Earlier this year we were visited by Ogdon who through the Make-A-Wish® has wished to visit us. He got to meet the team and was shown how Payday is built. As we showed him around the office as everyone was working on the later to be released content.

If you want to read more about Ogdon’s visit and see the mask he designed.
Please visit the site here.

We wish all the best to Ogdon and his family,
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 195 Changelog
Update size: 229.6 MB

  • XL 5.56 Microgun: Fixed a graphical issue on the ammo belt.
  • DECA Compound Bow: Tweaked the callout animations.

  • Aftershock: Fixed an issue where team AI could leave the playable area while carrying loot.
  • Alaskan Deal: Fixed an issue where players could fall into the water when the gangplanks were removed under them.
  • Beneath the Mountain: Changed some force spawns on to Murkies.
  • The Bomb: Dockyard: Adjusted bag collision for the Meth Lab.
  • Branch Bank: Reduced the amount of time it takes for cops to initiate an assault.
  • Breakin’ Feds: Fixed some collision issues.
  • Breakin’ Feds: Added some collisions.
  • Brooklyn 10-10: Adjusted collision near a set of emergency exit stairs.
  • Brooklyn 10-10: Enemies should no longer be able to shoot through the stairs.
  • Brooklyn 10-10: Added some collisions to avoid players seeing through the world.
  • Counterfeit: Moved counterfeit money so they don’t clip.
  • Escape: Park: Fixed enemy pathing so they don’t get stuck behind a fence.
  • First World Bank: Added some collisions to avoid players getting stuck.
  • Four Stores: Moved a collision box near an escape to prevent players from getting stuck.
  • Hell’s Island: Added collision behind crates to avoid players getting stuck.
  • Hell’s Island: Adjusted the trigger for the thermite objective. You should now be able to place it earlier.
  • Hell’s Island: Moved a pipe sticking through a wall.
  • Hell’s Island: Reduced the wait time until Bain’s prison cell opens, from 2 mins to 1.5 mins.
  • Hell’s Island: Added collision to a corner where players shouldn’t be.
  • Hell’s Island: Ammo and health assets should now be properly removed when reaching the Point of no return.
  • Hell’s Island: Fixed floating text in the cell block.
  • Hell’s Island: Replaced blood effects with superior ones.
  • Henry’s Rock: Added collision behind the boxes at the helipad
  • Henry’s Rock: Added collisions in certain places to avoid issues when spectating a player.
  • Henry’s Rock: Disabled a certain VO line that should not be played.
  • Henry’s Rock: Replaced the helicopter snipers to Murky snipers.
  • Henry’s Rock: Changed the normal snipers to Murky snipers.
  • Hotline Miami: Moved some weapons cases to make it easier to interact with them
  • Hotline Miami: Fixed an issue where AI would jump through boarded windows.
  • Murky Station: Fixed an issue where drones could clip into each other.
  • No Mercy: Fixed a collision allowing players to glitch out of the level.
  • No Mercy: Modified strings related to the cutting of wires.
  • Safehouse: Fixed a very small light issue
  • Scarface Mansion: Fixed some flickering wall decorations in the red room.
  • Scarface Mansion: Fixed an exploit where players could potentially secure more bags than allowed.
  • Scarface Mansion: Fixed an issue with a waypoint to the gasoline.
  • Scarface Mansion: Fixed an issue with a waypoint on the computer.
  • The Big Bank: Adjusted some door frames to fix a hole.
  • The Big Bank: Fixed players getting stuck in the bus.
  • The White House: Fixed an issue related to players and the helicopter.
  • The White House: Moved some collision blocking the player from reaching the anti-air computer.
  • The White House: Fixed an issue where players could get stuck behind the bookshelves in the library.
  • The White House: Answering the telephone will not accidentally trigger the alarm.
  • The White House: Players should not be able to fall out of the helicopter now.
  • The White House: TeamAI will now not follow the player randomly while in stealth.
  • The White House: Fixed an issue where players could sometimes get spotted while on the helicopter.
  • The White House: Added some collision to the Humvee where players could get stuck.
  • The White House: Improved the turrets inside the PEOC - Beware.
  • The White House: Tweaked the lights for the cable boxes to make it easier for people with color blindness.
  • The White House: Added interaction text to make it clearer for players with color blindness.
  • The White House: Fixed a VO issue where the reminder for the library would only play once.
  • The White House: Added sounds to the books that fall down.
  • The White House: Fixed an issue with a button in the library
  • The White House: Fixed some spelling issues.
  • Undercover: Enemies on the roof should no longer be able to shoot the player through buildings
  • Watch Dogs: Removed an out of place prop.
  • Watch Dogs: Added collision to a gate on day 2.
  • The Secret: Fixed some collision issues.
  • The Secret: Fixed two waypoint issues.
  • The Secret: Fixed an issue with assets.
  • The Secret: Fixed an exploit.
  • The Secret: Added a small token of acknowledgment.
  • The Secret: Fixed some sound volume issues.
  • The Secret: Fixed a visual issue with the players after descending.
  • The Secret: Tweaked some timings to make it slightly less punishing.
  • The Secret: Fixed an issue where unworthy players could gain access to the secret.
Hello Heisters

