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We just released a second hotfix for Awesomenauts 4.5: Revenge of the Renegades., with some additional improvements for Qi'Tara and small fixes for several other characters.

Catch the patch notes below:

Hotfix 4.5.2

  • Storm drum, fixed that second stage was still priced at 160 solar.

  • Fixed an issue where Psionic Bond could be shot twice before cooldown.
  • Fixed Psionic Bond skill aiming visuals didn’t line up with the actual skill.

Max Focus
  • Brutalities of the Kraken unveiled!, fixed that if this upgrade was bought in combination with Intergalactic Police's Dirty secret!, one of the two stronger bullets at the end of the skill would be delayed.

Professor Yoolip
  • Fixed an issue where Gripping Gaze could be shot twice before cooldown.

  • Qi’Tara now has a set of recommended items.
  • Chakram shift, fixed that it was possible to desync the cooldowns of different aspects of the skill, breaking it in a variety of ways.
  • Chakram shift, the cooldown which locks Qi’Tara out of shifting now only affects the shift backwards.
  • Portuguese Warblade, extra stage added, direct backstab damage increased from 16% to 40% per stage, improved tooltip to better communicate its usage.
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
Log in to Awesomenauts this weekend to try out a brand-new Brawl: Hyper Speed! This latest addition to the Brawl rotation doubles movement speed and damage dealt... ending up with four times as much fun!

The Hyper Speed Brawl will be available this entire weekend, and as always: your first few games will give you quadruple XP and Awesomepoints.

Let us know what you think of this latest gametype in the comments or on the forums:
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
We regularly send out a newsletter to update players on new content that's available in Awesomenauts, and this week we packed in a little extra surprise for you! 'Tis the season of giving, after all, so we're starting things off by giving all of our Newsletter subscribers a Steam key for Deadlift!

The powerful Bovinian may seem brutal but he’s actually very caring guy, leaping to his friends’ defense and protecting them with a strong shield.

Didn't receive a key? Some friendly community members who already owned the character are giving their keys away on the forums:

If you want to receive the Newsletter, and occassionally get free bonus content, you can sign up here: If you've already subscribed but didn't see your message come in, make sure to check your Spam folder as it might have ended up there inadvertently.
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
Support great charities, receive five characters for use in Awesomenauts, and gain access to a massive pack of other cool games in the Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017 pack! All proceeds from the bundle are donated to charity.

The bundle, which is available at $35, will have new content added every single day! It is available here:

The Awesomenauts included in this bundle are:
  • Skølldir
  • Max Focus
  • Ted McPain
  • Coco Nebulon
  • Rocco
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
We just released Awesomenauts 4.5.1 with fixes for some Qi'Tara issues that have been reported since she released on Wednesday, as well as some fixes for problems related to the new bundles. Full patch notes are included below.

While this update fixes a significant number of issues that have been reported so far, we have additional improvements currently in development and will be releasing them in an additional update next week.

Please continue to report issues you encounter on our forums, so that we can investigate and address them as soon as possible.

That said, have a great weekend, and enjoy the latest update and Randomnauts Brawl!

Hotfix 4.5.1
  • Added a profile portrait for the Dark Masquerade Qi’Tara skin, and made it available to players that own the skin.

  • The skin bundle button in the armory now correctly links to the appropriate skin bundle Steam store page.
  • Added a skin bundle button to Chucho Krok’s Armory page.
  • Fixed that the button tooltip for bundle buttons listed the incorrect announcer in some languages.
  • Fixed that the Starter Pack price did not show correctly in the Armory, and in the Starter Pack popup that displays when you unlock a Starter Pack naut.
  • Removed unintended display of the Ksenia skin bundle button in the Announcer Armory.
  • Fixed that some menu tiles had unintentional scrolling functionality.
  • Fixed that some announcer names would not fit inside their button in the Armory Announcer browser.

