Don't Starve - Klei_Jan
Bug Fixes:
  • Player will wait until after landing on a boat to sneeze.
  • Fixed a graphic bug with fence gates when exiting interiors.
  • Insulated sac, sea sack and gold rock gets a minimap icon.
  • Pathfinding should now work better in interiors.
  • Fixed bug where minimap sometimes didn't properly uncover traversed areas.
  • Can pick up items on the ground near un-sprung tooth traps now.
  • Fixed a spelling error on the Batilisk Wing?.
  • Thumper’s minimap icon fixed.
  • Dense turf will grow tall grass.
  • Fixed crash at the beginning of adventure mode prologue
  • Life vest and amulet will save the player on water in Hamlet.
  • Wheeler tracker won’t steal an item when a second is given to it anymore.
  • Poison Frog Legs and Tubers won’t bother WX anymore.
  • Fixed player boat crashing into shoreline when beardhair or dense jungleturf was placed on edge of lilypond.
  • Bramble Armor will protect Wormwood from Cacti and Spiky Bushes.
  • Bat Bat added to magic tab in Hamlet.
  • Fixed very high awake entity counts, especially near waterfalls.
  • Electric Isosceles won’t transport land based followers.
  • Webber won’t attack neutral spiders with the attack key now.
  • Pigs shouldn’t get stuck on city structures so much.
  • Fixed a graphic problem with the pig totem torch.
  • Roc won’t try and break non breakable structures.
  • Roc won’t land when you are on the edge of the jungle and sky.
  • Farmplot art will refresh properly on save/load
  • City Pig houses minimap icon fixed
  • Fixed some bugs with Ballphin Palace
  • Fixed potential humongous memory spike on world load when worldhopping.
  • The Doy Doy feather is actually tradeable now.

[Game Update] - 346255

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a sound glitch in the Volcano

[Game Update] - 346513

Bug Fix:
  • Fixed the burnt farm plot crash

[Game Update] - 346868

Bug Fix:
  • Fix for crash in seasonmanager when under attack in a Hamlet compatible ROG world

[Game Update] - 347153

Bug Fix:
  • Fix for sound problem caused by rabid beetles

[Game Update] - 347667

Bug Fix:
  • Fix potential infinite loop on load

[Game Update] - 354558

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix potential crash on load with burnt farmplot.
  • Wormwood will not catch fire when hit by lightning while wearing insulating gear in non-Hamlet worlds as well.

