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Jun 13, 2013
Community Announcements - Instinct
Today we have pushed out an update with a large number of bug fixes and optimizations. Highlights of the build are improvements to the Ranked Server Matchmaker and improvements to the way the destruction of large voxel objects are managed!

Build 3133

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Optimized method in which large voxel objects are destroyed, should no longer cause connection timeout message.
  • Fixed an issue where the scrollbar would not retain its position correctly in Custom Match Lobbies
  • Several optimizations to the ranked server match-maker to ensure the best server is selected based on ping and server population
  • Fixed an issue where the ranked server match-maker could cause a game crash in certain scenarios
  • Improved accuracy of loading progress bar on the loading screen
  • Change of options order within Rules (General is now is the second option)
  • Updated block and prefab placement cost to display even if the placement is not valid, in which case the cost is displayed in red
  • Removed unused and duplicate PNG and KV6 files from the client
  • Dump files will now be created in the game's install folder if the game crashes
  • Fixed an issue where pressing ALT could cause the game to enter a paused state
  • Improved the way using TAB on the end-of-round score screen switches between score boards
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent a custom match host from kicking a player from the lobby in Zombie Mode
  • Fixed an issue where a player a player's team color would become "Blue" if their team was selected as "Neutral" in the lobby preventing them from joining the game.
  • Improved messaging if a player tries to change team during a Zombie Outbreak
  • Removed option to start games with a target score of 256 or greater
  • Fixed an issue where Spectators could be incorrectly kicked at the end of the map
  • Removed "Most Team Kills" Award

  • Added Engineers SMG Foresight
  • Added a mini map icon for the Rocket Turret
  • Fixed an issue where Rocket Turrets would not "One Hit Kill" when the option was enabled in a Custom Match

  • Fixed an issue where shadows could move ahead of a character

  • Decreased Target Score within TDM to 200
  • Decreased dynamite knock back to reduce cases of using it to team kill
  • Added correct text to several Prefabs where placeholders were displayed before
  • Added ability to place Rocket Turrets on water
  • Balanced Fall Damage (Especially the Engineer)
  • Improved Vote Map display reliability in Ranked Matches
  • Fixed an issue in Demolition Mode causing characters to become unable move during the base building time
  • Fixed an issue whereby it was possible to leave the bounds of the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue whereby a single tutorial area could be occupied by multiple players
  • Fixed an issue with Rocket Turret positioning
  • Fixed an issue with Rocket Turret ghost color not being neutral sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where the ghost prefab could become partly submerged under the water line

  • Attempted Fix for an issue where a TDM round would not end when the target score was met
  • Attempted Fix for an issue where players could receive a score of zero during a TDM
  • Improved server-side performance of the leader-boards

  • Removed ability to enter text in the in-game chat which is not supported by the chat font
  • Improved Leaderboards display of long names by cropping rather than re-sizing the font
  • Fixed an issue where "Blocks cannot place on water" message would flicker
  • Added correct text to the "MOST_Distractions" award
  • Added different message to be sent to the player who cashed in a diamond than is sent to the rest of the team


Ace of Spades Team
Community Announcements - SallyTheButcher

Just a quick heads up that we have taken the leaderbords offline.

Normal service will resume ASAP.

Thanks for your patience.

Community Announcements - SallyTheButcher
The Mac version has landed!

All of the Mac using Ace of Spades fans have been extremely patient, and today I am very pleased to announce that we have launched the Mac OSX version of the game, which is now available on Steam.

To celebrate we are offering both Mac & PC users 50% off for a limited time only, so grab yourself a copy today.

Ace of Spades Team
May 14, 2013
Product Update - Valve
Build 3067

Content Update

Main Menu:
• Added a new Main Menu layout
• Added new menus: Ranked Match (new design), Custom Match, Player Profile, Tutorial, Achievements, Leaderboard, Credits
• Removed Quick Match, Choose Match options

Score System:
• Leaderboard (platform icon): shows Global, Local and Friends stats, divided into different game modes and general
• Player Profile : shows personal stats and ranks, Game Modes - Classes - Equipment stats
• Players personal match score is shown on the HUD in a game
• Updated end of game score screens with awards and scores

Ranked Match:
• Now you can play predefined game modes that track your rank and scores

Custom Match:
• Now you are able to set up your own game rules / settings
• You are able to chat while in a custom lobby
• You are able to join your Steam friends matches
• Host can create teams (options: neutral, blue, green)
• Match Settings:
o Privacy (Invite, Friends, Open)
o Mode (all game modes)
o Max Players (2-24)
o Match Length (5-90)
o Map (Standard, Classic, Mafia)
o Game Rules (Enable/Disable Classes, Enable/Disable Weapons, Changing Game Rules, Changing General Game Features)

