A little hotfix just in time for the weekend! We noticed an issue related to our change regarding the auto-kick function that now triggered on overuse of all throwables. Since we need more time to check what exactly is causing the issue, we first of all reverted the change.

Enjoy the weekend,
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 181.1 Changelog
Update size: 15.9 Mb

  • Reverted the “auto-kick will now trigger on overuse of all throwables” change

Here comes round #2 of our spring clean up, this time with more than 60 fixes and tweaks. From now on you need to be more careful while trading hostages, since your trade-able hostage is not invulnerable anymore. This change was made since players could get into the situation that the picked hostage was outside of the playable area and therefore out of reach. On the plus side, you can now use the pool ladder on Big Oil Day 2!

Stay frosty,
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 181.0 Changelog
Update size: 135.6 Mb

  • Fixed an issue with some levels and difficulties granting completion of achievements that they shouldn't
  • The auto-kick will now trigger on overuse of all throwables
  • Pausing and unpausing will no longer break your jump momentum when playing in Offline mode
  • Fixed an issue with clients being unable to interact with ECM Jammers properly
  • The ECM feedback is no longer exclusively useable for the player that deployed the ECM Jammer
  • Tradable hostages can now be killed
  • Fixed an issue where assets bought after switching profile in the Job Overview would not spawn
  • Fixed so the material Rosewood Pink use the correct texture
  • Fixed a typo on the description for the Prospect in the Biker Perk Deck
  • Fixed so the sound queue for the Trophies don’t play for already earned Trophies
  • Removed the Payday 2 logotype from the preview screen
  • The trophy “Ultimate Heister” no longer refers to the One Down difficulty
  • Updated the Assault fade to avoid them being excessively long
  • Spawn animations will no longer pre spawn a collision for the AI

  • Added Henry’s Rock and Breakin’ Feds to the levels required for the difficulty achievements
  • Fixed a typo on the achievement description for “Blood Diamond”

  • Fixed an issue where dead enemies would activate Underdog for clients
  • Fixed a crash related to leaving a game when in custody with Stockholm Syndrome Aced

  • Fixed a clipping issue with the Ergo Grip on the Chimano Custom Pistol
  • Fixed an issue with the intimidate animation for Akimbo Micro Uzi Submachine Guns
  • Fixed the glass material on the Tactical Flashlight melee weapon
  • Fixed so the XL 5.56 Microgun is properly hidden if the player is downed by a Cloaker

  • Alaskan Deal
    • Fixed some briefcases clipping with other props
    • Removed some planks that were clipping with the fuel tank
    • Relocated a floating pile of debris
  • Alesso
    • Moved a plant that was clipping through a wall
    • Removed a stack of boxes that spawned in the same location as another stack of boxes
    • Moved a poster that caused a z-fighting with the wallpaint
    • Fixed so that the achievement “Fuck it, we’re walking” can’t be obtained in Stealth
  • Big Bank
    • Fixed a gap in the wall by the entrance to the bank tellers area
  • Big Oil Day 2
    • Fixed some seams on the walls
    • Made the pool ladder climbable
    • Added two missing windows by the exit to the terrace
  • Brooklyn Bank
    • Fixed z-fighting on the wall to the left of one of the ATM’s
  • Escape: Overpass
    • Fixed some VO giving misleading information related to the point of no return
    • Fixed fire hurt area being enabled at the wrong time
    • Disabled interaction on fence props near helicopter escape
  • Go Bank
    • Fixed so the correct interaction text is used for the car trunk interactions
  • Golden Grin Casino
    • Covered some holes in the walls around the reception area
  • Henry’s Rock
    • Added missing collisions in the cliffside in the helicopter pad area
    • The batteries are no longer counting as additional loot
  • Hotline Miami Day 1
    • Moved a car that was clipping with a building
    • Raised the bag limit as it was set too low
  • Hoxton Breakout Day 1
    • Fixed a z-fighting issue on one of the buildings
  • Hoxton Breakout Day 2
    • Removed excessive hinges on a door
  • Branch Bank
    • Fixed the collision on the roof walkway railing
  • Reservoir Dogs Day 2
    • Fixed a typo on the word “Nitrogen”
    • Added two extra Liquid Nitrogen canisters
  • Safe House
    • Fixed the collisions on the lounge chairs as they were too big
    • Fixed the collisions on the spray cans as they were too big
    • Visually updated the animal masks that had broken textures
    • Fixed some collisions around the shooting range
  • Santa’s Workshop
    • Team AI will now wait in their designated areas during Casing mode
    • Fixed an issue where a table blocked the AI from going up the stairs
  • Scarface Mansion
    • Fixed a broken collision on the terrace wall
    • Fixed an occluder issue with some carpets
  • Shadow Raid
    • The guard by the waterfront will no longer play a door breaching animation when he shouldn't
  • Slaughterhouse
    • Dozers will no longer get stuck behind the garage doors
    • Dozers and Shields are now able to get down from all the containers
  • White X-mas
    • Removed misaligned graffiti
    • The loot drop will now use the correct waypoint icon


