Distance - torcht

Hey all! This is a bit different from my usual posts but I want to share a fun bonus thing with you:

STATIC MIX // Fall 2019:

While working on Distance I frequently listen to instrumental music via mixes and live sets, so I thought it would be fun to give back by creating one of my own. It's filled with artists who have inspired me over the past few years, so I figured fans of Distance's soundtrack would enjoy it. Also, many of the tracks work well with Boombox mode IMO (tracklist is in the description). Hope you enjoy!

Other Stuff Coming Soon
While I'm at it, thought I could give a brief update on other stuff in the works. Unfortunately I've been a bit under the weather since my last post but I'm still working on that longer devlog talking about Refract's future in general. Hope to have that up soon.

We're also planning to do another dev stream in October so stay tuned for the day/time. We'll be playing a ton of community levels so if you have a level you want to see us play let us know via Twitter or in the comments below. Bonus points if it's extra spooky. Hope to see you there!

- Jordan (with everyone at Refract)

Distance - torcht

Hey all! Today the official soundtrack is getting a long overdue update to include remastered music from the Nexus update! If you already own the Soundtrack & Art Book DLC it'll update automatically via Steam. The OST now includes these extended / remastered tracks:
  • Observatory
  • Mobilization
  • Resonance
  • Deterrence
  • Terminus
  • Collapse
Now Streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and More!

Due to popular demand we've also made the soundtrack available for streaming!
Over the next few weeks the soundtrack will also be available via Google Play, Pandora, Tidal, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Anghami, KKBox, MediaNet, Instagram/Facebook, and TikTok. Be sure to follow Jordan Hemenway and The Quiggles on your favorite platforms (e.g. Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.) to keep up to date with future releases!

Thank you for all of the incredibly kind words about the soundtrack since the v1.0 launch. We hope you enjoy these new tracks!

- Jordan (with everyone at Refract)
Distance - torcht

Has it really been a year since v1.0 launched? Seems like a good time for an update! The Horizon Update (v1.4) features new levels from Refract and community creators, a new Quick Join multiplayer feature, performance improvements, new editor tools, and more!

v1.4 Changelog (Build 6895):
General Improvements
  • Added new Refract levels:
    • Liminal (Sprint)
    • Serenity (Sprint)
    • Zenith (Sprint)
  • Added new Community levels:
    • Affect (Sprint)
    • Beta Echoes (Sprint)
    • Biotec 4 (Challenge)
    • Canopy (Reverse Tag, Main Menu)
    • Fiber (Sprint)
    • Fleeting Images (Reverse Tag, Stunt)
    • Gravity (Sprint)
    • Hardline (Sprint)
    • Mentality (Sprint)
    • Noir (Sprint)
    • Overdrive (Sprint)
    • Sender (Sprint)
    • Shallow (Sprint)
    • Shrine (Sprint)
    • Sugar Rush (Sprint)
    • Tetreal (Sprint)
    • Turbines (Sprint)
    • Wired (Sprint)
  • Online menu improvements:
    • Clicking "Online" now gives you the option to Quick Join, Browse, or Host
    • Quick Join feature automatically joins an open game, and if none are available it creates a new lobby
    • Improved how the loading UI handles various situations (connecting to server, refreshing server list, etc.)
    • Changed all instances of "Server" to "Game" or "Lobby" depending on the context
    • Max Players is now adjustable without having to type in a number
    • When unclicking Private on "Host a Game" the password field is now cleared
    • Removed "... has loaded!" chat message for all platforms
    • It now says "... has joined the lobby" or "... has joined the game" depending on the context
    • Host a Game: Pressing Enter while selecting the password input field now starts the server
    • Host a Game: All numbers 1 to 12 are options again (instead of multiples of 2)
    • Replaced "Back to Lobby" button in pause menu for online hosts with "Main Menu" (with added help text to clarify we're returning to the lobby)
    • Server Connection, Lobby Refresh, and Quick Join timeouts shortened to 15 seconds instead of 30 seconds
    • Changed default server name to just the name of current player so it's consistent across all platforms
    • Minor clean up to game lobby visuals
    • Now going back to the main menu as a non-host takes you back to the Online menu options
  • Main menu improvements:
    • Removed Workshop highlight section (since the Workshop area in Steam already does a fine job of this)
    • Removed Reddit button and gave more prominence to Discord button
    • The Garage button is now re-highlighted when returning from the garage in the main menu
  • White Lightning Returns: Improved building placement and decorations with minor track alterations in the second half
  • Improved graphics performance in many levels (especially in Lost to Echoes)
  • Re-ordered Sprint and Challenge sets to more closely match difficulty progression
  • Replay_Music_Playback_Speed RTPC is now reset after unloading each level
Level Editor
  • Added new foliage particles (textures 106 - 111)
  • Improved music track selection window (used in Level Settings, MusicZone, MusicTrigger, CutsceneManager, and AudioEventTrigger)
  • Improved Particles "Seed" tooltip text
  • Groups are no longer dissolved if "Ignore Culling" is on them
  • CinematicCamera: Setting "Trigger Time" to -1 now enables this component to not ever return to the chase camera
  • Added new level editor objects: HalcyonTri, HalcyonTriSingle, HalcyonTriCollision, and HalcyonTriSingleCollision
Here's a helpful reference sheet showing what's available with the new particle textures:

As for changes to music selection in the editor I made this handy chart for converting from old IDs to the new names: MusicCueID Conversions

Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed bug where going from the level grid to the level set buttons could result in nothing being selected (e.g. after returning from Adventure)
  • Fixed bug where the diamond flare would appear with the "finished" medal image in the split-screen pause menu
  • Fixed bug where menu camera rotation/zoom could be affected while hovering over an input field
  • Fixed bug where the Visit Workshop button was visible on non-host game lobbies
  • Fixed bug where "No Servers Found" wouldn't appear if using server browser checkboxes
  • Restored missing texture links for HalcyonCoilgunInternal material
  • When in Steam offline mode it no longer tries to auto-search for replays upon level load
  • Fixed bug where entering a seed into Trackmogrify and pressing Enter wouldn't close the menu in the lobby
  • Fixed bug where you could access locked levels using the advanced level select menu (both Solo and Online)
  • Fixed bug where animation timing in Instantiation was off by a few seconds and the power poster wasn't counting down
  • Fixed bugs with button selection in the lobby after returning from Customize Car, Trackmogrify input, or level selection
  • Fixed bug where Legacy levels were locked even if you had the Gold Collector achievement
  • Fixed bug where replays using cinematic cameras (e.g. Variant Blue) wouldn't work with level triggers due to culling issues
  • Fixed bug where two cars were visible during the Collapse (Nexus campaign) cutscene
  • Fixed bug where deleting a profile wouldn't reload the main menu (and progress bars would be incorrect)
  • Fixed bug where having a checkpoint in a group could result in the entire group changing color
Congrats to the creators whose levels were selected for inclusion in the Horizon Update! Once again we're impressed by your ambition and creativity and we're excited to share your creations with players.

We're looking into hosting another dev stream fairly soon to play through v1.4 so stay tuned for news about that! I'm also working on a much longer write up that discusses the PS4 build, thoughts on Distance's development, and a peek into Refract's future.

Until then we hope you enjoy this update! Let us know what you think of v1.4 below!

- Jordan (with everyone at Refract)

Distance - torcht

Today we're releasing v1.31 which is a minor update to fix a few bugs! Thanks for all of the positive comments on v1.3 so far! In case you missed it you can check out the official v1.3 trailer here.

v1.31 Changelog (Build 6842):

Level Changes
  • Improved skip route for Vibe
  • Patched minor skip issue in Sector 0
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed bug with Discord Rich Presence where it could break upon going online
  • Fixed lighting issue with normal maps for two of the new simples textures


Once again we'll be doing a special dev stream to play through and discuss the latest additions to Distance. We hope to see you live on Twitch later today!
- Jordan (with everyone at Refract)
Distance - Valve
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Distance - torcht

Hey everyone, today we've got another free content update for you! v1.3 features six new playable levels, a new speedrun timer, level editor improvements, and more! To celebrate, Distance and the soundtrack DLC are 50% off for one week starting at 10am PT! As usual look below for the full changelog and some fancy screenshots.

