Product Release - Valve
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Don’t Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape and find his way back home.

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Mar 26, 2013
Product Update - Valve
New Features
• Adventure mode is now integrated into survival mode. In a survival mode level, you can find a special portal that will take you to the start of adventure mode. If you die in adventure mode, you will wake up back in your survival level, outside of the portal. From there you can try again (restarting at level 1, of course). Dying in survival mode is still perma-death-fatal, and retrying a survival level will always generate a new one for you. Any existing saves that you might have from previous patches will be interpreted as survival levels - you should be able to teleportate out of them to get access to the new features.
• New front-end screens for dealing with the save slots and the new game flow.
• The adventure levels have been re-done to better match what their final structure will be. They’re still a bit rough around the edges, but you can start to see the overall sweep of the game now. Please see the detailed descriptions at the end of the changelist.

New Craftables
• Healing Salve - Made from crushed spider glands and ash - heals medium wounds
• Lightning Rod - Protects bases against lightning, gives you a few nights of free light when struck.
• Heat Stone - Place it near a fire to warm it up, and then carry it around with you to fend off the bitter frost.
• Earmuffs - Made from rabbits, of course!
• The Piggyback - A fancier, bigger backpack (that slows you down!)TOU

New Creatures
• The Bishop - guards Maxwell’s structures with lightning shots

New Level Features
• Chess biome! In adventure levels, Maxwell's influence has begun creeping into the environment.
• Points of interest and traps - these are small, non-random areas that have good or bad effects.
• Touchstones - these mysterious stones act as one-time-use meat effigies if you touch them. There are a handful generated in each survival level.
• Maxwell’s door - leads to adventure mode.
• Pleasingly-arranged mushroom rings
• One-way wormhole (only in adventure mode currently)
• Pig-head-on-a-stick - someone’s been busy!

• Compressed the XP track. You now earn 20xp per survival mode day at a flat rate, and unlock all the XP-unlockable characters a lot more quickly
• Characters have a bit more health by default. This is to reduce the number of one-shot player deaths, and give you more of a chance to run away from danger.
• The player now has 15 inventory slots
• When you advance through the teleportato in adventure mode, you can only take four items with you. Choose wisely!
• Sanity depletion in the rain is less harsh
• The HUD is a bit smaller, to show more of the game world
• Removed low-level farm plots. We really didn’t need three versions of the same thing.
• Deerclops, lightning and beefalo mating season are configurable through level gen parameters
• Stepping on spider ground will trigger a response from the den
• Tweaked mushroom spawn chances
• Abigail has more health, but enemies will fight back against her

• Many new map icons, including backpacks and Chester!
• Crock-pot fixes: mushrooms count as vegetables, fixed frogglebunwich recipe
• You can no longer carry an extra backpack in your hands as you walk around.
• Werepigs don’t kite. They are too angry for that.
• The death screen buttons should always work now.
• RMB can be used to light things on fire when the torch is equipped (useful at night)
• Added a default start node so that maxwell and wilson not occluded
• Frozen ponds can't be fished anymore.. but you can walk across them.
• MacTusk can miss you with his blowdart
• Spiderhat / Miner hat show remaining fuel
• Treeguards can be set on fire more than once
• Lua console now supports arrow keys
• Fireflies glow more reliably at the right times
• Trap icons don't show up on the map when inside a container
• Chester is immune to ghosts
• Chester has much more health, and resurrects after only one day
• Fix spider jump attack sometimes not actually jumping
• Spider jump attack will not hurt Wilson when it misses
• Birds that are flying away shouldn't re-start their fly-away animations mid-flight
• Rabbits will try to avoid a player between them and their home
• Fix to Abigail/ghost movement stuttering
• Ghosts pathfind, but will go through walls or objects if needed
• Abigail will show up at least every 3 nights
• Abigail will spawn some distance away from Wendy
• Wandering creatures will try to avoid walls and water
• Fleeing creatures will try to avoid running into walls
• Fix apparent duplicate item when dropping item on the ground and then into your backpack before the drop happens
• Fix infinite bees spawning from beebox by repeatedly saving/loading game
• When murdering an entire stack of helpless creatures in your inventory, loot is gained for each individual, not just once
• Waking up sleeping hunting hounds at night will rouse the walruses from their slumber
• Fixed a bug where you could use a sleeping bag or tent during the transition from night to day to skip an entire day.

Level Descriptions:
The adventure levels are still being worked on and refined, but here's an idea of where the are right now and where we want them to be.

Level 1
Near-constant rain and frequent short winters take a toll on your sanity and your fires. You must survive in these more extreme conditions as you hunt for the teleportato pieces. When complete, this level should feel similar to a survival level, but with increased pressure on all your resources.

Level 2
This level is smaller and shorter than the previous level, but it is permanently winter! The aim is to survive the cold without any preparation time. When complete, this level should keep you moving quickly.