5 years ago, and some five hours ago the PAYDAY 2 pre-order opened up on Steam. 2 hours later we reached number one on the top seller list - all categories. At the same time, the predecessor PAYDAY: The Heist made it up to 8th place. Crime was everywhere.

That moment five years ago meant something important to all of us in the OVERKILL crew. It was a moment of pride for me personally, and as I type these words I get very emotional thinking about everything we've experienced together.

On behalf of the rest of the gang, I'd just like say thank you for your support over the years. We do not forget. Thank you. Making PAYDAY 2 together with you, and continuing to do so five years down the line, that is the best cooperative game of all.

We cannot wait to show you what we got cooking.

Keep those helmets flying,

We have a massive update ready for you, with over 100 fixes and tweaks. There are big and small fixes, in all areas of the game, and on over 20 levels. For example; the Side Jobs have now been added to the lobby menu so both host and client can access the feature. The Akimbo White Streaks now also have the Immortal Python skin from the 1000 achievement milestone.

Stay calm and keep heisting.
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 180.0 Changelog
Update size: 80.3 Mb

  • Fixed the crews negotiator string so the right negotiator is displayed
  • Fixed an issue where ECM jammers would disappear if they were placed on a moving object
  • Fixed some issues with Sangres shirt randomization
  • Fixed an achievement issue where “Celsius or Fahrenheit?” wouldn’t trigger when using Sniper Rifles
  • Reworked the “Virus” achievement so it is no longer dependent on the players privacy settings on Steam
  • Added Breakin’ Feds to the list of heist for the “Who’s there?” trophy
  • Added a new recoil animation for the Akimbo versions of the Judge, Bronco.44 and Matever .357 Revolvers
  • Fixed an issue where you could start a Safe House Raid lobby as a client
  • Added Side Jobs menu item to the lobby menu
  • Fixed a crash when using AP slugs when playing with the Extra Terrestrial Mutator
  • Fixed an issue where life gain could be triggered on converted cops
  • Fixed a typo on the Story Line “Some Things Are Forever”

  • Fixed an issue where Stoic tier 5 Calm wouldn't regenerate the delayed damage after the player got traded from Custody
  • Disabled critical hits for the Arbiter Grenade Launcher and Underbarrel Grenade Launcher on the Little Friend 7.62 Assault Rifle
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of the Aced Confidence would get lost if the player re-equips the Joker skill
  • Fixed an issue with converted cops getting stuck on several levels
  • Fixed an issue where Suppressed Sentry Guns could be used as Secondary Deployable when Engineering skill was removed

  • Fixed so the Raven Shotgun has the correct mods and allow the correct combinations of mods
  • Added the PBS Suppressor and the Grips to the mods for the Akimbo Tatonka Submachine Guns
  • Fixed crash related to the Judge and the skin Anarcho from the Sydney Safe
  • Added the Tactical Suppressor to the Akimbo CMP Submachine Guns
  • Fixed a crash related to modifying the Cavity 9mm
  • Fixed a crash when clicking between the name of a profile and the change profile arrow
  • Fixed a crash when trying to use a weapon that was crafted with missing color customization data on the gadget
  • Fixed an issue where the Specialist Knives would get unequipped upon restarting the game
  • Added the Immortal Python skin to the White Streak Akimbo Pistols

