Insurgency - JBlum
We’re releasing a hotfix today with a few fixes and optimizations. We have resolved multiple issues with the new font system including a problem with memory allocation which may have had a performance impact on users with less system memory. You can see the full changelist below.

We also want to let you all know that we are aware of the crashes certain people are having. These are engine level crashes, making them particularly difficult to debug, however we are actively trying to isolate the cause. We believe it is system specs and/or video settings related; something the version of Source Engine we use doesn’t like. It could be new video drivers or an engine-deep issue that we would need to troubleshoot with Valve.

With your help, we should be able to narrow down the cause of these isolated crashes and discover a solution. If you are experiencing crashes and would like to help us, please provide us with some information here. In particular we want to know your system specs, anti-virus software, frequency of crashing, and your advanced video settings configuration. If you wouldn’t mind uploading a crash dump for us too, that would be great.

Another issue some people are experiencing is a “Client Timed Out” message. This is not an issue with the game, but rather an issue with Steam. If you search for this error on Google you will discover many similar complaints for other Source games as well as potential solutions.

We are a small team working hard to create new content and keep improving Insurgency. For those of you who have been experiencing issues, we thank you for your patience and support.

- Fixed various characters (including CJK characters) not being rendered correctly.
- Fixed regression causing 100-200MB of extra memory being used at start-up.
- Bot response audio converted from WAV to OGG to reduce filesize and improve streaming.
- Set default Paged Pool Memory Available setting (in Advanced Video settings) to Medium.
- Buhriz: Fixed SEC able to blow up final cache by firing AT-4’s through the window.
- Market: Fixed players able to hide inside the minivans and use it as a firing position.
- Market: Fixed several small issues throughout the map.
- Panj: Potential fix for grenades not exploding at D Push.

Just a note regarding Workshop: Any mods changing voice responses, radial or bot vocalizations will need to be converted to ogg vorbis with the following settings: Mode: VBR, Quality: 1.00, Sample Rate: 44,100Hz, Channels: Mono for best compatibility.
Insurgency - Mikee
Hey everyone, it’s Mikee. Big thanks to everyone who voted for us for IndieDB’s Indie of the Year Awards. We appreciate the support. Don’t forget the game is still on sale for 50% off and can be purchased for $7.49 USD.

Today I’d like to show you guys our very first developer interview with Insurgency’s audio designer Mark Winter. I sat down with Mark last week to discuss his history and his role in Insurgency’s development. Mark is our one and only audio designer on the team, and he’s touched up just about all of over 7000 audio files we have in the game. That includes gunshots, explosions, sub sonic bullet snaps, wind, waves, voice over, and everything in between. You can listen to the interview here.

Mark's field equipment recording the waves you hear in Revolt, Market, and Uprising.

In this interview Mark and I talk about his history in gaming and entertainment, the challenges of audio design, what it’s like working on a small team, the process of creating sound, and his appreciation for Insurgency’s workshop content.

Mark (or Fortran as he’s known ingame) started his career in audio as a classical musician at a prestigious music school in London. While he was there, he experimented with music production equipment and discovered his passion was not for music but for audio design. He became involved in various different mod projects like Science and Industry and Hostile Intent for Half Life 1, Nations at War for Battlefield 2, and later founded his own mod projects like Task Force Black and Cry Recon for the Cryengine. While working on his Cryengine projects, he was approached by one of Insurgency’s founders Jeremy Blum and eventually began work on the retail version of Insurgency.
Insurgency - (Emily Richardson)

Insurgency is a lot of fun. Following Rich s great exploratory feature on the highly tactical game last year, I took a look at it for the first time this week and tried to find out more about it, where it s going and how a year s further development has shaped it.

At it s core, Insurgency is a tactical shooter, one that sits between the hardcore realistic works of Arma; the competitive, smart strategies borne of Counter-Strike; and the large-scale war efforts of Red Orchestra. It kind of feels a bit like Battlefield in parts, too.

… [visit site to read more]

Insurgency - Mikee
Hey everyone, it’s Mikee. Got a few things for you. First off, Insurgency is now on sale for 70% off, so you and any of your buddies who don’t have it yet can pick it up for just $4.49 USD. This is a limited time offer, so hustle up!

We’re also entering the final hours of voting for the IndieDB Indie of the Year Awards. Every vote counts, and we’d love to have your support. As we’ve said before, we won ModDB’s Mod of the Year award back in 2007, and now that we are a full retail release we would be honored to be given indie of the year.

