May 29, 2017
Crusader Kings II - BjornB


Today I’d like to talk to you about a part of the game that we’ve chosen to overhaul and improve - the Tributary system! Introduced in Horse Lords, the ‘Make Tributary’ CB allowed you to go to war with a neighboring realm to make them pay you 40% of their income until the death of your current character. It was quite a simple system that didn’t always fit the intended purpose very well, so we decided to make it more advanced and capable of diverse use!

Tributaries can now come in a lot of flavors, as they are entirely definable in a new ‘tributary_types’ file. You define a name and then you set the parameters for how you would like the Tributary to work. You are able to customize a lot of things, for example; the various tribute percentages, if the Tributary should be set free on death or if the Suzerain must defend the Tributary in wars.

With this new system we have lots of ideas on where we could add new types of Tributaries, i.e. Permanent Tributaries or Nomad Tributaries. If you have any ideas for a type of Tributary (and when it would make sense to have it/when to gain access to the CB) feel free to post a suggestion in this thread!

To demonstrate, here’s the script for an example Tributary type:

example = { # name used for that type of tributary. "default" is the standard type, replacing the old tributaries, and "none" is reserved and should not be used tributary_name = TRIBUTARY_DEFAULT_NAME # localization string used for tributaries of that type (ie "Tributary" for the default type, "Permanent Tributary" for the Permanent type, etc) tributary_plural = TRIBUTARY_DEFAULT_PLURAL # localization string used for tributaries of that type, when there is more than one (ie "Tributaries" for the default type, "Permanent Tributaries" for the Permanent type, etc) suzerain_name = SUZERAIN_DEFAULT_NAME # localization string used for suzerains of that tributary type (ie "Suzerain" for the default type, "Permanent Suzerain" for the Permanent type, etc) tribute_name = TRIBUTARY_DEFAULT_TRIBUTE # localization string used for "paying $TRIBUTE$" for that tributary type breaks_at_suzerain_death = yes # yes/no value determining if the tributary relationship is dissolved when the suzerain dies. breaks_at_tributary_death = no # yes/no value determining if the tributary relationship is dissolved when the tributary dies suzerain_must_defend = no # yes/no value determining if the suzerain is forced to accept calls to arms from tributary in defensive wars (wars were the tributary is the defender) # if they decline anyway, they will lose the tributary and an amount of prestige defined in defines.lua, called SUZERAIN_DEFENDER_CALL_DECLINE_COST tributary_can_be_summoned = yes # yes/no value determining if the suzerain can calls the tributaries to war (as tribal vassals / allies) tributary_must_defend = yes # yes/no value determining if the tributaries are forced to accept defensive calls to arms tributaries_can_infight = yes # yes/no value determining if the tributaries can fight against each others, if both tributaries are of the same type # if tributaries are of different types, they will always be allowed to fight each other, even if they have the same suzerain suzerain_can_join_infighting = yes # yes/no value determining if the suzerain can join a tributary in a war against another tributaries_can_unite = no # yes/no value determining if, when trying to break, the tributaries can band together against the suzerain, à la major revolt breaks_on_realm_change=yes # yes/no value determining if the tributary relationship is dissolved when the tributary's titles change realms cbs_against_suzerain = { # list of CBs tributaries can use against their suzerain free_tributary_cb } income_tribute_percentage = { # how much of their monthly income the tributary must pay to their suzerain. # THIS IS ONLY EVALUATED WHEN THE TRIBUTARY RELATIONSHIP IS FORMED # and is not reevaluated afterwards # this value is an MTTH and should compute a value between 0 and 1, inclusive # in case the total is less than 0, it will be counted as 0 # in case the total is more than 1, it will be counted as 1 # current scope is the tributary, FROM is the suzerain value = 0.10 additive_modifier = { value = 0.05 FROM = { is_merchant_republic = yes } } } reinforce_tribute_percentage = { # How much of the tributary's reinforcement rate will go to the suzerain's instead. # THIS IS ONLY EVALUATED WHEN THE TRIBUTARY RELATIONSHIP IS FORMED # and is not reevaluated afterwards # this value is an MTTH and should compute a value between 0 and 1, inclusive # in case the total is less than 0, it will be counted as 0 # in case the total is more than 1, it will be counted as 1 # current scope is the tributary, FROM is the suzerain # this is applied by subtracting the percentage, as is, from the tributary's reinforcement rate # and adding a scaled (based on demesne size= version of the percentage to the suzerain # So, for example, the tributary loses 10% of reinforcement rate, but the suzerain gains 10% * (tributary's demesne size) / (suzerain's demesne size) value = 0.10 additive_modifier = { value = 0.05 FROM = { is_merchant_republic = yes } } } prestige_to_suzerain = { # how much of prestige the suzerain gains every month per tributary (of that type) he holds # this value is an MTTH and the raw value will be added to the suzerain's prestige every month. # current scope is the suzerain, FROM is the tributary value = 0 } prestige_to_tributary = { # how much prestige the tributary gains every month # this value is an MTTH and the raw value will be added to the tributary's prestige every month. # to make them lose prestige, return a negative value # current scope is the tributary, FROM is the suzerain value = 0 } piety_to_suzerain = { # how much of piety the suzerain gains every month per tributary (of that type) he holds # this value is an MTTH and the raw value will be added to the suzerain's piety every month. # current scope is the suzerain, FROM is the tributary value = 0 } piety_to_tributary = { # how much of piety a tributary gains every month # this value is an MTTH and the raw value will be added to the tributary's piety every month. # to make them lose piety, return a negative value # current scope is the tributary, FROM is the suzerain value = 0 } }