  • Changed hair state on the the Augmentation mask
  • Fixed a clipping issue involving the Dallas mask and Jacket's hair
  • Fixed a clipping issue involving the Fedora mask and Dallas' hair
  • Fixed the pattern compatibility for the Wrath mask
  • Fixed straps clipping through the mask Old Blood and Guts
  • Fixed so all heisters use the same version of the Balaclava
  • Fixed a clipping issue with one of the eyes on the Greed mask
  • Fixed an issue where the backplate would be visible when previewing John Wick's glasses
  • Fixed a clipping issue with The Gas Mask on Jacket
  • Re-positioned the Tiara on Sydney for a better fit
  • Fixed a clipping issue with the Commando on Sydney
  • Fixed a typo in the description for the 44th mask

  • Aftershock
    • Removed some vegetation that was clipping through a wall
    • Tweaked positioning on multiple vehicles that was clipping with other objects
    • Moved a particle effect for flames that appeared to be floating
    • Moved one animation so cops no longer repel into the truck below the bridge
    • Removed garbage piles that was see-through from one side
    • Fixed a LOD issue on tents
  • Alaskan Deal
    • Fixed a briefcase that was spawning without money
    • Fixed a chair that was clipping with a table
  • The Basics
    • Fixed a location on Stealth Day 1 where the player could get stuck next to a container
    • Fixed an issue where dominating a cop in the beginning could block progression on Loud Day 2
  • Birth of Sky
    • Fixed a LOD issue on a window
    • Disabled the spawn of Captain Winters when the players are too close to the boat, to avoid a crash
  • Bomb: Forest
    • Fixed a typo on the word “Thick” within a objective description
  • Breakin’ Feds
    • Fixed an issue where the player could find hidden loot in the walls
    • Reworked waypoint logic for the door to the Evidence room
    • Fixed the location where the player could get stuck in the HR room
    • Reworked the animation on the cupboard in Garrett's office, it should now be stopping players from getting stuck
  • Brooklyn Bank
    • Tweaked enemy spawn animations from the bridge
    • Reworked logic for the tarps waypoint stopping it from getting stuck
    • Fixed bag collision around the vault door
    • Removed some floating pipes
    • Fixed vision blockers so cops no longer can shoot through the vault ceiling
  • Car Shop
    • Fixed an issue when using a ECM jammer before entering the manager’s office preventing progression through the level
  • Cook Off/Rats day 1
    • Tweaked the blur zone by the meth lab
    • Fixed some barrels clipping with each other
    • Fixed a clipping issue related to bordering up some windows
    • Tweaked the lighting
  • Diamond Heist
    • Fixed an issue where the Stealth secure area could be used in Loud
    • Relocated doors and signs that was not aligned with the wall
    • Moved a floating party hat to the table
    • Realigned a whiteboard to the wall that was previously out of place
    • Fixed an issue with the lazer outside the vault so they now trigger the alarm
    • Fixed an issue where a Sniper could shoot the player through the wall in the Red Diamond room
  • Transport: Crossroads/Downtown/Harbor/Park
    • Fixed an issue where securing multiple bags at the same time could block the escape
  • Goat Simulator day 2
    • Fixed an issue where the player could be teleported outside of the truck at the escape, making the player unable to complete the heist
    • Fixed floating preplanning assets
    • Fixed an issue where the assets didn't spawn if the heist was restarted
  • Heat Street
    • Fixed several pieces of graffiti partially disappearing into the wall
    • Fixed several pieces of graffiti that was too far away form the wall
    • Fixed clipping scaffolding props
    • Fixed a pillar that was clipping into a wall
    • Adjusted location of missing light props so they match the lighting
    • Fixed a VO line asking the player to follow Bile when they should just wait for him
    • Fixed an issue with a cop car that previously drove through Matt’s escape van
    • Added a missing VO reminder for the first fuel can
    • Realigned the interior inside one of the shops
  • Henry’s Rock
    • Fixed an issue where the enemy could interrupt the hacking of the turrets, even though they had already been blown up
    • Added breakable screens to the Computer Lab
    • Reworked the cops interruption logic for computers and powerboxes
    • Specials have been excluded from the interruption of computers and powerboxes
    • Fixed so Locke don’t remind the player to hack the control boxes when the hacking is active
    • Repositioned some cables so that they no longer clip with the floor
  • Hotline Miami day 1
    • Reworked the Sniper spawn logic
    • Fixed an issue with a ladder clipping with the balcony railing
    • Fixed some light leaking through a wall
    • Fixed flickering issue with a fence
    • Added a missing collision in a doorway
  • Jewelry Store
    • Fixed an issue where Snipers could shoot through a building
    • Disabled dumpster interaction when dumpster spawn is not used
    • Removed one out of place building in the backdrop
    • Moved out of place heat source
    • Fixed some flickering leaves on the main street
    • Fixed multiple cases of flickering graffiti
    • Fixed a hole in the level
  • Panic Room
    • Fixed Sniper spawn logic so they no longer spawn too often
    • Removed a line of text that was out of place
  • Safe House
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in Dragan's room
    • Fixed a crash when clients dealt poison damage to the punching bag
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in Sydney’s room
  • Shadow Raid
    • Fixed an issue where two locations always spawned loot and they were not added to the randomisation
    • Fixed two locations where the player could see out of the level
    • Repositioned the thermite asset so it no longer clips with the ground
    • Fixed a doorway by the waterfront where civilians were unable to be escorted through it
    • Reworked guard path for the guard that sometimes was stuck in a doorway by the waterfront
    • Removed out of place collision related to a ladder that is not always spawning
  • Slaughterhouse
    • Team-AI no longer masks up right away
    • Moved Grenade asset so it does not clip with other objects
    • Repositioned fence that was both floating and clipping
  • Transport: Train Heist
    • Fixed collision on dumpsters so bags can be picked back up if placed within
  • Ukrainian Job
    • Fixed so the dumpsters can be opened
  • The Yacht Heist
    • Repositioned multiple lamps that were clipping with the walls
    • Fixed flickering issues in two locations with the color tags next to the laptops
    • Fixed an issue with a despawning light at the spawn location
    • Removed some NPCs from the top floor crowd that were stuck in T-pose
    • Fixed clipping issues with some boxes in the basement
    • Added missing alarm sound to the point of no return
    • Fixed a location where the player could get stuck behind the fridge doors
    • Fixed the spawns and the sound for the tape recorders
    • Fixed interactions on the override switches, so players can’t interact through the floor
    • Fixed the outline on the hard drive for drop in clients
    • Changed interaction text for the override switches
    • Fixed an issue where windows could break when masking up
    • Fixed a sound loop for both the Saw and the Flamethrower
    • Reworked the logic for Sentry Guns on the belt
    • Fixed a crash related to corrupt belt IDs