We've seen a great Crimefest event come and go, and want to thank everyone that took part in making this event one to be remembered in the PAYDAY legacy.

It's been wonderful to see how many of you joined the fight to free Bain from the clutches of Kataru, and pulled off the Greatest Heist of All ;)

As PAYDAY 2 's main story has been successfully concluded, we now keep working on fixing bugs and polishing the game, for the near future.
Across the office hallway, our brothers in arms have just today released OVERKILL's latest addition to our co-op lineup; OVERKILL's The Walking Dead!

Tonight the Walking Dead team here at OVERKILL will be throwing a huge stream for the launch of the new adventure at 2pm PT or 11pm CET over on

We would love for you to check it out. We have a lineup of great streamers to play OTWD live. Watch shroud, JGhosty, Anne Munition, and AngryPug as they will face a new kind of co-op challenge.

Its always been great to see you guys so passionate in PAYDAY - never stop having fun. As more and more of you unlock the secret, we are working to add an additional reward for anyone who can reach the last vault. Here's a little work-in-progress sneak peek for you, look forward to the update soon. We will see you in the forums for continued discussions and communication about our beloved PAYDAY 2 and more.

Thanks again for everything! Keep those helmets flyin!
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

The final Crimefest has come to an end and we are so happy to see how many heisters have taken part over the last couple of days. It’s been amazing to see all the reactions you've posted on Reddit, Twitter and the Steam forums. We thank all the heisters that have joined us over the years for taking part in the game. It's been one hell of a ride!

Stay frosty,
PAYDAY 2 Dev Team
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 194 Changelog
Update size: 1.3 Gb

  • ;)
Nov 1
Hotfix 193.1
This hotfix adresses the crash mentioned in the previous announcement. You can now open the achievement interface menu without any issues.

Quick Fix..
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 193.1 Changelog
Update size: 6.3 Mb

  • Fixed a crash when entering the achievement interface menu after unlocking one of the new achievements.

Rachel is at her wit's end, the strange case of the USB drive seems to hold more questions than answers. With the recent event involving the president, there are too many leads and open ends. She needs to get to the bottom of this. See the conclusion on the Breaking News Site.

White House
There’s a heavy military presence on the lawn of the White House and Press Secretary Salters has told the public not to worry. America is about to go to hell if Rachel doesn’t let the public know the ramifications of recent events. With the president missing, there is no telling what the future might hold.

Locke has somehow managed to get us onto the lawn of the White House like Bain planned. There is not much time for seeing the sights, however. Bain was very specific in that we need to do this now, and there is not a moment to lose.

