Castle Story - Shatojon
Hey Bricktrons!

Here are the results of the latest Quick Building Challenge, in video format! Woo-hoo!

Enjoy :)

Castle Story - Valve
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Castle Story - Shatojon
Hello Bricktrons!

We received a bunch of amazing submissions and decided to make a video to show them off in their glory!

Congratulations to the winners who win themselves some Saurogoodies. Yes, I just invented that word.


Castle Story - Shatojon

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't post your submission as a comment to this event! You have to post your submissions on this

Heeeeeeeeeello Bricktrons!

It’s time for another much requested, much missed Castle Story Building Challenge and we’re ready to have our minds blown with your always impressive builds! :D

Winter’s Coming and the white wa Corruptrons are probably up to no good, but that’s not going to stop crafty wintery Bricktrons from building beautiful resorts to enjoy the snowy lands and that’s the theme of this Building Challenge!

What’s a Building Challenge?
The building challenge is a test of skill and creativity that invites you to take a crack at designing a specifically themed building for your Bricktrons to make!

Today’s challenge: The Frosty Resort!
Castle Story’s islands aren’t always lush green covered fertile soils of flowers, trees and warmth. Sometimes, they’re covered in snow, ice and slush! Trees are topped in powdery white snow, plants peek through the layer of ice and shivering Bricktrons warm themselves up with some good ol’ building!

For this challenge, we want you to build a beautiful WINTER RESORT in a snowy map! You can either use the official Helix map, or one of the many awesome winter-biome maps shared on the Steam workshop by community members. Here’s a few examples;

Or, if you’re feeling crafty, you could make your own map in the World Editor!

There aren’t any building restrictions, but the more wintery and resorty your build feels, the more points you’ll get! Sledding slopes? Wooden cabin in the woods? Furnace to simulate a smoking chimney? Use your imagination!

How to participate
Simple stuff!
  • Build one or many structures according to the theme proposed (Frosty Resort).
  • Extra lovin’ if we can see the stockpiles, quarries and tasks you used to gather resources. ;)
  • Post a reply to the Steam Discussion (click) including at least 1 daytime screenshot of your build and a link to your zipped up savefile. We suggest you use to share the .zip of your savefile, it’s free and easy. (On that website, click the three blue little dots at the bottom left and choose the “link” option instead of e-mail)
  • You can find your Save File in your Castle Story folder under: Steam/Steamapps/Common/Castle Story/Info/Saves
  • Please type FINAL SUBMISSION at the top of your post so we know it's an entry!
  • Extra points if you post a video on Youtube or stream it on Twitch!
  • If you need help with anything, join the – we’ll be happy to help!
  • Deadline: Monday, November 25th 2019 at 1:00 PM EST!

First Place
- A Steam Key of Castle Story
- A Steam Key of Castle Story's OST
- A Steam Key of Mirador
- A shout-out on our social media
- The fuzzy feeling inside that you rocked this contest!

Second Place
- A Steam Key of Castle Story's OST
- A Steam Key of Mirador
- A virtual high-five!

Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!
Castle Story - Shatojon
Hey everyone! Hope your week's been wonderful so far. :D

If you're an active member of the Castle Story Discord, you may have seen this useful tutorial teaching you how to enable the secret Movie & Editor panels in Castle Story.

Community member Jord Studios used these tools to make an AMAZING fan short and we felt like it deserved to be spotlighted here, so check it out & consider liking the video so he knows we want more! :D

While we're here, if you haven't yet, consider joining the official Castle Story Discord! Lots of awesome stuff going on there and there are always people looking for a multiplayer buddy. :)

See you there & have a great end of your week.
Castle Story - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 60% on Castle Story!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Tuesday at 10AM Pacific Time
Dec 21, 2018
Castle Story - Shatojon
Howdy folks! We just released a hotfix to the Winter Update.

  • Fixed date in latest news.
  • Added decorative blocks to the pie menu.
  • Fixed inverted plant icons in the World Editor.
  • Updated winter terrain names in the World Editor.

The studio will be closed until the 7th of January 2019 during the holidays.

If you need help, the quickest way is to join the official Discord on

We wish everyone a great time with their families and we'll see you in two weeks! :)
Castle Story - Shatojon

Howdy everyone!

Castle Story now has brand new decorative blocks for you to spruce up your castles and help your Bricktrons make their surroundings a little more homey! On top of that, we've added two new door variations which can handle different amounts of beatings and a brand new snow-sprinkled winter biome to make maps and play in!

Check out the video below for everything that's new!

  • New Winter Biome - usable in the World Editor.
  • New official 1v1 Conquest map - HELIX, in the Winter Biome.
  • New Rickety door - only 3 planks to build, half the regular HP.
  • New Reinforced door - 3 planks + 3 iron ingots to build, double the regular HP.
  • Four new columns variations: fluted column, round column, square column and stone pillar.
  • New decorative block: Knight Statue
  • New decorative blocks: Window & Long Window
  • New decorative blocks: Paintings
  • New stair block: outwards corner.
  • New Grab the Gems "Extended" preset that introduces longer times between gem spawns.
  • Buffed Artificer damage by 50%.
  • Slightly increased rope bridge's HP.
  • Drastically reduced damage dealt to natural terrain voxels by Knights and Halberdiers.
  • Halved Corruptrons' damage dealt to doors.
  • Renamed "Rope Balot" to "Rope Coil".
  • Swapped the default Delete Task and Delete Selected Blueprints hotkeys (Deleting task is now CTRL + DEL, deleting blueprint is now DEL)

We hope you have fun playing and the entire Sauropod Studio team wishes you very Happy Holidays!
Castle Story - Shatojon

The Castle Story Halloween Event IS NOW LIVE!

Hop into the game for some :ghost: spooky themes!

Grab the Gems is now CAPTURE THE PUMPKIN!

Aaaaand the Bricktrons have brought out their bestest disguises, maybe they'll spook the Corruptrons away.

Don't forget, TOMORROW AT 3PM EST - super duper special stream with Aphytal Knight, Mym, Garou and Evax Meor !

Happy Halloween everyone!
Castle Story - Shatojon


Hello everyone!

We’re really excited to release this new feature to you! The Blueprint Library is an evolution of the blueprints management tool that might change how you play Castle Story entirely.

The Blueprint Library allows you to save blueprints you’ve designed locally onto your disk to use later on, on any map or gamemode, even in multiplayer! So that really snazzy tower you worked on for an hour is no longer exclusive to your current game – you can save it and reuse it later!

Better yet, you can even share blueprints you’ve saved onto the Steam Workshop for others to marvel in your architectural prowess. It’s okay to toot your horn every now and then, don’t worry.

Since other players will be sharing their blueprints too, you can subscribe to them via the Steam Workshop and use them in your own sessions! By mixing other players’ blueprints and your own, the possibilities for different builds are LITERALLY ENDLESS*. *I didn’t do the math.

Anyways! Here’s a little video demonstration to show off your new superpowers. Use them responsibly!

  • New Blueprint Library system allows players to save, share and subscribe to blueprints and use them any time in Castle Story.
  • Added new songs in Conquest. Those were already in the OST but not used in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where reaching wave 60 in Invasion wouldn’t display a victory screen.
  • Fixed an issue where manipulating blueprints of ramps (rotating, moving, duplicating, etc.) would place them in the wrong orientation.
  • You can no longer delete tasks while blueprints are being placed. This was necessary for the addition of the Blueprint Library system. It shouldn’t be problematic since blueprints are placed fairly quickly.

Enjoy and be sure to let us know what you think. :D

Oh yeah, and to celebrate, the game and OST are going to be 25% OFF all day long. :)

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