Spring Break 2018 is officially over and once more we’d like to say thank you to everyone who has been a part of it. We had a great time watching you all try the new content, play with us on discord or collectively laugh about someone's Javelin skills! Today’s hotfix addresses some of the reported issues on our new Henry’s Rock heist, but more in the changelog further down.

Nap time,
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 179.2 Changelog
Update size: 12.6 Mb

Henry’s Rock
  • Fixed the description for the achievement “Boom, Headshot!”
  • Increased the size of the text on the main hub computer
  • Tweaked damage and health for turrets
  • Fixed an issue where you could go outside the level
  • Fixed an issue with the Box bag being duplicated in the Bio Lab
  • Fixed an issue where you could get a longer hack time if interacting with the hackboxes to fast

Spring Break Day 7, something terrible has happened to our beloved SkepticGuy. We have tried to get in contact with him but there is no answer. Sadly, this might just be the last post on

This now marks the end of Spring Break 2018. We hope you enjoyed these 7 days as much as we have, and that you'll join us again for whatever comes next. Let us know in the comments or on the Steam forums what you thought of the event and the story developments.

New Heist
We saved something special for last, the Henry’s Rock job. Locke has something planned for you if you are up to it. The gang is going to a remote and secure location, a Murkywater facility in the desert. Who knows what is going on there, expect heavy resistance!

The Story So Far
Spring Break this year has advanced the story and lore of PAYDAY 2 a lot. We have seen some shady dealing from Commissioner Garrett and now Locke is bringing us one step closer to what Bain was after. What better way to complete the event then with a big Storyline update. All heists up to and including Henry’s Rock are now in there. Excluding only some event heists.