v1.3 Changelog (Build 6838):
General Improvements
  • 6 new levels!
    • Luminescence (Sprint level)
    • Vibe (Sprint level)
    • White Lightning Returns (Sprint level)
    • Micro (Sprint level)
    • Sector 0 (Sprint level)
    • Electric (Challenge level)
  • New Main Menu level: Ambient
  • New music from The Quiggles: 2HOT2PANTS (used in White Lightning Returns)
  • Remastered versions of Nexus music (Resonance, Deterrance, and Terminus)
  • General Options: Added "Show Speedrun Timer" (for level set speedruns)
    • Starts upon playing the first level in a time-based mode (e.g. Adventure, Sprint, etc.)
    • Timer turns red (marked as an invalid run) if level is skipped or you return to the main menu early
  • General Options: Added "Enable Speedrun Output Log" (for synchronizing with external timer programs)
    • Exports events to speedrun_timer.txt in Distance install directory
  • Controls Options: Added "Flight Stabilization" option
  • Controls Options: Added "Invert Boost Toggle" option (accesiblity option)
  • Holding the reset button in-game for 1.5 seconds will now restart the level
  • Reworked Garage color preset selection so that it uses a scroll bar and supports way more entries (up to 100)
    • Added visual color preview to each item in the color preset list
  • Modified Profile Stats so that entire time in level is counted towards playtime (instead of just race time)
Level Editor
  • Added 17 new textures to Simples textures
  • CarScreenTextTrigger now works in Arcade modes (added "Ignore in Arcade" checkbox)
  • CinematicCameras now persist through death and are not affected by the "death cam"
  • New additions to SetAbilitiesTrigger
    • "One Shot" (Whether not this trigger can be triggered more than once)
    • "Restore Abilities On Exit" (Restore abilities to previous settings after exiting the trigger volume)
    • "Restore Abilities On Death" (Restore abilities to previous settings after car explodes)
    • "Delay Before Restore" (Delay duration before restoring abilities from exiting trigger or car explosion)
  • Added Rain SFX for use with AmbientAudioObject (both 2D and 3D)
    • RainLoop01_2D, RainLoop02_2D, ..., RainLoop11_2D
    • RainLoop01_3D, RainLoop02_3D, ..., RainLoop11_3D
  • CinematicCameras now support EventListeners
    • Upon EventTrigger the CinematicCamera will take over for a custom duration
    • You can also set transition times to/from this camera
  • "Ignore Culling" addable component now also affects logic culling (e.g. Pulse component)
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed issue where SectorFunctionPoster would always override custom text (now only overrides in Adventure mode)
  • Garage color presets no longer display over car name text
EDIT (6/8): Build 6839
  • Adjusted medal times for Vibe and Micro
  • Fixed bug with clicking Workshop highlight buttons in the main menu


The Workshop Highlight has certainly been overdue for an update, so here are 10 excellent new levels for you to try out!


For those curious about the PS4 port or the Nexus soundtrack update I also posted a little bit about both on refract.com. Let us know what you think of v1.3 below and we hope you enjoy!

- Jordan (with everyone at Refract)

Distance - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Ollie Toms)

No speedrun-focused game has sunk its claws in me like neon-dripping Distance. I remember trying it out with my brother when it was first released in beta, and as I made my way through the rather short Adventure Mode, I remember enjoying it but wondering whether this was meant to be the meat of the game. By the time the credits rolled, I was left intrigued but disappointed that there wasn’t more to this arcade racer filled with twists and jumps and winged cars and such potential for craziness. As it turns out, all that craziness was waiting for me in the Arcade Mode, and the leaderboards.


Distance - torcht
[EDIT 4/2] Happy April Fools! Everything has been reverted back to normal but the sloth cheat and main menu are still available in game.

Distance v1.24 Changelog (Build 6802):

General Improvements
  • Reverted Distance back to how it was before
  • The Preservational Booster Sloth is still available via Options > Cheats
  • Added the Sloth 98 menu to the Garage

Distance v1.23 Changelog (Build 6801):

General Improvements
  • Added the Preservational Booster Sloth (Toggle in Options > Cheats)
  • Upgraded the main menu
Distance - Refract

Hey everyone! Today we're launching Distance v1.2: The Other Side! This update features the return of custom music, two new levels (Divide and Syncopation), an added shortcut to the Nexus track Terminus, several bug fixes, and a couple secrets. We also revamped our music visualizer tech so that Boombox mode looks better than ever. Check out the trailer for an overview!

v1.2 Changelog (Build 6787):