I’d also like to expand upon something we touched upon in the last DD; the new ‘unjust conquest’ CB (now renamed to Border Dispute). When declaring a Border Dispute over a County you first and foremost have to pay an upfront cost of Piety and Gold scaled to your tier (in the case of Pagans, prestige is used), but you also take an opinion hit from both your religious head (if you have one) as well as any landed characters of the targeted religious group in both your realm and the one you’re attacking. Note that these opinion modifiers stack! This makes the border Dispute CB dangerous to use on characters of your own religion, especially if you have a religious head capable of excommunicating you. You will primarily want to use this CB to expand early on when drawing the ire of your co-religionists is worth the risk, or against characters not of your religion.

Example is of an Irish Count wanting to conquer another Irish Count.

Note that Muslims, Nomads and in certain cases Pagans do not have access to this CB, as their current CB’s are already superior. It is also possible to turn the CB off entirely by using Game Rules.

Note that we’ve also decided to leave Fabricate Claim as it is right now.


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Crusader Kings II - (Adam Smith)

Forget everything Fallout has ever taught you because war is changing. We already knew about upcoming geographical expansions in Crusader Kings II [official site], making areas that were previously impassable playable, but fresh news arrived in today’s dev diary and it involves changes to fundamental systems. The major shift will be in the causes of war, which will no longer require justification in every instance. That could be a dramatic change, given that one of the most important aspects of CK II is the need for a Casus Belli to not only declare war but to inform the goals of a war. The other alterations will come in battle itself, specifically sieges. More below.

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May 22, 2017
Crusader Kings II - BjornB

Greetings all!

One of the great things about meeting our dear players - you folks - in real life (such as at PDXCON) is getting to hear such a lot of constructive, persuasive suggestions for improvements. For example, two things that were brought up last week were how annoying the “Fabricate Claim” job is, and the fact that Siege Assaults are rather overpowered when you have the numbers to just blitz down even heavily fortified Holdings. So, we decided to experiment with some changes…

First off, we’re going to deemphasize the “Fabricate Claim” job by giving all playable entities (including Christians) a form of “Unjustified War” Casus Belli that will allow you to seize a single County for an upfront cost of Piety, Prestige or Gold (depending on your Religion and Government Form.) Ideally, I’d also like to replace the “Fabricate Claim” job with something else (maybe something to do with foreign embassies and arranging marriages, or something to do with Laws. Suggestions are welcome!) However, we might decide leave it there as it is (it does still have some uses.)

Next, we’re adding a Game Rule for Siege Assaults. The options are “Unlimited”, which works like before, “On”, which disables Assaults against Holdings at Fort Level 6 or above, and “Off”, which disables Assaults entirely. We’re currently playing around with these changes, so the exact rules for the “On” setting might change. On a related note, the time it takes to siege down Holdings is also being tweaked, to make it quicker overall but also making the Fort Level matter more.

When we sat down and talked about the above tweaks, we also decided to (rather dramatically) increase the “Ticking Warscore” rate for the attackers in wars. This necessitated splitting some defines (CONTESTED_TITLE_OCCUPIED_WARSCORE_BONUS, etc) into defender and attacker versions.

We are still evaluating how well these changes turned out. It’s likely we’ll tweak some numbers (or even backtrack on something.) So far though, it appears quite promising, positively altering the “rhythm” of warfare!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for the CK2 livestream, starting at 16:00 CET today. Until next time!

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Sid Meier's Civilization® V - (Adam Smith)

Jon Shafer was 21 years old when he became lead designer of Civilization V. Now working at Paradox on an unannounced project and on his own historical strategy game At The Gates in his spare time, he says he’s learning from the likes of Spelunky along with the more obvious strategic influences. We spoke about how the second half of every Civ sucks, the part the series played in his life, the perils of boredom in strategy design, how much we love maps, and what the future holds for both Shafer and Paradox.

I began by asking how he ended up sitting at the Paradox Convention, in Stockholm, the city that has now been his home for two weeks: “It’s quite a long story, actually.”

That story begins in Denver, around 2003.

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Crusader Kings II - (Adam Smith)

Crusader Kings 2 [official site] is secretly Crusader Kings 5 or 6. The specific number isn’t important; the point is, Paradox’s alternate history generator has grown in all directions since release. The timeline covered has expanded, the map is much bigger, there are more cultures and religions, and you can join a cult and give birth to the antichrist.