[Game Update] - 357353

  • Added official Chinese language support

Bug Fix:
  • Fix an issue with targeting a boat cannon while using a controller
Don't Starve - Klei-JoeW
We've added a new Performance setting in Settings called Dynamic Asset Loading. It saves memory by loading certain data as needed, and unloading it when it’s not used for a while. Like most optimizations there’s a trade-off - while the dynamic loading decreases memory usage significantly it also means the game has to load assets in the background - depending on your hardware this may be noticeable. The game needs a restart for any change to the asset loading to take effect.
Bug Fixes
  • Added a “Dynamic Asset Loading” feature to reduce the memory usage on some machines*
  • Improved performance of Tall Grass.
  • Fixed graphic bug when punching with Bug B’Gone
  • Pugalisk Gaze will now freeze birds, butterflies, bees, fish and some other things it didn’t before.
  • Frozen flytraps won’t go to sleep now.
  • Flower of life sparkles won’t block building placement
  • Minimap icons for Wheeler’s Tracker, Pew-Matic, Bramble Core and Spiky Bush
  • 2nd Aporkalypse ends properly now.
  • Toucans won’t land in Mangrove biomes now.
  • Roc Egg won’t world hop, like the gizzard stone.
  • Fixed Silver Necklace floating anim and minimap icon.
  • Krampus can’t steal some things he shouldn’t be able to now.
  • Flower of Life just burns to ash now.
  • Gnats can be frozen by flingomatic.
  • Controller players can eat again with non-Wormwood characters in Hamlet compatible worlds.
  • Using the Deconstruction Staff on pig city items will remove them completely, no reconstruction project left behind.
  • Ancient Pickaxe won’t destroy a coral before it can be hammered now.
  • Wormwood will gain sanity planting seeds in a farmplot now.
  • Butterfly spawners don’t block placement.
  • Fixed the ruins and jungle seasonal music.
  • Queen Womant plays boss fight music now.
  • Fixed a caps problem with Wilba’s speech/
  • The Magic Water will cure poison.
  • Fixed a “double hair” bug on the character anim
  • Capped vampire bats that will collect in caves.
  • Pig Beautician will accept Doy Doy Feathers.
  • Fixed minimap texture for dense turf.
  • Corkboat will float if the player sinks while holding one
  • Fixed hover text on the Tar Lamp
  • Fixed some Wheeler tracker bugs so it will track more items now.
  • Changed Lily Pad collision so things won’t get stuck in the middle of them.
  • Vampire Bats will drop bat wings occasionally now.
  • Fixed a bug with hounds spawning where they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed bug where Ro-bin could randomly disappear when the gizzard stone was left in an interior.
  • Fixed a graphic problem with the size of the some of the growable products.
  • Fixed a problem with hounds arriving too soon after jumping back to an ROG world.
  • Fences can only be built on land now.
  • Fences are now taken into consideration for pathfinding,
  • Wheeler won’t always dodge towards things she’s attacking now.
  • Wheeler’s dodge target moves faster for controllers now.
Don't Starve - Klei_Jan
Bug Fixes
  • Pig town is more consistent now. Shouldn’t have missing pig palaces
  • Fixed issue where the “Travel” option would not show on teleportato in adventure mode when playing with controller.
  • The Camera will zoom back out after Wilba’s transformations.
  • Fixed controller hint showing “MISSING NAME” when near a bramble site.
  • Fixed examine string for cave entrance on ROC island.
  • Only Wormwood will see the Plant action with seeds when using a controller.
  • Partially constructed Robot can be teleported.
  • Reduced memory spike on save.
  • Dryrack in interiors will still work when it’s raining outside.
  • Controllers won’t detect depleted sparkling pools.
  • Fixed another way rain could stop prematurely when leaving an interior
  • Ancient Robots won’t push the telelocator Focus around now.
  • Ancient Robots can’t leave the world bounds now.
  • Ancient Hulk’s laser spin should cause less lag now.
  • Walls can now be placed on sparkling puddles.
  • Dung piles won’t land in the water or thin air now.
  • Wilba’s silver necklace will stop draining sanity when Wilba is safe from Werepigism.
  • Vortex Cloak float animation fixed
  • Root Trunk minimap icon fixed
  • Ro Bin won’t disappear when left alone in a room
  • Bramble Sites can be built on now.
  • Investigated mysteries will survive a save/load
  • Navigadget can be dropped after an attempt to put it into the Pew-matic is made.
  • Base Fan doesn’t work when off now.
  • Gnats can be carried to other worlds when infesting a character who uses the Skyworthy or Seaworthy
  • Minimap icon for player’s city hall fixed.
  • Cooked Tubers are now actually cooked.
  • Payment can come from a backpack when shopping.
  • Pig Bandit will include contents of the players backpack now when deciding to mug them.
  • Flower of Life’s health penalty as a resurrector fixed.
  • Fixed a layering issue with doors and columns.
  • Added Hedge item examine strings.
  • Fixed the spawning of multiple Bramble Cores on save/load
  • Pig won’t forget they paid tax on a save/load

[Game Update] Hamlet - 341620

Bug Fixes:
  • The Thumper still sometimes misses stuff, but now it’s not always the same things.
  • Controller won’t allow character to dismount boatsinto clouds now.
  • Peagawk Feather is not mole food.
  • Weather Pain works on hackable things
  • Ancient Robots will join together again.
  • Boat Repair Kit added to Hamlet recipes.
  • One man band and spider hat won’t befriend corpses.
Don't Starve

Gothic wilderness survival adventure Don't Starve is celebrating the full release of its piggy themed DLC expansion Hamlet on PC, arriving after just over seven months of early access development.

