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7/31/2013 Build Notes v.33.4 - Vega's Twist

Major News
This week's build features several new customization items, including a new taunt and weapon balance changes. Weapon balance has been at the forefront of our weekly build process and this week we've taken steps to improve the balance of the Charged Triggers and increasing the performance of various parts across the board. There have also been additional Localization updates in this build.

Check out the full notes here.
Community Announcements - arctyc
Major News

Today’s build update features a few new cosmetic items as well as some additional changes to weapon tuning and localization. This is the first build using our new process of releasing weekly builds that will have new content, typically cosmetic items, and weapon tuning changes. We’re hoping the weapon tuning changes will improve our turnaround on weapon balance week-to-week.

The new cosmetic items that will be released in this build include:

  • Added Stealth Helment to the Outfitter. (Axl)
  • Added Bucket o’ Bling to the Outfitter. (T-Bone)
  • Added Spongy B. Dance to the Outfitter. (Axl and T-Bone)

There were also some minor updates to the localization. If you notice any errors in translation please submit feedback on localization in this thread.

Weapon Tuning Updates
  • Improved hipfire accuracy on Pulse Chassis weapons.
  • Slightly increased damage to Gatling Barrel.
  • Slightly Reduced reload time on Dampening stock.
  • Improved rate of fire on Shell Loading magazine.


Tuning changes file was not submitted for build. We're going to include it with Charged Trigger changes. I'll keep you all posted
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Rooster Teeth & their crew just did a sweet "This is...." video on Loadout! Check it out!
Community Announcements - arctyc
Major News

Today’s build brings several major changes to the current weapon balance of the game in addition to unveiling lots of new features! Beam Cooling systems have been introduced as the first new weapon parts in the beta. The Cooling Systems will perform in a similar fashion as “Magazines” which are used in the Rifle and Pulse chassis. All of our current testers will have access to Beam Cooling systems on their existing Beam weapons, however they will need to be added to your existing Beam weapon builds.

The Healing payload and the Tesla payload will also see major changes in this build. Players using the healing payload will now need to heal teammates in order to receive substantial health from the payload. Healing a teammate not only provides a kickback to the healer, but it also allows healers to overheal themselves if they are at 100 health. The Tesla payload arc range now scales based on the damage of the weapon. More powerful weapons like Rocket Launchers will have larger arcs while weapons like Assault Rifles will have smaller arcs.

We received a number of requests to add more maps and game modes to the Practice playlist so now players will have access to Fissure Blitz, Fissure Death Snatch and Four Points Blitz. While playing the Blitz game mode, players will also notice that we’ve increased the capture rate to 10% while taunting in the point.

This build will also introduce the first iteration of our in-game store. It will include:
  • XP Boosts
  • Spacebux Bundles
  • Starter Packs
  • Redeem Code Option

Last but not least, the Founders' badges will be available to players that bought an Absolute Badass Pack during our Steam Early Access program. To enable the Badge, set your “Name Tag” to “Elite” in the “Game” options.

For more details on specific changes, visit our Build Release Notes.
Community Announcements - Mako
In this week’s build we have released Two Ports, an alpha map which we unveiled a couple weeks ago on our Weekly Developer Live Streams. The map features two central bases connected by a long bridge with minimal cover on the top level and a hidden pathway beneath the map. Initially, Two Ports will accommodate our Jackhammer game type; however we eventually plan to include Death Snatch and Extraction.

This build also includes more localization fixes and updates for our players located in various regions of the world. If you have any suggestions on changes to localization, please submit them to our Localization thread on the forums.


This week we are specifically looking for feedback on network latency. We would like our players to submit any and all experiences of game latency to the official thread. Also be sure to provide your play experiences on the new map Two Ports.

We greatly appreciate all of our tester’s continued feedback! It has helped us tremendously in improving the Loadout experience.

New Features

  • Added Two Ports (Alpha)
  • Updated Localization

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that negated damage with the hammer.
  • Fixed a bug that negated damage when using melee.
  • Fixed a crash caused by specific variations of Flak rockets

Known Issues
  • Build says v.31.5 but is actually v.32
Community Announcements - arctyc
Major News
Today’s build features a number of fixes and balance changes. We have had a number of beta testers express their concerns about the balance of parts that are uncommonly utilized in loadouts. In this build we have tweaked values on parts such as:

  • Corkscrew
  • Mortar
  • Burst-Fire Triggers

You will also find that we’ve included the new Double Flip (Off) taunt in the Outfitter. This taunt is similar to the one performed by the bots in the WeaponCrafting test area. You’ll also notice that Axl’s Rod is also available in the Outfitter – equip with caution. Lastly, we have introduced more complete Localization text with this build. If you happen to find any translations that do not quite make sense, please head over to our Localization thread on the forums with your suggestions.

