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Hello, all. As we previously announced over on Capcom Unity, unfortunately there are no plans to update or migrate Age of Booty to a new matchmaking system following the shutdown of the Gamespy service. For those who already own the game, as has been the case, the single player campaign will still be accessible since that portion is unaffected by the shutdown. However, after some consideration, we have determined that since any new users will not be getting the full game experience, we have decided to remove Age of Booty for purchase from Steam in 30 days.
Age of Booty™ Trailer - Steve Watts
Companies are continuing to detail their plans for handling the GameSpy shutdown, and now it's Capcom's turn. Lost Planet 3, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, and Marvel vs Capcom Origins will all be more-or-less fine, while others aren't quite so lucky.
Age of Booty™ Trailer - Steve Watts

Sure, you can play Age of Booty on PC and console, but we all know what you really want is to find Booty on the bus or while you're in the loo. Luckily for you, Certain Affinity has announced a mobile port for iPhone, iPad, and Android sometime in the near future. It's being developed in partnership with Chaotic Moon, and packs a few tweaks.

As expected for a handheld port, Touch Arcade reports that the new version brings some changes to the visuals and interface. In addition, there's Twitter and Facebook connectivity, and new levels. An accompanying teaser picture promises it's free-to-play and offers cross-platform game play.

Age of Booty met with moderate success on other platforms, so a free-to-play, mobile version should be a welcome new way to play.


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