Hamlet is developer Klei Entertainment's third DLC expansion for Don't Starve, following on from behemoth-flavoured Reign of Giants and the nautically themed Shipwrecked, and sees players travelling deep into a foreboding tropical jungle.

Hamlet's inevitably perilous new biome introduces previously unseen wildlife and seasons, and features some notable landmarks among the dense, unwelcoming foliage. There are mysterious, trap- and treasure-filled ruins waiting to be explored - the last remnants of an ancient pig civilisation - and a secluded town of aristocratic Pigmen, where players can slowly reacclimatise to society after all that time in the wild.

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Don't Starve

Don't Starve: Hamlet has made it through the trials of Early Access and has launched on Steam. The third DLC for Klei's endearing survival game swaps the wilderness for a lost town full of aristocratic pigmen, complete with homes and shops and all the trappings of civilisation. Unfortunately, that inevitably comes with new dangers, not least of which is a huge robot with a penchant for murdering people with lasers.

To survive, apparently, you'll need to befriend the pigmen and start a new life with them. You'll be able to become a resident yourself, getting a new home that you can renovate and decorate. No more mucking around in the woods for you! OK, some mucking around in the woods.

The porktropolis is surrounded by a tropical jungle that hides plenty of things that want to kill you, but also secrets to discover in the ruins of an ancient pigmen civilisation. Archaeology is a pretty respectable profession if you want to join the porcine gentry. There are new crafting recipes, too, and you'll probably need to venture out into the jungle to search for the ingredients. 

A trio of new characters join the game, including a little plant fella, while all players will get access to the eccentric inventor Wagstaff, even if they don't grab the DLC. 

Don't Starve: Hamlet is out now on Steam for £5.19/$7. 

Don't Starve - (Alice O'Connor)

After years of surviving in the wilds and on islands, Don’t Starve has returned to civilisation and… oh god, no one told me living in a city would be a struggle too. Klei Entertainment last night launched Hamlet, the third expansion for their survive ’em up, after six months in early access. It sees our motley cr e of survivors stumbling into a city of posh pigpeople in the heart of a tropical jungle, who live in actual proper houses and get their food from actual shops with actual fridges. Civilisation! Why is it, then, that we’re drawn to explore and plunder the ancient ruins beyond the metrotterlis?


Don't Starve - Klei-JoeW

A great big thank you to everyone who participated during our Early Access period. The Don’t Starve community is one of the best to interact with, so full of passion and enthusiasm for all things in the Constant. We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey with you, dropping Wilson and his friends into this world of civilized pigs and dangerous jungles.

As we come out of Early Access, all of the features tested in the beta branch will of course go live for everybody, including player craftable doors, the new Ancient Hulk giant, Wheeler and Wagstaff. The beta branch will still be accessible for a while, but we won’t be updating it anymore.

As a special thank you to all of the Don’t Starve players and fans, Wagstaff has been made available to everyone who has the base game and is not exclusive to the Hamlet DLC.

Now that early access has finished, there are no plans for new features to Hamlet yet, but we will still be putting out updates of bug fixes as they are made. After you have mastered the mountain top plateau, if you are looking for further Don’t Starve challenges, please check in with Don’t Starve Together as there are some old faces being re-made as well some altogether new ones showing up.

Patch Notes:

New Features:
  • Wheeler added to Hamlet DLC.
  • Ancient Hulk added to Hamlet DLC.
  • New rooms and doors added to the renovation crafting tab.
  • Wagstaff added to all versions.
Bug Fixes:
  • Wagstaff doesn't announce when another creature puts on one of his goggles
  • Don't activate the color change when another creature puts on the Fryfocals
  • Disable map when Living Artifact is active
  • Fixed a crash when playing adventure mode as Wagstaff and reaching the final chapter
  • Fixed player telelocating into interiors.
  • Fixed Depth Worm inspect quotes
  • Fixed issue in interiors that could result in two rooms occupying the same location*
  • Wheeler will no longer get stuck in God Mode after Dodging
  • Fixed a crash when players click an empty Trusty Shooter slot
  • Miscellaneous tunings on the Aporkalypse
*The bugfix in the player interiors needed a fixup that in case of detected errors will relocate the offending rooms and removes any doors that connected to the offending rooms - the player is reimbursed the cost of the doors. If you notice missing doors in your house, this is why.

