Dec 19, 2016
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution - Scratch~ ノ
First of all, Happy Holidays from all of us at Alligator Pit! From today until the 31st, everyone will have Santa hats on their player characters. Have fun!

  • Now using the new SteamUGC API for Steam Workshop. This should speed up the Workshop process a lot. The downloading of workshop items is now handled by Steam instead of the game, which means you don't need to wait for the game to download all of your subscribed items, and you're no longer required to restart the game. (NOTE: In our testing, when starting this version for the first time, you will have to restart the game at least once for your existing subscribed workshop items to "convert" to Steam's new format. This is only required once!)
  • Added a scrapped map from The First Encounter: Classic Hole!
  • Added new Classic First Encounter and Classic Warped HUD themes, including an additional uncolored classic theme.
  • Fixed minor HUD issue with Serious Bomb icon.
  • Fixed a couple minor issues with Ughzy enemy customization.
  • Fixed a couple minor issues with Headman enemy customization.
  • Fixed Ghostbuster not being affected by Serious Damage powerup.
  • Fixed Twisters in The Pit launching you way too high.
  • Fixed error 3 when saving statistics. (For real this time. Promise.)
  • Fixed some issues in Sankta Nokto.
  • Fixed some issues in Sand Canyon.
  • Fixed missing survival medals in Faster Faster.
Oct 24, 2016
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution - Scratch~ ノ

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and reports, here are the latest changes:
  • Added a new survival map: Dimensions Neon!
  • Added a few new versus maps: Memphis Almarkazia, Sankta Nokto, and Metalic Station!
  • Added a unique random seed to every match, this adds a little bit more randomization to some levels.
  • Added blue and yellow blood types.
  • Added a bunch of level backgrounds and updated a bunch of level thumbnails to bigger sizes.
  • Updated some levels to look better.
  • Updated weapon models for Tommygun and Flamethrower to include hands in first person view.
  • Reduced cannonball resistance for big beasts.
  • Fixed Workshop items sometimes not downloading correctly. (Especially with a large number of mods)
  • Fixed issue with achievements sometimes not unlocking.
  • Fixed a problem where the Steam client was necessary to run the Dedicated Server, this is now no longer required.
  • Fixed a few possible crashes.
  • Fixed the classic control scheme not binding the Use key properly, this is now bound to E.
  • Fixed models sometimes disappearing with certain graphics settings.
  • Fixed a problem with scripts not being able to modify entity properties.
  • Fixed some issues with the Control Zone gamemode.
  • Fixed some interface issues.
  • Fixed some other issues with levels and models.
  • Fixed not being able to set a custom texture for Ugh Zan in editor.
  • Added a BIG_ANIMATION keyword to animation scripts to allow for bigger animated textures.
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution - Scratch

As you all know, Sam has a sister. And her name is Sammy. She's decided to take a detour through Egypt this time around and visit the Revolution as a new playable model in the game!

It's summer! And you know what that means. That's right, extra protective wallets for the Steam summer sales. Revolution is on sale! Get it for yourself or your friends for 90% off!
  • Added the Serious Sammy player model!
  • Added a custom speed scalar to enemies in the editor.
  • Added a Destroyer enemy for modding.
  • Removed the libpng dependency, and added the ability to create textures from several more file formats.
  • Fixed not all crosshairs showing in the options.
  • Fixed Steam achievements and statistics not working most of the time since the last patch.
  • Fixed missing shadows in lava caves in Land of the Damned.
  • Fixed some issues with CCC, and added !ban command to CCC.
  • Fixed the time needed for the gold medal in Mental's Needle.
  • Fixed a crash when creating a new model in Serious Modeler.
  • Fixed some (old alpha) enemies giving negative scores.
  • Fixed Sam running around in circles in The Great Pyramid like a record baby round round round round
  • Fixed a bunch of other minor things, including crashes and silly mistakes in levels.
May 25, 2016
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution - Scratch~ ノ
It's that time again, ladies and gentlemen! Time for an update. But not just any update! An update with a lot of fixes and features.

