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Hi everybody,

Are you ready for new title from the legendary Space Rangers series? Now available on your iOS and Android devices, a role-playing space game - Space Rangers Legacy!

Space Rangers Legacy is a unique combination of genres: real-time RPG with strategy elements, space simulator with trading features, arcade style and a text quest. It never gets boring. The stellar romanticism awaits!

Destroy the cybernetic fleet and save the Universe! Set off on an adventure, in the world of this breath-taking cosmic saga. Help the Coalition to oppose the intransigent enemy — cybernetic Dominators, who aim to conquer all the galaxy — one-star system after another. You'll need to stop Dominators by destroying their key nerve centers. Make alliances with the sapient races, accomplish varying mission types, defeat space pirates and be victorious!

So, get your space suit ready to set forth and uncover all the secrets of the galaxy, wherever you go!

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Space Rangers HD: A War Apart - jan_1C

Hi everyone,

this time we're not going to talk about Space Rangers, but instead we would like to inform you about a brand new roguelike turn-based RPG published by 1C Company that you may enjoy while waiting for another installment of Space Rangers.

Deep Sky Derelicts is a game by a small team of passionate indie devs from Finland. It combines elements of XCOM, Darkest Dungeon and FTL: Faster Than Light, plus it throws in plenty of new ideas and gameplay elements into the mix, creating a highly playable RPG with eye-catching comic book art style, all set in sci-fi environment.

So feel free to check out Deep Sky Derelicts! Thanks, everyone - and we'll hopefully publish some news regarding Space Rangers in the near feature :)

Space Rangers HD: A War Apart - Sneaksie(RUS)
Main features

- Difficuty levels higher than 200%;
- Global balance changes - item drop chances, etc.;
- Two new music tracks;
- Tons of small fixes (complete list follows).

Build 2.1.2266

Bug fixes (including fixes and changes delivered via hotfixes after the previous build was released):

- Fixed an error that leads the game to crash after player’s death;
- Fixed a rare error when loading a save file from a much older game version;
- Fixed an extremely rare error that crashed the game when boarding a space station;
- Clicking on the minimap during dialogue with Keller in his black hole no longer crashes the game;
- Fixed an error that showed wrong damage values on weapons;
- New Coalition attacking algorithms try to gather more military ships when attacking hostile systems especially on higher difficulties;
- Fixed an error in counting when military ships switched their base planet after their previous home was taken by hostile factions;
- Uninhabited planets should no longer become unexplored once again after the player didn't visit the solar system consecutively for two years;
- Pirates attacking Dominator systems should no longer be picked as a target for elimination missions;
- Fixed two small and rare errors that took place during paying a fee when players return to pirate faction;
- Pirates no longer suffer strong unnecessary penalities after Coalition was defeated;
- Fixed an error in a dialogue when buying Submodem off a pirate base while advanced adjustment on randomized outcomes is turned on;
- Pirates no longer demand the player to pay off the bribe too aggressively when player belongs to their faction;
- Pirates no longer turn hostile towards the player in case he eliminates peaceful vessels and Coalition military ships;
- The decrease of relationships is calculated more correctly when the victim is hit by an exploding cistern;
- The cost of nodes no longers calculates incorrectly when combining two large piles;
- Pirates no longer behave incorrectly once all their weapons get broken;
- Keller vessels in black hole no longer have maximum possible health points after Coalition is defeated;
- Fixed swords symbol animation speed on the galaxy map when Pirates and Dominators fight in a solar system;
- All those swords symbols no longer disappear after loading the game;
- Several interface elements were corrected in order to fix wrong colors;
- Black hole closing animation now works properly;
- Open and closed hull slots should be seen when checking a hull in the hangar;
- The game tries to spawn player further from Gralgar in case there are no eligible systems in the middle of the map (spawn in the middle advanced adjustment);
- Rangers and pirates gather items of the same type more efficiently;
- User guide now opens correctly from an in-game button;
- Fixed various text mistakes and mistypes;

Balance changes:

- Brand new difficulties up to 500% can be selected while pressing both SHIFT and CTRL;
- Any pirate ending of the game without Defeating all three dominator bosses will lead to a reduction in the points of the record by a quarter;
- The battle of Rogeria is finished automatically after slaying a thousand of Pirates;
- Transfactorial Beacon no longer causes radiation sickness;
- Dominators send less forces when Transfactorial Beacon is used often in a short period of time;
- Trading experience penalty accumulates twice as slow;
- Dominator equipment drop is no longer regulated by the humanoid technology advancement, all dominator items may drop anytime, though more expensive equipment requires higher average capital of all rangers (pirates if Coalition is defeated);
- Dominator equipment much more advanced that humanoid analogues cannot be used until much later; dominator equipment slightly more advanced than humanoind analogues can be equipped but not repaired or upgraded on Dominion or Scientific Base until later in the game;
- Distress signal prefers to drop cheaper equipment first;
- Several Dominator types acquire access to new weapon combinations on highest difficulties and in the lategame on lower difficulties;
- Limited Dominator aggression during the first months on higher difficulties;
- Rangers Centre analyzes player’s equipment and at first offers micromodules that can be used on available equipment installed on player’s ship;
- Camouflage changes accordingly when switching to bigger or smaller hulls;
- Uninhabited planets may contain electronic cutters and theoretically even multiresonators (requires a new game to be started);
- Lower requiments to generate better and expensive equipment on uninhabited planets, items up to fifth technological level can be generated (requires a new game to be started);
- Probability analyzer works more correctly to fit two previous changes;
- On 400% and higher difficulties Blazer's shield generators power is locked at 86% (requires a new game to be started);
- Jumping range of broken engines reduced by 40%;
- Equiment wears 1.5 time quicker on 50% repairs difficulty;
- During fights between different Dominator series the frequency of expensive loot drop is based on the luck difficulty;
- A third less Pirate rank points for destroying bases, a quarter more for destroying Coalition flagships;
- Better equipment on military ships and pirates during the battle of Rogeria, better equipment on original Mister Shoe;
- Player automatically leaves pirate faction on attacking pirate ships after the military base lands on Rogeria;
- Tranclucator cost includes costs of its equipment inside;
- Reduced the difference between black hole difficulties;
- Dominator vessel models in Keller's black hole should better fit their size and their minimal dimensions are much larger to be easier to hit;
- Stronger acryne bonuses, weaker skill penalty on Biogenic droid, reworked Nanobrolyte bonuses including much weaker speed penalties;
- Reduced jumping range bonus on Lightning hulls, weaker skill and number of weapons penalties on Peaceful Corsair hulls, added droid on all Conscientious Renegal hulls;
- Lambald to be sold much more often on Ranger Centers;
- Stronger bonuses on Jumpa, Strutter, Maform and Microsize micromodules, no negative effect on Jumpa;


- Added a new game ending for rangers who eliminate the huge pirate fleet near Rogeria instead of landing and finishing the text quest;
- New option that turns off animations in main menu (reduces loading time);
- New advanced adjustment option to remove the limitation of using dominator equipment;
- To compensate the new equipment rules vertixes created using the cheat code VERTIX now are made by Coalition races;
- Removed the requirement to equip both radar and scanner to scan enemies when cheat code ULTRASCAN is active;
- Added new features for modders;
- Two music tracks added to the game;
- Refreshed user guide, updated some incorrect and outdated information.
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Community Announcements - Bercut -=EG=-
Version 2.1.1980


- New Coalition war ship class added: Flagship. Flagships have some unique abilities, available to player through dialog options;
- New artifact added: Rals. It grants rocket weapons 15% chance to fire twice during one turn. Additional salvo will also require ammo;
- New format for Prolonger info about ships in a system was implemented;
- The additional progress bar was added to show current session progress for achievements that should be unlocked during one campaign session;
- Using «sell all» option for cargo hold or storage now displays total cost for items to be sold;
- New features for modders added.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed a bug which could cause a ship guarded by a female special agent to stuck on a planet.

Balance changes:

- Artifactor now allows to access Bioworld artifact information while it is stashed in a cargo hold;
- Transfactorial Beacon penalties were greatly reduced;
- Bioworld artifact gives a 50% chance to increase maximum number of allowed stimulators at the medical centers and also provides info on the experience penalty caused by radiation sickness;
- Quark bombs and fuel canisters explosions now have a chance to detonate nearby objects;
- Pirate non-acrynic hulls durability reduced by 10%;
- Subsequent applications of Lirecron weapon on one target gives less stackable effect.

Версия 2.1.1980

Добавления и нововведения:

- Добавлен новый класс военных кораблей коалиции: флагманы. Они обладают рядом уникальных способностей, доступных игроку через диалог;
- Добавлен новый артефакт Ралс, позволяющий ракетному оружию делать два залпа подряд с вероятностью 15%. На дополнительные залпы тратится аммуниция;
- Изменен формат вывода информации о кораблях в системе при использовании Пролонгера;
- Для достижений, которые требуется выполнить в течении одной партии, теперь показывается дополнительный прогресс бар, показывающий достигнутое в текущей партии значение;
- При использовании кнопок продажи всего содержимого трюма или склада теперь выводится суммарная стоимость продаваемых вещей;
- Добавлены новые возможности для моддеров.

