Killing Floor 2 - Molly
As always, a big thank you to all our players who opt-in to a beta to help us fine tune systems and discover issues to correct before the final release! For those who are taking part in the latest beta for the upcoming Yuletide Horror release, please take a moment to fill out this survey as we start making changes for the second beta.
Killing Floor 2 - [TW]Yoshiro
December 2019 Beta 1 Changelog

To opt into this beta, join the "preview" branch available in the Beta drop down list. Admins will need to use the following SteamCMD flag:
  • app_update 232130 -beta preview

Yuletide Horrors
  • Happy holidays from the Horzine team as we present our seasonal Yuletide Horrors update! Take a perilous stroll through Sanitarium and uncover its dark, ritualistic secrets while dispatching the holiday horrors skulking through its maniacal hallways. But don’t stop there! You can thwart the Patriarch’s plans to clone a legion of Zeds in the Biotics Lab Objective game mode. Seems a bit much to get done on top of decorating and gift wrapping? Don’t worry, the Horzine team developed a few new handy dandy weapons to knock the socks off those pesky, ravenous elves! As you deck the halls with guts and blood, wear some holiday cheer with our many new cosmetics that’ll put even your own grandmother’s sweater to shame! Tis the season to be slaying, and from the Horzine team, we wish you all a grand, bloody-good time!
  • Beta 1 Start 11/6/2019, Beta 2 Start 11/19/2019 (Dates are subject to change)

New Additions and Highlights
  • 1 New Boss

    • Matriarch
      • Rachel Clamely returns as the Matriarch. Her pursuit to stop her father turned into an overzealous dedication, and she has gone through great lengths to contest against him. Her biotech modifications have given her a new perspective in life but her mind has gone quite mad from it. Nothing will stand in her way, friend or foe!
  • 1 New Community Map

    • Sanitarium
      • Compatible with Survival, Weekly, Versus Survival, and Endless Game Modes.
      • Note: Versus Survival game mode is unavailable for the Beta 1 v1088.
      • Blast away crowds of holiday Zeds as mysterious entities perform a dark ritual to summon the great one.
  • 1 Objective Map
    • Biotics Lab
      • Mercenaries assist Dr. Ogada Buyu in demolishing the cloning mechanisms of the Biotics Labs to stop the Patriarch’s plans to clone a new legion of Zeds!
  • 4 New Weapons
    • HRG Incision for the Field Medic

      • An alteration of the Railgun that fires overcharged, highly-piercing bullets and darts. The bullets are capable of shocking Zeds and inducing the EMP effect on them. As for the darts, they hit their target almost instantly and are capable of healing other players for a substantial amount of health. These darts deal more damage than standard darts and have the potential to knock down or stumble Zeds that are in the way of their path.
      • Trader price is 1500 Dosh.
    • HRG Winterbites for the Gunslinger

      • An alteration of the Spitfires that fires large, nitrogen ice shards that explode on impact, dealing damage and applying the freeze affliction to any Zeds inside the explosion radius.
      • Trader price is 325 Dosh for single and 650 Dosh for duals.
    • Mosin Nagant for the Sharpshooter (Not available for purchase during BETA)

      • This is a paid DLC weapon. This weapon can be shared amongst players through our weapon sharing system.
      • Five-shot, bolt-action, internal magazine-fed military rifle. This M91/30 allows a capable sharpshooter to fire at distant threats, stab at nearby threats, and block and parry damage from incoming threats.
      • Trader price is 1100 Dosh.
    • Riot Shield & Glock 18 for the SWAT (Not available for purchase during BETA)
      • This is a paid DLC weapon. This weapon can be shared amongst players through our weapon sharing system.
      • A combination of the Riot Shield and Glock 18. The Riot Shield can mitigate most incoming, frontal damage only while a player is aiming down the sights. Its bash is capable of slamming into multiple Zeds crowding in front of you. The Glock 18 is a fully automatic pistol with two fire modes: single and automatic.
      • Trader price is 1500 Dosh.
  • Dosh Vault (Not available during BETA)
    • HMTech-501 Grenade Rifle | Vault | Vosh | Precious
    • MKb.42 | Vault | Vosh | Precious
    • Doomstick | Vault | Vosh | Precious
    • Seeker Six | Vault | Vosh | Precious
  • New Steam Achievements
    • Defeating the Matriarch
    • Sanitarium and its collectibles
    • Biotics Lab Objective game mode completion
  • Time-limited Objectives, Tickets, and Cosmetics (Not available during BETA)
    • Matriarch, Sanitarium, and Biotics Lab seasonal objectives to earn the FN FAL | Jaeger | Dynamic weapon skin
    • Christmas Event Tickets
    • Christmas Cosmetics
  • Zedconomy (Not available for purchase during BETA)
    • Mosin Nagant Weapon Bundle
    • Riot Shield & G18 Weapon Bundle
    • Grim Treatments Weapon Bundle
    • Yuletide Horrors Weapon Bundle
    • Jaeger Weapon Skin Double Pack
    • Foster’s Favorites Weapon Skin Pack
    • Santa’s Helper Outfit Bundle
    • Added Bronze, Silver, and Gold Bundle Packs for :
      • Premium Christmas Tickets
      • Emote Crate | Series #3
      • Jaeger Weapon Skin Encrypted USB
      • Horzine Supply Crate | Series #12 (Deepstrike)