HOTFIX - 334206
  • Fixed a save/load bug that would cause duplicate dung balls
  • Fixed a couple crashes on the Wheeler Tracker and Trusty Shooter
  • Fixed an ant queen crash
  • The mant suit durability should be consistent now
  • Added the irreplaceable tag to the Executive Hammer and Key to the City
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple Ro Bins to be created.
  • Fixed a bug where the Trusty Shooter and the Wheeler Tracker slot would show up after equipping a backpack
  • Fixed a rare crash at world startup
HOTFIX - 335195
New Feature:
  • Hamlet gets a Teleportato
Bug Fixes:
  • The Living Artifact charging sound will no longer be active if it runs out while charging a shot
  • Fixed the Bramble Trap placer art
  • Fixed a bug where the Wheeler Tracker and Trusty Shooter slot background would disappear
  • The correct DLC icon now shows up when creating a Hamlet world using the Skyworthy in Shipwrecked
  • Using the Skyworthy to go to a Hamlet world now allows you to merge with old Hamlet saves
  • Crafting the tellebrela in Vanilla no longer crashes the game
  • Fixed Seaworthy boarding animation
  • Unequipping infrogoggles in DS Vanilla no longer resets the day phase
  • Fixed a crash when trying to spawn the Herald inside an interior
  • Living artifact’s pulse sound works properly now.
  • Sea/Skyworthy should now properly work in interiors
  • Sea/Skyworthy should now properly work in caves and volcano
  • Seaworthy will now try to travel to Seaworthy, Skyworthy to Skyworthy (existing worthies will need to be saved once for this to succeed)
  • Fixed a problem with Wagstaff’s idle animation in an ROG compatible world.
  • Hounds no longer spawn while the player is in an interior
  • Sprinkler placer shows the range of the sprinkler spray, not the range it needs to be to a water source now.
  • Items blown onto the clouds will now disappear
  • Fixed Wagstaff's blur with low insanity when distortion is enabled.
  • Fixed infinite-light-in-interior exploit for boat torch, boat lantern and bottle lantern.
  • Fixed craft-tabs prototype-ready alert when ingredient goes into a backpack
  • Updated Wheeler’s character select images with her smirk.
[Game Update] - 336897
Balance and game play changes:
  • The Vortex cloak doesn’t drain sanity constantly now, instead it does sanity damage to the character relative to how much damage it absorbs.
  • Pig town lawn ornaments and hedges now available in the City craft tab.
Bug Fixes:
  • Shadow Hands will reach fires in interiors.
  • Fix rain ambient sounds on umbrella hats being played in interiors
  • Wagstaff’s equipped items won’t be all grey now after taking off the infoggles
  • Bosses should no longer spawn in interiors.
  • Wheeler’s save slot image smirks.
  • Fixed player being stuck in godmode after traveling to a Skyworthy/Seaworthy
  • Fixed inspect string for "Pig Skin?"
  • Fixed rare crash to desktop when shift-clicking items in container with full inventory
  • Fixed broken minimap rendering in vampirebatcaves.
  • Only Wheeler can have her navigadget and air horn.
  • Windy Conch will summon wind in Hamlet
  • Old Bell will not call the bigfoot indoors
  • Frog rain won’t fall indoors.
  • Loot acquired from creating a door on a wall where a wall ornament is will less likely spawn in a wall.
  • Woodlegs and Walani can craft their nautical items in Hamlet.
  • Volcano eruption shouldn't impact interiors anymore.
  • Spider Monkey Trees can use dense turf.
  • Fixed a rare crash when a character is nearsighted and tries to look at something.
  • Fixed missing art in Wormwood’s arm chop.
  • Fixed the working music to not skip back to the start.
  • Pigs will accept trade just after they have eaten now.
  • Fixed art for burnt cocooned trees.
  • Fixed sleeping pig guard examine string.
  • WX can eat gears again after using the living artifact now.