There wasn’t an official expansion announcement at PDXCON, the media event and fan gathering that I returned from yesterday, but today game director Henrik F hraeus published a post discussing some future changes. The playable world is getting bigger, again: “the Himalayas and the vast Tibetan plateau” are opening for business.

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May 15, 2017
Crusader Kings II - BjornB

Hi folks!

PDXCON 2017 is over and it was fantastic to meet so many of you! I got a lot of interesting suggestions and feedback on our games, including, of course, CK2. So, a special thank you goes out to those of you who were there!

Now then, let’s talk a bit about those ugly gray areas on the map; the wastelands. Aesthetically, I’ve never liked the gray color of wasteland provinces in the non-Terrain map modes, so I took some time to change it so that wasteland is now always shown as Terrain, regardless of map mode (we might add options for this in the settings. Let me know what you think!)

Northern Siberia and the Sahara deserve to be wasteland; it’s difficult to do anything more about that (we’ve already twisted and manipulated the map projection, etc.) However, the Himalayas and the vast Tibetan plateau are a different story… Though mountainous, the region contains many important population centers and religious sites and has a rich history of interaction with China, India and Central Asia. In essence, the only reason it’s a “wasteland” in CK2 is that we haven’t prioritized doing it justice.

Tibet, 1066. Note that any green Coat of Arms are placeholders.

I’ve never been happy with the way the eastern edge of the map feels like the edge of the world when, in fact, it should be a dynamic hub connecting at least four major civilizations (China, India, the Steppe Nomads and the Islamic world.) Well, the time to do something about that is now! In our working build, we have added the necessary provinces, new cultures (Bodpa, Tangut and Nepalese), new religions (Bön and Khurmazta), and title history for the entire region.

The Himalayan mountains, 867.

The Bön religion is a pagan faith which functionally has many similarities with the Romuvan and Buddhist religions: It is very hard to convert, has access to Gavelkind, and unlike other pagan faiths it can not be reformed (though this might change in the future.) Instead, it starts off with the ability to designate heirs, just like Buddhists. It has also got a Patron Deity system like that of the Hindus and the “defensive” Pagans.

Purang, one of the Bön religion's Holy Sites.

In addition, we are looking over the great Muslim conquerors (Sabuktigin, Seljuq and Timur) to make sure they usually rise, toning down the Indian Holy Orders and making them creatable (rather than existing from the start.) We also plan to add or expand on adventurers for more generic conquests into and out of the subcontinent especially.

There is more, but that would be revealing too much too soon. :) Stay tuned for the next dev diary, and, as always, remember to check out the CK2 livestreams later today, starting at 16:00 CET!

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Crusader Kings II - Valve
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May 8, 2017
Crusader Kings II - BjornB


The weather is slowly recovering from the chaotic mixture of snow/rain/hail/sun that has plagued the Swedish April and work is starting on the next, yet undisclosed, expansion! The next expansion is going to have a specific theme which most features will be focused around (we can unfortunately not go into any detail in this DD), though we also want to add some features that can be of use regardless of who or where you choose to play. One of these is planned to be a ‘Casus Belli Expansion’, where we want to add new and oft-requested CBs to the game. The Focus is going to be on CBs that enhance the early and late game (as well as a few more roleplay-focused CBs). While this is by no means a final list, it’s what we’ve made so far:

Forced Vassalization
This is a CB that can be used against neighboring realms to force them to become your vassal. To avoid making it too powerful it’s quite heavily limited, only realms that are of a lower tier, under 30 realm size and where the ruler is of either your culture group or religion are valid targets. It also has a direct cost (prestige). For example; this can allow England to, with time, extend ‘protection’ to the smaller Welsh and Irish realms.

De Jure Duchy Claim
This CB was added to try to avoid situations where massive realms would fight over one single county, essentially destroying their armies for near no gain. Players often think these types of wars aren’t worth fighting, and do not usually declare them themselves - instead they turn to Holy Wars or invite duchy claimants to expand in a more meaningful way. This CB provides interesting opportunity for conquest at the point where you form your first Kingdom or Empire. Any vassals present in conquered lands are preserved, and this CB also comes with a prestige cost.

Ducal County Conquest
At the very start of a game you might be stuck waiting for fabricated claims a very, very long time if you’re unlucky. This CB is available to Count and Duke tier characters, and allows you to go to war over any County that are part of a Duchy you hold land in, as long as the Duchy has no holder. The CB has a cost of prestige and gold, making it similar to a fabricated claim (as that’s essentially what it is). As an example, this gives count-tier characters in Ireland and the HRE an alternate way to claim a Duke-tier title, presuming that you can save up enough prestige and money.