Just like the Event, our Steam Sale is on it’s last day.
This is your chance to grab yourself a copy of ​PAYDAY 2 for the low price of $4.99.
You can also upgrade to the ​PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition with a discount of 75%.
Why not pick up the classic ​PAYDAY: The Heist for only $3.74.
Lastly, our new published title ​Inked has a release discount of 10% until the 3rd of May.

What is behind door number 1?
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 179 Changelog
Update size: 323 Mb

  • Split Akimbo into category(Akimbo Pistol, Akimbo SMG & Akimbo Shotgun).
  • Improved the inspect animation for the Akimbo Judge
  • Fixed Akimbo Judge benefiting from magazine related skills
  • Akimbo Bronco and Akimbo Matever no longer benefit from magazine related skills
  • Fixed the name of the “Immortal Viper” weapon skin for the Akimbo White Steak Pistols

Update 179.1 Changelog
Update size: 3.7 Mb

  • Fixed an issue that clients could get stuck in the crates at the beginning of Henry's Rock

Spring Break Day 6 and the our SkepticLad really goes above and beyond when it comes to his research. Recording a commissioner at “work” doesn’t sound legal, or at least smart if you ask me. In case you haven’t heard it so far, check his latest post:

This years Spring Break is close to an end, therefore it’s time to talk a bit about the event so far and our contest winners! 600+ entries in our Police Report Contest on the Steam Forums! We are still impressed by the cheer amount of entries and how authentic some of them were written… don’t worry, we don’t ask further questions!

The stream starts at 17:00 CEST and can be found on Twitch. Watch the Producers read some really real Police Reports!

Just like the Event, our Steam Sale is near to an end. Tomorrow is your last chance to grab yourself a copy PAYDAY 2 for the low price of $4.99 or finally upgrade to the PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition with a discount of 75%. Last but not least, our new published title ​Inked still has a release discount of 10% until the 3rd of May.

OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
Spring Break Day 5 and the Skeptic_Man seems to be getting bolder in his pursuit of the truth. He ventured closer to the Payday Gang then before. We feel he should be careful not to wake the bear. thesecretisreallyreal

2000 rounds of badassness per minute
Today we release a new Minigun, it's a shoulder mounted package of pure awesome.
Check it out for yourselves here: What will you do with your the XL 5.56 Microgun?

30 Akimbos
Yes, you read that right. As if six barrels of the Microgun wasn’t enough, we’re also adding an additional 30 Akimbo versions of the old Pistols, Submachine Guns and Shotguns. Expanding your arsenal even further.

Mask, Patterns, Materials, oh my
To round out the day we are adding four cozy dog masks and lots of mask customization to go with them - 49 patterns, 33 materials and 100 colors. Let your creativity really shine! When starting the game each player will randomly receive 11 patterns, 10 materials and 21 colors. On top of that all players will receive one copy of the Salaminati patterns. Of course all items can also be found within the loot drop.

Last week we changed our Ultimate Edition setup. The PAYDAY 2: Base Game is now available to buy & gift again for a reduced price of $9.99. PAYDAY: The Heist, PAYDAY 2: Base Game and PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition are now also on sale, so don’t miss out. The Base Game is Free-to-Play for the whole duration of the event, so let's go heisting!

We also want to inform you that we just published a new game. If you are interested in puzzle games; please have a look at ​Inked which currently has a -10% discount.

That gun is so not Micro,
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 178 Changelog
Update size: 86.8 Mb

  • Fixed “Say Hello To My Halloween Friend!” not counting crafted masks
  • Updated some Community Achievement descriptions
  • Updated the pattern on the Immortal Python weapon skin for the OVE9000 Saw
  • Fixed an issue with the Hitman Perk Deck giving the wrong amount of ammunition
  • Fixed broken material on the Contractor .308 Sniper Rifle when using skins
  • Fixed an issue on Prison Nightmare where converted cops wouldn’t follow the player
  • Fixed an issue on Prison Nightmare where money pallets used wrong particle effects
  • Fix the “Drive-by” achievement not being triggered by explosive damage
  • Fixed an issue with the Para Submachine Gun causing issues with "Here Comes the Pain Train" achievement

