Dec 16, 2008
Community Announcements - PersonGuy
These Portal themed custom PCs were created by extra tech-savvy fans:

This Weighted Compaion PC was build with scrap pieces of acrylic and a spare week.
<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">[link]</A>

A month of work went into this replica of the computers terminals found behind the scenes of Aperture Laboratories.
<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">[link]</A>

Here's a dedicated termial programmed in 8080 Assembler to play the Portal credits sequence complete with a chip-music version of Still Alive.
<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">[link]</A>
TF2 Blog
We've been pretty quiet lately, but thankfully, that's about to end. In the next few days we'll have an update out that has a couple of new features for the Engineer and Spy, and a variety of other smaller fixes.

Nov 14, 2008
Community Announcements - PersonGuy
These crafty Portal fans have created some triumphant projects for the good of all of us:

The cake is a cookie! These deliciously moist cookies take only 15 minutes to bake and require no fish-shaped crackers, candies, or solid waste.
<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">[link]</A>

This next papercraft project could take a long time. If you become lightheaded from hunger, feel free to eat the cookies you made in step 1.
<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">[link]</A>

When you're ready to graduate from dolls to the real thing, you can construct your very own Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.
<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">[link]</A>

If the above projects aren’t a huge success, you can create a Companion Cube tissue box to comfort you.
<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">[link]</A>
Community Announcements - PersonGuy
Welcome to the Steam Community’s Offical Portal Game Group! We'll be using this space to announce upcoming Portal content and spotlight the growing pool of awesome Portal community contributions. To get us started, here's a slice of both:

As of today, Portal: Still Alive is available for download on Xbox LIVE! It features the entire original Portal game, as well as, new achievements and 14 bonus puzzles.
<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">[link]</A>

If you're short on cash, but still looking for new test chambers to solve, give these free Portal-like browser games a try.

<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">Portal: The Flash Version</A>
This polished 2D puzzle game is based directly on Portal's gameplay and setting. Its 40 levels use all of the familiar buttons, energy balls, and turrets. (And cake.)

<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">Epsilon</A>
Epsilon uses a set of interlinked portals in each Experimental Sciences Research Facility test course. Manipulate the portals with a simple point-and-click to guide the ball to the goal.

<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">Shift</a>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">Shift 2</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">Shift 3</A>
The Shift series contains some sly Portal references and uses a unique "shift" mechanic that is arguably even more mind-bending than portals. Pressing the shift key turns everything upside-down and inverts the world's solid and empty spaces. (Of course, spikes are always spikes.)

<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">Fold</A>
Fold's creator, Joel Esler, cites the Portal trailer as an inspiration for his gravity anomaly orbs. Think with gravity to overcome these sharp puzzles while avoiding sharp objects.

<A HREF="" TARGET="_new">Hunted Forever</A>
Hunted Forever includes several references to Portal, from the "Loading Portal Rip-off..." text in the beginning to the "neat gun" you make if you're "still alive" by the end. Run, jump, and climb to gather gears and hide from the ever-present death lasers and chainsaw drones.
Community Announcements - Gregori
Riddle me this, TF2 fans: What does the movie <a href="">Predator</a> have in common with <a href="">a bologna sandwich</a>?
TF2 Blog
Since the release of Meet the Sandvich in August, several people have asked us how something we'd boasted would be "our magnum opus," "over four hours long" and "make Citizen Kane look like something dumb a complete idiot would make," ended up being one un-dramatic minute spent inside a refrigerator.

TF2 Blog
Work on the next class pack is gearing up, a little slower than we'd like. In the meantime, I thought I'd post some answers to the common email questions we receive.

How do respawn waves work? Is my respawn time affected by my performance? Why do they exist at all?
Sep 17, 2008
TF2 Blog
Well, it's been a couple of weeks since we updated the blog, and we thought it was time to let you know why we've been so quiet. The last couple of weeks we've actually been moonlighting on Left 4 Dead. While the L4D team has been focusing on finishing up the core cooperative gameplay, we've been helping them by working on their Versus mode. Versus is the recently-announced competitive mode where one team plays the Survivors and one team plays the Infected. We've learned a lot while working on TF2 in the last year, and we were able to apply some of those lessons to Versus mode. As a result, we've just finished adding critical hits, respawn waves, flawless auto-team balancing, and facestabs to L4D, while removing anything that looked remotely like a grenade. I kid, I kid.
Aug 28, 2008
TF2 Blog
The path to arriving at a final design for a character is sometimes a long and winding one. This was especially the case for the Demoman and we thought it would be interesting to step through that process and shed a little light on how we arrive at our final designs. Early on in the process, soon after we decided that we were going to start a new, more stylized direction for TF2 it opened up a whole range of possibilities in terms of what that meant visually. One of the first (albeit short-lived) ideas that was being thrown around was to try to recreate a look of claymation for our game. The idea was to make the world look like a miniature set built for clay figures which animated and gibbed into chunks of clay.
Aug 19, 2008
TF2 Blog
We decided to create a new TF environment after sensing some desert-fatigue, both internally and externally. The new theme had to be a departure from the current look without being so different that the characters felt out of place in it. We also wanted to leverage some content from our existing environments, since crafting every asset from scratch would mean we'd be moving the release beyond Valve time and into the realm of geologic time.

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