Level 3
The level features a resource-rich central island, surrounded by dangerous lands containing each of the teleportato pieces. Right now it's still fairly lush, but eventually the outlying islands should be quite inhospitable!

Level 4
Use the first land to stock up. Once you pass through the dying wormhole, you'll need everything you've got to survive. We're currently still working on the balance between the two lands.

Level 5
This level should put your survival skills to the ultimate test, not only will there be harsh weather and tough monsters, but resources will be extremely scarce. Eventually. Right now it's just been roughed in, but it's still got lots of badguys in it!

Level 6
Maxwell is still devising this level...
Mar 13, 2013
Product Update - Valve
Update Notes - March 12th

-Rain comes during the summer to ruin your fires and dampen your spirits. Watch out for lightning strikes!
-Sandbox custom mode sliders are all unlocked. You can make the game really, really hard now.
-Pathfinding works over long distances.
-Day length changes throughout seasons
-Modders can now bring up an interactive lua console with the ~ key

-Put in very rough sketches of the actual adventure levels. It’s very rough at this point, and the ‘story’ bits are missing, but the basic structure is in place.
-Added lots of little setpieces using new objects that try to impede your progress.

-Clockwork Knight
-Guardian Pigs

-Drying Rack and Jerky
-Honey Poultice
-One Man Band
-Purple Gem
-Fire Staff
-Shadow Manipulator
-Ham Bat

-Mushrooms (3 kinds)
-A bit of Maxwell ground is starting to creep into the world around some Teleportato parts
-Pig Torches
-Killer Bee Hives
-Variant Berry Bush
-(In)sanity obelisks that block areas when you are (in)sane
-Hound Mound
-Now two types of ponds - frog ponds and mosquito ponds
-Marble pillars
-Evil flowers and petals
-Carpet Flooring
-Marble Tiles
-Treeguards drop special, magical wood that is used in some recipes

-Magical recipes have mostly been moved the Shadow Manipulator
-Icebox now require Gears to create
-Tallbirds spawn more often
-Ponds freeze in the winter, and stop spawning things
-Beefalo mating season is shorter, and there are fewer babies
-Ranged weapons actually shoot projectiles
-Health and Sanity effects of foods have been reduced (you restore these by other means now)
-Monster meat perishes faster
-Blow dart causes more damage
-Graves have gems, gears, and nightmare fuel in them sometimes

-You can kill small creatures directly in your inventory / toss them into fires
-Season onsets work better in Adventure mode
-AOE attacks cause area damage even if the targeted hit misses
-Deerclops can not be stunlocked, and doesn’t panic when he is lit on fire
-Koalefants can no longer fly across water when you aren’t watching
-Koalefant tracks point more accurately in the correct direction
-Attempting to store a weapon in Chester no longer attacks him
-Chester follows through wormholes when using a backpack
-Right click an equipped tool with another item no longer destroys the tool
-When wilson uses up a tool, he automatically equips a replacement if one is available
-You can no longer light Beefalo (or other creatures) on fire by using a torch on them
-Mandrakes get picked up properly when using Spacebar

Community Announcements - JoeW
New update releases March 12th, 2013. The forecast is soggy.

If you'd like to get an early peek at the upcoming update, UK based Twitch TV Streamer ShannonZKiller will be streaming the new build live on Monday from inside Klei Entertainment's office!

WHO: ShannonZKiller & Klei's Don't Starve Team!

WHAT: Exclusive live stream early look at the next Don't Starve update: "A Little Rain Must Fall"

WHEN: Monday March 11th, 2013 at 2:00PM PDT.

WHERE: ShannonZKiller's Twitch TV Stream (Live from inside Klei's studio).

WHY: For science!
Feb 26, 2013
Product Update - Valve
Update Notes - Feb 26th

-Winter comes every 20 days or so, with snow and a new audio landscape.
-Ambient air temperature is modelled, and Wilson will get colder the longer he stays out in the open.
-Getting too cold for too long will cause freezing damage. You can extend your time away from the fire by wearing warm clothing.
-Nights are longer, and vegetation does not replenish.
-Bees and butterflies don’t leave their houses in the winter.

-There is a new mod API that should make mods break less when the game updates, and allows multiple mods to work at the same time. There is some documentation on how to create
a mod at:

-Language packs are now actually supported. The game supplies a 'strings.pot' template file with every update, and the game can load .po language files. This should make maintaining translations a lot easier, and allows the usage of industry-standard tools. For more info, go to:

-MacTusk the Walrus - Sets up camp in an igloo, and then hunt you with blowdarts and hounds.
-Deerclops - He’s big, he likes to smash stuff, and he’s really hard to kill. You should probably just run away.
-Winter Koalefant - You can harvest his warm winter trunk.
-Snowbird - A winter bird that drops a new type of feather.
-Mosquitos - Spawn from ponds or Maxwellian traps. They eat too much and explode!
-Ice Hound - Comes instead of the Fire Hound during winter.

