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Aug 15, 2014
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
D14.2 Live HotFix

  • There is now a system message that will alert the user when an item is placed within the cargo hold from either a mining/salvage attempt.

  • Reduced range scaling of sensors based on tier.
  • Changed the out of space system message when an item that is larger than the cargo hold can hold, it will now show what free space the cargo hold has and the required space of the item.

  • Brought back the stars again.
  • A bug causing AI ships to maneuver in ways inappropriate to their weight class has been fixed. Incidents of ramming should be greatly reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where subsystems were not showing up in the inventory after being collected via salvaging but was still taking up cargo hold space.
  • Credits are now shown correctly when in Sector.
  • Corrected an issue with the Station’s shaders.
  • Corrected an issue with the Planetary shaders for the OSX Client.
Community Announcements - Kris
  • Galaxy Map - Under the System Name there is now a display for which faction currently owns that system.

  • Drones individual cargo inventory now scales correctly, make sure that you have enough cargo room on your ship to hold what they bring back.
  • Reduced thruster audio loop by 75%
  • Reduced Warp To distances to 10, 20, 50, 100 from 50, 100, 250, 500 Note: due to the nature of how fast the ship is moving, these are not hard values, there is around a 30% possible slide in the distance depending on at what point during the frame render the MWD turns off. The distance you warp to is the center of the target, please be aware of this.
  • Increase docking triggers on some stations as they were to close.
  • Increased Pitch/Yaw values across the board, you will still need to use Maneuvering thrusters to get optimal performance - if the pitch/yaw values of engines are too high, a ship with many engines for max speed would turn too sharply.
  • Changed all scaling factors to be within more reasonable number ranges.

  • Fixed the issue of parts shifting when adding/modifying/removing parts in the shipyard.
  • Fixed the issue of projectiles hitting the movement particle clouds.
  • Fixed the issue of Post AA Effect not being able to be turned off in Sector.
  • Fixed the issue of when attempted to load ships if you clicked the Cancel button on the Overwrite Ship Message it would not load the requested ship.
  • Fixed a crash we were seeing on our end that occurred for galaxies with around 40+ systems. If you experience frequent crashes, please be prepared to provide us with Unity’s output log as well as any crash dumps generated.
Aug 11, 2014
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
This is a large patch and a lot went into it, I hope you all enjoy it, if you have any problems, please let us know!

D14.0 Live Patch
* New Galaxy Required.
* No changes have been made that will require making new ships at this point.
* Existing Weapons will need their Weapon Group Classifications adjusted in the Weapon Manager.

  • Implementation of a mesh merge system. Ships will now be merged into a single mesh thus improving the performs when multiple ships are in sector at once.
  • Added a reset button to the Weapon Manager so that it will reset all weapons back to their default weapon classifications.
  • Galaxy Map Button to the shipyard. The galaxy map is now accessible in the station scene through the Map keybinding.
  • Added a UI Button/Indicator for when Newtonian flight is toggled.
  • Planets now have a radar icon and can be warped to.
  • Added in Salvaging Mechanic, will still be tweaked in upcoming patches. When a ship is destroyed a wreckage will have the potential to spawn. On the wreckage will be radar icons that will have the potential to yield salvaged items from the ship. These items will be made up of the ships modules, subsystem, and eventually cargo.
  • Added Salvaging Lasers, these function the same as mining lasers.
  • Added new wreckage models.
  • Added filters to the economy graphs. User can now choose to disable data series by clicking on the corresponding icon in the list on the right. The graph will only allow up to 6 series to be displayed at a time as it starts to get unreadable after that. When switching between data sets (as between commodity prices and commodity supply) the graph will carry over the selected series to display.
  • Graphical display for turret’s vertical and horizontal arcs. This will be displayed when placing/modifying a turret. There is also a button in the Weapon Manager window that will toggle the state of the arcs in the shipyard.
  • Added a space dust effect to give feeling of movement, this is a first pass and not final.
  • Mission framework is now included. This is a first pass and is not final. After we have it working we will be adding the mission editor as well. There are three missions right now, Distress, Sector Skirmish, and Single Target Bounty. There may be an issue with spawn ranges we are working on this.