[Game Update] - 337090
Bug Fixes:
  • Cannon shots will detonate after 3 seconds, in case they get stuck on things.
  • Controller players will now properly get an ‘eat’ action prompt as well with edible plantable items
  • Fixed a crash with shadow hands in non Hamlet games.
  • Fixed a crash with pig trading.
  • Fixed a crash with the twister.
  • Fixed a crash with volcanomanager.
  • Hopefully fixed rare but severe render glitch where everything in the world would start flickering in and out of existence.
  • Fix for bug where minimap would not start to uncover until you had looked at minimap
  • Fix for all items on minimap being visible in non-Hamlet worlds
  • Gnat mounds will maintain their worked state between save and load
  • Gnats will wait to rebuild their nest properly.

[Game Update] - 338264
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed crash to desktop when dying in adventure mode
  • Fixed a graphic bug with the living artifact and loading a room.
  • Fixed the Vortex Cloak from blocking crafting placement.
  • Royal Pig Guards will now walk to eat something outside their patrol range.
  • Fixed howling conch wind and dripple pipe rain sometimes being prematurely interrupted by entering an interior.
  • Ancient Herald should not spawn in player home anymore
  • Boats should not break anymore upon hitting shorelines with bear rug turf or dense turf
  • Werewilba can not unequip her fur anymore when playing with controller.
  • Fixed occasional crash when a panflute or howling conch ran out of durability.
  • The Aporkalypse Clock won’t freeze the game when the world is set to have no night time.
  • Queen Malfalfa is too important to pay for cleaning services
  • Piko’s will correctly show if they have or don’t have items in their cheeks.
  • Werewilba should not be able to enter doors behind suspicious cracks anymore when playing with controller.
  • Fixed some tinker shop deco item names.
  • When Werewilba picks up a trap with a rabbit, the rabbit shouldn’t disappear anymore.
  • Fixed a rare crash when playing the panflute in a boat
  • Fixed a rare crash in startup of newly generated Hamlet worlds
  • Jungle ferns are no longer highlighted as target when playing with controller
  • Fixed assert when taking Skyworthy to ROG into an interior in a world where it was raining when you left.
  • Fixed rare crash with showing item names. Possibly mod related.
  • Gnats won’t hog the target selection with controllers.
  • Improved controller handling of “use item” conflicts (like eat/plant)
Don't Starve - Klei_Jan
Greetings Survivors!

We’re close to releasing Hamlet from Early Access. As we said in a recent roadmap post, we have been working on two new characters plus a new giant to battle with. Actually, we would like to have those tested a bit.

So, once more, we invite you to the interior beta branch, this time to meet the newest “guests” of the Constant: Wagstaff and Wheeler.

But with light comes shadow. An ancient and terrible metal hulk lies waiting to be discovered. A lonely sentinel still stuck in a long forgotten war.

A big thank you to everyone who has tried out the beta branch so far. As always you’ve been tremendously helpful. There are still some issues with the interiors, particularly when used in worlds other than Hamlet, and we will be working to fix those up before we move everything to the main branch.

We’re planning to go live with Hamlet 1.0 on May 14th.

To access the beta branch:
  • Go to the BETAS tab in the Don’t Starve Properties dialogue.
  • Enter the code: dsinteriorbeta and press the CHECK CODE button.
  • Select hamet_interors - Hamlet Interior upgrade beta from the drop down.
  • Your game will then update to the new beta branch.
This branch uses separate save files from your regular base game. You can make a copy of your base game save files in the beta branch by using the console command: TheSim:ImportSave()

Your save files will remain unchanged in your regular branch.

You can return to the regular branch by going to the same BETAS tab and selecting the drop down: NONE - Opt out of all beta programs.