Great Conquest
Unless you are playing as a Muslim, Nomad or Tribal-cultured ruler (who have access to invasions) you have no real way to expand in a meaningful way when you are playing as the ruler of a very large realm. While we still want expansion to be difficult, we also want to give players more static opportunities to expand. This CB is available to very powerful realms (at least 200 realm size) and can be used to claim an entire Kingdom from another character. Though the catch is that you have to fight someone that is as strong or stronger than you are, and using the CB itself costs a massive amount of prestige and piety.

Free Hostages
A long-requested CB, this allows you to go to war against a character in order to free any kidnapped concubines or wives, and release certain characters from prison (i.e. friends and dynastants). Rescued characters will, most often, be moved back to your court. It will also take hostages in turn, imprisoning a random close member of the target’s family!

It’s currently not possible to attack anyone who holds a close dynastic member in their prison (i.e. your child), is this something you’d like to see changed specifically for use with this CB? Otherwise it'll be of use primarily for freeing concubines (something that has been requested for a long time!).

Note that these CBs are by no means finished, and are currently being tested internally. Feel free to comment and feedback on them though, and also feel free to tell us what CBs you would like to see added!

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Apr 24, 2017
Crusader Kings II - BjornB

Good evening, everyone. I’m Magne “Meneth” Skjæran, one of the programmers on CK2. In the past I’ve written dev diaries about modding, optimization, and quality of life improvements, and I'm writing this somewhat belated (due to technical issues) dev diary.

Today, I return to the topic of modding, and how we work to make life easier for modders. As a former modder, this is a topic I care quite a lot about.

If you’re anything like me, what you really want is statistics. How many people use mods, and which mods are the most popular. Luckily I come armed with exactly that.

As you might know, whenever you play CK2, the game collects some pieces of information about your setup. Things like what version of the game you’re playing, if you’re playing single player or multiplayer, what mods you’re using, and similar. This is all aggregated so that we can see overall trends and consider what areas might need some extra attention.

For mods, the main thing the telemetry provides is how many people use mods overall, and what mods these people use. My data will all be from users who played yesterday; anyone who during yesterday started the game with one or more mods is counted exactly once as a “mod user”, and counted once for each mod they used.

All told, 42% of everyone who played the game yesterday was using at least one mod. This could be anything from a small UI tweak, to a total conversion mod.
On average, anyone using a mod was using 4.24 mods. Once you start using mods, most people are not content with just one.
Further, here’s the 20 most popular mods, and how many percent of mod users (not overall users; multiply by 42% to get that number) that use them:
  • A Game of Thrones - 45.4%
  • Ruler Designer Unlocked - 30.2%
  • Your Personal Castle - 24.9%
  • Sketchy Cheat Menu - 18.1%
  • CK2 Russian Localisation - 13.7%
  • Historical Immersion Project - 11.3%
  • A Sensible New Family - 10.7%
  • CK2Plus - 10.6%
  • Bigger Interface - 9.0%
  • Purchase Claims - 8.8%
  • Patrum Scuta - 8.6%
  • Unique Buildings - 8.4%
  • Novus Graphicus - 8.3%
  • A Revolutionary Borders Mod - 8.0%
  • Shattered World - 7.5%
  • Korean SingleByte Patch - 7.2%
  • CK2Plus - India - 7.1%
  • Damascus Steel + Ancient Swords - 6.5%
  • Better Looking Garbs - 6.3%
  • Abdication - 6.2%
Combined, these 20 mods represent 60% of all mod usage. Since people who use mods on average use more than just one, it also adds up to more than 100% of mod users.

That AGoT comes first is unlikely to be a surprise to anyone; it has long been the most popular CK2 mod. Fun fact: AGoT is so popular, that its most popular start date is the 4th most popular overall startdate, after 769, 1066, and 867.

What is more interesting is that in the top 5 mods, two are “cheat” mods. Since they can’t be used in multiplayer unless everyone has them enabled, the idea of “cheating” doesn’t make all that much sense of course, and should instead be seen as achieving more of a sandbox experience than what the vanilla game provides.

Beyond that, there’s two localisation mods in the top 20; one for Russian language and one for Korean. The sheer amount of work that goes into translating an entire game is impressive, and it is great to see the modders’ work recognized to such an extent. Localisation modding is actually something we recently improved; in the 2.7 patch we moved custom localisation out of the “common” folder and into the “localisation” folder, meaning that it is now possible to use the custom localisation system without changing the checksum. This is especially important for languages with more complex grammar than English, such as the gender rules in French. The official French translation has for a while made use of custom localisation to change a number of words based on whether they’re referring to men or women, but doing similar in a mod would mean changing the checksum, making it impossible for the mod’s users to obtain achievements and play multiplayer with people not using the mod. This is something I know the Russian localisation mod has had problems with, and is a change I hope will lead to even better localisation mods.

