Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Jim Rossignol)

Blue has pointed out that we seem to have got some news from 2010 this week, with the arrival of the Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter demo on Steam. The HD version of The Second Encounter was originally release just under two years ago, and has waited until now to get a demo. It seems to be promotion for the 75% sale of the game currently taking place on Steam, but seems like a good opportunity to try it for nowt, should slaughtering endless hordes and delivering a few quips be your sort of thing.

Product Update - Valve
(Build 154993)
- Chainsaw weapon is now properly removed from 3rd person player model upon death.
- Fixed visual stutter of FOV during serious speed power if using custom FOV.
- Player FOV override no longer has any effect in third person view mode.
- Added slider for FOV adjustment to graphics options menu.
- Using third person view mode is no longer reported as cheating in versus game modes.
- Added checkbox for preferred player view mode (first / third person), which determines view mode at the start of a game session.
- Deathmatch game mode now supports infinite frags limit.
- Death and chat lines now last half as long.
- Created Yellow Yarek player model.
- Player death camera will be in third person in versus modes (but not those which include enemies, like beast hunt).
- Fixed bug which caused deaths not to be correctly considered when forming sorted score list.
- When player gets killed by environment damage (something other than player), it will lose frags.
- Colt weapon no longer uses reload in deathmatch and other versus modes.
- Fixed an issue causing sniper item spawns to overlap during last man/team standing rounds.
- Made player footstep heard farther in versus. Made them silent when crouching.
- Fixed an issue causing missing 3rd person weapons and wrong spine animation in case multiplayer model is changed from non-default back to default during gameplay.
- Fixed an issue preventing player from entering swimming mode in some cases.
- Fixed serious damage item not being visible when dropped by player.
- Fixed player falling through floor when crouching after long fall on remote machine under low FPS.
- Player FOV override cvar is not disabled in versus multiplayer mode any more.
- Kleer Kenny now has destruction sound.

Product Update - Valve
(Build 154741)
- Middle mouse button didn't work on OSX. Fixed.
- Mouse wheel didn't work properly on OSX. Fixed.
- Fixed wrong calculations of tangent space for plane-mappings in vertex shaders.
- Fixed problem with black screen on Mac systems with ATI GPUs and OS X Snow Leopard.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Nathan Grayson)

Gah, Sam, quit blinking. Now kill those men again so we can get a better picture.

Hm. This sort of came out of nowhere. Well, maybe not nowhere>, exactly. I mean, free-to-play has voraciously consumed the hearts of every other business model and gained their powers, and Croteam’s been known to host the occasional F2P weekend from time-to-time on Steam. But it still surprised me>, OK? Gosh. At any rate, this is exactly what it sounds like: Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter’s versus and survival multiplayer modes will – beginning May 15 – attempt to carve out their own niche in an increasingly crowded F2P landscape. Probably with bombs.


Product Update - Valve
(Build 154491)
- Various performance tweaks for widget glows in menu. Should help with performance in the in-game overlay menu (Tab) on all platforms.
- Fixed one-frame-garbage on screen on some GPUs when changing scenes..
- Fixed black screens and other artefacts on GPUs that don't support sRGB decoding for textures under OpenGL.

Product Update - Valve
(Build 154436)
- Fixed 64bit issues with split screen input binding menus.
- Added fix for black screen on OSX, for ATI series 6 cards. (Fix for series 4 and 5 is in the works)
- Disabled instancing on OSX platform.
- Fixed kernel panic on OSX caused by parallax occlusion mapping pixel shader.
- GPU's video memory size is now determined correctly under OSX platform.
- Application is now started in current desktop resolution on OSX platform, instead of 1024x768.

Product Update - Valve
(Build 154242)
- Fixed mousewheel problems on Windows.
- Fixed Load games menu widgets on tripple-monitor setups.

Product Update - Valve
(Build 154002)
- Support for Mac OSX added. Cross-platform play between Windows and Mac builds is supported.
- Support for multiple keyboards and mouses in split-screen on Windows. (The split screen configuration dialog is much more complex now.)
- Serious Editor can now import and export files (meshes, skeletons and animations) in Autodesk FBX format.
- Updated Chinese translations.
- Update auto-detection script file with nVidia GeForce GTX 680 GPU.
- Fixed muzzle flash in firing animation on blue Biomech.
- Optimisations in occlusion culling system.
- Optimized synchronization in multithreaded rendering.
- Optimized vertex buffer locking on OpenGL.
- Fixed problem with occasional wrong (dark) rendering under OpenGL.
- Fixed memory leaks when re-importing the same mesh over an over in editor.

Announcement - Valve
From the land of windmills and wooden shoes, check out the From Holland with Love Pack during this week's Midweek Madness!

This bundle has seven great indie games for a fantastic price! Plus, if you already own one of the titles in the pack, you'll receive an extra copy of that game to give to a friend!

From Holland with Love Pack includes:
Offer ends Thursday at 4pm Pacific Time.

Product Update - Valve
o Dedicated server now works on Linux. It can be downloaded using HLDSUpdateTool for Linux, using gamename "serioussam3-linux".
o SeriousEditor can now natively import and export meshes in Wavefront .obj format. You may need to reset the Common toolbar in mesh editor to see the new buttons for it.
o Various fixes and improvements in script edit control in SeriousEditor: added scrollbar, fixed scrolling errors, fixed rare crashes in undo/redo, better assignment of variable on drag&drop of entity from world, some other small fixes.
o Fixed severe visual errors on GI baking that happened when models had compressed normals.
o Fixed rare server crashes caused by malformed RPC messages from client.
o When server has problems executing an RPC, client ID and name are output to log, and the client is disconnected to prevent further damage. If client cannot execute receives an exception when trying to execute an RPC, it will disconnect from the server. o Fixed some minor issues in menus when rendering for stereoscopic display. o Fixed problems with some shaders not being rendered correctly under OpenGL. o Fixed Chinese and Japanese versions of Kanji characters mixing up in some cases. Now Japanese glyphs have precedence when using Japanese locale, and Chinese glyhps when using Chinese locale.
o Fixed an issue causing snapping instead of smooth transition between fire animations on player model in some cases. o Character animation selection system was changed to facilitate more complex combinations of legs and torso animations.
o Fixed an issue causing scaffolding pole to remain on third person player model when switching weapons or performing melee while scaffolding pole is equipped. o Created new jump animations for player character. o Created some more player animations for swimming/diving while carrying explosives or sledgehammer.
o Added support for Raw Input for mouse and keyboard, enabled with inp_bRawInput. This should give more precision in mouse reading, for those who want every micrometer of aiming accuracy.


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