Vote here, no sign in required.

I’m going to be livestreaming in the hours leading up to when voting closes. Tune in and share with others, help spread the word. I’ll be happy to take any questions and you’re welcome to join me ingame. The stream starts at 4:00 PM EST, and you can watch here.

Keep up the votes, we’re almost there! ːsecurityː
Insurgency - Argyll
One more day to vote and make Insurgency the IndieDB Indie of the Year!

Click here to vote, no registry required.

It would be an honour to be voted by our fans as the Indie of the Year from IndieDB, especially as Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat was voted the 2007 Mod of the Year on ModDB!

Thank you for your votes, it is greatly appreciated! :)
Insurgency - JBlum
Today we are releasing a small hotfix to address a few issues that became apparent since our previous update. We have addressed an audio cache related issue that led to frequent ‘stuttering’ for some players. If you experienced the stuttering issues, let us know whether this fixed them. We have also made some tweaks to AI behaviors in Coop modes that should improve the experience overall. Please continue to post your feedback as we continue to improve upon the bots. Full changelist below:

-Fixed audio cache issue that would lead to frequent “stuttering” on machines that use hard disks instead of solid state drives when audio files were being streamed into memory.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed gaining score in Ambush for TK’ing the VIP.
-Fixed not gaining two supply in Survival when securing a safehouse.
-Fixed missing AP and HP ammo icons for M1911 and M45.
-Fixed wood grips for AKM, AKS-74U and AK-47 costing only 1 supply instead of 2 like all the other grips.
-Fixed missing map vote images for new maps added in the 12/12 update.
-Fixed navmesh issue in Buhriz_coop.
-Ministry: Fixed some car windows inside the garage blocking bullets when destroyed.
-Revolt: Moved cache A Flashpoint out of restricted zone.
-Revolt: Fixed several soundscape issues.
-Revolt: Fixed a small graphical glitch in the sky near INS spawn area.
-Sinjar: Fixed attacking team not set for Strike.

Coop Improvements
-Improved bot targeting so they no longer prioritize aiming for a player’s head.
-Adjusted bot aim penalty and aggressiveness.
-Bots slide less and no longer shoot or turn while doing so.
-Suppressing bots will make it more difficult for them to shoot back at you.
-Bots no longer fire while mid-air if they’re falling.
-Bots utilize grenades more efficiently.
-Bot voice-over frequency reduced.
-Improved bot flashlight behavior in Survival.
-If you are part of securing a safehouse in Survival, you will get 2 supply instead of 1.
-M1911 costs the same as other pistols in Survival.

-Added Freetype rendering for fonts which results in better anti-aliasing. Currently only on Windows.

-Updated M45 texture.
-New M1911 animations.
-Removed green night sights on M9.
-Improved night vision goggle placement on the Insurgent VIP.

If you are crashing, please post your dump here and let us know whether you are an Nvidia or AMD video card user. We suspect there may be a crash linked to the most recent AMD driver update, so getting more feedback from users would help us greatly.

Insurgency - JBlum
Hey everyone, Mikee here. We’re releasing an update today to celebrate the holiday season. We’ll also be on sale for the long weekend until December 16th at 55% off, for $6.74 USD.

The update features the addition of the Colt 1911 pistol, new maps, improvements to Survival gameplay, and other miscellaneous changes. It also includes new night versions of Buhriz and Revolt, as well as gameplay changes to Revolt. New Survival maps Sinjar, Verticality, and Heights have also been included. The full changelist with specific update details can be found here on Steam.

To celebrate, I’m going to be livestreaming the new content today at 5:30 PM EST with special guests Bluedrake42, SpeirsTheAmazingHD, and DiplexHeatedHD on our Twitch channel. Be sure to tune in or hop into our server and frag with us or be fragged by us. :security:

Also, we’ve successfully made the top 100 on Indie DB’s Game of the Year awards for 2014. Be sure to vote for Insurgency and help us in becoming game of the year.
Insurgency - Mikee
  • New weapon: M45 for Security, M1911 for Insurgents.

  • New PVP maps: Buhriz Night and Revolt Night.

  • New Survival maps: Verticality, Sinjar and Heights.

  • New Hunt maps: Buhriz and Revolt.

  • Updated PVP maps: Revolt.

  • Updated Survival maps: Market and District.

  • Added foregrip upgrade for AK-74.

  • Night vision goggles now show on character models in third person.

  • Flashlight and laser sight added to sniper rifles and LMGs.

