtual Reality
* The game will now shut down correctly when the user choose to Exit via Steam Dashboard or Oculus Home
* The game will now Pause when the user accesses Oculus Home or Steam Dashboard while in the game
* Fixed an issue in Option>Virtual Reality, where when the user changed the defaults for the 'reset on boot' and 'reset on race start', some of the other settings were being reset to default.

Controllers - Fanatec
* Added Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base profile to code and GUI
* Fixed an issue where during gameplay he centering spring would turn on
* Fixed issue where the menu spring would sometimes not be enabled when exiting a race or changing controllers

* Corrected an exploit where user-modified tyres could be used on original cars
* Fixed TrackIR support to still work when you run the non-vr version of the game
Project CARS

Once you've forked out for a top-of-the-line VR headset, the thought of spending more money on actual software can be wince-inducing. So it's lucky there's plenty of smaller (and free) VR stuff to try, and Project Cars: Pagani Edition has, as of this weekend, joined that list.

As the name implies, Pagani Edition is all about Pagani cars, and seems to be a vehicle for promoting that brand (it's the "result of a unique collaboration with legendary Italian car-maker Pagani Automobili".) You get five Pagani cars and three tracks on which to drive them, in Time Trial or "Quick Race Weekend" modes. Importantly, you don't need a VR headset to play, though it supports both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

You can head over here to download it. Our Matt White quite enjoyed the base game when it released last year, describing the "uncompromising simulation" as "beautiful, bold and varied".


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