  • Fixed an issue on Beneath the Mountain where players could get stuck behind some railings
  • Fixed an issue on Brooklyn 10-10 where hostages would remain in unreachable areas
  • Fixed an issue on Reservoir Dogs Day 2 where the players could get stuck behind a fence
  • Fixed an issue on Watchdogs Day 2 where bags could get stuck in an unreachable place
  • Fixed an issue on Breakin’ Feds where a box was facing the wrong way in the safe

Spring Break Day 4 and it feels like this SkepticDude is finally losing it completely. He is talking about how we get recorded by drones, and that "they" hide in the darkness? The good news is, we heard rumors that he might release his desired Wallpaper! Salaminati confirmed? thesecretisreallyreal

Live Q&A with OVERKILL_Wordsmith and OVERKILL_Oscar
Today we have on the couch, our new writer Joe, better known as OVERKILL_Wordsmith and Oscar our VO Sound Engineer aka OVERKILL_Oscar. As a special guest we have invited our own community conspiracy theorist RandomKenny! Well… and I am there to take the trash-talk from the chat. Thank you for all your Lore and Voice Actor specific questions on the steam forum, we'll try our best to cover as many as possible!

The stream starts at 17:00 CEST and can be found on Twitch.

Aaand we are live,
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 177.1 Changelog
Update size: 13.5 Mb

Breakin’ Feds
  • Computer Signs can now be read on lower texture settings
  • Modified the Immortal weapon skin icon
  • Fix a crash connected to throwables and destructibles
  • Added the Infamous tag for Mega Duke and The Great Immortal
Spring Break Day 3 and SkepticBoi is still going strong on his site. He even has gotten quite a following too. However, it seems like he’s getting into some really hot water. We just hope he’s not in over his head. What do you think he’ll get up to next: thesecretisreallyreal

But now for something completely unrelated. We have a new update with some goodies for you. Today we bring you many new challenges and lots of cool rewards to strive for.

From the Community for the Community
We dug through a lot of your threads and posts with achievement suggestions and let our dear moderator team pick their favorites. Going live today are 36 great new achievements from all around the forums; perhaps you might even find one of yours in there.

In addition to the achievements we also added 43 side jobs, and moved the Side Jobs menu out of the Safe House into CrimeNet to make it easier for you to find the latest challenges. Three lucky heisters have even gotten their achievement suggestion turned into new side jobs as well. In fact, we did an extra push of Side Jobs with today’s release so you might see some additional entries. Last but not least- to celebrate the new challenges we added additional rewards for weekly side jobs as well. This gives you more opportunities to get your hands on some rare masks.

First up is Duke who brings you a Mega Version of his mask free to all players. Alongside this badass mask he brings a new safe. He filled it to the brim with old and beautiful weapons that have surely stood the test of time. Check out these awesome antiques. Which one is your favorite?

With the new Achievements in today’s release we also add a new milestone for anyone who can manage to unlock 1000 or more achievements. Should be easy, right? Reaching this Epic level of heisting will grant you a new kickass mask, a full skin set for your armor and every skinnable weapon in the game. Naturally, any upcoming weapon will also be compatible with this skin.

Last week we changed our Ultimate Edition setup. The PAYDAY 2: Base Game is now available to buy & gift again for a reduced price of $9.99. PAYDAY: The Heist, PAYDAY 2: Base Game and PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition are now also on sale, so don’t miss out. Last but not least, the Base Game is Free-to-Play for the whole duration of the event, so lets go heisting!

We also want to draw additional attention to the ongoing Police Report Contest.
Come in and write a police report about your most epic moment of heisting. Perhaps you feel like sharing your most spectacular failure, or why not tell us about that time when that thing happened which was just the funniest ever, right? Or I guess you had to have been there.

Tomorrow you will have the opportunity to ask a few questions to our writer OVERKILL_Wordsmith so get all your lore questions ready he might have some answers for you, maybe ;)
We are already collecting the questions here:
So jump in and ask away.

Time for a Mega update.
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 177 Changelog
Update size: 269.1 Mb

Breakin’ Feds
  • Implemented new interaction sounds for Garrett´s office
  • Fixed laptop interaction issues
  • Fixed issue with Garrett returning too early from the corridor
  • Added the level to stealth only list

  • Killing an enemy will now properly reduce the cooldown of the Sicario Smoke Bomb

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