Community Announcements - Quarob
Hi everyone,

We released today a new patch for the game with a new game mode and some tweaks.

Everyone said that the highest difficulty setting was impossible, so we made it a bit easier. Now the "This is VOODOOOO!" setting is hard, but with good pin configuration, good skills and some luck should be attainable. Please let us know if some part of the game is still too hard in this difficulty.

And about the new game mode. Endless lets you run into an infinite dungeon with increased difficulty after each level. Before starting a new level you can "roll" your luck to define how the new level will be.

The jukebox has 4 things: type of level, type of quest, a bad thing and a good thing. We will let you figure out what everything is, but it should be easy to get a hint of what you are getting. Some configurations are harder than others, so you can reroll your luck up to 3 times.

Hope you enjoy the new patch and we see your names up in the leaderboard!

Community Announcements - Quarob
It took us a while but we found the bug that affected the Save & Continue feature. Now it should support all quests.
If you leave the game from a the map menu, you will be able to continue playing later from that point.


- We also tweaked the higher difficulty settings to make em a bit more forgiving. We would like to hear from players about these higher difficulty settings. Are they too hard right now?

- Translations updated with latest revisions by the community (thanks everybody!).

Community Announcements - contact
Hi everyone,
We are releasing a patch (1.0.123) with some tweaks and technical improvements.

As some of you requested, we added the option to leave the game in between levels. So now if you need to stop playing for any reason you will be able to come back later and continue from where you left.

A new option will appear on the main menu to "continue" the game.

- 2nd controller can join a game at any time. No need to start a new game.

- Fixed an online achievement that was not being completed.

We are still working on the console version of the game. It has been a lot of work but now we are making a lot of progress! Should be out in no time.

Community Announcements - Quarob
The patch that you downloaded today has a few bugs fixed reported from the earlier version.

  • Gold and unlockable pins are now shared in online coop
  • Loot modes: now you can choose between “free for all” and “round robin” modes. These modes affect loot. Free for all makes loot available for everyone (default) and Round Robin mode makes loot specific for every player. My buddy Syrneth implemented this, so maybe he can post more info about this later.
  • Multiplayer drops increased by number of players: more players, more loot.
  • Mojos on the ground will now stay on the ground a lot longer. They will still disappear after a while, but this time has been increased (from 10 seconds to 100 seconds).

Bug fixes:
  • Screen resolution problems (GUi didnt display correctly on resolutions higher than 1080).
  • Ghoulified enemies could sometimes damage the player.
  • Russian text: the letter "б" (only the small letter) has a weird spacing before and after it.
  • Fixed a bug in quest 3 where the player didnt receive experience after finishing the first level.
  • Added two scrolls that were missing from the library.

  • Translations updated.
  • Fixed support for other gamepads. Some gamepads still need emulator to work perfectly.
  • New voodoo doll added into the library.

Please give us feedback about the gamepad update. If you could not play with gamepad, try it now and tell us if its fixed.
Product Release - Valve
Full Mojo Rampage is Now Available on Steam and is 25% off!*

Full Mojo Rampage is a rogue-like game that takes place within the confines of the Voodoo reality. In this realm only the most powerful rites and powers can provide a safeguard against evil. Dying is not the end, only the beginning to becoming a stronger voodoo soul!

The game includes several multiplayer cooperative and competitive modes to play with friends.

*Offer ends May 15th at 10 AM Pacific Time.
Community Announcements - Quarob
Version 1.0 is here! we are so happy about this! Please give it a try and give us feedback.

There are plenty of ideas for new content and updates (free, no DLC or similar stuff), so keep an eye on this forum and our web for information. At this point is fairly easy to add new Loas, mojos and game modes.

We are thinking about organizing a small VS party in the next days to celebrate the release. Is anyone up for that?

We want to hear feedback and comments from you. This community has been awesome so far. You have helped us find bugs, improve gameplay features and you have translated the game to several languages (some languages still need to be finished and might have pending text still in English).

Hope to see you in the game servers! ːmojitoː ːgaperː
Community Announcements - Quarob
We just uploaded a new update with several improvements and tweaks.
This is the changelog for the current build:

  • New Survival Unlimited mode: this mode lets you play a new version of the survival game mode, but with unlimited hordes. We added leaderboards to keep track of your records. Lets see how far can we go.