-Blue Gem
-Walrus Tusk
-Deerclops Eye
-Tam o’Shanter
-Snowbird Feather

-Ice Staff
-Blow Darts (damaging)
-Winter Trunk Vest

-This update continues the development of Adventure mode, and seeks to refine the difficulty curve.
-Varying summer/winter lengths
-Varying day/night lengths
-New resource-starved worlds
-Island chain worlds with lots of wormholes

-Added a new world creation screen. There are only a couple of options enabled currently, but soon you will be able to unlock more!

-From our testing, we determined that sanity was coming on too early for new players, but was also easily avoidable by established players. The intention is for sanity to be a long-term lurking danger, so this was the complete opposite of what we were going for. Here are some changes to help rectify this:
-Vegetables, crock foods don’t regen as much sanity.
-Monsters cause more sanity drain when near.
-Player’s Initial sanity is higher.
-Pure darkness causes a large drop sanity (instead of a gradient around a light source).
-Shadowbeasts show up later in the sanity curve, and are unattackable when you are not insane.
-The crawling horror is weaker and the Terrorbeak is tougher.
-The invisible monster deals sanity damage when he hits you.
-The sanity effect jiggles more slowly, so as to be less nauseating.

-Rabbit traps work again
-Maxwell leaves traps for you in adventure mode
-Armour is less effective
-Player attacks are less powerful
-Pigs can’t be stunlocked, have less windup animation before an attack, attack less often, have more health, take longer to respawn, and attempt to kite their targets
-Bees run around between attacks
-Meat healing and health values adjusted
-Dead rabbits respawn slower
-Beefalo drop fewer meats
-Honey doesn’t heal as much
-Honey generates more slowly in bee boxes
-Spider dens have more warriors, and cycle through levels faster
-Spoilage is a bit faster in general
-Stale food has less of a hunger penalty
-Healing values are a bit lower in general
-Ponds show up in more places
-Eyebones turn to ash during teleportation even if you hide them in a backpack
-Teleportato pieces are more scattered, and have little setpiece scenes surrounding them
-Panflutes require a mandrake to craft
-Darts shouldn’t miss targets that are walking away
-More effective bushhat
Community Announcements - JoeW
Fellow esteemed champions of science! On Monday February 25th you are cordially invited to join the developmental team for an early exploration and public discussion of the upcoming "Winter" update.

This event will be hosted by the ever so gracious RiptidePow on his very own channel. Tune in to get an early look at what you'll be facing during a cold and harsh winter.


Who: Klei Devs + You + Riptide Pow = Great Success!
What: Exclusive early look at the next Winter update! Ask us questions!
When: Monday Feb 25th - 11:00am PST (2:00pm EST).
Where: RiptidePow's channel.
Why: For science!
Feb 13, 2013
Product Update - Valve
Update Notes - Feb 12th

-New Character: Wes - Do you think Don’t Starve is too easy? Try playing as Wes, the mime! He’s not good at doing anything!
-Save Slots - You can have up to four save games at once now. Your existing save will be imported into the first slot when you start the game for the first time.
-Sandbox Mode - This is the game as you all know it. There will eventually be a customization screen before you start a level, but you just get the default generation for now.
-Experimental Adventure Mode - When you start a new game, you can choose to play in adventure (ie story) mode. Currently, there are five levels of difficulty as you progress through the levels. This is an early test, so we have a lot of work to do to make these levels meaningful and fun. We also need to add the story’s ending. This is for experienced DS players who want a taste of the future.
-Pathfinding - Monsters and followers can navigate around corners and walls.
-Mod Support - Modding is now allowed! We’re distributing the source scripts with the game, so have a look in data/scripts, and see what you can do. There is an example (machine-translated) French language pack included with the game to get you started.
See the modding forum for more details:

-The player character loses sanity when he is left alone in the dark, gets close to scary monsters, or does crazy things like eating monster meat or jumping through a wormhole.
-Sanity can be regained through acts of dapperness, like wearing fancy clothes in the sunshine and eating candy.
-Low sanity is not fatal, but strange creatures from another time and place are attracted to madness.
-There are new, powerful items that can be built from the Nightmare Fuel that the strange creatures leave behind when killed.

-Bush Hat - Hide from your enemies in plain sight.
-Night light - Light your nights with nightmare fuel.
-Night Armour - Protects the flesh, but sacrifices the mind.
-Night Sword - Live by the sword, go crazy by the sword.
-Cobbles - Build your own roads.
-Taffy + Pumpkin Cookies - New recipes! Mmmmmmm!

