Looks Like We'll Be Getting More Dishonored Games, For Better Or For WorseIt warms my disease-ridden, whale-oil tainted heart to hear that the wonderful Dishonored was a financial success for its publisher Bethesda. In this age of sequels and iron-sights, games this original, smart and flat-out good don't come around that often.

As quoted by Destructoid, Bethesda PR boss Pete Hines said of the game's success, "We're very pleased and appreciate all the fans that have supported Dishonored and Arkane. We clearly have a new franchise."

Of course, it's always a bit strange to see a gameworld that could've existed as a one-off be spun out into a series of games. As I played Dishonored, I grew genuinely interested in the islands beyond Dunwall, and the world that Arkane had created. But on the flip side, I also enjoyed the weirdly romantic notion of a world that we get to see once, and never again. A small taste that leaves the rest to our imaginations.

My ambivalence echoes Dishonored designer Harvey Smith, who told Jason earlier this fall, "Part of me would love to see future games leverage this world, and part of me would love it if the vault door was just closed and that's it. This is your one view into the Empire of the Isles and into the city of Dunwall."

But who am I kidding? If a game is amazing and makes a lot of money, it'll get a sequel. As good as Dishonored was, there are certainly things that can be improved in a second game. I can only replay the first one so many times. And judging by how these things tend to go, the series will make it at least until the third or fourth game before they turn the whole thing into a cover-based shooter.

(Just kidding. I hope.)

Bethesda: Dishonored sales 'exceeding expectations' [Destructoid]

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Starting to feel like home?

I wonder what sales projections look like for Bethesda. The splendid news today is that Dishonored has outsold the publisher’s expectations. But when they sell games like Skyrim, what must those expectations be like! Talking to Destructoid, the Mouth Of Bethesda, Pete Hines, was disappointingly cagey about saying exactly how many copies had sold (oh could this industry just GROW UP), but did explain that they were so impressive that Bethesda now have a new franchise on their hands.



If You Funded This Ambitious Kickstarter, You'll Have To Wait At Least Another Three Months To Get Your Hands On It

Another day, another entry into the file of troubled Kickstarter successes. The Oculus Rift, a virtual reality gaming headset which raised millions of dollars on the site this summer, has been delayed from December until at least March 2013, and possibly through April.

After the Rift's coming out party at this year's E3 (where our fearless leader Stephen Totilo tried out the "impressive" headgear on the then-unnamed Doom 3: BFG Edition), Oculus founder Palmer Luckey took to everyone's favorite crowd funding site to ask for a cool $250,000. Finding himself in that heady time of explosive gaming Kickstarters, Luckey suddenly had just under $2.5 million dropped in his lap and a BFG-load of dev kits to ship out, supposedly by December 2012.

Today the official Oculus Rift Kickstarter was updated with news that shipment of said kits has been delayed at least until next spring, as Luckey and his team deal with the "overwhelming response"—some 7,500 unit requests.

Compounding the problem, the original 5.6'' LCD screens the Rift prototypes used are no longer available, forcing a switch to a new 7'' LCD that brings with it a new form factor. While this will obviously enhance the viewing experience, it also adds 30 grams of weight to the headset, not an insignificant amount considering you'll be strapping it onto your face for several hours at a time.

While the causes of the delay seem reasonable—Oculus has put together a detailed timeline illustrating it here—this latest development further illustrates the Monkey's Paw potential of unbounded fundraising and micro-donations. After all, it's much easier to pay for the experience of playing Doom 3 in a fully immersive 3D world than it is to create it. Considering that these issues are arising at the dev stage, questions about Oculus Rift's transition to mass-market commercial sale are sure to arise.

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Dishonored Swordfight

Bethesda sound rather pleased with their sneaky, stabby new frontman Corvo. Speaking to Destructoid, the publisher's VP of PR Pete Hines, said that with Dishonored, "we clearly have a new franchise."

"I can tell you that Dishonored is far exceeding our sales expectations, which is especially cool considering it’s new IP facing a host of well-established franchises this quarter," Pete said. "We did terrific numbers again this past weekend, both in stores and on Steam, where Dishonored was listed as the #1 selling title over the holiday weekend. And Dishonored has really sold well overseas."