Operation Black Light
With the third heist of Crimefest, we of course have a new track in the game. Le Castle Vania brings you another pumping composition to play while heisting in the very heart of America.
“Operation Black Light” was inspired by the mood and energy of one of my favorite songs that I wrote for the John Wick movies, “LED Spirals”. My goal was to make the track unique enough to stand on its own while still giving a nod to one of my earlier works that seems to really resonate with action genre fans!
-Le Castle Vania

Updated Storyline
As the Breaking News event draws to a close, we update the storyline with all the heists we’ve released during the event, and Shackelthorne is finaly added as well.

9 New Achievements
We’ve added a handful of new achievements that we felt were fun ideas with the hope that you would revisit some of the old heists that we have released over the years, because it’s always fun with some new challenges.

The event draws to a close and but the Crimefest Sale continues on. PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition, has a 85% discount, and PAYDAY 2 Base Game has a 50% discount!

I didn’t vote for the guy
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 193 Changelog
Update size: 790.6 Mb

No Mercy
  • Fixed that civilians were not spawning on Mayhem
  • Removed physics from surgical lamps due to "spinning" issues
  • Fixed an issue where clients would be on combat mode after changing into the scrubs (fixed yestreday)

Known Issues
There is currently a known issue with the achievement interface. The game could crash if you open the achievement menu after unlocking any of the new achievements. You can do the achievement and they will still be awarded to you.

A fix for this issue is coming momentarily.

Rachel has depleted the leads found on the USB stick and the world around her feels more unsafe than ever before. The events that have plunged the world into turmoil over the last week have now come to DC. She can’t shake the feeling that the events have something to do with the information she received from her anonymous source. But her investigation has hit a dead end. Where can she go from here? Follow her endeavors at the Breaking News site.

Medical Conference
Yesterday Rachels investigated the Mercy Hospital incident in New York. She has obtained a ticket to a Medical Conference on viral infections and surgery, hoping to find more information about this strange case.

You are invited to join OVERKILL_Tobias and OVERKILL_symN on
We are going to do something different today.

Do you want to expand your arsenal or are you missing a heister? Our Crimefest Sale has PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition, at a 85% discount, or you can pick up PAYDAY 2 Base Game at a 50% discount!

Are you allowed to have a beard as a doctor?
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Rachel’s research has taken her very far already, now she’s looking into an incident from years ago. Could the big New York hospital fire in 2012 really be the whole story about what happened that night? Or was it all a cover-up for something more sinister? She needs to dig deeper into this and find out more. Follow the investigation at the Breaking News site.

Mercy Hospital
Could this old hospital have a connection to the other things on this USB stick?
What really happened all those years ago?
Did the public really get to hear the true story?

The No Mercy heist has been added to PAYDAY 2. We revisit the past in this final classic heist. Play No Mercy just like in the days of old but with all the bells and whistles of PAYDAY 2. We recall the heist fondly, with its tense moments in the narrow hallways surrounded by swats on every side.

Stainless Steel Syringe
Dr. Tobolsky’s “Stainless Steel Syringe” has long been appreciated for its large dosage capabilities in the medical field. Its sturdy build has made it an unconventional, but not uncommon, weapon among heisters. It holds enough poison to last an entire heist, resulting in a slow death for anyone unlucky enough to get stung.

Code Silver 2018
With the return of the No Mercy heist, we also revisit the classic track Code Silver. This is what the composer Simon Viklund had to say about the opportunity to bring the track into 2018.
Returning to Code Silver was a blast! I've always been proud of the 'hook' in the original song, but I also thought its production could benefit from some improvement. You know - more layers of synthesizers, more room, harder hitting drums - so I added extra everything. Plus the song works in triplet rhythm too - so I made two different assault loops with slightly different flavors. Oh, and you can never go wrong with rock guitars. Have a listen
-Simon Viklund

Less then a week left of the Crimefest Sale on PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition, get it now at a 85% discount, or pick up PAYDAY 2 Base Game at a 50% discount!

It feels like something's in the air...
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 192 Changelog
Update size: 542.3 Mb

  • The Taser’s head should not be as reflective now.