-The Tent is now cheaper to make, and doesn’t restore health any more.
-Natural roads are curvy and look better.
-There is a way for non-Wilson characters to find Beard Hairs in the wild.
-Sometimes, when you find pig villages, they will have carrot and flower farms.
-Lots of small, under-the-hood changes to the world gen.
-Seeds now provide less hunger.
-Birds now drop a Feather -or- a Morsel, never both.
-Rabbits take longer to respawn.
-Hounds drop teeth less often.
-Traps and Toothtraps have slightly fewer uses.
-Farms take a bit longer to grow.
-Birds won’t land on Seeds if you are standing too close to them.
-Spider dens spit out less creep.
-Creep without a spider den disappears. (As a side-effect, creep can no longer be picked up and placed.)
-Walls have more health!
-Torches cost more to build, but last longer.
-Corpses are back!

-There is much less mist in the graveyards, since it was causing performance and visibility issues.
-Items that fall near the ocean shouldn’t disappear anymore.
-Stone walls don’t take fire damage.
-Hounds don’t follow you through the teleportato.
-You can’t be killed while you are using the teleportato.
-Tree stumps no longer rain from the sky on loading some games.
-Rabbits no longer phase through obstacles.
-Placers for campfires won’t disappear into the night when trying to build them.
-Mating beefalo won’t go out of their way to aggro walls.
-Spider Queens no longer give birth to unlimited spiders when they have a combat target.

-The old world gen and the old research system have been removed. If you have an existing save game that was using the old research system, you will have to build some science machines to unlock your recipes.
Community Announcements - Corey
After watching people play with the new sanity system for a while, we've tweaked some things:

<b>New item:</b>
Garland - a pretty hat made out of flowers that gives a small sanity buff until it rots away

<b>Bug fixes:</b>
Abigail doesn’t hurt walls, and keeps more distance from you
Natural pig villages in new worlds won’t be too large
Bird traps take longer to trap birds
Wall repair is cheaper
Pigs say the right thing when they are befriended
Pigs don’t eat things off ground right when they are spawned
You have to force-attack to attack your own wall

<b>Sanity Tuning:</b>
Making a prototype gives a small sanity boost
Crawling Horrors and Terrorbeaks don’t hit quite as hard, and have a bit less HP
You always resurrect (slightly) sane
Wormhole sanity penalty is lower
Nightmare fuel drops more regularly from shadow monsters
Killing a shadow monster boosts sanity a bit
Shaving increases sanity
Ground Watchers come later and are less numerous
Cooked vegetables give a small sanity boost
Creepy eyes spawn farther away from the fire
Shadow monsters don’t teleport into the water when you hit them
Tophat is a bit cheaper to make
Pig friends give a smaller sanity boost
Max 3 shadow monsters at once (was 4)
Mr. Skitts shows up less frequently
Wet goop does not restore sanity
Sanity penalty for eating spoiled food is not as strong
Reduced nightmarefuel crafting costs
Reduced night light insanity aura
Community Announcements - Corey
Want a sneak peek at the next Don't Starve update? Join us tonight live on Twitch TV (10:00 PM PST).

Klei devs will be stopping by Lethalfrag's channel to chat and answer questions live as he plays through our next update: Insanity!

Event URL: <a href=""></a>
Jan 15, 2013
Product Update - Valve
Update Notes - Jan 15

-Food spoils over long periods of time. Stale and Spoiled foods are less beneficial. Rotten food is practically inedible, but can be used as fuel or fertilizer.
-Crock pot foods are now stackable.
-You can build a Ice Box now to mitigate spoilage.
-New unlockable character: WX78, a robot who can eat spoiled food with no penalties, and who hates all living things.
-Steam cloud can now be disabled. (details below)
-New camera controls for streamers/YouTubers: CTRL+P will freeze the camera in place. CTRL+H will hide the hud.
-Smallbirds now grow up to become angsty Teenbirds. Teenbirds will grow up to be Tallbirds and leave the player.
-The mysterious Otto Von Chesterfield can be found in some swamps. (You will need to start a new map to find him)
-Beefalo travel in proper herds now. Herds regenerate off-screen (currently with adults)
-Beefalo herds become agitated when they go into heat, and will chase away the player if they are not wearing a beefalo hat.
-Beefalo sometimes drop a beefalo horn, which can be used to move beefalos around.
-The Spider Hat is no longer craftable - you just wear the Spider Queen's head directly. It also can't be used to steal spiders from an existing queen.

-Health and Hunger values have been re-tuned across the board. Characters have a larger hunger buffer now.
-Addressed minor spelling mistakes
-Minor tweaks and fixes
-Fixed various save/load issues

Some people have reported save/load issues with Steam Cloud. We have added a workaround that will cause the game to save its files in your documents directory instead. To activate this mode,
add the following two lines to your "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\settings.ini" file:


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