Dec 28, 2013
AirMech Strike - CarbonJames
User account migration has been completed! If you are still having any problems, don't worry, all data was archived before the migration and it's easy to fix any remaining issues. Chance of permanent data loss is 0% because of the way we moved the data.

The original data all exists, and scripts move that data into the new structure. So if you have an account in a bad state, that process just needs to be run again or looked at by hand. Nothing is actually lost.

If you are having any account problems, see this thread:

If you haven't logged in since Christmas, remember you get FREE GIFTS when you log in all this week! Make sure to claim your presents in time.
AirMech Strike - CarbonJames
We needed to take the servers down for around 24 hours to complete the data migration. We hate to have them offline, but the process goes much faster this way and causes less problems.

If you're wondering the technical reason for this, we're moving all of the data from flat files into a proper database: Couchbase. Once that is done, we can continue our work of sharding the login server.

We'll post another message when the process is complete. When we're back, everyone will be able to collect their Christmas presents (if you haven't yet) and we'll be doing double drops and other promos to celebrate. :)
AirMech Strike - CarbonJames
Let's Get Festive!
We have a list, and we're checking it twice, three times even...this is one massive patch! Updated game rules, Angel for everyone, Festive cosmetics, balance and bug fixes...we got something for everyone!

A Christmas Angel?
Angel is nearing completion, enough that we wanted to open it up to all players to use (available at the same level as Neo and Paladin). We're rolling it out with two amazing Variants, the limited time Festive Angel and the gorgeous Sakura Angel. While the Angel is still quite powerful, it's been balanced out with minimum fire ranges and a reduced chance to hit. It's a really fun class to play, give it a try!

Unified Rules….and World Peace?
We've combined bits of V1 and V2 rules and unified all maps to use the new systems. We found that having two rulesets and trying to balance the AirMechs and Units so both worked was making both worse, so we're bringing them together so we can finally do some proper balancing. Think of this as a starting point for V3 or V1.5 rules, depending on how you look at it.

Did someone say Presents?
There has been a lot of excitement and anticipation for the Festive content to appear. We couldn't even fit it all on the promo page! The Winter Crate contains just a fraction of the content available, but there's some real treasures in there. Noteable additions are the new Rudolph Mask and more common Reindeer Mask, complete with animated faces! We're not sure if this is awesome or creepy--let us know!

You can also now Giftwrap items you list in the Market for an additional fee. We'll experiment with this and might introduce different types of wrapping paper in the future that you get from drops. Also related to the Market, you can click on items in the Shop (not in My Collection) and you can buy more of them directly, without needing the Market listing trick.

  • Angel released for all players
  • Rules for all maps have been updated
  • Festive cosmetics released
  • Time and Cost to build Abilities has been reduced
  • Units and upgrades can be built simultaneously in the build queue
  • Lots of new secondary abilities for AirMech classes
  • Spectator HUD has been updated with more stats (click on units to toggle)
  • Survival HUD has been updated
  • New sound effects (ongoing)
  • Collision only occurs between airmechs and enemy/neutral units
  • Collision size for most units has been adjusted to be smaller for movement
  • Blast damage now affects the Fortress
  • Player can Gift Wrap items listed in the Player Market (for a small Diamond fee)
  • Players can now rebuy items directly from the in-game Shop
  • Numberous bug fixes
  • Large balance pass

Full patch notes with all the latest info (and more than we can post in an update here) are always ingame.
AirMech Strike - CarbonJames
We always release new AirMech classes first to Prime owners for testing (and because it's fun) so it's nice timing that AirMech Prime is only $7.99 (other currencies adjusted appropriately) during the Steam Autumn sale!

Already have Prime? Ingame you can now purchase Prime Cubes which we also put on sale, and you can give them to friends or sell them on the AirMech Market for a nice profit after the sale ends.

Not been following the Angel development? She's based on the classic P-38 Lightning fighter, and on the ground she has dual pistols for primary and a massive railgun for her secondary! Think along the lines of a sniper.
AirMech Strike - CarbonJames
If enough people add AirMech Prime to their Wishlist, there's going to be a MASSIVE sale for it during the Steam Sale! Get all your friends to add it, they don't have to buy it, just get it on their Wishlist! We can do it! :)
AirMech Strike - CarbonJames
Great news, the AirMech Trading Cards have been approved and released! Anyone who has already spent money in AirMech through Steam will have up to 5 drops waiting for them, and additional drops are earned at a rate of 1 for every $9 spent through Steam.

The drop rules are Steam's, not ours, so any help with them or Trading Cards in general should directed to Steam Support. Carbon cannot give you cards, or make drops happen, thanks for understanding!
AirMech Strike - CarbonJames
We're wrapping up the work on Steam Trading Cards for AirMech, and are down to the details of deciding on what chat emoticons to have.

Do you want AirMech specific ones, general ones, or some great idea we haven't thought of? We're taking suggestions and posting updates in the forums here:
AirMech Strike - CarbonJames
Change all the things! We've had an extended time between patches because we have been working on adding new things and balancing them in the AirMech Canary build. We'll touch on the changes to the Power System, Tech Tree and Weapon/Armor calculations here, and then explain more in a blog post on our website.