  • Combat System Controls Overhauled - You no longer have to lock onto enemy targets to have weapons fire. Inside the weapon manager you now have classifications of ships that a turret will fire on. Weapons have two modes as well Offense and Defense, offense mode weapons will attack red targets once they are within range. Defense weapons will not attack a target unless they have attacked you. When the weapon has a target within range and within its arc they will lock onto the hostile and begin to fire. If the target leaves the arc or range then the turret will attempt to find another suitable target. If you have a currently focused/selected target that will be the preferred target for all weapons within it’s arc. If there is no suitable class targets it will attempt to step down to the next class till it either finds a target or goes back to idle. Large turrets that have a harder time tracking smaller faster moving targets will have a harder time locking on to a target. You must still lock, by pressing [ C ], onto Asteroids and Wreckage in order for the mining/salvaging lasers to work.
  • Upgraded Sound Manager Middleware to deal with sound issues.
  • Shipyard Cam will now center on ship based on bounds instead of mass.
  • Player credits in the Shipyard will now be show in red if you go negative in debt due to repairs. Once items are sold off to cover said debt the credits will be displayed in their default color.
  • Adjusted store inventory quantities.
  • Fixed categories on resources and trade goods
  • Adjusted Engine, Booster, and Maneuvering Thruster values to account for shorter distances between sector objects.
  • Decreased base sensor range
  • Increased power requirements of all weapons by 50%
  • Reduced the scale of all planets to be within a realistic range, terrestrial planets are now on a similar scale to earth when compared to the height of a person (size 1 c&c used for reference).
  • Reduced the scale of stations, they were larger than planets!
  • Reduced ranges of weapons for closer engagements.
  • Removed all units of speed and distance.
  • Newtonian flight gives a small increase to speed unlike before where you would continually accelerate.
  • Hostile Stations will reject your request to dock with them.
  • Removed Career mode ammo requirements.
  • Adjusted the deadzone while in mouse flight mode, it is now more sensitive and allows for turning easier.
  • Added a check to see if a ship has been modified if the ships modules or subsystems have not be modified you will not be asked to overwrite the ship when launching.
  • You can no longer attempt to cancel death.
  • Stations should no longer cause a huge performance hit while on screen.
  • The economy has been updated to a more complex form with over 40 commodities. Upon galaxy creation, there will be an increased delay as the simulation is initialized, we are working to eliminate or minimize this. Further work is also needed on the economy graph filter.

  • Fixed an issue where you could mirror the first part you place down when starting with the root block. Mirroring has been disabled for the first piece on the root block and then will be turned back on.
  • Fixed an issue where you were able to replace a modified part with another from the right panel.
  • Fixed issue with Mirroring parts when using flip part, they would not retain their correct orientation once leaving the Shipyard. *Parts that have been flipped will need to be re-added to take effect.
  • Fixed Graphics Option Templates not applying in Shipyard.
  • Fixed Sounds settings when leaving the map open.
  • Pressing Escape when the map is open now closes the map.
  • Fixed the issue with the Cargo Holds are full message from happening when the ship doesn't have any cargo holds.
  • Fixed an issue with “Warp To” where it was adding an additional zero to the distance.
  • Fixed an issue with persistence of the inventories on re-loading a saved game.
  • Found the missing stars
Community Announcements - Kris
  • Extended the duration of wreckage in game.

  • Fixed the issue of after parts are placed down they would disappear till moused over and highlighted.
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to purchase certain items from the store in the Shipyard.
  • Corrected the value count of the Module Counter in Shipyard.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to scroll in the weapon manager in Shipyard.
Aug 4, 2014
Community Announcements - Kris
We have released the D14 Development build.

Items to be noted:

* WARNING: Galaxy Creation duration is increased we are aware and working on this issue. This will only affect new galaxy creation.
* New Galaxy Required.
* Existing Weapons will need their Weapon Group Classifications adjusted in the Weapon Manager.

All patch notes are listed here:
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
This month has proven to be a huge undertaking for the team, many changes and improvements are on their way, please check out the patch preview thread I started. It can be found here:
Community Announcements - Kris
  • Added tooltips for Mining Drones mining lasers.

  • Adjusted AI Ship Spawn rates.
  • Increased All Weapon Damages.
  • Reduced Laser Ranges.
  • Increase Kinetic Shield Values.

  • Fixed issue when ammunition was placed in the cargo hold that mining yields would not be placed into the cargo hold.
  • Fixed an issue with cargo space not going down with ammo usage.
  • Fixed an issue with Drones not stopping mining once their cargo was full.
  • Fixed Hardpoint 09 from causing persistent issues, not able to attach a weapon subsystem to it, and ghost issues if mirroring.
  • Fixed issue with “Connect Part To Ship” button showing up with error messages that would cause them to overlap.
  • Fixed issue with store items showing up a 0.0c before first launch into Sector.
  • Fixed Sector pause issue with Game Guide and Option menu.
  • Fixed Issue with Drones not using the correct subsystem capacity.
  • Fixed Module Count warning to close it loading a ship that is smaller.
  • Fixed an issue where if you were mirroring an object and decided to change out which module you wanted to use it would leave the mirrored object behind and it would not be interact able.
  • Fixed a bug with the radar bracket still showing after locking onto a target.
  • Fixed a bug with the Out Of Range almost always showing.
  • Fix for lasers not always firing when engaged.
Community Announcements - Kris
  • Added in System Messages for Micro Warp Drive if it is attempted to be used before it has finished re-charging. Also added in one for attempting to launch drones with out a launch platform. *More will be added later on and the icon will be changed over as well.

  • Adjusted Laser aiming more to attempt to smooth it out a bit more.
  • Changed tooltips for Drones. Now you can see what weapon they are using, and how much Drone Hangar space they require.

  • Fixed an issue with firing of lasers in manual mode.
  • Fixed an bug with loading hangers with Drones, they would not allow you to fully load your hangar bay acting as it was already full.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to launch drones with out a Launch Platform. Now an system message will appear if that hangar does not have a platform.
Community Announcements - Kris
  • Weapons will not show the yellow warning till after they have been connected to the ship.
  • Tweaked the placement of the mirror object while placing with the mirror mode on.

  • Fixed the issue with mirroring mode with weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with the new Overlap tool where if the part was already in error mode and you turned off the Overlap tool that the error message would not go away nor would the error material on the part it self.

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