Community Announcements - The Behemoth Megan
We’ve just launched our most updated version of Castle Crashers Steam edition. If you haven’t done so already, please download the update! Here are some of the things that have been improved:

  • Added DirectInput controller support -- We currently supported only XInput controllers which is the newer way to support controllers. The older way is DirectInput, so now many older controllers should work.

  • Added Keyboard or controller local coop support -- Users can now use a keyboard and a controller for two separate players in local co-op. Previously, both the keyboard and the first controller would be assigned to Player 1.

  • Added launch parameters that can be set in the Steam Client prior to launch -- Added launch parameters to set the width, height, whether the application should be windowed or fullscreen, and whether we should disable audio. These can be set in the Steam -> Castle Crashers -> properties -> Set Launch Parameters section. The parameters are case insensitive, and we take the last value set (i.e. if you use "-width 3 -width 50", it will use 50. Or, if you use "-fullscreen -window", it will use a full screen windowed mode).

  • Character select issue when using keyboard controls resolved -- Resolved an issue with character select that would cause the keyboard assignments to change.

  • 'Medic' and 'Conscientious Objector' achievements no longer interfere with each other -- Prior to the update, if a user played the home castle though to barbarian war, and attempted to gain the medic achievement by resurrecting one other player in each level, then they would fail to get the 'Medic' achievement if they attack any enemies in those levels.

  • Added save default ini file -- If the user doesn't change their settings we still create an ini file with the default settings for the game.

  • The game no longer runs faster than the desired gamespeed on slower machines -- Before the update, machines that ran at less than 30fps would attempt to 'catch up' missing game time when they ran above 30fps, resulting in game speed up. We now account for this missing game time, so it does not build up and alter later game speed.

  • Removed plug’n’play audio on Win 32 machines -- Removed the check for new audio devices on Win 32 machines.

    If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact us by creating a ticket in our support system:
Announcement - Valve
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Community Announcements - The Behemoth Megan
Our recent update led to an unforeseen issue in which users with Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard version could not launch the game properly. We worked as quickly as possible to create the update for this API compatibility issue and tested it before we released the update.

For those players who downloaded the game prior to 12/13/2012 you will now be able to download the update. It should only affect Mac users.
Product Release - Valve
The Steam Autumn Sale has come to a close, but there are a few Daily Deals that are still available!

Yesterday's Daily Deals Include:

*Offers end Wednesday at 10AM Pacific Time.

Community Announcements - The Behemoth Megan
We’ve been working on another update for Castle Crashers Steam Edition! Now it is time for 1.2. Booya!

Each update goes through a meticulous process that requires every member of the Castle Crashers development team to give their input before the update is ready. Our team is working hard to optimize gameplay by addressing the various issues hindering optimal gameplay. We are researching solutions, updating menu and art design, programming all the changes into the game and, finally, testing it. When it is all done and final, we push a button somewhere up in the Internets and the update goes straight to your systems.

Here’s what’s cram packed into Update 1.2:

[] Resolved an issue that previously affected the game audio when the game is minimized to the task - Prior to this update, minimization did not pause the game audio.

[] We now support mouse buttons to behave like keyboard keys. The user can use them in the keyboard settings!

[] Render optimization by redoing the letterbox rendering - The letterbox now renders a different way which hopefully will cut down on the number of pixels we draw.

[] New render option to turn letterbox on or off - Now in the game settings menu a player can select whether to have letterbox or stretch to fit.

[] New render option to toggle vsync - Vsync off on slow computers will make it render faster (It really makes a difference). Fast computers should leave it on for smoother rendering.

[] New render option to select texture quality - The options are “High” or “Standard.” This will adjust the minimum texture size. The “Standard” setting will cause some textures to appear less sharp. Default value is set to “High”.

[] Steam overlay MAC buttons are now clickable. - We changed the way to do full screen that is more friendly with the Steam overlay.

[] No games found message updated - We added text to suggest creating a game if no online multiplayer games are found. There was some confusion by players why there were no online multiplayer matches available to join. However, we did not explain that there are no games to “join in progress.” So we added a few lines of text to help guide the player into creating a match of his or her own online.

[] Gamepad analog stick and dpad will now allow the user to change their selection from All You Can Quaff (AYCQ) in the Online Multiplayer selection menu when they have selected AYCQ using mouseover. - Prior to this update the gamepad analog stick lost functionality in Online Multiplayer menu selection.

[] In the new update, we centered the window position when players change from fullscreen to windowed mode, so you should be able to move it anywhere on your screen. Previously, PC users may have noticed that changing from fullscreen to windowed mode on PC puts the window in the upper left of the screen, without a way to drag it back into frame.

[] Users can now Alt-tab out of PC full screen online multiplayer games during the loading screens without it halting progression. Prior to the update this Alt-tab during the loading screens would halt the progression until that user went back to the game or until they were dropped.

[] Lobbies are only listed once and duplicates should now be non-existent. - Duplicate lobbies were listed in the past. If friends joined the same lobby then any other friend who searched for lobbies would get that lobby listed for every friend in the lobby.

[] In window mode some resolutions had been skewing mousing coordinates on Windows machines. Some resolutions we set were overridden by the OS. Now everything is fixed!

There’s a lot involved with the planning of these new changes as you can imagine. We have started looking into what we can improve in the game for update 1.3, but it may take us a bit longer since those issues require much more research to find solutions and testing on various systems to emulate the different specs you may have versus your fellow Castle Crashers buddy’s system. Thanks again for your understanding and patience!

