Community Announcements - DrinkBox_Studios
Hi all! A new patch just went live to address some bugs and add some new features to the Guacamelee! Gold Edition.

- Added Extras menu to review previously unlocked cutscenes
- Users can now set voice over options for custom skins in the Skin Editor tool (ie choose between a male or female voice)
- All skins are available to both players now in the costume shop. Associated trophies are possible as either P1 or P2

- Reverted vsync lock fix, as it was causing some different issues for some users
- Fix to low resolution skin preview. Requres skins to be re-built
- Fix to 3 sword skeleton playing spin sound incorrectly
- Fix for wrong leaderboard rank displaying in certain situations (e.g. when beating hard mode)
- Enabled writing of log file, to help us with debugging crash issues. This should appear in C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Temp\system.log.txt

<3 DrinkBox Studios
Community Announcements - Soowagoo
Check out our Facebook page and participate in our Guacamelee Custom Skin Poll.

Potential Skins:
  • X'tabay
  • Carlos Calaca
  • Flame Face
  • Javier Jaguar
  • Your own suggestion

Community Announcements - DrinkBox_Studios
Hi all, just wanted to let people know that we just released a patch for Guacamelee! Gold Edition to fix some of the issues users have been experiencing. The patch should address the following issues:

- Fix for game running super fast for some players. This was due to vsync of video card overriding the video settings that were selected in the game.
- Fix for infinite hit on spikes at the end of the Xtabay battle
- Fix for player jumping after selecting costume (double detection of button press)
- Fix to inactive players being capable of triggering/canceling sync operations in costume shop

Have Fun! Stay Safe!

<3 DrinkBox Studios
Product Release - Valve
Guacamelee! Gold Edition is Now Available on Steam and is 10% off

Explore a mystical and mysterious Mexican world, while battling enemies as a powerful Luchador. Guacamelee! is dangerous combination of platformer and fighter, where moves that attack enemies also traverse platforms. Gorgeous graphics, tiny chickens, and rooster uppercuts await.


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