Jun 21, 2013
Kinetic Void - LumberingTroll
  • Performance should be a bit better at the shipyard for low-performance machines. We’ll be working on improving it and giving you different video settings soon.
  • Fixed issues with ship colors not being applied properly.
  • Improved the camera lens effect.
  • Small tweaks on the shipyard lighting settings.
  • AI ships will now fight each other if they encounter a ship from a hostile faction.
  • AI ships can now spawn in squadrons.
  • Fixed a typo in the Shipyard that caused ships classified as Light Fighters to be shown as Fighters.
Jun 14, 2013
Kinetic Void - LumberingTroll
  • Cursor set to Force software mode when switching to the aiming reticule.
  • Shipyard revamped with new model, texture and effects.
  • Fixed ship materials - they should look cleaner now.
  • Ship components should remain if a part is destroyed but they still have a connection to the ship.
  • Turret AI has been improved to better detect when it is pointing at its own ship.
  • Fixed guns will now work properly
  • Added texture and updated mesh for SpikeFin01
  • Added textures for t5_bridge_01
  • Added different effects maps for T1-T3 hull pieces, they should no longer have windows.
Kinetic Void - LumberingTroll
There’s a Design a Ship Contest going on in the community right now! Make something in the Shipyard and share it in the screenshot section on steam with the ship size classification and “contest” in its description. You win the chance to get your design turned into an official illustration that will appear on a Steam Trading Card! Post as many designs as you want, a winner will be chosen for each ship classification within the game. This contest will end on June 24th.
More information can be found in the post made on the Steam Forum here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/227160/discussions/0/864969953726393200/
Kinetic Void - LumberingTroll
  • Fixed issue with tool tips
  • Fixed issue with the weapon manager opening while naming a ship
Jun 6, 2013
Kinetic Void - LumberingTroll
  • Added textured for Station_01, Storage_01, the entire docking_01 group, the entire docking_03 group, and docking_02
  • Fixed mesh for Housing01
  • Change mesh for T5_bridge_01
  • Adjusted a bunch of UVs for station modules
  • The weapon manager is now available in the shipyard. It can be toggled with the G key or by a new button under the left panel. Changes made there will be saved to the ship.
  • Turrets now default to the manual control and group 1 of the weapon groups.
  • The manual fire reticle will now be cleared if you return the shipyard while manual control is activated. Opening any of the menus in flight will deactivate manual fire mode.
May 31, 2013
Kinetic Void - LumberingTroll
  • Applied new textures to some station parts.
  • Textures for BioDome_01, docking_02, GasPodS_01, Housing_01-
  • Housing_05, Ring_01, Ring_02, and Shipyard_01
  • Manual turret/Weapon control. After pressing X to toggle manual fire control (an aiming reticle should replace the default mouse), any weapons set to the
  • Manual fire group in the weapon manager will fire if left mouse is clicked. If the weapon is a turret, it will track with mouse movements. Press X again to disable (freeing you up to just target ships or whatever). If a turret is being manually controlled and the player is aiming outside of the turret’s arc, the turret will revert to its group target if available.
  • The graphics options should now only show resolutions supported by the user’s monitor.
  • Added RSS feed display to splash screen, fed from KV community announcements.
  • Turrets should now be much less likely to shoot the ship they are mounted on.
  • Optimized weapons fire for performance.
  • Corrected size of projectiles for each tier of weapon. (visual update coming soon)
  • Fixed a collision layer issue causing projectiles to collide when they shouldn’t
May 17, 2013
Kinetic Void - LumberingTroll
  • Added textures for size 3 bridges 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • Added textures for size 4 bridges 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Added textures for size 5 bridge 2
  • Updated C&C Icons to reflect new textures
  • Fixed a bug where ships using the simplified collision mode would only hit themselves
  • Added an error message in the shipyard that displays when an engine is in the wrong rotation
  • Implemented some AI improvements. Players should notice enemy ships are better at evading. Further, groundwork has been laid for some very interesting AI changes in the coming weeks.
  • All subsystem icons have been updated with new visuals.
  • The beginnings of Steam Workshop support has been implemented (Not functioning yet)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some NPC engine trails from showing up.
May 8, 2013
Kinetic Void - LumberingTroll
Hey everyone, things are going really well so I wanted to give you all an update as to what the team is working on.
  • Matt - Working on advanced AI behavior and actions.
  • Rick - Save, and ship serialization, also the start of our Steam Workshop intigration
  • Fernando - Finishing up the new station interior, model and textures, weapon effects and engine particle trail. Will be working on Nebule next.
  • Kevin - Finishing up the last of the textures for the C&C Modules, and Station parts
  • Shaun - Subsystems Icons for the interface, and studio logo.
  • Me (Sean) - Everything else! Community relations, business matters, and module connection nodes are priority right now for me.

    So yeah, we are all quite busy!
May 3, 2013
Kinetic Void - LumberingTroll
  • Removed two resolutions that were smaller than 1280x720 as they caused problems
  • Added texture for size 3 bridges 1 and 2
  • Updated icons for size 3 bridges 1 and 2
  • Fixed SpikeFin01 material assignment, it should now receive color channel information.
  • Placed a non-warp speed limit on ships to save relativity from further abuse.
  • Color profiles now save with the .col extension instead of the .bin extension.
  • When the Shipyard tries to load color profiles, if there are .bin files in SaveFiles/ColorProfiles, the game will rename them to the .col extension. If you have color profiles saved outside of this folder, manually changing the extension to .col will make them compatible with the game.
  • Factions can now be set to spawn specific ships. If a folder is created with the same name as the txt plus “ Ships” and saved ships are placed within it, AI belonging to that faction will use one of those ships. For instance, if a faction is described in Empire.txt, ship saves can be placed in a directory called Empire Ships in SaveFiles/Factions. If the folder does not exist or is empty, ships will be pulled randomly from SaveFiles/ as they are now. Empty directories with the appropriate name (based on the txt files in SaveFiles/Factions) are created automatically if missing upon generating a new galaxy, or if an AI of that faction spawns during gameplay.
  • Faction specific color profiles have been implemented. If a saved color profile is placed within the faction ship directories mentioned above, then that color profile will override the colors the ship was saved with. This applies even if no saved ships are present in the faction specific directory and the ship was pulled from the top directory.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented zooming in the shipyard camera in some cases
  • Will no longer start in fullscreen mode, if you set it to full screen after the initial launch it will remember. This is to resolve some issues people are having with incompatible resolutions.
  • A problem with collision layers resulted in the player being effectively invincible. This has been fixed, fly with care.
  • Fixed a bug where an engine would be destroyed but the ship would still act as though it had the thrust from that engine.
Apr 26, 2013
Kinetic Void - LumberingTroll
  • Implemented collider optimizations which should improve performance when many large ships are in scene.
  • Implemented player collider optimization which may improve performance during warp.
  • MAC - slight change to file structure so that factions will load, negating issue with generating solar systems

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