There’s also a number of graphics and interface mods, plus several other mods that change the graphics or UI as a part of a larger package (E.G., the optional revamped interface in the Historical Immersion Project). People have done a lot of interesting things with the UI, but I know from experience it can often be somewhat tedious work. In the hopes of making it a bit less tedious, we’re making a console command that’s before only worked in the debug version of the game (which is not publicly available) available to everyone in a future patch (not 2.7.1). This console command is simply called “guibounds”, and what it does is that whenever you hover over a UI element, the area it covers is highlighted, and the name of the element, its size, and the file and line it is defined on is shown. This functionality is actually available in the release version of the game right now in a somewhat obscure fashion: if you try to open the console while on the main menu, it’ll be enabled. However, once you get into the campaign there’s no way to actually disable it since the console command isn’t available.
Below is an image showing what the guibounds functionality does:

There’s also a few large mods beyond AGoT in the top 20. CK2Plus even manages to take two spots on the list by including a mod that toggles the existence of India, while being pretty much tied with the Historical Immersion Project; some days HIP leads, other days CK2+ does.
The rest of the mods are smaller, adding small pieces of focused functionality.
Both types of mods we’re always trying to help by making the game more moddable. One changelog entry I think a lot of modders will find useful is this, which will be included in 2.8:
- Most effects and triggers that take a number can now take a variable name instead, and will grab the variable from the current scope. E.G., "wealth = test_variable"
This should allow mods to do far more interesting things with variables than is currently possible.

As a final note, modding is something we on the CK2 team take very seriously. Mods have the ability to add a lot of interesting alternative ways to play the game, and therefore helps keep the game fresh even for veteran users. In general, improvements to moddability also opens up new possibilities for our content designers, or can save them time by making their work simpler.
We’re therefore constantly considering how we can ensure new additions to the game are moddable, and we often go back and tweak existing functionality to open it further to modding.
We would love to hear your thoughts on what we could do better in this regard.