  • Chakram shift, fixed an issue where the icon for the skill disappeared and the skill became unusable until Qi’Tara died.
  • Chakram shift, fixed that when an enemy Naut would die while carrying a chakram Qi’Tara would still see the arrow as she could shift to that position.
  • Lily of the Isle, fixed that if you activated Lily’s effect by hitting an enemy Naut with a Chakram, and then activated Seven star strike, you’d get both a melee and ranged attack. This effectively allowed you to double your damage output.
  • Lily of the Isle, fixed an issue where Qi'Tara wouldn't show an attack animation during Seven star strike once the Lily of the Ilse upgrade effect wore off.
  • Seven Star Strike, fixed an issue where Qi’Tara would die instantly from chain effects like Swiggin’s Anchor Drop or Smiles Trapper’s Hook while Seven Star Strike was active and after buying the Salty Seal upgrade.
  • Qi’Tara’s standard melee attack now prefers nauts and droids over turrets. Because Qi’Tara’s melee attack is single target this should help her clear enemies inside a turret while pushing.

Known issue: holding down the Charkram button when the skill comes off cooldown may cause elements of the ability to desync. Waiting for the cooldown to fully reset if this occurs will resolve this issue. This will be addressed in a future update.

Penny Fox
  • Grey man group badge, fixed that the full bar sound would play on every hit once the bar was filled.

Ted McPain
  • Weapon switch, fixed an issue where if skill aiming graphics were enabled, stimpack was active, the airstrike button was held, and Ted switches from machine gun to shotgun that the switching time was doubled.
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
Awesomenauts 4.5: Revenge of the Renegades is now available on Steam, and that means Qi'Tara is now available! The update also adds five new profile portraits to the mix, a number of additional features and tools for the in-game level editor, and much more.

Qi'Tara, the thirty-third playable Awesomenaut, is a cloaked assassin that applies a stacking poison effect to her enemies every time she hits them. Her individual hits don’t deal too much damage, but the poison effect can quickly overwhelm her opponents because of her high attack speed.

Owners of the Awesomenauts All Nauts Pack should have Qi'Tara unlocked right away, while everyone else can unlock her with 10.000 Awesomepoints, or by purchasing her from the Steam store.
Alongside Qi'Tara, we're releasing an awesome premium skin called Dark Masquerade Qi'Tara as well as a brand-new announcer called Renegade Command. Furthermore, we're introducing a new Starter Pack in this update. The Starter Pack contains eight accessible characters that highlight various roles and playstyles, and is sure to contain a great line-up for players looking dive deeper into everything Awesomenauts has to offer.

For full patch notes, check the bottom of this post.

Already own some of the 'Nauts contained in the Starter Pack? Don't worry, as the game will automatically refund you the Awesomepoint-value of any duplicate characters you already possess prior to pruchasing the pack. The pack is available at $7.99 and to celebrate the release of Update 4.5 it's temporarily discounted by 20%. Last but not least, we're introducing a number of new 'Complete-the-set' bundles on Steam to allow players to obtain all available content for their favorite characters at a 20% discount. Check out the in-game armory for more information.

Update 4.5: Revenge of the Renegades

NEW character: Qi’Tara
Being a Chilasi princess, it surprised everyone when Qi’Tara joined the Scargi military. After all, the Chilasi of Gromdom and the snail-like Scargi had been at war for decades in an attempt to settle an ancient dispute: whether the Splumbs that grow in the many gardens on their planet are a fruit, or whether they’re in fact a vegetable, as the Scargi maintained. Despite all that, she quickly rose through the ranks to become a royal guard in the Order of the Scargi Emperor and attained the title of Femme Fatale Haricot Beurre. Some say she seduced the Scargi emperor to provoke her father, the king, while others say she just did it to access the Scargi Shplumb reserves.