We'd also like to tell you a little bit about ourselves. Who's Alligator Pit, really? What's changed since the last time we introduced ourselves to the community? Read more about it here, on our latest official blogpost!

Talking about community contributors, we'd also like to showcase our brand new achievement icons! Check them out on Steam! They were made by this guy, check out his other stuff!

Also, we created a brand new documentation website for information about dedicated servers, scripting, and more! Check it out at This documentation can be contributed to on Github as well, so feel free to submit any pull requests if you have anything to add.

  • Added a new mutator: Enemies Replacer. This randomly replaces enemies in any level with random special character types.
  • Added a Pitch property to SoundHolder entities.
  • Added a default dedicated server controller addon: the Combative Creature Cutter, also known as CCC. You can add admins, kick people, or invoke votekicks. (More documentation about this soon!)
  • Updated the Bromscript scripting engine.
  • Added new (old) variants of Elementals: Earth and Wind.
  • Added some more customization options to Grunt and Firecracker.
  • Fixed lasergun/tommygun slowdown bug.
  • Fixed windowed mode resolutions not always showing the right values in menu.
  • Fixed "Stats not saved: error 3".
  • Fixed stats for Ziggurrat never uploading to Steam leaderboards.
  • Fixed stats shown in menus always being singleplayer. This also shows deathmatch stats now!
  • Fixed stats not always saving correctly when playing multiplayer.
  • Fixed the way secondary fire, Netricsa, and Use controls were conflicting with each other. They are now all separate controls. This also avoids confusion.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor level issues.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor networking issues.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor graphical issues.
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes.
  • Fixed a few survival exploits.
  • Lots of internal code changes that will allow us to roll out fixes even faster!

May 4, 2016
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution - Scratch ノ
Aside from a recent ice skating incident here at Alligator Pit (imagine that, ice skating near a pit full of alligators), we managed to push another update to Steam without many wounded developers. That is a good thing!

We might also have some Bright Island teasers in the near future, so stay tuned for that. Thanks to everyone who have reported bugs and suggestions on the bugreporter, via the forum, or directly to one of us in online deathmatch while you were destroying us with rocket launchers and shotguns. It's okay. We forgive you.

So, let's get to the changes:
  • Added a "Custom Message" editor property to enemies to give them custom Netricsa messages.
  • Added a new biomech enemy type: "Spawner".
  • Added a new beheaded enemy type: "Vaporwave".
  • Added the ability to make custom crosshairs. The game will now list all crosshairs that it can find in the "Textures/Interface/Crosshairs" folder instead of only the 7 default ones.
  • Added mut_fPlayerAccelerationMultiplier and mut_fPlayerDecelerationMultiplier mutators.
  • Changed physics a little bit to make it easier to climb on certain kinds of ledges. (Feedback or issues about this welcome!)
  • Fixed issues with Steam lobbies causing lobbies to persist longer than it should, causing weird issues in the long run.
  • Fixed problem on Oasis where you could get stuck in the Marsh Hopper room.
  • Fixed Fishman not working on Steam builds.
  • Fixed cannonballs exploding on itself when firing in Yodeller.
  • Fixed projectiles launching too fast after new tickrate update.
  • Fixed editor shortcut for test-in-place. Removed test-in-fullscreen shortcut.
  • Fixed cooperative damage counter counting if you shoot players.
  • Fixed autodownloader issues for some maps.
  • Fixed net_bReportCorrectionPackets not giving valuable enough debugging information.
  • Fixed a weird scoring issue in CTF.
  • Fixed a couple common crashes.
  • Fixed a couple enemy spawner issues.
  • Fixed a lot of other minor issues.
Apr 27, 2016
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution - Scratch ノ
Another update for you. Please note that savegames made in the previous build will not work with this build (like usual - see the FAQ for more details).