Beta 1 for this update contains a lot of exciting new features! As such, feedback is going to be incredibly important. Stay tuned for a link to a survey where you, the community, will be able to provide your feedback directly to us! Thank you!

Addressed Community Feedback
As mentioned in the 2018 Killing Floor 2 ‘State of the Game’ our goal is to bring to the community a continued stream of QOL changes for each update throughout the year. Please continue to report any QOL changes you believe should be added to the game by submitting your feedback in the ‘general’ section on our official forums at:

  • Zeds
    • Rioter
      • Head armor obliteration value increased from 80 to 125.
Designer Note :
There was a bug with the damage calculations where Perk bonuses were not applying correctly to the head armor obliteration value. As such, the base obliteration number was lower than intended. Now that the bug has been fixed, the value has been increased to its intended gameplay value.

As always, we’d like to hear the community's feedback on these changes. You can do so by visiting and posting in the ‘general’ section on the official Tripwire Interactive forums at:

Bug Fixes
Also mentioned in the 2018 Killing Floor 2 ‘State of the Game’ our goal is to bring to the community a continued stream of community reported bug fixes for each update throughout the year. Please continue to report any bugs you discover by visiting our official forums at: and posting in the ‘PC’ or ‘Console’ sections.

Top Community Issues:
  • Fixed instances of the Abomination’s gorge attack causing players to get caught in a stuck state.
  • Various fixes to snag and stuck spots in Ashwood Asylum.
  • Implemented measures that should help reduce server hard drive load on workshop content update retrieval that we're looking for server admin feedback to further improve within the Beta period.

  • Fixed an issue where a player playing as the Survivalist Perk did not receive XP for Berserker or SWAT while using their respective Perk weapons.

  • Fixed an issue with the Abomination where the FX for his gorge would continue to play after the attack was finished.

  • Fixes to ZED pathing in Ashwood Asylum.
  • Fixed an issue with Trader Pod textures appearing incorrectly in survival mode.
  • Fixed an issue with boss pathing on Monster Ball.

  • Fixed an issue where the lock-on indicator for the Railgun could remain on screen after changing fire mode.

  • Fixed an issue with the Kickin’ It Deluxe emote textures not displaying correctly in the game lobbies.
  • Fixed an issue with the Air Metal emote not displaying correctly when equipped by a player using D.A.R.
  • Fixed an issue with the D.A.R. cosmetics where armor cosmetics and their variants were not visible in 1st Person.

  • Security improvements for kick/ban exploits

As always, thank you for your continued support!
Killing Floor 2 - [TW]Yoshiro
Person Of Interest Biography

Name: Rachel Clamely
Previous Last Sighting: (Believed deceased) The London Underground
(Former) Occupation: Horzine Science Division
Current Mental Status: Insane
Known Relatives: Kevin Clamely (AKA: The Patriarch)


We have some good news! We are not sure how, but the “good” Dr. survived the incident in the London Underground, however that is about the end of the jovial news here. Much as the literary case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the doctor we once knew has changed, and not for the better!

What little intel we have managed to gather so far suggests that, much like her father, she began to dabble in human modification to better battle the threat of the Patriarch and his clone army. Her results seemed to have fared about as well in the mental stability department, so good luck trying to reason with her.

It appears our “Matriarch” here is behind the recent E.D.A.R incursion and has been seen commanding them out in the field. And it looks like she is on the hunt mercs, so get ready for this engagement. If you can’t run, come loaded for Mech Suit.

Updated Target Biography
Name: Matriarch
Known Relations: Patriarch (Deep hatred)
Known Tools: Enhanced Mech Suit and E.D.A.R assistants

Mercs, keep an eye out for the capabilities of this suit, it is not to be underestimated. Reported functionality:
  • Electromagnetic shielding (Get blasting)
  • Mechanical Claw - a powerful grappling arm (Rated to crush a tank)
  • Plasma cannon (Official notes just say: Ouch!!)
  • Multiple electric capabilities (both regional and arcing from target to target at range) from the device mounted on the back. (The lab coats are calling these the lighting storm and tesla blast)
  • And cloaking technology built-in as well (this has been reported to not be functional while shielding is still active)

And we wouldn’t be surprised if she has some other secrets lurking. We would wish you luck mercs, but we fear that won’t be enough.


