No Time to Explain - tinyBuild
Hi everyone,

I wanted to share some great news. We've been going back and forth on it, but eventually agreed - local co-op is super fun, and No Time To Explain's remake is getting it!

Local co-op

We were able to beat the game start to finish last friday during the livestream (we livestream every friday at 4pm CET at )

You spawn with up to 4 players, and play the levels together. Whoever gets to the portal first - scores a point. It is fun insanity with beams going everywhere.

In levels where you have insta-respawn disabled (mostly levels with breakable blocks), multiplayer works in the same way - everyone gets one chance, and if the last person dies, the level resets.

Bosses will now have lives

The remake will have lives for boss fights. You can respawn up to 3 times before the levels restart.

This adds actual challenge to the bosses, and makes the game more interesting. Now you actually have to master the beam and dodge incoming attacks.

New music

MrFuby did a fantastic job at reimagining the soundtrack, and the main game will get some new tracks. The full OST will also get updated.


Right now the game's 90% done - we are missing the flier and runner levels, which are coming in shortly.

What remains after that is integration with Steam, specifically - the level editor. That hasn't been redone yet, and I believe it's a crucial part of the game.

Expect a Steam release early next year
No Time to Explain - tinyBuild
The latest version of No Time To Explain's upcoming remake will be playable at EGX London this weekend in the Rezzed area!

Stop by, say hi, play the game :)

Controller support!

It will be controller-enabled and gives you an idea of how we want all versions to control. Putting it simply, you control it with just the dual-sticks.

Left stick to run around. Click to jump.

Right stick to beam yourself around. Click to use shotgun guy's/alternate guys' abilities.

Reworked visuals!

The game has some reworked visuals. It took some effort to transform everything from Flash to Unity, but we're nearly there.

Things like the crab boss fight having physics-enabled flame bombs, lots of snow particles, really nice fog particles in the spaceship levels.

The game also runs at a solid.... 250fps? At least on my machine.

Reworked soundtrack

MrFuby has been busy reworking the soundtrack and came up with some insanely good songs. Some are completely original, some are remastered versions of previous songs.

Current status of the game

- As of right now, all standard levels are done. Standard levels are the ones with the "normal" beam guy character.

- Shotgun guy levels are done.

- 1st boss (Crab fight) is done

- 2nd boss (Shark) is done

Everything up until the 2nd boss is demo'd at EGX.

We still need to do all the other bosses, the special characters, the two scripted levels (flight and runner). The good news is that the engine is now done, and it even supports multiplayer.

See you at EGX!
No Time to Explain - tinyBuild
There's a lot cooking around No Time To Explain.

  • MrFuby is working on remastering the soundtrack at 320kbps

  • This means reworking some of the songs from ground up, using slightly different instruments
  • Will update the current soundtrack and be put into new Unity remake of the game

  • Unity remake is going slow but steady - ETA this year
  • Most of standard levels ported to Unity
  • Enabled local multiplayer support
  • Going to replicate all current levels of NTTE in this build
  • Going to reimagine all scripted levels, including boss fights and the flying/running levels
  • When done, will expand content

Game will have more content, release on Steam replacing the current game; and release on Xbox One
No Time to Explain - tinyBuild
Hi everyone!

Today we released the No Time To Explain soundtrack on Steam.

Get it here

There are 17 tracks in total and they will appear in your No Time to Explain game folder.

Right now the whole dev team at tinyBuild is busy working on reimagining No Time to Explain within Unity. We demo's the first prototype at PAX East and the response was very, very good. Several people came over who beat the game in it's current state and noted how much more fun it is.

The remade version will be a reimagining of No Time To Explain. We will add more content, redo bosses, and more.

  • Controller support
  • Runs at 250fps
  • Real hardware acceleration (via Unity)
  • Reimagined bosses
  • More content!