"So, we’re very pleased and appreciate all the fans that have supported Dishonored and Arkane. We clearly have a new franchise."

Not that they released those sales fingers, mind, choosing instead to keep them hidden in a secret cubby-hole, behind a revolving bookcase that's opened by pulling out the book Corporate Espionage for Dummies.

So, successful game in possible sequel shocker. While it's not the most surprising news, it's still nice to see that a game as well-crafted and flexible as Dishonored is finding a substantial audience. What would you like to see in the follow-up? Personally I'm hoping for a series of sidequests in which you try to cause the biggest accident possible by blinking into a room and startling everyone. And a button that makes Corvo throw his hands in the air and shout "surprise!"

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Do not pass go, do not collect 200 bone charms

The somewhat underwhelming in concept first DLC for Dishonored is, as we already knew, Dunwall City Trials. It’s a challenge map pack rather than an expansion containing more long-game assassinations or world-building. This leaves me a little cold in principle, but perhaps there will be something to be said for using and combining the game’s many combat, stealth and movement systems unfettered and without the focus on meeting a specific objective.

The pack now has a release date, which is December 11, and a price, which is £3.99. And specific details, which are below. I’m nice like that. (more…)

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Dunwall City Trials_Thief

Bethesda have just announced the first DLC for Dishonored, titled the Dunwall City Trials. It's a time-trial and score-attack challenge pack that, they claim, will put your combat, stealth and mobility skills to the test.

The ten maps are set in the abstract world of the Outsider and will feature a range of objectives, including collecting clues to help identify and assassinate a target, a Thief-like non-lethal mansion infiltration, a wave-based battle against tallboys, weepers, thugs and guards, and a challenge to chain as many drop-kills as possible.

A high score leaderboard will rank your score, letting you brag about your blink prowess. Naturally there'll also be a selection of new achievements.

Dunwall City Trials is due for release on December 11, and will cost £3.99.

Nov 26, 2012
Product Update - Valve
DOOM 3 BFG: Patch Release Notes
• All projectiles cast shadows
• Texture LOD bias added to menu options
• Added option to force v-sync (instead of “smart v-sync”)
• Adjusted default brightness value
• Shadow casting projectiles added to menu options
• Allow setting anti-aliasing up to 16x on Nvidia hardware. AMD/Intel cap is at 8x
• Adjusted range of vertical sensitivity (allows you to lower sensitivity further than original implementation)
• Added option to disable checkpoints
• Allow left/right to enter resolution menu
• Variable FOV settings options were added into the main menu
• Added controller bind options
• Added additional anti-cheat measures
• Fixed blood splatter effects break after reloading save game
• Fixed broken view nodal code that allowed players to see through the world by backing into a wall and looking up
• Fixed weapon impact effects break after using the artifact (heart)
• Fixed leaderboards to work across languages

You know how you can play Dishonored either violently or stealthily? I tended to opt for stealth, even though I liked how fun the game was when things got action-packed.

But I have never, ever seen someone take on the game with the kind of violent aplomb shown by kekkoSoNicSyNdIcAtE in the video above. Dude takes out 25 enemies without breaking a sweat, often in the sickest, most elaborate ways possible. It's a real stress-test of Dishonored's design that this kind of thing is possible. Amazing.

(Via Tom Francis)

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Good news, everyone! Steam, Amazon, Blizzard, and more have kicked off Consumer Season by booby trapping the web with potent spending bait such as 33% off XCOM: Enemy Unknown, 50% off The Walking Dead, and 66% off StarCraft II. We spent the morning stumbling through the minefield to compile a list of some of the best seasonal discounts, but stay vigilant: more surprise server-busters are bound to go live as we approach the spendiest weekend of the year.

Steam: Like the Summer Sale, the Steam Autumn Sale rotates deals daily, with even more fleeting Flash Sales lasting only 10 to 15 hours, so serious shoppers should check in at least twice a day. As a bonus, you get to follow Steam's adorable doodle story: currently, it seems a turkey is being forced to enter a Felix Baumgartner-inspired high diving competition.