Fixes & Tweaks

• New Loading screens that shows maps, modes and scores
• General HUD refinement
• Occupation Mode: added smoke animation onto bomb

• Edited the Rocketeer into an Engineer class
• Changes health amounts for each class
• Commando: Moved both RPGs under the Secondary Weapons, Removed Pistol and Block Cannon and added new Prefabs
• Marksman: Removed Block Cannon, added new prefabs, Sniper Rifle renamed as Bolt-Action Rifle, Rifle renamed as Semi-Auto Rifle, Increased Landmine max number to 5
• Engineer: Removed Spade and Block Cannon, added Engineer Jetpack, new prefabs
• Miner: Removed Block Cannon, new prefabs

• Snowblower: removed Christmas design, renamed as Block Cannon
• Knife: faster movement
• Added Classic SMG, Classic Shotgun for Classic CTF selection
• Votekick:
o Players are able to kick other players by pressing ‘K’
• Gameplay:
o Removed the limit on the length of block lines
o Occupation Mode is now score based - 50 points to win the match
o Default match length for Classic is now 90 minutes long
• Sounds:
o Added diamond disappear sound
o New sound when hitting water with melee weapons
• Bugs:
o We have made a whole host of bug fixes, and hope that you have a better gaming experience.
Community Announcements - SallyTheButcher


The Game Lobby

The lobby provides a chat box, and allows the host to dictate who is able to join the game, and remove who they want. As the host you can also set all the game settings from here, with the chat box providing a way to discuss the next setup. From the lobby the host can also predefine who's on which team, which of course is great for team games or clan matches, and allows you to ensure that you and your buddies are on the same team. Once ready the host will start the game.

Game Settings

These allow you to define the following:
  • Game Mode
  • Privacy of the Game
  • Map
  • Max Players
  • Match Length

Game Rules

This section allows you to augment and customise the rules of the selected game mode. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Block Health
  • Block Wallet Size
  • Game Speed
  • Alter a Selection of Spawn Settings
  • Enable Specific Classes
  • Enable Specific Weapons or Equipment
  • Customise Game Mode Specific Rules

Player Profile

The player profile will capture all sorts of information and details about the way you play, from your personal player statistics to specific stats for game modes, classes, and equipment.

Hopefully this gives you all some insight into what's coming in the next few weeks. Look out for more details about this update, and information on further future updates.

Ace of Spades Team

Disclaimer: The details outlined here are not fully finalised and could change slightly before release
Community Announcements - SallyTheButcher
So it's been a while, huh!? Well I'm here to reassure you that we have been very busy behind the scenes, and now it's high time that I share some insights into what's heading your way next.

So, what is next?

The next content update is going to be a big one, and will include the following:

  • A revised main menu
  • Custom Games
  • Re-designed ranked matches & in game Leaderboards
  • Introduction of a Player Profile
  • Tutorial - Deuce basic training for new players
  • A range of global balancing
  • Goodbye Rocketeer, hello Engineer! The Rocketeer has been stripped back to its original design & made into a full utility class designed to build & defend

Why change the way we play games?

We have been carefully listening to your feedback and deconstructing it all to get to the root of the issues. We have identified the following:

  • You don't want to only be allowed to play matches the way we dictate, you want freedom to play the way you want to play, and have control over your match.
  • Many of you have strong opinions about certain in game content such as specific classes, weapons, or maps, and would rather play without some of the current content.
  • You want more variety in terms of game settings and rule sets.
  • You want to be able to play with your friends/clans and be able to set up teams.
  • You want to be able to control which players join your match and be able to get rid of trouble makers.
  • You want to be able to check your results without having to navigate away to a website.
  • You want more variety in ranked matches, and to be able to choose your preferred mode rather than restricted to only a few.
  • You want to be able to specialise in a specific mode, and for the leaderboards to reflect this.

We took this and worked on an update, that while it doesn't add new maps or other in game playable content, it will improve the fundamental way you play the game, find matches, and team up with friends.

Ranked Matches

After clicking the 'Ranked Match' option you will be taken to the playlist screen, where you can choose which official vanilla game mode you want to play. Once you have selected a mode the system will match you to the best ranked server available. All ranked matches will contribute towards your leaderboard standing and your player profile.


Currently you can find the leaderboards on our website, but we'll be moving these into the game, and you'll be able to access them easily via a menu option.

These will record your match and performance results, then rank you globally, by friends, and locally too.

You will be able to view leaderboards per game mode as well as globally so you can rank yourself on the modes you play rather than just globally. There will be a wide range of stats, all of which can be sorted to suit your preferences.

