Dec 23, 2013
Community Announcements - Casper van Est
Hi all,

I've just published a new build that has a few bug fixes relating to the Origins mode. Some of these bugs allowed players to get an unfairly high score. This also means I've had to reset the leaderboards to make things fair again. Sorry about this!

In good news, we've added a restart button to the pause menu, so getting a new highscore should be easier! :)

Community Announcements - tinyBuild

The King of Speed tournament is now live! Win as your favorite runner to decide who gets crowned King of Speed on January 1st.

This is not tied to any ARG and there is no hidden content to uncover.

Full list:
  • Added King of Speed
  • Did not add any ARG
  • Did not create hidden content
  • Added taunts (press D-Pad UP or V)
  • Improvements to Prototype and other levels
  • Bot behavior tweaked
  • Added different colored characters, you can now play as a Pink Cosmonaut
  • Added Single player mode aka ORIGINS
  • Included new crowdsourced loading screens
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

SpeedRunners now has animated win poses for all the characters, and we decided to make them into gifs, so you guys can share them :) Feel free to decompile the frames and rearrange however you want. I did that with Hothead's animation as you can see.

Plus srennuRsdeepS is in the roulette now! There is a chance you will play mirrored levels as a modifier :)

Community Announcements - tinyBuild

We recently discovered that foosball is fun, so most of the days are now spent screaming at each other playing foosball, then cursing while playing SpeedRunners, and wrapped up with several hours of really bad jokes about speed, and running. We're slowly building up an archive of recorded playsessions which are... in need of editing. I'll get to that. Soon.

Here's what we've added in the latest release:

- added a new character (welcome Moonraker!)
- added a new level (in Prototype for now)
- tweaked movement
- new lead detection system
- achievements (yay)
- bug fixes

Moonraker is the first female character. She fits really well into the SpeedRunners universe. She's probably the most well-defined character in our loading screen tips & tricks.

The new level is based around this weird idea Casper had a few weeks back. It's a prototype level where you have a "perfect path". A path where if you do it right, you are constantly going SUPER fast. The map is also very friendly for new players, so on difficulty scale it's easier than Powerplant.

Please give us your feedback on the new map in the official forum thread

Other additions include a new lead detection system, random bug fixes, and Steam Achievements.

What do you think of Moonraker?
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

SpeedRunners' latest gameplay trailer is up on the Steam Store Page and on Youtube.

If you haven't played the game for some time, you will see plenty of improvements - both visual and gameplay wise. We've been working really hard to make SpeedRunners a bigger, better game -- and the trailer clearly demonstrates that :) Hope you like it!
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

Welcome to Factory, the first map to feature LEVELATION in SpeedRunners. In the middle there is a destructible part that opens up an alternate path. It has plenty of alternate paths and a very tricky section on the right with a SPIKE WALL OF DOOM. I died about 5 billion times in it today.

What do you think?

Official forum thread.


We got a little bit carried away with the LEVELATION ;) After playing it with other people online, it became apparent that the central area wasn't that fun to destroy, and the shortcut it formed just made the level too short. So it's now gone.

Also the two-tunnels area in the beginning was reworked to give more chances of overtaking. It feels much nicer, check it out!
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

Steam Trading Cards are in, got to collect them all!
Community Announcements - Casper van Est

Halloween is continuing for us this weekend, and I'm not just talking about prolonging the SpooOoOOooOOokRunners event. Just now, I've uploaded a new level called Theme Park! It fits perfectly in the halloween theme, as it features a chilling haunted house and some huge thrilling swings.

Check it out now and let us know what you think of it at the feedback thread.

Community Announcements - tinyBuild

Something spooky is coming to SpeedRunners tomorrow. Prepare for SpoOoOokRunners!
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

This week we are reversing SpeedRunners. On Thursday October 24th, all maps will be mirrored. Don't forget to share your thoughts in the official forum thread!

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