But don't just look at the front page: Steam isn't promoting most of its deals, so scan the full list now and then. Here are some of the better discounts at the time of writing:

33% off XCOM: Enemy Unknown - $33.49 / £20.09
50% off The Walking Dead - $12.49 / £10.49
25% off Borderlands 2 - $44.99 / £22.49
75% off ARMA II: Combined Operations - $17.99 / £14.99
25% off Dishonored - $44.99 / £22.49
50% off Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - $11.24 / £8.99
33% off The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - $40.19 / £23.44
75% off Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - $2.49 / £1.74
75% off Limbo - $2.49 / £1.74
25% off Torchlight II - $14.99 / £11.24
75% off Cave Story+ - $2.49 / £1.74
More Steam Deals

Amazon: (Some deals are region-specific) Amazon hasn't been quite as liberal as Steam with the big games, but it has conjured a storm of Lightning Deals on desktop PCs, components, and peripherals. The scattershot selection below should give you an idea of what to expect.


17% off iBuyPower AM699 Desktop - $579.99
18% off CyberpowerPC GUA890 Desktop - $499.99
39% off Dell S2330MX 23" Ultra-Slim VGA Monitor - $139.99
40% off Samsung Series S24B30BL 23.6-Inch Screen LCD Monitor - $119.99
33% off Corsair Vengeance C70 Mid Tower Case - $97.45
31% off Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400 - $34.49
19% off Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse - $64.62


50% off The Walking Dead - $12.49 (Steam code)
80% off Dungeon Defenders - $2.99
10% off Hitman: Absolution - $44.99
75% off all Assassin's Creed games (excluding Assassin's Creed III)
More Amazon Deals

Blizzard: Blizzard has joined the party with Diablo III for $40 / £33 and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty for $20 / £17.

GOG: GOG's current sale nets you five games from a list of 20 for a mere $10 (just over £6). The list is loaded with some great indie adventure and puzzle games, so if you don't already own them, now's a good time to prepare for that "it's cold outside, so I'm going to drink tea (whiskey optional) and not leave my screen for the next forever hours" feeling.

Green Man Gaming: While Green Man doesn't celebrate consumerism with a morbid-sounding Friday, it is offering its usual voucher code. Enter GMG20-1FYLZ-EDG8R when purchasing a PC download for 20% off any game, except those already on sale. At the time of writing, GMG's daily deal (North America only) is Mass Effect 3: N7 Digital Deluxe for $15.99.

Newegg: (US and Puerto Rico only) Newegg has taken this whole "Black Friday" thing awfully far. Not only has it preempted Black Friday with "Black November," it's re-preempting it with a Pre-Black Friday Frenzy sale. How about a 500 GB Western Digital WD Blue hard drive for $50? A Samsung B350 Series LED monitor for $180? Keep in mind that if you visit Newegg from now until December 1st, you should not expect to then purchase other things, like food.

If you find any great deals as the weekend progresses, we'd love it if you shared them in the comments. And if all these sales combined with a poorly-timed lack of funds has you feeling down, remember that buying stuff is only briefly thrilling, while instead you could be continuously thrilled by PlanetSide 2, MechWarrior Online, Tribes: Ascend, or many of the other new free-to-play games we're thankful for this year.
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Game Music Bundle 4

Whether you're partial to the melancholy strains of Dear Esther, the thoughtful plinky plonky accompaniment to Indie Game: The Movie or the bluesy rawk of Shoot Many Robots, there's probably something in the latest Game Music Bundle to tickle your ears. You'll get the soundtracks mentioned above along with Spelunky and Retro City Rampage for any donation over a dollar.

If you pledge more than ten dollars you'll receive tier two of the bundle, which includes the "exclusive Joypad EP, featuring a never before heard preview from Zelda: Twilight Symphony." The excellent Hotline Miami EP, the Kanto Symphony EP, Peter Hollens and Lindsey Stirling's rendition of the Skyrim main theme, Adventures in Pixels by Ben Landis, Jottobots and Pop Methodology Experiment One OST.

That's a lot of notes for $10. You can listen to excerpts of all the tracks on offer and buy the bundle from the Game Music Bundle site now. The bundle will be available for another five and a half days.

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