Custom Games

If you don't fancy ranked matches, and you just want to play for fun then Custom Games are for you. When choosing this option you will be presented with the choice to either join a match (public or open matches your friends are hosting) or create and host your own. Custom Games can be opened to the public or closed to anyone who isn't your friend. You can even choose to make your match invite only for the most control over who joins.

Once you choose to create your own game you start a lobby and you become the host. As the host you have full control of the lobby & players in it, as well as game settings, and game rules.

So if you have always wanted to play a game of TDM on The Colosseum, where it's Commandos only, knife only, with one hit kills on... you can! If you dislike laser beams you can turn them off. There's all sorts of settings to play with to find a combination that suits your preferences.

To be Continued...
Community Announcements - Instinct
Build 2652

New Maps
  • The Colosseum
  • The Great Wall
  • Atlantis
  • Frontier
  • Invasion
  • Classic Gen

New Game Mode
  • Occupation Mode (Attackers [Green] vs Defenders [Blue])

  • Improved Main Menu background
  • Loading Bar Bullets now have improved visibility

  • Improved sky boxes are now available on many maps
  • Laser Sight added to Sniper Rifles

  • Improved Timer Design
  • Entity Icons on the Mini Map are now white instead of black
  • Added building health percentage indicators in Demolition Mode
  • Added numeric value to health bar
  • Added current class icon to health bar
  • Classic:
  • Reduced block auto climb speed

  • Added Block Colour Picker for Standard Blocks and Prefabs. (Press E or Right Click)
  • Improved Scoring System
  • Reduced Triple Barrel RPG knockback on team members
  • Increased Falling Damage
  • Weapon swaps automatically when current weapon is out of ammo
  • Spectators can now rejoin their previous team regardless of team balancing

  • Improved Textures for Health, Ammo, and Block Crates
  • Players can now vote for the next map before the end of the round
  • Added Chat Profanity Filter
  • Idle players are kicked from the server automatically
  • Players can now receive Domination and Revenge status against other players
  • Added Multi-Kill notifications
  • Improved block placement messaging (Block Not Attached, Block Too Far Away etc)
  • Window resolution is now saved between sessions when using Windowed Mode.

  • Added new ambient sound effect for Mayan Jungle Map

  • Other Minor Client & Server Optimisations

  • Minimap entity icons show a height indicator pointing up/down accordingly.
  • Players can now dig more blocks at a time using RMB with the spade. Destroyed blocks are not added to the players total block count
  • Bottom layer of the world is now indestructible
  • Players can no longer build on the water
  • Increased spawn protection to 3 seconds
  • Prevented player names from displaying through blocks
  • Grenade damage can no longer pass through walls
  • Fixed inconsistencies with Grenade throwing range

Known Issues
  • Rocket Jumping no longer functions correctly due to balancing changes made for this build. Will be fixed in future version.
Product Update - Valve
Update Notes 19th March 2013
Build: 2523

• Fixed various de-sync & connection issues
• Improved compatibility for lower end machines

• Players can now play Dynamite, Turrets, and Landmines on the Flare Block Prefab
• [DLC] Fix for being able to throw Molotov Cocktails by pressing shift rather than releasing the mouse button
• You can no longer bury one of the health crates on Arctic Base
• Landmines now also detonate when buried 2 blocks deep
• It now takes 2 headshots to kill the Miner with the Rifle
• Friendly dynamite timer is no longer visible through the whole map
• If a player changes to spectator mode after the zombie virus has been detected, and then rejoins the game they will become infected
• Updated zombie spawn areas on Double Dragon
• While chatting as a spectator the screen will lock to a 'chat mode' after pressing the mapped chat button
• Added additional crate spawn points to Arctic Base and to Lunar Base

• Grenades no longer clip through blocks
• [DLC] More realistic model for Tommy Gun when in aim mode
• Miner's hat is team coloured instead of having black lines on it
• Resolution no longer resets back to default settings (800x600) after restarting the game
• Minimap and timer now displays in spectator mode
• Reintroduced the hide HUD option that can be mapped from the controls settings menu

User Interface
• Grammar corrections across all languages
• Reduced text sizes to fit UI across various languages
• Fixed map rotation in server browser to match with the in game map
• Main Menu button has been removed from the 'Choose Match' screen and from Map Loading screen
• The Mayan Jungle map on the choose server menu now has a blue river rather than a black one

Classic Mode
• The spade now takes two hits to break blocks using the left mouse button function.
• Using the spade's right mouse button function no longer collects blocks
• Falling damage has been increased
• When aiming with the Rifle the centre of the reticule has been moved from the middle of the red dot, to the top edge.
• Updated spawn areas on Hiesville

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