[Game Update] Hamlet - 327257

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed potential assert on earthquake in anthill.
  • Fixed code that tried to place out of bounds blue sow and truffle back in its room
  • Worldgen occasionally generates an unreachable area. It should now be accessible through a wormhole
  • Fixed aporkalypse clock blocking interaction with suspicious crack on north wall
  • It's now possible to drop items on carpets and the aporkalypse clock.
  • Improved craft-tabs to more accurately chime and highlight to reflect changes
  • Fixed glitch where aporkalypse clock was sometimes missing on the minimap

[Beta Change Notes] Hamlet - 327391

New Features for testing:
  • Added Wheeler
  • Added Wagstaff
  • Added the Ancient Hulk
  • Added some new wall and floor textures to the Renovate Tab.

Beta Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug where anthills could end up without a way out.

[Game Update] Hamlet - 327549

Beta Bug Fixes:
  • Optimized Wheeler’s tracker when searching lootdropper tables
  • Fixed UI bug when equipping a backpack or entering a boat with Wheeler’s tracker or weapon equipped
  • Wagstaff can craft an Electrical Doodad in Vanilla DS
  • Added Wheeler’s minimap image
  • Updated the wheeler tracker inventory image
  • Added a background to wheeler’s tracker and trusty shooter slot
  • Wheeler is actually invincible for the duration of her dodge now
  • Fixed some icons for 2 new renovation wallpapers

[Game Update] Hamlet - 328827

Bug Fixes:
  • Burnable but insulated items won’t burn from lightning strikes
  • Crashed balloon can be inspected
  • Spider monkey uses correct damage (watchout!)
  • Fixed some layering issues with the navigadget
  • Robot parts and cork chest minimap icons fixed.

Beta Specific Bug Fixes:
  • The telebrella can be used as a weapon (but you probably don’t want to)
  • The telebrella can be used as an umbrella (but you probably don’t want to)
  • Wagstaff can investigate and use the telebrella while mounted
  • Wagstaff goggles re-exported for character res.
  • Wheeler now has 15 inventory slots and receives a 1% speed boost for each empty inventory space + a natural 10%
  • The last ammo on the Trusty Shooter now also deals damage
  • Reduced Wheeler’s dodge cool down to 1.5 seconds
  • Optimized the search area of the Navigadget to reduce lag
  • Wheeler’s Trusty Shooter can now take full stacks instead of just 6 items and can take all items as long as they're not alive or irreplaceable.
  • Tuned the Trusty Shooter damage
  • Added the irreplaceable tag to the Trusty Shooter, Navigadget and Wilba’s Silver Necklace
Edit: Pushed an update to fix a crash due to a missing comma in the speech files.

[Game Update] Hamlet - 332388

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed minimap icons for Ro-bin and saltlick
  • Fixed a rare crash in werepigbrain.lua
  • Fixed rare crash with tuber trees
  • Fixed inability to inspect boats in Hamlet compatible worlds
  • Made it easier to hammer structures when inside a boat
  • Fixed bug where birds would stop spawning
  • Taking off the shamlet mask won't give entities the "monster" tag if they didn't have it to begin with
  • Webber's Shamlet mask will now show up as the first craftable item in the dress tab
  • Shamlet mask now works as an open top hat

Beta specific fixes (332395):
  • Wheeler can now dodge with a controller
  • Wheeler can now use the Trusty Shooter and Navigadget with a controller
  • Entities inside interiors should not get snow-covered
  • Fixed a potential crash and some bad picks in Wagstaff's nearsightedness name randomizer
  • Fixed crash when entering an interior on the volcano
  • Fixed crash when using spyglass in interior
  • Wagstaff now really should have the Pretty Parasol recipe available
  • Added Wheeler’s dodge values to tuning.lua to make it accessible for modders
  • Updated the Trusty Shooter tier damage list and moved it to tuning.lua
  • It is now possible to telelocate mobs into, out of, and between interiors
  • Fixed a bug in the player interiors that could lead to misplaced rooms, causing infinitely looping rooms*
  • Wagstaff’s infroggles now work in caves
  • The Aporkalypse is now only endless the first time around
  • Added the Living Artifact
  • The Ant Queen Chambers now have a minimap
  • Items shot by the Trusty Shooter no longer show up at 0,0
  • Items shot by the Trusty Shooter can no longer be picked up in the air
  • Wheeler no longer gets the "Dodge" prompt while on a boat or riding a beefalo
  • Using the trusty shooter on a boat no longer causes problems
  • Moved the UI for the trusty shooter and navigadget so it doesn’t interfere with boat UI anymore
  • Fixed multiple miscellaneous string problems