Ho Ho Ho Mercs!

Tis the season! What season? Why the season, the season of holiday creep Yuletide Horror!

And things seem a bit more insane this year. So do make sure to visit the Sanitarium for a checkup.

The Matriarch hasn’t been the only creature lurking on the fringes, so be sure to explore this dreary local and plumb its depths for what secrets it holds. That is if you don’t lose your way, or mind, or life along these twisted paths.

We are expecting to launch the beta for the Yuletide Horror’s update with all the previously announced content very soon on Steam, with the full rollout for all platforms later this year!

And don't forget the Killing Floor 2 Vinyl Soundtrack, which is now available for order!
Killing Floor 2 - [TW]Yoshiro

Hello Mercs,

Last week we mentioned you would be heading back into the Biotics Lab to shut it down for good, and today we want to go over the new resources you’ll have available to get that job done. The Horzine Research Group has come up with some new concepts we think you are going to love.

First up, the HRG Winterbite for those Gunslingers out there. We get it, sometimes you just want to feel loved by the Sharpshooters, or well anybody running away from a ZED. Don’t you worry, with the Winterbite there is no way for you to fail! Equipped to fire cartridges to put some nitrogen ice shards downrange, these babies will help you bring your foes to a standstill, setting up some great combos with your team. Or team up with a Firebug for a Siren’s song of Fire and Ice!

And Medics, for you the HRG Incision may be your new best friend. The Incision is built around the simple concept of helping your friends, be that with a massive round downrange that will keep your foe’s EMP’ed. Or, and hear us out here, firing an equally oversized syringe at your friends (... or foes). This round will penetrate Zeds to reach your intended healing target and may keep those in your way off their feet with some stumble and knockdown power.

Or perhaps you are looking for something a bit new in the design department. And by new we mean old, probably older than the dirt the team found this design in. Sharpshooters, this firearm needs no introduction, having fought in every conflict around the world since WW I. The Mosin Nagant M91/30 sits in the middle ground between some of the heavier hitting specialized modern rifles and the quick-firing intermediate rounds. It also comes with some new perks, such as its standard bayonet guaranteed to hit the enemy a mile away or your money back. If stabbing it doesn’t work, follow that up with a quick pull of the trigger while those pesky ZED’s are still attached for some extra damage! And we hear the team isn’t afraid of using this weapon to block incoming Zed attacks.

Now for our SWAT mercs, the team has heard the requests, you want a machine pistol. Firing 1100 rounds a minute, the G18c will put rounds down range faster than your ability to acquire new Zeds to shoot at! Oh.... and one more thing. Did we mention it comes with a Riot Shield?

Giving you the ability to mitigate frontal damage, and bash out to push those two close away (firing that fast, you’ll need to reload sometime)! The G18C and Riot Shield come as a set, so get ready to blast and bash your way into the thick of it!

As a reminder: HRG weapons are free for all users, while the Riot Shield & Glock 18 and Mosin Nagant are purchasable after the Christmas Update Final Launch as Weapon Bundles packed with weapon skins for cosmetic customization.

Mercs, we haven’t heard back anything new from our agents in the field ... but we got one last broadcast....
Killing Floor 2 - [TW]Yoshiro
Hello Mercs,

We’ve received word from the top on your next Objective. It looks like you’ll be revisiting some old ground in the Biotics Lab, and with good reason. Since you’ve last been there it looks like someone has brought it back into full operation and has resumed clone production.

Dr. Buyu has called for help and this time, we need to make sure when you leave, nothing will bring this facility back online. That means shutting down the production lines and playing havoc with the raw material being used so nothing can be salvaged.

On the way out, do make sure to leave a present for the clot birthing “creature” in the tank will you?

Don’t worry, we won’t be sending you in without some new tools of the trade, and trust us, you'll need them if what we are hearing is correct. We have reports that some of the mercs in the field we had tracking down those pesky E.D.A.R’s have discovered something, something angry...
Killing Floor 2 - Mollycious Intent
Hello Mercs,
We have just pushed a Hotfix across all platforms.

Steam PC - 1087 : PS4 - 1.36 : XB1 -

Bug Fixes:
  • [PS4 & XB1] Addressed crashes caused by specific character and accessory combinations centered around DJ Scully and Oisten Jagerhorn that also affected other players on a server when those combinations were present.
  • [Steam PC] Addressed the issue in which the client and server were not properly downloading mutator workshop content.
  • [All Platforms] Corrected Rhino Revolver Bundle to only include Gunslinger perk within the store description
  • [XB1] Addressed issues in which the store did not fully populate with all available items.
  • [XB1] Addressed party group invite reliability within the Main Menu.

