Zeno Clash - [ACE] cbordeu
We have released an all new video of Zeno Clash that shows some of the attacks and weapons that the player can use as well as some updated graphics with new lighting and shadowing effects using the Source Engine. You can check the video here:

<a href=http://www.zenoclash.com/gameplay_video.html>Zeno Clash Gameplay Video</a>

We have also released some profile pictures with art and information about some of the main characters with key roles in the game. You can check the profile pictures and get wallpaper versions from our official forums here:

<a href=http://forums.aceteam.cl/index.php?showtopic=155>Zeno Clash Official Forums</a>

Last but not least: We have added avatars to this game group. You can now choose new avatars from a selection of Zeno Clash characters.
Zeno Clash - [ACE] cbordeu
Some new screenshots have been released for the game. You can go check them out by accessing the 'Game Art' section (view all images link) or discuss them at our forums here:


This batch shows a couple of new environments and characters found throughout the game.

- Father-Mother feeding his / her babies.
- A view of an eerie river in that cuts through the desertic plains where the mucalosaurus roam.
- A few scenes of combat in the city and in the outlands fighting Rath-birds.
Zeno Clash - [ACE] dcalogue
We'd like to communicate to the gaming community that we have decided to push the release date of Zeno Clash to early next year. The studio will be aiming for a February release. We apologize to all the people who were expecting the game to be released this year, but the bright side of the delay is that the additional time we'll spend on the game will ensure that we deliver a quality experience, true to the expectations of our fans. Being an independant studio has allowed us to develop this game without external pressures, so we chose not compromise the game's quality by releasing this year.

We'd also like to announce another piece of interesting news: We're submitting Zeno Clash for next year's Independent Games Festival. We'll be eagerly awaiting for the finalists list that will come out in December.

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