ROSE Online - CM Andrasyte

Time to hit the beach at Sunshine Coast!

Summer has at last arrived Roserians! In honor of this sizzling season in ROSE Online, we are holding a great Summer Festival in Sunshine Coast! Please join us in celebrating the 2018 Summer Festival with games and prizes for everyone to enjoy! Mingle with your fellow Visitors and with the citizens of Sunshine Coast that have come out to the beach to play with us and have lots of fun!

Mini-games such as Chicken Races, Digging for Treasures, Clown Throwing, Summer Fishing, Scavenger Hunts, and much more will be there for everyone to participate in! Earn Festival Tickets to trade for great prizes such as gorgeous Yukatas, Bikinis, and more. We would like to remind you to please keep the beach clean during the festival. If too much trash is left on the beach, the mini-games will temporarily close until the trash has been removed. So clean up after yourselves!

The Scavenger Hunt is the event to complete in this year you can still obtain the Special Summer Basket as a reward. Inside is a chance to obtain a rare off-hand Fan accessory that is sure to please everyone! Just remember that this event requires Festival Tickets to participate!

Join us on June 1st to June 30th for the 2018 Summer festival!
ROSE Online - CM Andrasyte

Greetings Roserians!

A Week Long Bonus Event has been activated! Join us in game for 3x Experience, Unlimited GA Energy, 5% Refine, 5% Empowerment, and 5% Reinforcement bonus! Additionally at the start of the event everyone will receive one free stat and skill reset! Make sure to log in and enjoy the event bonuses as they will only last through Monday May 28th!    

Please note that Stat and Skill resets will be slowly distributed at the start of the event (Monday May 21st).

ROSE Online - CM Andrasyte

Patch Notes v658

Temporary Item Restrictions

To facilitate the processing of refunds on EU player accounts, all Item Mall graded items have had their trading restriction temporarily set to Account Locked. These item restrictions will remain in effect until May 25th after which they will be reverted to their previous restrictions.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this temporary change.

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected issue that allowed accessory items to be reinforced.
  • Corrected grade of Shield of Cheer and Magic Tool of Spearmint to Item Mall grade (previously grade 1).
  • Updated the screenshot function to be more performant and added a delay of 2 seconds per screenshot to alleviate issues with the game client freezing up for extended periods of time when the print screen button is pressed repeatedly.
  • Corrected an issue with item drop system incorrectly reducing the base chance to receive drops from yellow and higher colored monsters.
ROSE Online - CM Andrasyte
Dear Players,

Due to the changes of our company's service policy for the European regions, we are sadden to bring you news that, all games and WarpPortal services to the European regions listed below will be terminated on May 25th, 2018.

The following European countries will be affected by the termination of service: All the European countries except for Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

All WarpPortal game access and account access will be blocked by regional IP.  Refunds will be gradually sent for purchases made from February 1st 2018 to April 30th 2018 to those affected by this service termination.

We have updated our User Agreement and Privacy Policy to reflect the new changes going forward.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.
ROSE Online - CM Andrasyte

Patch Notes v657

Item Reinforcement System

Equipment items can now have their durability upgraded up to 100 through item reinforcement!
  • Item reinforcement services are offered by [Armor Merchant] Saki in Junon Polis.
  • Item durability can increase on success or decrease on failure by up to 5 levels per reinforcement attempt.
  • Items that fail a reinforcement attempt will not drop below 1 durability.
  • Items with 0 durability are considered to be damaged beyond repair and cannot be reinforced.
Several new materials which are used to reinforce items are dropped by monsters in Game Arena dungeons.
  • Reinforcement Powder - Used to reinforce items at all levels of durability; Uncommon tier.
  • Reinforcement Alloy (Sn) - Used to reinforce items up to 40 durability; Rare tier.
  • Reinforcement Alloy (Cr) - Used to reinforce items up to 60 durability; Rare tier.
  • Reinforcement Alloy (Mn) - Used to reinforce items up to 80 durability; Rare tier.
  • Reinforcement Alloy (Ti) - Used to reinforce items up to 100 durability; Rare tier.
Optional enhancer materials are also available from the Item Mall to augment your experience with item reinforcement:
  • Reinforcement Compound - Boosts success rate on a reinforcement attempt.
  • Reinforcement Protector - Prevents item durability from degrading on a failed reinforcement attempt.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected an exploit which allowed paradigm runes to be traded under specific conditions.
  • Corrected issues with Uncommon and Very Rare tier item drops for monsters in Game Arena dungeons.
Lucky Spin
  • Sailor School Costume [New!]
  • Sleeping Cloud Costume [New!]
  • Easter Bunny Costume
  • Heroic Meanie Costume
  • Heroic Punk Costume
  • Guardian Behemoth Costume
  • Heavenly Soldier Costume
  • Red Magician Costume
  • White Ninja Costume
  • Celestial Adornment
  • Fox Wing
ROSE Online - CM Andrasyte

Greetings Roserians!