The game will be called NO MORE TIME TO EXPLAIN and everyone who currently owns the current version will get the updated one :)

- Alex
No Time to Explain

Now here s a classy move: tinyBuild s upcoming JetGetters met its $50,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, but the developer is giving backers their money back because of a delay in the development cycle. The game is still coming out, backers will still get their rewards, and it sounds like tinyBuild s in better shape than ever, so it s good news all around.
As stated on the Kickstarter page, JetGetters was delayed because tinyBuild found an investor to help it expand its developing and publishing efforts. Because of the time it will take in bringing our new partners up-to-speed and hiring on additional people for JetGetters we have decided to cancel the Kickstarter, tinyBuild said. The main reason for this is because we feel strongly that if we promise something, we better damn well deliver on it and with the few month delay we won't be able to deliver JetGetters this year.
To make sure nobody feels burned by the change of plans, tinyBuild is also giving all backers the $51 tier reward: all seven of tinyBuild s games, including No Time To Explain.
If you haven t heard of JetGetters, it s a flying multiplayer shooter where you re able to hijack your enemy s ship, similar to high-flying shenanigans you pull off in Just Cause 2. Producer Alex Nichiporchik s original pitch video explains the rest.
Iron Warriors: T - 72 Tank Command - Valve
Check back for new deals every Monday at 10AM Pacific.

No Time to Explain - tinyBuild

The latest version of No Time To Explain (v 1.3) now has a level editor. Check out the Workshop!

Here is a quick tutorial:

1. Access the Golden Orb (from main menu or World 1)

2. Click on Create Your Own Level. You can also access other people's levels from here.

3. It has all the tools used to made original No Time To Explain levels

4. You need to have both the character and the portal in the level. Doesn't matter which character, as long as you can "beat" a level by jumping into a portal.

Uploading the level is a matter of first saving, then testing and beating it. You can upload only levels you've beaten. So if you're playing someone's level, you know the creator had to have beaten it before sharing.

Good luck!

PS we also recently released an editor for SpeedRunners - you might want to check that out, too.
No Time to Explain - tinyBuild

The Level Editor for No Time To Explain is now live in beta!

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use it. It's located in the final credits screen as pictured, and on top of the houses in Worlds.

For now you can access user levels from within the game. You can create and publish levels, and the editor is fully functional.

It will soon be set to public for everyone to rate/comment levels within the Steam Workshop.

Head onto the forum to give feedback. We'll be working for several weeks on improving No Time To Explain, so feedback is highly appreciated!
Nov 26, 2013
No Time to Explain - tinyBuild
Some of you may have noticed that the Steam Workshop is enabled on No Time To Explain. We are currently beta testing it and expect to release soon.

This revolves around the level editor which was in the pre-Steam release of No Time To Explain.

Stay up to date with us on Twitter - @tinyBuild
No Time to Explain

SpeedRunners, as you might have guessed, is a game about running real fast. It's also a game about jumping and grapple-hooking, two methods of traversal that go particularly well with the above. tinyBuild's game hit Steam Early Access a couple of months ago, though it's just been revealed that if you wait until release you can get an (offline-only) version for free. Wuh? Guh? It's a positive response to the inevitability of piracy - you can hear tinyBuild's reasons below.

In an email to RPS, creator Alex Nichiporchik stated the following:

"I’ve seen it multiple times when people pirate some sort of software, fall in love with it, and then due to constant updates reminders end up buying it, just for the convenience. Basically, when developers provide a good service, people see the value in spending money. Minecraft is a great example. With the constant updates, it’s so clear you should throw your money at the screen – simply provide a service, making it much more convenient than searching for cracks.

"We’ve decided to make SpeedRunners free when it comes out. The local version of SpeedRunners will be available completely free. You’ll be able to download it and play with your friends on a couch, or use any of the offline features (right now we have bots to play against offline). The online part of SpeedRunners will be what people pay money for, it’s the service we provide to players."

It's not the first time that tinyBuild have decided to deal with piracy in a non-self-defeating way. For their previous title, No Time To Explain, they uploaded their game to The Pirate Bay themselves, replacing all the unlockable hats with pirate hats in a move that's a) quite funny and b) taps into our innate desire to collect as many goddamn hats as possible. The move (and the resulting press attention) worked out quite well for the game - so piracy 'ain't all bad, it seems.

In the statement, Nichiporchik also revealed that he's an evil terrorism-funding worse-than-Hitler pirate himself - he's pirated Battlefield 4 (if only to test whether it works on his machine).

SpeedRunners is currently on Steam Early Access - if you buy it now, you'll get the full, online-enabled game when it releases for real.

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