*The bugfix in the player interiors needed a fixup that in case of detected errors will remove the offending doors (not rooms) and will reimburse players the cost of those doors. If you notice missing doors in your house, this is why.

[Game Update] Hamlet - 332790

Beta specific fixes (332790):
  • The uncharged shot is not blocked by the world edge anymore
  • Fixed jittery forest canopy shadow on clouds
  • Improved controller support for bug-report screen
  • Gunpowder used by the Blunderbuss no longer shows up at 0,0
  • Fixed some animation issues with the living artifact
  • Miscellaneous string fixes
  • Fixed a crash on the Navigadget when entering interiors
Don't Starve - Klei_Jan
Latest patch here with an invitation to beta test some new features.

We’ve been working on improving performance and have a few changes that should make things better. This should particularly help with severe lag in interiors. But some of the backend changes are larger than we are comfortable to just deploy. We have set up a beta branch that people can go to and help us test out the changes.

An added benefit of some of the changes, is that the interior system has opened up to the other worlds, not just Hamlet worlds. So if you bring the Key to the City, you can build a pig city in the forest or even on a tropical island. I’m sure there’s some interactions with all this stuff we haven’t predicted yet, so having some more people playing with it will be helpful.

We’ve also put player craftable doors in the home decor tab. Once you’ve build a door in your house, you can use a Construction Permit on it to create an attached room.

To access the beta branch:
  • Go to the BETAS tab in the Don’t Starve Properties dialogue.
  • Enter the code: dsinteriorbeta and press the CHECK CODE button.
  • Select hamet_interors - Hamlet Interior upgrade beta from the drop down.
  • Your game will then update to the new beta branch.
This branch uses separate save files from your regular base game. You can make a copy of your base game save files in the beta branch by using the console command: TheSim:ImportSave()
Your save files will remain unchanged in your regular branch.

You can return to the regular branch by going to the same BETAS tab and selecting the drop down: NONE - Opt out of all beta programs.

Thank you in advance for everyone who heads in there to play. We plan to run the beta for 2 weeks if everything runs as planned.

New Features:
  • New craftable Vortex Cloak added. You'll need to find a blueprint.

  • Cost of Root Trunk change, + 1 Flytrap stalk.

Bug Fixes:
  • Houndius Shootius doesn't lose its base anymore when placed in an interior
  • Spawn player skeleton in right interior when player dies and gets resurrected
  • Jellyfish Jerky doesn’t show up as floating in water anymore when dropped on the ground
  • Fixed Ball Pein Hammer durability loss inconsistency when using spacebar
  • Fixed missing crafting description for The Sty Oddities Emporium
  • Lily Pads now show the correct examination text
  • The Collector Pig no longer accepts idols for trade.
  • Florist does not ask for Plop anymore
  • Fixed examination strings for Queen Malfalfa
  • Fixed punctuation in Wormwood's character description
  • Hammering a spoiled fish in inventory drops loot now
  • Fixed a number of prefabs that were plantable on water where they shouldn’t
  • Perishable items that rot in an interior now properly spawn rot in that interior
  • Fixed multiple pig scepters showing up in the world.
  • Added sounds to the Aporkalypse Clock
  • All blueprints from the tinker shop can be learned in Hamlet

