Dec 6, 2017
N++ (NPLUSPLUS) - Nabla
  • Added an experimental DirectX11 renderer for Intel-based graphics cards that are having issues with OpenGL 3.3+ support. To use add the launch option
  • We had to recompile the soundtrack for copyright reasons.
  • Use jump/cancel to set players ready as well as F1-F4
  • The game remembers what highscore tab is being used
  • Untitled levels can't be uploaded until they name themselves something better

  • Fixed crash on startup when initialising networking fails
  • Profile shows Ultimate & Hardcore progress including secrets
  • 'View Levels By' was corrupting the tabs. Also the tabs went missing.
  • Ultimate secret level progress was getting lost with SteamCloud sync
  • Fixed some levels to make getting all secrets possible again
  • Completionist and Grandmaster trophies get awarded when they should be now
  • Timerbars in Race reflect the player colours
  • Sometimes levels got marked as completed before they actually were
  • Hardcore story names display properly everywhere
  • Valentines colours are able to be unlocked
  • Player/rocket colours weren't updating after unlocking a new palette
  • Fixes for moving entities in the Editor with the mouse
  • Show the right tiles at the start of a Hardcore Story
  • Fixed an issue causing some Story replays to freeze if the player suicides twice
  • Can scroll to the bottom of the level list with a controller now
  • Levels align better when secret row is unlocked

**Hotfix to add Tutorial All-Gold to the single-player badges and fix the secret levels not showing level-in-episode numbers**

More updates/fixes are on the way!
May 11, 2017
N++ (NPLUSPLUS) - Nabla
This is a hotfix to address issues with secret level progress not being saved properly for Ultimate Secrets.
Some levels have been updated also.
Apr 26, 2017
N++ (NPLUSPLUS) - Nabla
This is just a small update to fix some bugs in the Ultimate release

What's changed:
* Secret codes for Ultimate levels show up as expected
* Fix issues with secret levels not unlocking sometimes
* Some of the secret levels weren't appearing
* Added some people to the Credits
N++ (NPLUSPLUS) - Valve
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Apr 21, 2017
N++ (NPLUSPLUS) - Nabla

Ultimate Edition Update!

At long last, N++ Ultimate Edition is here! Now there's even more to love about N++ :)
It's a free update for anyone who owns the game; we went back and forth on whether or not to charge for this DLC, and decided that we really wanted to encourage more people to try N++, and that this might be a great way to do it!

This update contains a ton of new content, doubling the number of levels, colour schemes, and ninja headbands.
It's like an entire second N++, for free! It really is a game that could last a lifetime.

There's also a brand new singleplayer game mode called Hardcore.
Hardcore was designed for fans and especially highscore competitions -- in contrast to the regular Solo mode, in Hardcore the clock is always ticking and every death counts.
This transforms N++ into the ultimate skill-based challenge, adding another echelon to strive for in your quest for ninja glory.

N++ (NPLUSPLUS) - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 50% on N++ (NPLUSPLUS)!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Saturday at 10AM Pacific Time
Feb 14, 2017
N++ (NPLUSPLUS) - Metanet Software

Happy Valentine's Day! During February, sink your teeth into two delicious new, special colour schemes: Chococherry and Birthday Cake. Hooray! More details here:

N++ (NPLUSPLUS) - Nabla
This is a minor update to fix a not-so-minor issue: people were reporting their save games being corrupted when tracking/untracking and following/unfollowing levels while playing them.
There was also a pretty common issue with some graphics cards that people were having with launching the game that we managed to track down.
So here's an update that fixes all that!
N++ (NPLUSPLUS) - Nabla
We're hard at work on Ultimate Edition and haven't had a lot of time to work on some of the bugs that have been reported recently, but the 'sounds getting cut off' one was really annoying so we've fixed it.
Also, a few of the levels have updated to make secret challenges possible.
Jan 4, 2017
N++ (NPLUSPLUS) - Nabla
Some people were experiencing just a ridiculous amount of crashes when trying to play user levels after the Steamcloud update.
It took a while to reproduce and then get to the bottom of these issues, so sorry for the delay but here's a version that shouldn't crash so damn much!


P.S. Also that final headband is actually obtainable now!

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