Community Announcements - Kaypix
  • Warp To and Align To functionality in Sector. Radar contact icons can now be right clicked to access a new icon menu. From this menu, players can align their ship to a target or warp to it within a set range (current options are 50km, 100km and 250km 500km, in the future, these may be determined by command subsystems you have equipped). While the ship is aligning itself, use of the keyboard ship controls can cancel out of the auto-pilot. The warp can be canceled as before. We hope this new feature will help with navigating to stations and mission waypoints. If you open the Right Click Menu and want it to close again, right click anywhere off the target.
  • Sound options are now active in the options menu.

Changed (Increased):
  • MWD speed.
  • Recharge time of the MWD system.
  • Thrust values of all subsystems (1.5x)
  • Roll Values of all engine subsystems
  • Amount of durability provided by all armor plates increased significantly (2x)
  • Range of all Radar Subsystems
  • Size of Size 1 weapons Increased by 100%
  • Size of Size 2 weapons Increased by 50%

Changed (General):
  • The starter gear now has two identical engines, instead of two at random.
  • Greatly reduced intensity of the dirt camera filter - feel free to enable it.
  • All new asteroid models and textures.
  • Transaction amounts in the store are now color coded: red indicates the player is paying a net amount, and green indicated a net gain.
  • Updated Moon textures
  • Planets “wiggling” when the camera moves.
  • Issue with blurry skybox
  • A bug that allowed the player to repeatedly get the starter gear.
  • Some scale inconsistencies for displayed speeds and ranges.
  • An issue where roll values were not scaling with the size of the subsystem.
  • Fixed a bug with subsystem prices in the store.

0.06 Hotfix

reduced number of asteroids
fixed issue with no light while in sector space.
Nov 15, 2013
Community Announcements - Kaypix
Newest patch is here everyone!
  • Added:
    • Can now access the Options Menu when in game.
    • KV and Studio logos to splash screen.
    • Logic for when ships collide with planets.
    • Health Bars and Throttle Slider to UI.
    • Steamworks support for MacOSX and Linux.
    • Support for handling subscribing/unsubscribing workshop files in the Steam Overlay while in the Shipyard.
  • Fixed:
    • Issues with loading of some workshop content.
    • Updating existing workshop files.
    • Asteroid belt variation around planets to spread out more.
    • Minor corrupted assets in main menu.
    • While in Shipyard, weapons should now properly highlight on mouse-over as other parts do.
  • Persistent ship and station inventory first pass implementation notes:
    • When new galaxies are created, there is an option for Creative Mode.
    • When in Creative Mode, the game behaves as it did before this patch; any station has all parts and subsystems and they have no cost.
    • When not in creative mode, stations have a limited selection and the player must purchase ship parts and subsystems. The player starts with enough parts to build a simple ship and some credits. Ships now have an inventory using their available cargo space. Each station has a storage space that the player can store parts and subsystems in persistently.
    • The first time shipyard screen is now associated with a randomly chosen station in-game. The player will be near this station instead of in a random spot when entering Sector for the first time.
    • All players should make new galaxy saves.
Please create a new galaxy to see the changes!
Community Announcements - Kaypix
We would like to open the competition for the best ships. A combination of the highest ranked ships as well as those selected by our team will be used in the completed version of Kinetic Void. To rank a ship, go through the Steam Workshop. You may also download user created ships directly from the Workshop at this time.

No copyrighted names may be used (USS Enterprise, Star Destroyer, etc.), this protects us and our users from copyright infringement.
Oct 25, 2013
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
  • Steam Workshop support is now live, all ships can be shared with the community from inside the shipyard. Linux and Mac Workshop support are not in yet, we are working on this for the next patch
  • Fixed a bug which allowed a galaxy with more factions than sectors to be created.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the player from docking with a station.
  • Fixed a UI bug in shipyard where tooltips would not display information correctly.
  • Updated various UI icons and layouts.
  • Fixed issue with recalculating center of mass of ship while in the ShipYard.
  • Removed redundant screenshot capture command from ShipYard. (use F12 / Steam Overlay Screen capture, uploading images as public will add them to the community hub for all to see.)
  • Ships now follow an entirely new save structure, this makes old ship designs incompatible from this build onward.
  • Reduced performance impact when NPC ships enter the area near the player.
  • Removed old ships from base game.
  • Created several new stock ships
  • Created several Color Profile
  • Made several sweeping changes to stats on Modules and Subsystems, this will change the way ships are assembled, many systems and restrictions are still not implemented.

You can access a guide explaining how the Workshop support for KV works by following this link to our guides section.