Исправления ошибок:

- Исправлен баг, из-за которого в некоторых случаях корабль, охраняемый спецагенткой, мог застрять на планете.

Изменения баланса:

- Артефактор теперь позволяет пользоваться информационными функциями Биомира, когда тот находится в трюме;
- Штрафы от применения трансфакторного маяка значительно ослаблены;
- Биомир с вероятностью 50% увеличивает максимальное количество предлагаемых на МЦ стимуляторов, а также предоставляет информацию о величине штрафа к получаемому опыту при лучевой болезни;
- Взрывы кварковых бомб и цистерн с топливом теперь имеют шанс подорвать расположенные поблизости предметы;
- На 10% снижена прочность пиратских неакриновых корпусов;
- Электромагнитные помехи Лирекрона теперь дают меньший суммарный эффект при повторном наложении.
Community Announcements - Sneaksie(RUS)
- New pirate base type – Dominions were added. They have a lot of special features and available for visiting only when player sticks to the pirate clan. Some functions were transferred from pirate bases to Dominion;
- New micromodule type that increases items wear was added (side effect – during pirate subplot progress it is possible to receive micromodules with levels not matched to their description);

Balance changes:
- AI skill selection algorithm was improved;
- AI algorithm for getting micromodules was improved;
- AI now less likely would change his equipment to worse, even if it attract him with low cost and small size;
- Acryn and micromodules for rocket weapon now split their bonus to every missile in salvo;
- Botter and Optimizer micromodules now provide reliability bonus, scanner bonus of Beta Patch micromodule was increased;
- Low level droid characteristics were increased, micromodule-related repair bonuses were rebalanced;
- Rarity and cost of slot opening micromodules was rebalanced;
- Rocket micromodules and acrynes base power was increased;
- Lirecron’s EMP effect now ignores armor;
- Esodapher now always deals maximum damage;
- Ships destroyed by Turbogravitron’s splash now generate splash themselves;
- Caphasitor damage in arcade battles was reduced;
- Junior droid now reduces main droid wearing two times (three times with compability);
- Keller and Terron equipment was improved (effect takes place only with new game starting);
- Drug addiction mechanic was reworked – now illness doesn't have “Incurable” period.

New cheats:
- MADEINCHINA (equipped items transformed to unknown race);
- EXTRAONE (double all cargo bay items, excluding tranclucators and some script items);
- ROBOTFORCE (seven tranclucators of different races);
- RANGERSDREAM (spawns nodes around players);
- SKILL cheat now can be applied to modernized bases, tranclucators and scanned ships;
- New modding functional was added, including some for working with interface;
- Improved script errors logging was added.

Bug fixes:
- Fullscreen drawing and screenshots in planetary battles was fixed;
- Rare crash during ship guard missions was fixed;
- Errors caused by 16-bit color mode set at desktop was fixed;
- Few small memory leaks were fixed;
- Bug with random code executing after visiting hangar at military base, which just jumped was fixed;
- Bug with putting player into prison during Khan rank special mission with military camouflage cover was fixed;
- Few logic bugs in text quests were fixed;
- AI rangers behavior while collecting large amounts of nodes was fixed;
- Entries export from flight log to text file was fixed;
- Incorrect HWEAPON cheat effect applied to weapon with micromodules was fixed;
- Now selling all goods from cargo bay/storage pops us warning message to confirm selling tranclucators and illegal goods;
- Warning message about necessity for additional driver tuning was added for Asus Xonar family soundcards owners;
- Bug with rare delay of the mission status icon refresh was fixed;
- Fixed various text mistakes and mistypes.
Community Announcements - Sneaksie(RUS)
The game has been updated to version 2.1.1667.

- Steam leaderboard is now live;
- 21 new Steam achievements;
- A few minor bugs were fixed.


Игра обновлена до версии 2.1.1667.

- Добавлена доска рекордов Steam;
- 21 новое достижение;
- Исправлены незначительные ошибки.

Ждём ваших рекордов!
Community Announcements - Sneaksie(RUS)
The freshly-released update contains 15 new additional missions spiced with pirate-flavored humor, improved drone fighters functionality and balance changes.

