Community Announcements - arctyc
If you're interested in checking out this week's Developer Live Stream, head on over to the official website.
Community Announcements - arctyc
In this week’s developer live stream we discussed some of the upcoming plans we have now that we’ve completed most of our critical launch features.

You can watch the latest Developer live stream and read notes about changes on the official [url=
Community Announcements - arctyc
11/25/2013 v.39.01 Hotfix
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow players to equip Tiered weapons.
  • Fixed a bug when creating a party or accepting a party invitation that disabled HUD UI button functionality.

We also had to disassemble character outfits and assign key mapping to default controls. Players will need to:

  • Recreate their outfits. They won’t lose any cosmetic items, just the saved outfit.
  • Redo their key mapping in the settings.
Community Announcements - arctyc
This week's build features a major change to player progression. The change will require a reset to player accounts and we are issuing Spacebux bonus rewards to all of our beta participants as a result.

Please head over to the official website to
read all of the details
Community Announcements - arctyc
In this week’s Developer Live Stream we discuss all of the changes that went into Build v.38. The focus of the build was centered around implementation of our new game mode, House Party. Watch the rebroadcast of the live stream on the Official Website.
Community Announcements - arctyc
This week’s build features the first publically playable version of our new game mode codenamed House Party. Players will be able to access the game mode by selecting the “Competitive” menu at the Fight Screen.

We’ve also included the ability to change your display name through use of a one-time token that will be granted to all of our existing testers. Read all of the changes in this week's build on the [url=
]official website[/url].
Community Announcements - arctyc
Custom display names are coming to Build v.38! Check out all the details on how you'll be able to change your display name on the official website.
Community Announcements - arctyc
Major News

This week’s build features one of our most community requested features to date! The ability to ‘Create a Party’ with a group of your friends has arrived with Build v.37. Players can now create a party with up to 7 of their Friends and enter the Matchmaking playlists as one group. Additionally we have added the ability to select teams by selecting ‘Team A’ or ‘Team B’ once players are in a matchmaking lobby. Please keep in mind that Team selection priority will favor Parties.

To read all the details head over to the {LINK REMOVED}.
Community Announcements - arctyc
Major News
We have released several new cosmetics items in celebration of various holidays around the world. The French Beret, Russian Tank Helmet, and the British Motorcycle helmet are now available in the Outfitter. Our next build will feature a number of new social features – one of which we covered on this week’s Developer Live Stream.

Read the full list of notes on the official website.
Community Announcements - arctyc
Major News

This week’s build features our first iteration of skill-based matchmaking! Players should note that matchmaking times will increase as a result of grouping players based on their skill-ranking. We will continue to optimize the matchmaking in order to make sure that games feel fair. Additionally, we’ve added an average wait time calculator to the matchmaker UI in order to better inform players of their expected play times. In celebration of the holiday season, we’ll also be offering the Pumpkin Heads to the Outfitter for the month of October.

Read more of the changes on our official website.

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