!! NOTICE !!: All previously made ships are incompatible from now on, all ships will need to be recreated, we are sorry for this inconvenience, from now on all ships will automatically be updated when changes are made to the systems, this should hopefully not happen again.

Sep 27, 2013
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
Just a quick update for a few issues that were caused by the last patch.

  • Fixed a bug with the warp drive keyboard shortcut, it should now function as set in the input manager.
  • Fixed a bug with large ships acting in a bizarre manner.
  • AI’s evade behavior has been disabled pending a rewrite of relevant code.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the player’s shield hit particle effects to not be visible.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some keyboard shortcuts in the shipyard from working.
  • Fixed several broken keyboard shortcuts in sector.
Sep 26, 2013
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
Hey everyone, this build has been a long time coming, but we finally got it out. It is however a little lighter than we wanted, we had to delay the Steam Workshop support as we ran into an issue with our ship saves, once this is resolved we should be good to go for that feature.

  • General light tweaks to improve the overall game look.
  • AI now makes use of turrets depending on where they are placed
  • Bug fix: an issue with ship attributes being incorrectly updated upon damage has been fixed. Apparent reversal of controls and other issues should now be resolved.
  • Bug fixes: Parts in the shipyard occasionally not responding to the remove command and parts resetting to size 1 on a modify after the ship is loaded should be fixed.
  • All ingame UI artwork has been updated or redesigned to a new style.
  • New missions: hostile encounter, search and destroy, patrol. These missions are still bare bones, but represent the building blocks for our future implementation.
  • Lots of new particle effects including new muzzle flashes, explosions, and shield hit effects.
  • Increased base rate of fire on kinetic weapons
  • Increased projectile speed for kinetic weapons
  • Added Options> Controls, users can now change the default controls for Kinetic Void

For now I hope you enjoy the changes and please be sure to give us your feedback, every bit helps as we continue to develop Kinetic Void.
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
I have just posted an update about the next build, check it out here and let me know what yout think.
Aug 8, 2013
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
  • Ramming a ship now counts as attacking it, and will reduce your faction standings.
  • Fixed a bug with the distress mission that would cause it to be counted as a success if all enemies despawned due to range from player.
  • Fixed a bug with radar icons where the leader of a squadron would not appear to be hostile even if the squadron belongs to hostile faction.
  • Graphic Settings are implemented and can be accessed from the main menu. (lots to see here, be sure to check them out right away!)

Please post all comments in this discussion!
I dont get alerts when people reply to announcements
Jul 31, 2013
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
  • Further corrections to all node alignments - if there are still issues let us know.
  • First implementation of mission framework is in place. For now, this consists of a single mission type where the player can protect a ship in distress from multiple attackers. The radar icon for the intended friendly to defend is displayed in yellow.

We are working on the XML framework for the mission system, the intent is that when its done it will be modable by the community, and easy for us to add new mission types.

All UI is still temporary and we are working on a new version of it.

Please post comments here:
Jul 25, 2013
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
0.019 Deployed
  • Fixed a bug where multiples of the same subsystem in the same part was not being accounted for on the ship stat display.
  • Station icons are now on by default.
  • Reduced mass of kinetic projectiles - ongoing balance tweaks
  • New radar icons have been integrated into the live build.
  • Darkened UI a little to compensate for a UI shader issue we are working on.
  • Added collider to Moons - for real this time.
  • Made several changes to all quality settings below Good to further improve performance for a larger range of machines.
  • Enabled forced VSync on all Quality settings, FPS should now be capped at your monitors refresh rate - This will resolve issues users are having with overheating.
  • All Kinetic weapons now have firing audio. (some audio distortion is happening some times, this is something we will be working on)
  • Radar icons now adjust scale and transparency to make it more obvious which icons are on the radial wheel versus representing a contact within the field of view.
  • Fixed node alignment and facing issues on the following parts
    • C&C Size 1: 3, 8, 9
    • C&C Size 2: 1, 3, 9
    • C&C Size 3: 4, 5
    • C&C Size 4: 1, 2, 3. 4
    • C&C Size 5: 1, 2
    • Hulls: Cargo 1, Cargo 3, Gaspod 1, 2, 2v1, 2v2, 4, 4v2, 8
    • Cannons: Dual Turret 01, Dual Turret 02, Fixed Cannon 01, Quad Gun 01, Quad Gun 02, Quad Gun 04, Turret Cannon 01, Turret Cannon 02, Turret Cannon 03, Turret 04

Work on the mission framework is progressing and we hope to release the first part of it in next weeks patch.

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