  • Poisonous Blades: Slash and inflict a stacking poison onto your enemies.
  • Seven Star Strike: Temporarily gain the ability to slash rapidly around you.
  • Chakram Shift: Throw out a Chakram that sticks to your enemies and warp to it with a second press.
NEW skin: Dark Masquerade Qi’Tara
Serving as a member of the Order of the Scargi Emperor, Qi'Tara sometimes has to go undercover and blend into the crowd to protect Emperor Piere Feu Darret. Being a Chilasi (and armed to the teeth), that's rarely an easy feat. As a result, these tasks are usually left to other members of her Order when opportunities alow.

Once a year though, during the national Splumb Carnival, Qi'Tara mingles with the splumb-covered, masked partygoers - marvelling many with what they think is an elaborate Chilasi-costume. The only ones that find out she's not just PRETENDING to be a heavily armed Chilasi warrior are the would-be assassins she encounters.

For Qi'Tara the Splumb Carnival is the best day of the year as it allows her to indulge into her two favorite things: splumbs and murder.

The Dark Masquerade Qi’Tara skin comes equipped with a fully customized voice set, and owning the skin will unlock a special portrait for use in-game.

NEW: Renegade Command Announcer
You've got the plan.
You've got the weapons.
You've got the explosives.
You might even have an inside man to get you through the front door and into the facility.
But none of that makes you a Renegade.
For that, you need style. And a narrator.
Let the Renegade Command announcer turn every mission you go on into something special.

NEW: Awesomenauts Starter pack
To help new players get started with Awesomenauts, we’re introducing a brand new Starter Pack. This bundle contains eight accessible characters that highlight various roles and playstyles, and is sure to contain a great line-up for players looking dive deeper into everything Awesomenauts has to offer.

Already own one or more of the characters included in this pack? Don't worry! We'll give you the in-game Awesomepoint value for any of the characters you already own, giving you a jumpstart to unlocking other Awesomenauts.

NEW: Character Bundles
To help players obtain skins and relevant announcers for their favorite characters, we’re now offering Complete-the-set bundles on Steam that allow players to obtain content at a discount. Check out the armory to learn more about the bundles we have available!

Profile Portraits
  • Step right up!
  • Look at that!
  • Dobl Dicey
  • Time-lost Slipper
  • Rocket toaster
NEW: Animation editor
Added the animation editor to the modding tools!
  • While modding a map you can now open the animation editor with F3.
  • Just like normal animations, modded animations can be used in maps and can be triggered by AI.
  • The animation editor features a timeline, parenting and keyframes to create more complex animations. -Through the animation editor you can also put sounds, text and rumble in your levels.
  • At the moment you can’t add custom sounds so you need to use the sounds that are already in the game.
  • At the moment you can only add newlines and special characters to Text objects by pasting them from Notepad, since the text field won’t accept them directly.
  • Due to memory constraints voices are only played if the character/skin/announcer is actually in the match, so for example you can’t use Lonestar’s voice in a mod if there’s no Lonestar in the match. This only goes for voices: sound effects can always be played.
Behaviour editor
  • When reloading ai’s it will also respawn the selected character. This makes testing of behaviour changes easier.
  • New behaviour option: isTargetInRangeOfSKill. This will check if the behaviour target is in range of a specific skill.
  • A number of game variables are now directly available inside the behaviour editor. The list is mentioned in the help popup of the behaviour editor. The current variables are: character.width, character.height, character.maxHealth, character.position.x, character.position.y
  • Area search blocks have two extra parameters to align the search area against the character. These settings are: ‘horizontal alignment to character’ and ‘vertical alignment to character’.
  • Skill aiming visuals are now correct when aiming behind you.
  • Added a team-switch area to the Test Map.
  • Commander Rocket is now available at 7500 Awesomepoints.
  • Further lowered the platform in the hiding area in front of the turret in order to make jumping onto more consistently possible.

Commander Rocket
  • Rocket Launch, fixed that the ability could be used to move while snared.
  • Mother of Bombs, fixed that the nuke bug reduction to the long-distance rocket was still 33% instead of 30%.
  • Nuke Bug, fixed that it wouldn't activate until 0.2 seconds after Rocket was alive.