  • Improved Survival mode.

  • Added team icons to squad selection and scoreboard UI.

  • Updated AI behaviors and visibility especially in night maps.

  • Adjusted cost of night vision and added it to default loadouts in Hunt mode.

  • If you pick up an explosive that can only be assigned to the first sub-slot, you will drop any other explosives that follow the same restriction. This prevents players from running around with RPG/AT4, RPG/C4, etc.

  • If a grenade is dropped on death, friendly fire is redirected to credit the player who killed them instead.

  • Grenades now deal direct impact damage.

  • Fixed recoil so that it no longer slowly brings your view down with some weapons.

  • Fixed pistol slide when you run out of ammo.

  • Made laser sights less jarring when your weapon is blocked while aiming down sights.

  • Added cvar cl_ads_fov_scale which allows a user to control the amount of “zoom” ironsights and reflex sights give you.

  • Global ban system now applies to all servers, not just servers with matchmaking enabled.

  • Removed cheat flag off of sv_memlimit. Also added sv_maxuptimelimit which defines the maximum uptime of a server (in hours) before it restarts.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed matchmaking failing to find servers when too many maps were selected.

  • Fixed M4A1 not having the EOTech and Elcan scopes in coop modes.

  • Fixed weight assignment of weapon upgrades.

  • Fixed some player data not being transmitted to SourceTV.

  • Fixed toggling motion blur in advanced video options.

  • Brightness adjustment for nightvision when using OS X, should be closer to Windows version.

Map Updates
    • Moved final cache Push to a more secure spot.

    • Fixed steep displacement on the bridge near SEC’s spawn area.
    • Increased fade distance of the planters in the main street.

    • Fixed some sneaky spots throughout the map.
    • Changes to prevent spawn camping in Push.

    • Tweaked cover at front of the school.
    • Fixed players getting stuck in a tree near A on Push.
    Ministry night/hunt:
    • Tweaked lighting to make it more friendly for the NVG.
    • Fixed players able to get stuck in a collapsed wall at firefight A.
    • Improved collision model on rocks.
    • Fixed bug that allowed a player to leave the playable area.
Insurgency - Mikee
Hey everyone,

My name is Michael Tsarouhas, or Mikee as some of you might know me ingame. In the coming months, I’m going to be making an effort to keep you all informed on the progress of Insurgency and the contributions of the community. I’ve got some cool stuff planned, including developer interviews, community member interviews, featured workshop items, streaming, “Play with the Devs” events, and more. I’m also going to be focused on collecting your feedback and ensuring that Insurgency’s development satisfies all your needs and expectations.

Now I’ll tell you, I’m no stranger. I’ve been on the team for over a year writing and performing all the voice acting in Insurgency. That includes the Security team, the Insurgent team, radio chatter, bots, the trainer, all of it. Pretty much everything you hear ingame is me. It’s been a terrific and gratifying experience, and over the past year I’ve been honored to have you all hear it. Today I am excited to announce I’ll be expanding my work beyond yelling expletives, screaming RPG, and reminding your teammates that you’re reloading. I’ll be including you on the nitty gritty of our development and working with you to make sure Insurgency stays that intense FPS experience that we all want.

I’m going to be hosting our first “Play with the Devs” night this Sunday December 7th at 6:00 pm EST. Come on out for a chance to chat and play with me and other developers on the team. Be sure to join our community group so you can be notified when we announce the server info. It’ll show up on our events calendar when we post it. You can also watch us during the event on our twitch channel.

And don’t forget, the 5th Annual Indie of the Year Awards have begun at IndieDB. Be sure to vote for Insurgency to be included in the top 100 and hopefully win Indie GOTY.

Thanks and I’ll see you on the servers. ːsecurityː
Insurgency - Argyll
The 5th Annual Indie of the Year Awards are now underway at IndieDB. Be sure to vote for Insurgency to be included in the top 100 and possibly win Indie GOTY!

Since winning ModDB's Mod of the Year award in 2007, Insurgency has grown to become a leading indie game.

Insurgency is among the 25% of Early Access games to release and we continue to grow since then. Having started as a young mod team developing games simply for fun, the Insurgency development team has come a long way. Our team's independent foundation has allowed us to create a game we have always wanted to make since a decade ago when we first conceived Insurgency.

Considering our independent roots and history with ModDB and IndieDB communities, it would be an honor for us to be considered as a candidate for this award.

Thanks for your vote!

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