As always, thank you for your continued support!
Killing Floor 2 - Valve
In celebration of the Grim Treatments Update, save 50% to 75% on the Killing Floor Franchise!

Killing Floor 2 - [TW]Yoshiro

Grim Treatments
  • Prepare for the tricks and treats in this year’s ghastly Grim Treatment update! Wander inside the Ashwood Asylum and witness the haunting halls filled with countless, creepy creatures ready to hunt you down. Return to Nuked to save Kevin Jr. with the help of Dr. Ogada Buyu. Thankfully, the Horzine Research Group has refurbished a selection of weapons to deal with the oncoming challenges. Along the way, you may find some spooky accessories to customize your looks for the grisly Grim Treatment event! See you on the frightful floor!
  • Event Ends on 11 / 5 / 2019

New Additions and Highlights
  • 1 New Map
    • Ashwood Asylum
      • Compatible with Survival, Weekly, Versus Survival, and Endless Game Modes.
      • Dispatch Zeds while witnessing the horrors of the terrifying Ashwood Asylum!
    • 1 Objective Map
      • Nuked
        • Mercenaries assist Dr. Ogada Buyu in an attempt to rescue a young boy named Kevin Jr. from the remains of the destroyed city.
    • 5 New Weapons
      • HRG Nailgun for the SWAT
        • An alteration of the Vlad-1000 Nailgun that fires nails at two different rates depending on the fire mode set. Both fire modes are automatic to allow for a string of penetrating nails.
        • Trader price is 1100 Dosh.
      • HRG Buckshots for the Support
        • An alteration of the .500 Magnum Revolvers that fires buckshot shells.
        • Trader price is 550 Dosh for single and 1100 Dosh for duals.
      • HRG Healthrower for the Field Medic
        • An alteration of the Freezethrower that fires a stream of chemical gas that heals players and poisons Zeds. Alt-fire fires a medic dart for quick, long-range heals.
        • Trader price is 1000 Dosh.
      • Rhinos for the Gunslinger
        • This is a paid DLC weapon. This weapon can be shared amongst players through our weapon sharing system.
        • A set of scoped revolvers that fire fragmentation rounds. These rounds burst into shrapnel pieces whenever they strike a Zed or the environment.
        • Trader price is 550 Dosh for single and 1100 Dosh for duals.
      • Ion Thruster for the Berserker
        • This is a paid DLC weapon. This weapon can be shared amongst players through our weapon sharing system.
        • A mechanical sword that absorbs and stores heat generated by kinetic energy and friction. Each attack scorches Zeds, and the stored energy can be released upon reaching 100% for a massive, fiery slash!
        • Trader price is 2000 Dosh.
    • Dosh Vault
      • Added Killerwatt | Vault | Vosh | Precious
      • Added Helios Rifle | Vault | Vosh | Precious
      • Added Seal Squeal | Vault | Vosh | Precious
      • Added Hemoclobber | Vault | Vosh | Precious
      • Added Rhino | Vault | Vosh | Precious
      • Added Ion Thruster | Vault | Vosh | Precious
    • New Steam Achievements
      • Ashwood Asylum and its collectibles
      • Nuked Objective game mode completion
    • Time-limited Halloween Objectives, Tickets, and Cosmetics
      • Ashwood Asylum and Nuked Halloween seasonal objectives to earn the Kriss | Beyond Horizon | Space Elite weapon skin
      • Halloween Event Tickets
      • Halloween Cosmetics
    • Zedconomy
      • Ion Thruster Weapon Bundle
      • Rhino Weapon Bundle
      • Witch Hunter Outfit Bundle
      • Dragon & Koi: Tier 3 Weapon Skin Pack
      • Dragon & Koi: Tier 4 Weapon Skin Pack
      • Dragon & Koi: Complete Weapon Skin Pack
      • Horzine Supply Crate | Boneyard Series
      • Beyond Horzine Encrypted USB
      • Added Bronze, Silver, and Gold Bundle Packs for :
        • Horzine Supply Crate | Boneyard Series
        • Neon MK III Encrypted USB
        • Beyond Horizon Encrypted USB
        • Halloween Ticket Bundles

This update contains new content, adjustments, and bug fixes from the Beta feedback. We appreciate your feedback and thank you very much for it!

For the full changelog including balance changes and fixes visit the official forums!

Killing Floor 2 - [TW]Yoshiro
To opt into this beta, join the "preview" branch available in the Beta drop-down list. Admins will need to use the following SteamCMD flag:
  • app_update 232130 -beta preview

For the full changelog please visit:

We are experiencing some formatting issues that prevent us from putting it here on Steam.
Killing Floor 2 - [TW]Yoshiro

Players on all platforms can now hop in game and get Double XP and Quadruple Item Drops! Steam players will also find most in-game content is now on sale at up to 50% off!

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