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Crusader Kings II - BjornB
Following an extensive period of public testing, patch 2.7.1 [BPAH] is now live for everyone!
######################################### ######################################### ################ ################ ######################################### ######################################### ################### # Expansion Features ################### MONKS AND MYSTICS: - Added a Rank 2 power for Monastic Orders: Spiritual Guidance - Added a Rank 3 power for Monastic Orders: Teach Virtue - Added a Rank 4 power for Monastic Orders: Convert County - Added Demon Hunter events that fire for Known Demon Worshipers - Hermetic Ingredients are now used in a multitude of event options to enhance the outcome or reduce the penalty - Added an event that allows Monastic Order members to rid themselves of heretical books - Hunt Apostates now involves a lot more branding irons, stakes and fire ################### # Free Features ################### - Optimized access to diplomatic status and opinions - Added a message to make it more clear that artifacts get lost / destroyed during inheritance - Secret religious societies are now available to virtually all religions - You can now ask to join your liege's wars if you want to help ensure they win - Added a game rule to toggle Secret Cults - When your Lord Spiritual finds a heretical scripture and converts to a heresy, you now have to option to secretly adopt the religion - You can now gift artifacts - The old tutorial has now been entirely removed. The Tutorial button now takes you to the Learning Scenario instead ################### # Balance ################### - When incapable and asking for help to commit suicide, an ambitious heir is more likely to say 'Yes' - A secondary holding in a province will now count for the purpose of looting; if you have a holding in a neighboring province you'll get the loot - The "plot to revoke title" plot can no longer be used while in a major revolt - The cost of abduction now scales based on the tier character you are abducting - unlanded characters cost 50, Barons cost 150 and Counts cost 300 - Abducting someone now makes them unhappy with you, and a failed or successful abduction attempt will make it harder to abduct that person in the future. - Known devil worshippers can now be the target of Holy Wars of characters of their religion - Performing dark magic as a devil worshipper can now lead to the corruption of body and mind, which has side effects such as stutters and poor health - Reduced the chance of event 'Song of Anguish' (MNM.20060) to trigger - Added a few non-learning traits that can affect your performance in the Grand Debate - Several Hermetic artifacts can now also be used by characters with very high learning - Assassins can no longer intimidate a ruler for a favor if they have intimidated said ruler recently - Assassins will have a harder time intimidating rulers more powerful than themselves - Buffed the Monastic Order power "Invite Holy Ascetic" slightly - The 'Drill Commander' event can no longer improve your commanders past 20 martial if they already have at least one tactic trait - Unrestricted vassal wars no longer gives an opinion bonus. - The opinion bonus from the Commander title sliced in half (from 10 to 5). - Massive update to Faction balance! - The AI will now no longer join the Increase Council Power faction if they like their Liege 50 or more (down from 80 or more). - Voter AI's will now be more likely to join Increase Council Power factions the more faction laws are set to 'Ruler', the steps are 2, 4 and 6. - Non-Voter AI's will be less likely to join Increase Council Power factions the more faction laws are set to 'Council', the steps are 2, 4 and 6. - The Increase Council Power faction has had its effect doubled (it now enacts two laws). - The Increase Council Power faction now also revokes one level of 'Vassal Wars' laws. - The AI is more inclined to join the Increase Council Power faction if their liege has enacted a 'Vassal War' law. - The AI no longer wants to institute Elective Monarchy unless all council powers are enacted (except for Council Authority). - The AI is less likely to join the Elective faction if their liege has Gavelkind succession. - The AI is less likely to join the Elective faction unless their liege is a tyrant. - The independence faction is more attractive to the AI if their liege is a Tyrant. - The AI in now more inclined to start and join the Gavelkind faction. - Discontent Councilors are very inclined to join the Gavelkind faction if the liege does not have all council powers enacted, if all powers are enacted they will prefer the Elective faction. - The AI is now much more likely to stay by their backed Claimants. - The AI is slightly more inclined to start factions backing women. - Having bad opinion of your liege now makes the AI more likely to back a claimant. - The AI is way more likely to back claimants that are part of their Society. - The AI is way more likely to back a claimant if their liege is a tyrant. - The AI is way more likely to back a claimant if they hate their liege. - Culture is now less of a factor for the AI when backing claimants. - The AI might join claimant factions even if they themselves have a claim on the same title, but it is still rare. - The AI will now not back claimants if they like their liege by 40 or more (used to be 50 or more). - Being a Sayyid/Mirza now only matters if the claimant is also Muslim. - Having better opinion of the proposed Claimant now matters much more for the AI. - More traits now affect the AI chances of joining the Claimant faction. - The AI is now less likely to start another Claimant faction war if their liege is already fighting in another Claimant faction war. - The Overthrow Liege faction is now unattractive to the AI if it is backing a claimant already. - The AI will no longer form the Overthrow Liege faction if their liege is not a tyrant. - The AI will now only use the Overthrow Liege faction if they hate their liege (-40 or lower for most AI's). - The Overthrow Liege faction will now also enact two Council Power laws upon success. - The Overthrow Liege faction will now only institute Elective monarchy if all Council Power laws are set to 'Council'. - The Overthrow Liege faction now revokes any active vassal war laws. - Religious Heads/Holy Orders/Mercenaries will now leave their titles behind if they agree to flip religion through a secret cult - The standard soul corruption pulse event for devil worshipers is now less likely to give you Major soul corruption, but the chance now increases the higher visibility you have - Rebalanced a few Devil Worshiper quests, you now get less visibility if they are quest targets ################### # AI Improvements ################### - Fixed the AI in some cases being able to cancel the movement of retreating armies - Fixed the AI breaking betrothals in a lot of cases where it had no reason to - Fixed the AI sometimes using favors on betrothals and marriages even when there's no need to - Fixed the AI considering wars where it isn't the main defender when figuring out whether it should peace out of offensive wars - Fixed the AI considering the same war multiple times when figuring out whether it should peace out of offensive wars ################### # Interface ################### - The interface for