  • Fake band aid, fixed that it sometimes didn't give a dash.

Froggy G
  • Fixed that there was one item missing to his recommended build.

  • Displace, fixed that displacing a bot before the doors open would lock the bot in place for the rest of the match.

  • Firebreath, fixed that after being cocooned by Genji during firebreath she wouldn't resume after the cocoon wore off.

Max Focus
  • Brutalities of the Kraken Unveiled!, fixed that the bullet would still come out even when Max is stunned during Scene Illumination.
  • Brutalities of the Kraken Unveiled!, fixed that the bullet would always face the direction at which the Scene Illumination was started.
  • Walm Krunkbite, fixed that the upgrade didn’t do anything.

Penny Fox
  • Fixed an issue where the charge meter didn’t display the correct values.

Ted McPain
  • Airstrike, fixed that the airstrike wouldn't trigger when holding it down while switching to shotgun.
  • Airstrike, fixed that airstrike showed visual pre aim even when the option is disabled.

  • Spare blade, fixed that the spare blade would deal 1 damage after Starstorm Statue was bought.
  • Steeldrum, fixed that the damage upgrade was applied separate from the base damage, resulting in two separate damage numbers.

Vinnie & Spike
  • Dead seahorse head, fixed an issue where it was no longer possible to dash through glass platforms when using this upgrade.
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
As we previously announced, the Awesomenauts All Nauts Pack is being retired when Awesomenauts 4.5: Revenge of the Renegades launches. In this update, it will be replaced with a brand-new Starter Pack.

We're currently in final stages of testing the update, and if all goes according to plan the update will hit tomorrow, on December 6th. That means this will be your final chance to obtain the Awesomenauts All Nauts Pack, which grants you immediate access to all characters as well as access to new characters as they are released.

The All Nauts Pack is currently available at 40% off as a 'going-away sale':
The Starter Pack, which will launch alongside Update 4.5, contains eight accessible characters that each highlight a different playstyle. This allows newer players to get a headstart as they dive into all the content that Awesomenauts has to offer, and grants them an Awesomepoint-refund for any characters they already own.

The eight characters included in the Starter Pack are:
  • Rocco - the arrow-slinging assassin
  • Coco Nebulon - the waveboard-riding harasser
  • Sheriff Lonestar - the gunslinger that excels at pushing lanes
  • Professor M. Yoolip - the wrench-wielding, dinosaur-summoning support
  • Leon Chameleon - the backstabbing assassin
  • Max Focus - the flying Awesomenaut that harasses enemies from a distance
  • Genji the Pollen Prophet - the shielding support 'Naut that can cocoon his enemies
  • The Scoop of Justice - the versatile warrior with incredible sustain

Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
Get ready for the weekend and the launch of Awesomenauts 4.5: Revenge of the Renegades with the Qi'Tara theme!
We're currently putting finishing touches on the update and aim to release it on December 6th. Get hype, and stay tuned for more secrets to be revealed early next week!
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
Get ready for Dark Masquerade Qi'Tara! She'll dance the Dance of Death and Wailing Waltz when Awesomenauts 4.5: Revenge of the Renegades releases! This awesome skin will come equiped with unique voicelines and a whole bunch of unique special effects.

We're aiming to release Awesomenauts 4.5: Revenge of the Renegades on December 6th, so stay tuned for more reveals over the coming week as we approach launch of this new update!
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
Team Boys 'R' Us recently won the Super Awesomenauts Dojo tournament, topping Serious Decisions in the Grand Finals. Congratulations to Niki, Ubi, DaveW, and Eddster on their victory, and many thanks to the team that helped make this tournament happen.

If you missed the recent livestream, which featured the best game from the tournament, you can now catch the VODs on YouTube. Thanks to Uberransy, Fawx, SlowWolf, Pyrocheese, and MrPillow for casting!

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