General Improvements
  • New levels
    • Syncopation (Stunt, Reverse Tag, Main Menu)
    • Divide (Challenge)
  • Custom music is now available on Windows again!
    • Now supports MP3, WAV, and AIFF files
    • Improved how folders are scanned for music files
    • Updated Audio options menu
    • Added customizable hotkeys for Pause/Play, Previous, Next (i.e. F5, F6, F7)
  • New Audio options
    • Announcer: Toggle which announcer phrases you want to hear (Tricks, Death, Checkpoints, Mode)
    • Custom Music: Search Subdirectories
  • Simplified menu breadcrumb (orange dot) functionality
    • Dots now clear immediately after clicking a level set containing an "unseen" level (or car)
    • No longer saved between sessions
  • Improved music visualizer algorithm used for in-game visuals and Boombox mode
  • Updated Observatory music track
  • Enable Menu Animations in General settings now affects level select progress bar animations
  • "Boom Box" has been renamed to "Boombox" to match the traditional spelling
  • Optimized the advanced level select a bit
  • Improved font size for Trackmogrify input menu
  • Added overflow ellipsis to level select description
  • Improved server name text in Game Lobby
  • Improved default mode and level selection in the Game Lobby
Level Changes
  • Terminus: Added new secret shortcut
  • Compression: Fixed issue with angled holograms at start
  • Cataclysm: Small update to fix gaps
Level Editor
  • Added "ResetZone" which, if car is inside, resets all Animators and TurnLightOnNearCars within its bounds upon death
  • Added Decorations/TempleButton
  • Added Decorations/TempleButton_Empty
  • Added Decorations/TempleButton_Top
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed fish not showing up in replays and made Stompers actually stomp in Observatory
  • Fixed various issues with level set progress bar numbers being incorrect
  • The car screen music visualizer no longer can get covered by the overheat warning
  • Fixed bug where going into the Audio options, leaving, then returning could result in a broken menu if you had "General > Enable Menu Animations" disabled
  • Fixed several bugs with Nexus tracks not being counted towards overall completion
  • Fixed bug where the author "Refract" was shown for Nexus levels
  • Fixed bug with holding Skip before the cutscene has fully loaded
  • Fixed several issues with the "new!" orange dots not working properly
  • Fixed bug where selecting your existing main menu level in the Garage would break the menu
  • Fixed bug where WaterAudioZone would play splash SFX when spawning underwater
  • Fixed bug with checkpoints and WaterAudioZone
  • Fixed bug with upper category tabs in Garage
  • Fixed issues where last selected level in menus wasn't being preserved between races
  • Fixed a few situations where it would say "Earn 0 medals to unlock this level"
  • Fixed bug where returning from Next Level in the Pause menu could close the host's server
  • Fixed bugs with Trick menu in pause menu
  • Fixed bug where EmpirePipeEntrance was missing its visual mesh
  • Fixed visual bug with speedometer and circle car screen visualizer
EDIT (3/18): Build 6789
  • Small fixes for Terminus shortcut
  • Fixes related to ~secrets~
Regarding custom music being Windows-exclusive: I'd love to see this come to macOS and Linux/SteamOS but my current API doesn't support it. Perhaps one day I can work around that but for the foreseeable future it will be only available on Windows.


Tomorrow (Saturday) we'll be doing another special dev stream to play the new content in v1.2, plus finally playing the DAC levels we didn't play in our previous stream. Hope to see you there!

Also... something strange seems to be happening...

Systems have detected several crustacean energy signatures transmitting messages within Nitronic City’s walls. While the intent of these entities have gone largely unknown, it has recently been determined that their outgoing messages stretch beyond the stars… Signals end at RA 5h 34m 32s | Dec +22° 0′ 52″ The Crab Nebula.

- Jordan (with everyone at Refract)
Distance - torcht

Today we're releasing v1.11 which is a minor update to remove holiday features, improve a couple community levels, and fix some bugs. Right off the bat I'll mention that this does not include the custom music feature as I'm still working on it. I've made some progress but as I'm also juggling the PS4 build and Kickstarter wrap up it's been quite a hectic month.

v1.11 Changelog (Build 6714):

General Improvements
  • Reverted Christmas features
  • When starting Distance for the first time the Arcade, Multiplayer, Level Editor, etc. buttons are no longer greyed out
  • Added version number in main menu
  • Changed "Build" to "Version" in server browser
  • Extended server names length to 35 characters
Level Changes
  • Sea: Update from Dominique Grieshofer
  • 44 Second Theory: Improved dropper drone lights and lens flares
  • Paradise Lost: Re-added glitch and audio effects when teleporting
  • Iris: Added level description
Level Editor
  • Added ability to add event string to CutsceneManager that triggers on level start (since the car's physics are disabled in cutscenes)
  • Added new object folders to Level Editor
    • Buildings/Nexus
    • Decorations/Nexus
    • Obstacles/Nexus
    • Roads/Nexus
    • Decorations/Foliage
    • Decorations/Halcyon
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed issue where medal image shown in multiplayer might not match actual earned medal
  • Fixed issue where clicking Previous or Next Level in multiplayer could close the server
  • Fixed bug in Mobilization where sparks weren't showing
  • Fixed bug where certain levels were missing the Sprint advanced level select menu
  • Fixed bug in Collapse where the sky beam wouldn't fade out
  • Fixed bug where objects using FadeOut component might not fully fade out


Once again I've updated the main menu to highlight some of the latest and greatest community levels released over the past few months!


- Jordan (with everyone at Refract)

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