Community Announcements - The Behemoth Megan
Hello Steam Fam and Friends,

For those who may have missed our announcement on Update 1.1, here’s the info for the first update that came out last week: <a href=""></a>

We have started working on the plan for Update 1.2. There will be a few bug fixes included as well as new game setting options that will hopefully improve overall performance for some computer systems. These options will affect the rendering, so you may be able to reduce the amount of rendering in the game which will increase performance.

We have been following the forum posts on our official Behemoth forums and on the Steam Castle Crashers forums, so have no fear we are here! We have a <a href="">solutions forum</a> with some frequently asked questions that have suggestions on how to deal with common problems. If you are unable to find a solution to your issue after doing a search in the forums, then feel free to send us a message through our support page. Our support staff will do their best to answer technical issues. Please be aware that there are still some outstanding issues we are still investigating. These are not quick fixes and will take some more time on our end to research and resolve (e.g., frame rate issues).

<a href="">The Behemoth Support Page</a>

I'll continue going through the forum discussions every few days and respond as best as I can. As soon as I get an update about Update 1.2, I’ll be sending the info your way!

The Behemoth
Community Announcements - The Behemoth Megan
Hey All,

As a team of programmers and testers continue to work hard on the next Castle Crashers update, I thought it would be cool to do a contest for all our fans and encourage you all to have a bit of fun outside of the game. :)

<img class="size-full wp-image-7178 aligncenter" title="HalloweenContestBanner" src="" alt="" width="450" height="234" /></img>

So I'm bringing back the Halloween contest that The Behemoth did a couple years back! Anyone can participate, but we're using the Official The Behemoth forums to collect all the entries in one place. You can find the details <a href="">HERE</a> in our forums!

Community Announcements - The Behemoth Megan
Today, the first update for Castle Crashers Steam Edition will go live. We have made a few adjustments to the game to increase performance and added a few new visuals tailored for Steam gameplay. Here are some of the changes that are in the first update:

<b>[]</b> We’ve improved performance by correcting a memory leak that appeared to affect certain systems. We found that this was related to how specific computers handled audio, which is why this affected only some players and not all. If this had been affecting you prior to the update and it still affects you after downloading the first update please let us know by going to our support page and filling out a <a href="">support ticket</a>.

<b>[]</b> We’ve improved overall performance by adding Push-to-Talk support as part of a new Audio Settings menu. This lets the player Enable/Disable Voice Chat, Enable/Disable Push-to-Talk, and set the keyboard key used for Push-to-Talk.

If you have Push-to-Talk enabled, the default PTT key is “T” or pressing L3 on the primary local controller.

<b>[]</b> In order to get to the game quicker, we’ve added the ability for players to move through the logo and legal screens quicker when the game boots up using either the escape key, the enter key, the space key or 'A' button on a controller.

<b>[]</b> To celebrate the Steam edition, Dan has drawn some new artwork for the main menu (Woot!).

<b>[]</b> Checking leaderboards in the game demo will no longer cause the pause menu to break.

<b>[]</b> We’ve reverted to the default keyboard controls that were originally used to design the game back in the Stone Age when Ye Olde Side-Scroller was but a glimmer of a dream:

A - Quick Slash
S - Jump
D - Special Item (ie bow and arrow)
W - Fierce Slash
E - Magic Mode
Q - Shield
C - Toggle Special Item (could do both Z and C for that)

The new keybindings will not affect anyone who purchased and played the game prior to the release of the update. Your keyboard settings are safe!

If you don’t see an issue that was affecting you on this list, don’t worry! Some other issues brought to our attention by the community take longer to identify, fix, test and verify than those listed in the first update. Our second update is hot on the heels of this one, so it won’t be long before we have more performance enhancements (<i>Go Lance!</i>) and other improvements!

We’ve also updated our DLC descriptions to include the charities that the proceeds will be benefitting. If you haven’t seen it already, here are this year’s DLC charities:

The Behemoth donates 100% of DLC proceeds to various 501(c)(3) non-profits, including:
<b>[]</b> Doctors without Borders
<b>[]</b> Wikimedia Foundation
<b>[]</b> Heifer International
<b>[]</b> (Flying Spaghetti Monster Team)

The Behemoth Team
Oct 12, 2012
Community Announcements - The Behemoth Megan
Greetings Everyone-

Yesterday we were given our developer rank here on the Steam forums, so now we can connect with you through the official Castle Crashers Steam group!

We are working on <a href="">an update</a> which we hope to release soon. If you’re having issues with the game, please remember that there are multiple ways to reach us: We'll be checking out the Castle Crashers Steam forums, or you can head on over to our <a href="">Behemoth forum</a> and check out the posts there if you don’t find a solution in the Steam forums. Alternatively, you can message us on our <a href="">Facebook page</a> or through <a href="">Twitter</a>.

If the issue you are experiencing is not found on the forums, then you can fill out a <a href="">support ticket</a> so our support team can have a look at your particular issue.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Nathan Grayson)

Staring laser eyes.

A month ago, The Behemoth announced that – after a mere four years – its co-op bashathon for the ages, Castle Crashers, would finally be getting a PC port. Naturally, I hurled an Xbox (not mine, mind you; that’d be wasteful!) out a window in glee, only to cease my celebratory smashing when I noticed a listed release date of “unknown.” Now, though, I can finally resume breaking things, because Castle Crashers has hit Steam.



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