Dec 29, 2014
Community Announcements - ST_Team

Dear pilots,

2014 comes to the end and we made for you a video review of this year!

Follow the link!
Community Announcements - ST_Team

Artifacts have been collected but it's just the first stage of our preparations.
Do not neglect brute force, stronger fleets is what we need!
Each vessel will be important in the upcoming battle!
Hurry, there's no time to waste!
Community Announcements - ST_Team

Unknown space
Some pilots managed to get into previously unknown and extremely dangerous locations. Apparently, what they saw was a mysterious Alien world full of secrets. Scientists believe that these areas are in another part of the galaxy, or probably even beyond it. Others put forward the theory of a parallel universe and subspace outside our space-time continuum.
Follow the link to see the beautiful panorama!
Dec 24, 2014
Community Announcements - ST_Team
Community Announcements - ST_Team

Dear pilots,
we made for you the christmas postcards.
Send them to your friends!

With Best Wishes
Star Conflict Team
Community Announcements - ST_Team

Dear pilots,
year 2014 is coming to an end. It has been full of hard work and great achievements. We thank you for your help, together we have made the game better!
Today we bring you the last update of the year! It is filled with Christmas mood. This week we return to the Corporation ‘Klauss Inc.’ You can expect new jobs and new weapons! To create a festive atmosphere, we have prepared New Year's decorations for your hangars. Christmas music and dancing pilots are waiting for you (we have something to learn from them! And instead of beacons there's firs everywhere! There's also a novelty in Sector Conquest — ‘Sector Sweep’.

Read more!
Dec 23, 2014
Community Announcements - ST_Team

Dear mercenaries,
we made for you The Christmas Survey! To start survey please follow the link!
Thank you

Best regards
SC Team
Community Announcements - ST_Team

A new bounty has been set up on all Gms, Cms, Testers, Moderators and Devs. It was reported, that these individuals can be found in custom battle on certain occasions. They are armed and highly dangarous, we recommend not to go there on you own, but bring your corporation members and mates as well. Don't miss this chance, there will be a reward for the best bounty hunters!

Time and date
Date: Dec 20th
Time: to be announced
Stream: to be announced

All ships, modules and weapons are allowed. The stronger, the better.
Game mode: Unknown
Server: EU

The best pilot of each team gets a reward
You can only get one reward. If you are two times or more on first place, the second player wins
Reward: 1000 GS!

Let the hunt begin!
Community Announcements - ST_Team

Scientists independently begin developing new technologies to fight Aliens. Unfortunately, we need more Iridium for research, and internal Command resources are not enough.
The Centre is starting an artifact collection counter. The task is to gather as many of them as possible. Do not linger, the threat level increases.
Mercenary! Each artifact is important, do not let down your native Sectors!
Dec 19, 2014
Community Announcements - ST_Team


New Year is almost here and we are happy to announce a spectacular DLC sale!

Up until January, 2nd you may purchase DLCs with a 50% discount on our site as well as in Steam!
Cheer up your dearest ones and yourself with a nice New Year gifts!

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Star Conflict Team

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