  • Tweaks to first person position of the Claire 12G Shotgun, MTAR 21 Rifle and the DECA Technologies Compound Bow.
  • The animation when being tased while using the TAR 21 Rifle will no longer clip with the camera.
  • Tweaks to the visuals of Kento’s Tanto.
  • The iron sights of the M13 9mm Pistols should not flicker anymore.

Rachel has dug deeper and found more strange files on the USB stick. This time she found a video file from the FBI. As the world reacts in shock at the aftermath, another large explosion is reported on CNM News.

What is the cause of these strange events?
Does it have anything to do with the mysterious USB stick?

PAYDAY Gang Video Evidence
When you're investigating a criminal organization for years, you gather a lot of evidence that never reaches a courtroom. Every now and then someone leaks the evidence to the press and the public gets to see what has been hidden away. Check it out now on the BREAKING NEWS website.

We’ve received some great PAYDAY 2 themed t-shirt designs. The competition ends on 4th of November at 8 PM CEST. Put on your creativity-mask and get cracking.

Do you already have all the DLC? If not; The Crimefest Sale on PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition is currently active with a 85% discount, while PAYDAY 2 Base Game is offered at a 50% discount!

Roll Camera,
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

It seems like more and more evidence of illegal gun smuggling is surfacing. What could be the reason and is there any connection to the nuke? Follow Rachel Riggs latest clues on BREAKING NEWS.

New Weapons
Rachel received a bunch of papers that look a bit like weapon schematics. Are those the weapons that Gabriella talked about in her report about gun smuggling in D.C.?

The Claire 12G Shotgun - Sending a message has never been easier. Blast not once, but twice with this double barreled secondary western cannon.

The MTAR21 Assault Rifle - Thanks to its compact size and high rate of fire, this performance rifle will fit the needs of most heisters, loud or stealth.

DECA Technologies Compound Bow - When bows are your jam, but you want to look like a professional. Slap a sight on this bad boy and you have a precision instrument.

New Safe Rotation
During times like Crimefest we always feel a bit nostalgic. This time, instead of adding a new Safe, we felt like adding old Safes, in fact, quite a lot of them. All Community Safes got back into the rotation with a slightly higher drop chance than our own drill-free Safes that we produced over the last years. Last but not least, with a very rare drop chance, we re-added our old Event Safes.

Community Safes
  • Community Armor Safe
  • Community Safe 1
  • Community Safe 2
  • Community Safe 3
  • Community Safe 4
  • Community Safe 5
  • Community Safe 6
  • Community Safe 7
Developer Safes
  • Armor Safe
  • Armor Safe: WW2
  • Aldstone's Heritage Safe
  • Biker Safe
  • Chains Safe
  • Duke Safe
  • Hoxton Safe
  • John Wick Safe
  • Sangres Safe
  • Scarface Safe
Event Safes
  • Christmas Safe
  • First World Safe
  • Goat Safe
  • Slaughter Safe

It’s time for archery class,
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 191 Changelog
Update size: 129.6 Mb

  • Fixed an issue where error strings would show in the Story Line
  • Fixed the achievement descriptions for the Hell’s Island heist

Hell’s Island
  • Fixed an issue where the light Murky units would have the wrong stats
  • Fixed that players would crash when shooting the turret with a sniper and graze skill

Strange things are happening around the world while Rachel Riggs from CNM digs into her new found clues. As the world stunned by what happened in the south pacific she steadfast follows her leads. Find out more: BREAKING NEWS

Design your own PAYDAY T-shirt
Today’s activity is a contest to design a PAYDAY 2 themed t-shirt. It could be a meme, artwork, anything artistic that can go on a shirt! The contest will end on the 4th of November at 8 PM CEST. To keep things easy to check, we created an own thread on the Steam Forums: T-Shirt Contest!

Now is the time to gift your friends a life of crime while PAYDAY 2 is 50%, and PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition is 85% off! Do the Crime, Not the Time!

OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 190.2 Changelog
Update size: 6.6 Mb

  • Hell's Island - Fixed that the bridge lever doesn't work if players use C4 to open the door
  • Increased the ammo pick up rate for the new release M13 Pistol

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