Apologies for the late announcement! Due to the maintenance that is taking place tomorrow at 3:00 PM PDT the Weekend Bonus Event started early! Enjoy 2x Drop Rate and EXP rate through Sunday April 15th!
ROSE Online - CM Andrasyte

Greetings Roserians! 

Maintenance has been scheduled for this week and will begin on Friday April 13th at 3:00 PM PDT. Please make sure to log out before the maintenance begins! Patch Notes will be posted as soon as they become available. 
ROSE Online - CM Andrasyte

The April Screenshot Contest has arrived Roserians!

Enjoying the Easter Egg Hunt? We hope so too! So this month, we want to make the screenshot contest even easier for you! Simply submit a screenshot while [/u]in pursuit, and win some goodies to boot!

Make sure submit a screenshot of you searching for the Easter Eggs by Monday April 30th  on the Official ROSE Online Facebook Page to be entered into the raffle! The winner of the raffle will be awarded the 500 IM Point Prize!
ROSE Online - CM Andrasyte

Patch Notes v656

Lucky Spin

  • Jam On It Costume [New!]
  • Ethereal Deceiver Costume [New!]
  • Beekeeper Costume
  • Eggbird Costume
  • Rosadeer Costume
  • Glam Flamingo Costume
  • Ruler Costume
  • Sea Glitz Costume
  • Explorer Rascal Costume
  • Celestial Adornment
  • Fox Wing

Leprechauns abound~! From March 16 to April 1, you can grab your very own Leprechauns at no extra cost when you spend in the Item Mall this month.

For WarpPortal users:

  • Spend 1000 IM or more to receive a free Red Leprechaun
  • Spend 2000 IM or more to receive a free Golden Leprechaun

And for Steam users, in celebration of our Spring into Savings Steam Sale:

  • Spend 600 IM or more to receive a free Red Leprechaun
  • Spend 1200 IM or more to receive a free Golden Leprechaun

Note: A maximum of 1 of each type of Leprechaun mount will be rewarded per ROSE account. Mount rewards will be distributed after the promotional period has ended, no later than April 3rd.

Specials > Event

  • Summon Leprechaun
  • Kiss me I'm Irish T-Shirt
  • Clover Balloon
  • Patricks Lucky Box

Specials > Seasonal

  • March Lucky Box
  • Spring Box

Specials > Limited

  •  Lucky Gear Box

The following items are no longer available for purchase from the Item Mall: 

  • Valentine Lucky Box
  • Valentine Gift Box
  • Sweetheart Box
  • Heart-Shaped Box
  • Heart Headband
  • Box of Feathered Capes
  • Box of Guardian Wings

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous

Corrected issue with some color variations of the Traditional Chinese Costume not being given from the Spring Premium Daily Box.

Corrected issue causing several event monsters to attack very slowly.

 Corrected display issue with Pinkheart Pork-Fiend's hammer weapon.
 Prismatic Dust gem crafting material will now correctly drop from higher levelled Orlo monsters as an Epic tier item drop.

The following items have been temporarily set to Account Locked:

  • Patricks Lucky Box
  • March Lucky Box
  • April Lucky Box
  • Arua's Winter Adventure Box
  • Hebarn's Winter Domination Box
  • Box of Guardian Wings
  • Box of Gearwork Wings
  • Box of Gearflight Backshield
  • Box of Winged Goggles
  • Box of Clockwork Hunting Hat
  • Patrick's Day Box
  • Spring Box
  • Summer Box
ROSE Online - CM Andrasyte

An amazing sale has begun Roserians! Spring into Savings with ROSE Online's Steam Sale! Beginning March 16th save big when powering  up! Make sure not to miss out on this opportunity as the sale will be coming to a close on March 26th! 

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