Also, for those who have been asking for it, we're in the process of testing multiplayer voting.
  • Upgraded the tick rate from 30 to 40. (Experimental! Might avoid some off-by-one problems, but could also make some people's game more laggy. We're looking for feedback on this!)
  • Added few more customizable properties to enemies, such as custom score and custom projectiles.
  • Fixed a bug in Sacred Yards where the player would suddenly jump real high and die.
  • Experimental fix for slowdown with lasergun and tommygun.
  • Fixed autodownloader sometimes not downloading map dependencies.
  • Fixed broken destructable models from the last patch.
  • Fixed lighting in Tomb of Ramses.
  • Fixed an issue with the resolution toggle in the video settings menu cycling through all available resolutions.
  • Fixed cannon walker not using cannon weapon model.
  • Fixed a few crashes in the editor.
  • Fixed TechTest and IntroTSE showing in Custom Level menu when using All.vis.
Apr 20, 2016
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution - Scratch ノ
It's been a while. But with more time freeing up for us, more updates should be coming soon. For now, enjoy this update. ːkingsamː
  • Upped the game's tickrate from 20 to 30. This should make the game feel a lot smoother, but might introduce some weird things. So far we've fixed most issues, but let us know if there's something we missed.
  • Added a bunch of plasma and mine ammo in the levels.
  • Added hud_bShowEarlyAccess to hide the "Early Access Beta" text on the HUD. (For video or screenshot purposes.)
  • Added a way to find enemy triggers that are not attached to anything. Enable wld_bDebugKills and start a level in-game to find these spawners.
  • The RCon tool is now open source:
  • Changed the startup resolution to be windowed mode by default.
  • Changed that only player 1 can control the menu in the case of gamepads.
  • Changed the default maximum quick slots count to 20 instead of 8.
  • Changed some aesthetics in the HUD.
  • Changed some aesthetics in the menu and loading screen.
  • Fixed SKA Studio not working for some people.
  • Fixed being able to change difficulty in survival when starting in split screen.
  • Fixed "Invalid DIFF stream" error when trying to connect to servers. (Experimental fix, let us know if there are any issues.)
  • Fixed console messages having the timestamps in weird places. (Also removed con_bTimestamps.)
  • Fixed model holder shader not working in-game.
  • Fixed "error 3" when saving statistics.
  • Fixed a lot of broken spawners in 13 different levels across the First and Second encounter.
  • Fixed some minor issues and exploits on a few levels.
  • Fixed some potential crashes in game and editor.
Furthermore, we'll be cleaning up the bugreporter over the weekend, so that we can have a clean start and a much better overview of all the issues. And yes, the bugreporter is still the #1 place to go for reporting issues:

Also, kittens. Discuss.
Apr 19, 2015
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution - Scratch~
This update brings a brand new intro with a first look at some of Bright Island, and a bunch of stability improvements.
  • Added a new intro to game startup for Bright Island
  • Updated intro to include the game logo
  • Updated Green Garry to be a green version of Blue Bill and Rigteous Robert, as it was just a carbon copy of SWDM Green Garry
  • Updated the way content is cached; this fixes one of the most common crashes, as well as make levels load faster and better memory usage
  • Removed an old legacy feature that wasn't used, this should make loading levels a bit faster
  • Added range damaging options to the Damager entity
  • Fixed a crash in video settings menu
  • Fixed issue with First Encounter leaderboards
  • Fixed some lighting issues on Hatshepsut
Feb 20, 2015
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution - Scratch~
Update 2739 is now live. Changes include:
  • Added enemy "health scalar" to enemy entities for level designers
  • Added LOD quality "always best" setting to menu
  • Guarded against some common crashes
  • Fixed stats not saving due to "error 3"
  • Fixed shadows on Courtyards of Gilgamesh
  • Fixed a bug in Palenque Demo where the crystal skull turned into the golden heart from Luxor when picked up in the end cutscene
  • Fixed some climbable wall issues in Valley of the Jaguar
  • Fixed a bug in the Christmas 2014 survival level where you could get the achievement after dying
  • Added some functions for better troubleshooting
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution - Santa Scratch~
Just a quick update. Nothing big.

From everyone at Alligator Pit: Happy new year!!

Have a great new years eve, and don't get your hands blown off by the fireworks. Sam would not approve of that. ːserioussamː

And now for some actual news: In early 2015 we will release some more information about Bright Island. We're very excited about the progress we've been doing in the past few months, and we hope you will be too.

On to a great 2015, we'd say!

- Alligator Pit.

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