  • Blessings: when you reach level 5 you can now buy "blessings" before starting a game. Blessings are expensive, but provide good advantages. They are only valid for the current quest you are playing. Blessings can be very helpful for the harder difficulty modes.

  • New mojos. We added a lot of new mojos with several new properties and effects.

  • Borderless window now supported.

  • New map events.

  • New masks ːgaperː ːmojitoː

As you can see, this new alpha is titled "release candidate" because we want to release the game in the upcoming days. After the release we plan to continue updating the game adding new quests and modes.

Big thanks for the big help this community is giving us so far with bug tracking and translations!
Community Announcements - Quarob
Hi everyone! We just published a fresh update with a few nice changes.
We are planning to do a round of polish and move soon to Beta & Release. It would be nice if you could spend some time on the game and give us feedback on what to improve to make it better and more fun.

Changes for Alpha 6.110:

  • General Loa tweaks: we have done some rework on the loas. We changed some spells and added some more.

  • Rampage tweaks: some of you told us that it was frustrating that the special effect when you fill your rampage bar occured at wrong times. As this was causing some frustration we make it so you can choose when to receive the special effect

  • Loko and Lenglensou changes: The reworks were aimed at making some loas like Lenglensou and Loko more fun to play alone. They were original thought as support classes (healer & tank) but since their stats were nerfed, they were not so fun to play alone. We reworked them while mantaining their useful spells for coop play.

  • Brigitte and Erzulie: Their spells were not very fun or polished so we improved them. Brigitte's spells are very AOE oriented and Erzulie's spells are a mix of utility and fair damage.

  • Agaou and Ogoun: These dudes were really powerful so we took a look at their stats and tweaked them. I think they are still powerful in the right hands, but to recover health is a bit harder.

  • Ghede: Ghede's rampage works a bit different. He gains rampage faster than the other loas, but his spells have a rampage cost. Summoning a totem with your rampage bar filled, will improve the quality of the totem, making them do more damage and more resistant.

  • Yesterday's first place is displayed in the daily quest.

  • Some reported bugs have been fixed.

Hope you like this new update. More soon! ːmojitoː
Community Announcements - Quarob
Hello everyone!
We just uploaded a new update with some improvements, new content and some tweaks to the difficulty.
  • Once you finish a quest, you get the option to replay it on “harder” mode. We have included a few modes that I think are a nice challenge for you. We want to hear your opinions: too easy, too hard?

  • Since we think the new difficulty levels are quite hard, we added a new set of “high tier” pins to the game. There is a level requirement to unlock those pins.

  • Pins can’t be unlocked with gold anymore. You have to explore the game to get them as rewards. Pins can be found while killing enemies (low chance), in chests (low chance) or in secrets and reward chests (higher chance).

  • Some reward masks are now given after finishing a quest.

  • Several quality of life tweaks and bugs fixes.
Hope you like this new update! Would be awesome if you could start over your character to see how do you feel the progression of the character/pins is done.

The Voodoo Team ːmojitoː
Community Announcements - Quarob
This is a big update! we have a lot of new content and we are excited to tell you about all the things in this new Alpha.

  • A Challenge of Madness: in this new quest the 3 loas from previous quests challenge you to a series of levels with a twist: you will have to play under the effects of random curses.

  • Daily Quest: the daily quest is randomly generated every day. After finishing it your time will be submitted to our leaderboards and you can compare your run to other players.

  • Difficulty levels: after finishing a quest you can replay it at harder difficulty levels. Warning: higher difficulty levels are impossible ;) In the upcoming update we will make tweaks to this, but we think this is a good start and a fair challenge for worthy voodoo followers.

  • Achievements: there are a good amount of achievements for you to unlock. If you have ideas for new achievements let us know!

  • Translations: we now have support for several languages. Thanks to this community for helping us with this! Note that some translations are not finished and might need a review.

  • The game now has full gamepad support.

  • We have tweaked a bit the drops and drop rate of the items. Now its recommended to explore more the world to get good loot. We added a new reward room that has a chest that always spawns a mojo and we added a new "mojo mixer" room that let you mix mojos. This mixer might have a gold requirement in the future but we want to hear your feedback first.

  • We added local coop support. I know some people that will be very happy for this ːmojitoː

Its been a long wait for this build, but we're sure you will enjoy it.
We need feedback and comments and ideas! See you on the forum!

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