[Game Update] Hamlet - 325192

Beta Fixes:
  • Carpets should no longer block interactions with items placed upon them
  • Fixed placers for interior objects when using controller
  • Crafting menu now supports multiple active crafting stations

Beta Specific Fixes: 325200
  • Fixed possible crash when trading with pigmen in worlds outside Hamlet
  • Fixed interior decorating tab showing up at (0,0,0)
  • Fixed typo causing a potential assert on load
  • Improvements to the player house interior minimap

[Game Update] Hamlet - 322786

Beta Specific Fixes:
  • Can trade with pigs in all worlds
  • Ruin interiors should not be flipped on the horizontal axis anymore
  • Fixed various issues related to player interior crafting
  • Fixed a cause for mysterious cracks mysteriously opening themselves
  • Hidden doors no longer reveal when an earthquake happens in another room
Reminder, to enter the Beta Branch:
  • Go to the BETAS tab in the Don’t Starve Properties dialogue.
  • Enter the code: dsinteriorbeta and press the CHECK CODE button.
  • Select hamet_interors - Hamlet Interior upgrade beta from the drop down.
  • Your game will then update to the new beta branch.

[Game Update] Hamlet - 320788

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the overspawning thunderbird_fx item.
  • Fixed the odd drumstick art on the drying rack.
  • Fixed missing worldgen customisation images when hopping from
  • Shipwrecked to Hamlet.
  • Splumonkey’s loot fixed
  • Fixed the busted Seaworthy
  • Flowers won’t grow indoors.

Beta Specific Fixes: 320854
  • Fixed case where mining a pillar could cause crashes and other instability

[Game Update] Hamlet - 320567

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the hammered art of the City Hall
  • Fixed a crash when loading some worlds.
Don't Starve - Klei_Jan
New Features
  • Root Trunk and Dense Turf made using a Bramble Bulb
  • Tinker Shop added to newly generated words (and available through the Key To The City in previously existing worlds)
  • Revived the Ornaments tab for interior decorating

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug when the salt lick is hammered
  • Fixed a bug with werewoodie and werewilba still attracting Gnats at night.
  • Fixed a bug where the pugalisk would be locked trying to freeze elephant cacti.
  • Fixed a bug with Wormwood’s brambe armor and pig men.
  • Fixed brain of thought not showing Volcanic tab in Hamlet compatible Shipwrecked world
  • Fixed rare assert when creatures tried to run away from you in interiors
  • Fixed crash when glowfly is hit by a sealnado
  • Fixed rare assert when season lengths were adjusted
  • Fixed rare assert when using speargun in Hamlet compatible world
  • Hounds tooth is tradeable now
  • Increased the number of sound channels to reduce audio glitches
  • Fixed another cause of ending up on the clouds when exiting a building that was close to the edge of the land
  • Fixed a problem with working music not playing after jungle or ruins music
  • Hamlet world “log” inventory image fixed
  • Fixed the fight music in lush season
  • Fixed an assert when dropping rainbow jellyfish in Hamlet’s water
  • Made the collision on the land edges one-sided (so that it’s easy to fix the situation if you find yourself on the other side for some reason)
  • The light from items burning in your inventory now follows you when moving between interiors
  • The Seaworthy and Skyworthy can be hammered. Seaworthy can now be crafted in a Shipwrecked world.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Piko spawning trees to stop being Piko spawning trees after a save. New worlds will behave properly. Old worlds have tea trees in the Piko spawn areas set to be Piko spawners, so results may vary a bit.
  • A hammered drying rack won’t drop a raw item after it’s been harvested.
  • Roc won’t pick up a dead player now.
  • Fixed crash to desktop when placing certain kinds of turf in specific configurations
  • Floating shelf now has an icon in the interior crafting tab

[Game Update] Hamlet - 317411

Bug Fix
  • Fixed potential crash when picking up poop

[Game Update] Hamlet - 317319

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash when trading with the pig mechanic shop keeper
  • Hounds tooth tradeable. For real.

[Game Update] Hamlet - 317158

Bug Fix
  • Fix for the full screen bug

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