transferring subunits between two units no longer uses drag-and-drop, but instead uses buttons once more - Fixed a number of relation types (E.G., "lover") not being localised based on gender in the languages that need that (E.G., French) - Fixed terrain modifiers showing up as blank modifiers (for example, in the supply tooltip) - Executing an unrelated interaction will no longer cause council consideration to reset - Fixed the modifier for the 3rd Satanist rank not being capitalized correctly - Artifacts will now be equipped by default upon obtaining them, assuming the holder is able to equip it - Fixed the cultural buildings showing up as "nobuilding" in the tech view - Fixed the portraits for wars in the lower-right corner not always updating when something changes them (E.G., imprisonment or coming of age). They should now always update within one day - Fixed the pause option for message settings always being disabled in the pop-up, even when actually set to enabled - Fixed the pause option for combat results using the "other characters" setting rather than the "close family members" setting when set to pop up - Societies can now be looked at when observing the game - 3D objects for castles, cities and churches now have levels, as they were meant to. - The level is computed by using the number of buildings in the main settlement of the province - They are controlled by values in defines.lua: CITY_MAIN_BUILDING_LEVEL_2 and CITY_MAIN_BUILDING_LEVEL_3 - Longer names should now be visible in the council job view - Fixed so that long army names do not go out of bounds in ally orders - It is now possible to search for characters' secret religion in the Character Finder. Will only return characters the player know is of the specified secret religion. Also added a "Has Secret Religion" filter that'll only show characters you know to have a secret religion - When you can rank up in your society you now get a separate alert that takes you to the Society screen, rather than being part of the "important decision" alert and taking you to the Intrigue screen - The ally order tooltip will now tell you when the AI is too busy with another war to help you - Fixed hidden character modifiers being visible on the title screen - No longer possible to give ally orders to other players, since nothing makes them obey them anyway - Fixed nation adjectives not getting properly localised in some cases - Council job selection now resets if your councilor dies or is replaced while you're assigning them a job - Fixed the notification when a settlement is finished saying "A Tribal has finished [...]" rather than "A Tribal holding has finished [...]" - The "claim" console command now gives feedback on whether or not it worked - The button that toggles all DLC in the launcher now toggles all mods if that's the currently selected tab - You no longer get the alerts for commander titles if you have "auto assign commanders" enabled ################### # User modding ################### - Fixed the game failing to find government unique title names at times. Now it'll never return the default name if a non-default one is defined. It now also tries without the tier string before it tries without the government string, so if you were to define "city_title" and "king_title", the former will be used - "add_law" can now take parameters: "cooldown" and "opinion_effect". "cooldown" simply works as a way to specify that there's no cooldown, like add_law_w_cooldown does. "opinion_effect" can be used to specify that the opinion effect of passing the law shouldn't be applied. E.G., the anger/happiness at succession law changes, or at tribal organization changes. Existing script still works as before. Example of new syntax: add_law = { law = true_cognatic_succession cooldown = no opinion_effect = no } - Messed up localisation is now less likely to crash the game - FROM in on_character_convert_religion and on_character_convert_culture is no longer a temp character, but instead the culture/religion itself. This only provides access to comparing to the culture/religion (or group). It should also still work to set cultures/religions and such. Please report any issues encountered with it. This change also means that it should now be possible to reference the previous characters outside "immediate" and similar without the game crashing - same_society_as trigger will no longer be true when both characters are not part of a society. - Added the command line argument -scriptlog to enable log triggers and effects without enabling script asserts. - Added artifact backgrounds (,,, and to gfx/inventory/artifacts to make it easier for modders to make their own artifacts that follow the style of the vanilla artifacts - Added society icon backgrounds ( and to gfx/inventory/societies to make it easier for modders to make their own societies that follow the style of the vanilla societies - Added a better secret religion system, now based around a code attribute rather than traits. Characters can have up to one secret religion. If the character ends up as their secret religion, their secret religion is cleared. This can be set and accessed via script: - Added triggers "secret_religion", "true_religion", "secret_religion_group", and "true_religion_group". True religion being defined as your secret religion if you have one, otherwise your public religion - The religion triggers (religion, secret_religion, true_religion, and the group versions) can now optionally take a "target_type" determining which religion of the target they check against. E.G., religion = { target = ROOT target_type = secret } will check if the scoped character's public religion is the same as ROOT's private religion. The valid types are "public", "secret", and "true". The default is to use the same as the type being checked; religion default to public, secret_religion to secret, true_religion to true. A religion (group) name as the right-hand-side works for all the triggers - Effect set_secret_religion takes a religion or a scope. It optionally takes a target type (true/secret/public), but defaults to secret - Added trigger has_secret_religion which takes "yes" or "no" - Added set_secret_religion and clear_secret_religion effects - The "religion" and "set_secret_religion" effects optionally take a religion type (true/secret/public) to determine which to use when a scope is referenced. "religion" defaults to public, while "set_secret_religion" defaults to "secret" - Added "secret_religion" console command that sets a character's secret religion. Defaults to the player's character - Who can see a character's secret religion is defined in 00_religions.txt - Added a can_see_secret_religion trigger. Takes a scope, and checks if the character scope you're currently in can see the target character's secret religion - Societies can now have an associated religion, which is accessible from script in the same way as character or province religion, including on the right-hand-side of triggers and effects. This is scripted with for example "associated_religion = catholic". It has no effect beyond being accessible via script - Added a convert_to_secret_religion effect. Takes "yes" or a character scope. Sets your public religion to your secret religion, or the target character's secret religion if a scope is used - Added a on_character_convert_secret_religion on_action - Added SecretReligion and TrueReligion localisation promotions