Build 2.1.1650 changes

- 15 new government missions that can be given to player on pirate planets;
- During the dialog with Tranclucators (drone fighters), you can issue a current order to all of them simultaneously;
- Warning message about necessity to install radar on a Tranclucator for proper use of missile weaponry weapons was added.

Bug fixes:
- Incorrect news order at information center right after starting new game was fixed;
- Rare, random crash caused by destruction of a base that has ships docked was fixed.

Balance changes:
- Bases are now able to use missiles without radar and at full range;
- Minimal firing range for missiles without radar installed was doubled.

Обновление добавляет в игру 15 новых миссий для пиратских планет, улучшает управление дронами и вносит изменения в баланс игры.

Версия 2.1.1650

Добавления и нововведения:
- 15 новых правительственных заданий для пиратских планет;
- В диалоге с транклюкаторами теперь можно отдать текущий приказ им всем одновременно;
- Добавлено предупреждение о необходимости установки радара для нормального использования транклюкатором ракетного оружия.

Исправления ошибок:
- Исправлен некорректный порядок вывода новостей в информационном центре в начале новой игры;
- Исправлен редкий случайный вылет при уничтожении базы, на которой есть корабли;
- Обновлен мануал, исправлены ошибки.

Изменения баланса:
- Базы теперь могут стрелять ракетным вооружением без радара и на полную дальность;
- Вдвое увеличена минимальная дальность стрельбы ракетным оружием без радара.
Community Announcements - Sneaksie(RUS)
Bug fixes
- Fixed a bug that caused the tutorial script not to start sometimes;
- During the tutorial it is no longer required to visit the government at a planet where you need to sell medicine;
- Fixed a bug when sold goods weren't counted for a tutorial quest and one of Khan rank special missions;
- At the “Khan” rank special mission (filmmaking) the ruler now deals only minor damage during his fight with Bambays;
- Fixed missing ship names at ship hiring special mission for achieving Khan rank;
- Fixed various text mistakes and mistypes;
- All acrynic equipment and micromodules bonuses descriptions were reworked to make them clearer;
- Manual update and other minor fixes.

Balance changes
- Reduced the amount of pirate rank score given for destruction of Coalition bases;
- AI logic for choosing the hulls, equipment, micromodules and loot spending has been significantly reworked;
- AI equipment generation mechanism at planets and space stations has been reworked, also the advanced adjustment option for availability of large-sized hulls to Coalition and pirate ships has been removed;
- Pirate AI is updated, now they can run from their systems instead of fighting till the end;
- Cowardice of peaceful ships was increased, now they are more likely to accept aggressor’s demands;
- If there is only one military base left, it will not jump to dominator systems anymore;
- Electronic cutter and Flow Blaster now can be dropped by destroyed dominators at galactic tech level (GTL) 3 instead of 4;
- Amount of experience given for system liberation has been reduced;
- Durability of an item can be seen as an absolute value now. Durability bar size is now proportional to item durability;
- Durability and other parameters of various hull series and acrynic equipment has been adjusted;
- Pirate generation mechanism has been adjusted: if they have only a few systems under control, less but better equipped pirate ships will be built;
- “Shadow of Empire” now has 3 weapon slots instead of 5;
- Planetary battle bonuses have been rebalanced. Now the global game difficulty will also proportionaly affect friendly fire level for player robots. The bonuses themselves were increased, but mission reward for playing with bonuses has been reduced.

- Two new dominator ship types with unique capabilities, Klig and Bertor, were added to the game. See details in the manual;
- Micromodules dropped into space are now amimated;
- Search function has been updated – now it’s possible to use multiple words in a search, so it’s easier to find modified weapons and items. Search results include item durability;
- Copy protection lock from English dat file has been removed and new options for modders were added.
Product Release - Valve
Space Rangers HD: A War Apart is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!*

Space Rangers HD: A War Apart remasters and expands the world of the cult classic Space Rangers 2.

The biggest of the improved features is a new scenario dedicated to the pirates threatening the galaxy. While the Coalition spends all of its resources to fight the Dominators (sentient machines who seek to eradicate all life), the pirates have united under the banner of a mysterious leader. Under this new master they have begun their own guerrilla war to seize power in the weakened Galaxy. Players can now choose with whom to deal, the Dominators or the pirates, or both at the same time. If you choose the latter path, you will receive new story and side quests, new goals and promotions. After winning one of the wars, you can either finish the game or continue playing to win another.

*Offer ends October 24 at 10AM Pacific Time


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