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Live watch the matches of the Maniaplanet Cup 2016 - Shootmania ELITE happening this weekend: 5th and 6th November!

1.English stream:
The English stream starts at 10:30 CET.

2. French stream:
-Julien 'Black-momo' Thiebaut
-Thomas 'Akers' Ghyselen

Playoffs will start at 11:00 (Paris Time) on Saturday 5 November. The Final should be at 17:30 (Paris Time) on Sunday 6 November.
Community Announcements - Alinoa

Last Qualifiers for Maniaplanet Cup 2016 on Shootmania ELITE TODAY and TOMORROW at 20:00 CEST!

Qualifier # 3: Friday 7 October at 8pm CEST
Information and sign-up:

Qualifier # 4: Saturday 8 October at 8pm CEST

Good Luck and Have Fun :)
Community Announcements - Alinoa
Look at our post on Facebook:

Enter the Maniaplanet Cup 2016!
Play ShootMania Elite or TrackMania² Stadium tournaments

Online qualifiers will be starting on October 1st
Connect to Paragon League ( ) to play the qualifiers for the ShootMania Elite tournament, and to Drakonia ( ) to play the qualifiers for the TrackMania² Stadium tournament.
Top 8 teams on ShootMania Elite and top 15 players on TrackMania² Stadium will qualify for the ManiaPlanet Cup playoffs.

Playoffs and Final will be on November 5/6/7, in Paris
No need to bring your PCs. No travel/lodging reimbursement by Nadeo.
Prize pool: 6000€ (3000€ for each tournament).
Finalists will play the final on stage on Monday, November 7, during Ubisoft 30's Celebration.

Contact-More info

ManiaplanetCup post on Maniaplanet forums:
Community Announcements - Alinoa

Here is the website link:

Good Luck and Have Fun :)
Community Announcements - Alinoa
Community Announcements - Alinoa

The ESWC is pleased to partner with Paragon eSports to produce the Shootmania Elite World Cup 2015 and to gather one more time the Shootmania community at the Paris Games Week. This tournament will start online to end with four teams offline in Paris and a Grand Final on the ESWC main stage. A total of $10,000 will reward the best players :
1. $4,000
2. $3,000
3. $2,000
4. $1,000

The registration to the Shootmania Elite World Cup is open on Paragon League website to any international team. The tournament will be played online in a double elimination bracket on October 16th and 17th until the winner and the loser bracket finals. The four last matches of the bracket will be played offline on October 28th and 29th.

Paragon League created a special mappack for the tournament composed of the following maps:
Rust by Livert
Valley of the Damned
Old Sun
Community Announcements - Alinoa

Live stream: here
Starting 20:00 CEST, the best 4 teams of Europe (AERA eSports, CPLAY Academy, Awsomniac & CPLAY Tt eSPORTS) will face each other for €1,800 in Cash and Hardware worth than €1,000.

Who will be the team winner of this edition?

Information about the CPLAY series available: here.
Community Announcements - Anthodev

Good news people, the unlimited multiplayer demo for Trackmania² Stadium and Shootmania Storm (including titles like Elite and others) is extended until September 2015!

It’s a good occasion to invite your friends to play with you or to come back to see what the community has cooked since your last time (and they did great things!) >>>

Have Fun and Good Luck!
Community Announcements - Alinoa

All information about the schedule, the maps and the prizes on the CPLAY website.

The next qualifier will happen TOMORROW, Wednesday 29 April at 20:00 CEST.
Community Announcements - Anthodev

Announced a month ago, the ESL Go4 Shootmania Storm Elite are starting this week! From December 7th, each week you’ll be able to compete to earn the right the participate to the monthly finals where you can win 450€.

Moreover the team with the most points at the end of February will earn a free entry for the Shootmania Storm Elite Gamers Assembly main tournament which will occur in April 2015 at Poitiers, France.

Visit the ESL website to get more information about the Go4SM >>>

Note that Shootmania Storm multiplayer (including Elite) is free and unlimited until April 2015, so feel free to jump in and try to claim the prizes in the Go4SM! Download the demo on Steam and participate to the Go4SM!

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