The Power bar is gone! Oh noes! And Unit Cap is back...what happened?
We've listened to feedback from everything from high level players to new ones, and it's quite clear: the Power system was confusing. But, many high level players liked how it helped balance things, and were nervous when we talked about removing it. So, we have put a simpler Unit Cap system back in place, but it actually uses the foundation of the Power system.

Want to raise your Unit Cap? Capture Outposts, or build Generators, same as with Power. You'll find most units count 1 towards the Unit Cap, some zero, and some super units might cost 2 or more.

How to add the depth of a Tech Tree, but keep it simple and fast paced?
It's been a long time coming, and now we're also introducing our own version of a Tech Tree in this build. Instead of having build restrictions tied to your AirMech level, you need to have a Tech Unit built. But wait, does this mean you need to use a loadout slot to build these things? No, that's the simplicity of it--you will see any build restrictions in the build menu. Also keep an eye near the top of the screen, since your teammate might be building the Tech Unit already.

Once the Tech Units are built, it would be a really good idea to put them on a Socket. They function anywhere, but get a huge boost to their Armor when on Sockets. If your Tech Units are destroyed or recycled, you would need to build them again to build more super units.

Why are Weapon Type and Armor no longer Light, Medium, Heavy?
We always liked the idea of having different weapons and armor to balance weaker vs stronger units, and our first instinct was to keep it super simple. Unfortunately we didn't realize that this would limit us so much later. We wanted to do things like have Parts or Auras that made your Armor better, but jumping from Light to Medium or Medium to Heavy was too extreme for balance. Buffs and debuffs were not compatible with the Light/Medium/Heavy system.

We haven't finished it yet, but the basics are in. Armor now indicates the quality of the material used for protection, and Weapon indicates how good that attack is at punching through things. (it will be renamed to Piercing or Penetration later) These numbers range from 1 to 99, and if the Weapon is less than the Armor, damage is reduced by the difference. If the Weapon is greater than the Armor, there is no bonus--yes that Goliath will tear up the Zipper and needs no bonus to to so.

Further polish and balance of this system is needed, and we'll be adding visual feedback to show when something is doing less damage, probably one for less than 33% and another for less than 66%. We're excited to next look at doing things like making the Flamer lower the Armor values as a debuff, so units can work in teams to bring down heavy targets.

Where did the Orbs in V2 go, and why is Duel on V2 rules by default?
We've made some changes to V2, such as changing the Orbs to bars, porting over more of the Outpost types, and removing limited resources. We're continuing to experiment as we promised, and not keeping anything that doesn't add to the game in a positive way. We'd rather see huge armies fighting it out instead of players being choked off from building things.

Duel was converted to the new V2 rules, and we're happy enough with it that we want to make sure more players play the new rules and can give us feedback. We believe that soon we will finish our experiments and merge V1 and V2 together, and have one final set of rules for the core game. So check it out, and give us your feedback on the forums!

As always, full patchnotes are listed ingame.
AirMech Strike - CarbonJames
We're into the semi-finals of the AirMech Summer Tournament! Tune in right now on Twitch to watch, dual commentated by Steve and Kirby!

Prizes in the Twitch chat, codes going out, lots of fun--come join us!
AirMech Strike - CarbonJames
Paladin is available for everyone to try! Right now all levels can use him, but we'll be giving him the normal level restriction next patch. Keep in mind he is an advanced AirMech to use, not focused on attack power. He's best when he's with his units and selecting the best Aura for the situation, and using the Hammer to slow enemy units. Remember your shield does not protect you when the Hammer is thrown!

In case you missed recent Patch Notes (always listed ingame) here's a summary of some of the recent changes to the Beta:

- Paladin AirMech class is now available to all players
- New Paladin parts: Quickcharge Core and Economy Engine
- New premium Pet: Black Jetpack Cat
- Matchmaking lobby has been updated to use new unit selection
- Crate 2 has started dropping
- Crate 1 will no longer drop
- Unlocking of Alternate units has been reworked. Players can purchase additional stacks at anytime from the Shop UI
- Reworking and improving the Army loadout UI
- Guardian Ability has been updated
- Spectators can now inspect units/items from a player’s loadout
- Vaults can accumulate value faster when attached to a power pad
- Volume controls have been updated
- Added Ultimate Hawk
- Added Book of Econ 2

<BG>Bug Fixes:</>
- Fix targeting issues with units, and with the HAAT
- Bug fix for team color showing up as the wrong icon in the matchmaking lobby when doing a latency check
- Bug fix for player names sometimes not showing up correctly on the end game screen
- Bug fix for client hanging when trying to purchase certain unit/item variants
- Bug fix to address the flyer units sometimes not firing when playing on Last Stand
- bug fix for Paladin's Hammer return issues
- some fixes for displaying Auras from overlapping Paladins
- fix bug with display of 'do the tutorial' banner
- fixes for missing particles for units firing from offscreen
- fix contrails on Helix and Paladin
- some text display fixes for some language settings
- fixes for alternate unlocking issues (still may need further fixes)
- increase maximum ignore list size, and give a warning when it's full
- Fixed a bug where the Saucer’s Death Beam was getting double level damage multipliers applied to it
- Fixed a bug where Pets from different loadouts would be applied in-game if you were switching between your loadouts in the Matchmaking Lobby
- Fixed a screen positioning bug that affected the display of the Ping locator (Z key)
- Fixed an animation state bug that was affecting the Turtle unit
- Bugfixes for game executable process sometimes not terminating correctly

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