Call to Action
This week we would like to see continued feedback on the state of weapon balance and general gameplay. Please test out some of the changes made in regards to weapon and equipment balance. All input should be directed to our Feedback, Ideas and Suggestions section of the forums.

Now that we’ve included more finalized Localization text, please submit any discrepancies or unclear translations to our Localization thread on the forums. Each of our testers’ help during the beta has been phenomenal at helping us improve the game - continue onward!

New Features
The scoreboard shows an alpha version of player ping time next to their name.
More localized texts (99% Localized text except for Turkish)

New Character Customization
  • Added the Vintage Bowling Shirt (Axl)
  • Added the Double Flip Taunt (Axl & T-Bone)
  • Added Axl’s Rod (Axl)

  • Color blind support for the scoreboard and several HUD widgets.
  • Color blind support for the CPR widget.
  • Additional tutorials.
  • Made tutorial pop-ups more noticeable.
  • Re-labeled Practice playlist to improve clarity
  • Improvements to cheat detection and security.
  • Necklace on the shuffle taunt now animates
  • Slight adjustments to Dive Roll for more responsive feel.
  • Hide tip of the day if tutorial is active.
  • Turret now only heals you if you have taken damage or not fully overhealed.

Gameplay -- Weapon Balance
  • You are now able to place turrets closer to enemy turrets.
  • Lowered the rate of fire for Pulses.
  • Reduced accuracy for Turrets that use Rifles and Pulses.
  • Added a slight damage bonus to Corkscrew and Mortar propulsions.
  • Slight damage improvement to burst-fire triggers.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where you would see grenade indicators for grenades that would not damage you.
  • Fixed the HUD for salvo triggers so it properly centers around the reticule.
  • Added thumbnail for Four Points in Bot playlist.
  • All damage taken have location modifiers applied.
  • Practice bot now compute fire damage correctly.
  • Turrets will now trigger Proximity Mines.
  • Fixed a bug causing Turret to attack too fast.
  • Fixed bug where outfits weren’t updated before a match.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Shield to have a longer recharge rate when holding a healing weapon.

Known Issues
  • Human players will have a score of 0 when late joining death snatch matches.
  • Friendly vials display as green while enemy vials display as red in Color Blind mode
  • Healing the bots in Practice Mode does not give exp points
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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Community Announcements - Mako
New features and items now available!

New Features
  • The end-game cel­e­bra­tion is now enabled.
  • The new Score­board is now enabled.
  • The first round of Founder pack bot names are now live.

New Items
  • New Out­fit­ter Cos­metic Items
  • Chaps — Axl
  • Ass­less Chaps with Sweet Snaps — Axl
  • Com­mando Har­ness (Black) — Axl
  • Base Belt (Brown) — Axl
  • Pit­bull Pocket Strap — T-Bone

  • Happy Hour is set to 4pm across all regions.
  • Added buff meters to bots and teammates
  • Tweaked some of the start­ing level require­ments on gametype-specific contracts.
  • Every­one now faces each other dur­ing the pre-game huddle.
  • You can now see when a sta­tion­ary enemy is aiming.
  • Co-op Prac­tice Mode XP has been reduced 25%.
  • You can no longer change teams in a co-op prac­tice game.
  • Trailer Park has been slightly changed to improve gameplay.
  • Sub­stan­tial increase to Score to XP Ratio.
  • Increased XP bonus for win­ning a match.
  • Changed logic for team assign­ment for play­ers that join a game mid-match.
  • Made improve­ments to team bal­anc­ing algorithm.

    - Enjoy!
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Craig Pearson)

That is a sharkgunThe last time Valve updated their list of Steam Early Access games they somehow managed to switch off all the Press accounts. That was the worst hour of my life, let me tell you. This time around, with the addition of free-to-play cartoon shooter Loadout to the raft of in-development games on Steam, I cautiously looked at my library. Everything was there! Though when I downloaded Loadout nothing was actually installed. I just have a DirectX folder, not a game that promises billions of weapon and gloopy violence. Still, baby steps and all that. Having something >installed is better than having my livelihood taken away from me. Until Valve fixes this second egregious assault on my Steam library, I’ll just have a stare at this trailer. (more…)

Community Announcements - Mako
Just FYI to both our new users, and Loadout veterans:

Hit up our official forums at for more information on Loadout, including more unteraction with the dev team.

We will be entering Early Access soon, but we are currently monitoring our offical forums more so than our Steam community hub as we await entry into Early Access.



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