so that [This.SecretReligion.GetName] and similar work - Added a dynamic secret religious society system that significantly reduces the work involved in making a religious cult society - All religions except those specifically excluded get a secret religious society generated. The attributes of this society is defined by a template in 00_societies.txt - Most the sections in society definitions now provide the society itself as a scope (FROM) - Societies can now have an associated religion (defined with associated_religion = religiontag). This means that scopes can now be used where religions could be used, such as the right-hand-side of the "religion" trigger or effect. It also means that the "religion" trigger and similar can be used within a society scope - Added a secret_religious_cult scope, which will scope to the cult associated with the character's secret religion. Also works in religion and province scopes. This can also be used on the right-hand-side of effects and triggers - is_rank_full can now take a society scope rather than just a society name - Added a "secret_religion" history effect - Added an on_artifact_inheritance on_action - Scope: ROOT is the character, FROM is the artifact, FROMFROM is the old holder - Fixed bugs in artifact_owner and original_artifact_owner scope changes - Added tooltips for artifact_owner and original_artifact_owner scope changes - Added "owner" and "original_owner" as valid scope changes for artifacts - Added on_society_created and on_society_destroyed on_actions - Fixed scoping to saved society and artifact event targets not working - Added religion_scope, secret_religion_scope, true_religion_scope, and culture_scope as scopes. These scope to the religion/culture of the character/province/society (only religion for societies) currently scoped to. Can be saved as event targets - Added a save_conversion folder in "common" which handles converting obsolete objects in saves. Currently handles religions and societies - Added a clear_flags_with_prefix effect. Works in character, province, title, and artifact scopes - Fixed the society rank tooltip not having FROM defined. FROM is now the society grand master, as with other society tooltips - Fixed troops spawned to unlanded characters not getting any tech bonus. They now get the tech from the province they spawned in. If a "home" province is defined, they'll use that province's tech instead - Added "fallback_text" for custom loc. If none of the triggered texts return true, this will be used instead if defined. The fallback text cannot have a trigger, and only one can exist - Fixed the error log complaining if you use "set_mother = 0" - Added is_interested_in_any_society = <yes/no> trigger. It evaluates if you're currently showing interest in a society or not. - Society.GetName, Society.GetNameCap, and Society.GetCurrency now fall back to null_society and null_society_currency rather than just ending up blank - Fixed the "has_artifact" condition showing up blank - Fixed the game crashing in some cases after resigning and reloading, and hovering over a port that had a fleet in it when you resigned - Fixed reverse_religion not working in some cases. Only affected the 2.7.1 beta - Restored the behavior where "culture_group = something_that_doesnt_exist" always returns false. Only affected the 2.7.1 beta - Ensured "portrait_society = something_that_doesnt_exist" always returns false ################### # Database ################### - Barbarossa now has a magnificent red beard - Fortun Garcia is now One Eyed rather than Maimed - 953 new Wikipedia links - Fixed counts of Zollern - Fixed date of birth/death and mother for Otto III of Anhalt-Bernburg - Fixed date of death of Maria of Brabant - Fixed date of death of Otto IV - Fixed date of birth/death and parentage of Guy I of Ponthieu - Fixed parentage of Even "le Grand" de Léon - Fixed date of birth/death of Saint Judicael - Fixed date of marriage of Arnold II of Looz - Fixed various database issues in the Italian character file - Fixed a bug with dynasty ID of Dante - Fixed improper dynasty ID for Abu Man'a Khamis - Fixed dates of birth for a couple sons of Drogo of Champagne - Fixed date of birth of granddaughter of Charles Martel - Fixed bad spouse ID for Adalbert Adalberts - Fixed mother ID and removed bastard trait for Pepin the Short - Fixed date of birth of Theudebert I - Adjusted date of death of Godfrey of Hainault so he isn't 110 - Adjusted date of birth of Hamon of Leon to avoid false twin issue with brother - Adjusted date of death of Riotham so son's date of birth makes sense - Adjusted date of birth of Avice Cerneu to be consistent with father's date of death - Adjusted date of birth of Azenor la Marck to avoid false twin issue with sister - Adjusted date of birth of Budic of Nantes so his son isn't born when he's 8 - Adjusted date of birth of Evenus of Brittany to avoid false twin issue with brother - Adjusted date of birth of Louis IV of Looz so his father isn't 11 when he's born - Adjusted date of marriage of Charles Martel and Rotrude of Hesbaye - Added Vitiges of Ostrogoths - Added Ostrogoths to title history of k_italy - Added parentage to Alberada of Buonalbergo - Added missing marriage between Alan IV and Ermengarde of Anjou - Added Vandal kings to k_africa title history - Added Visigoths to Duchy of Toulouse title history - Added missing marriage between Maria of Brabant and Otto IV - Added missing marriage between Alaric II and Theodigotha - Added missing marriages of Gruoch of Scotland - Added missing marriage between Theophylact I and Theodora - Added missing rulers for Corsica and Sardinia titles - Added the House of Cinarca, who ruled southern Corsica, and missing Italian relatives - Added complete Dynastic Family Trees for the Giudicati of Sardinia, and missing Italian relatives - Added some unlanded Grant and MacCleod characters - Added early Baduspanid characters - Added early Ziyarid characters - Added more title history to Dailam, Mazandaran, and Gurgan - Added homosexual trait to Hadrian - Added a missing twin trait to some fictional Pecheneg characters - Added spouses and more children for al-Mahdi - Added Dabuyid dynasty - Added a weak claim to Scotland for Robert the Bruce - Deleted unnecessary remove_spouse declaration for Conan IV - Removed redundant marriage declaration for Avice Cerneu - Removed invalid father definition for Wigbert Immedinger - Replaced 867 holder of Faroes with a semi-historical character - Modified Hadrian and Julian to have beards - Modified Baduspanid and Ziyarid characters in 1066 to have sympathy for Zoroastrianism - Modified the Merovingian, Wuffing, and Caimbeul coats of arms - Modified Sassanid, Baduspanid, and Ziyarid coats of arms ################### # Bugfixes ################### - Added some flavor text for sacrificing the Aztec religious head during a blot - Fixed the game sometimes pausing without allowing you to ever unpause in the tutorial due to an event triggering - Fixed it in some cases being possible for priests of religions where priests are not allowed to marry to marry or betroth someone - Fixed the AI in some cases switching capital for no apparent reason - Fixed changing primary title allowing you to pass another demesne law - Fixed artifacts sometimes starting off inactive even when the trigger is met - Fixed log message about "Malformed token: achievement" for ironman saves - Fixed it being possible to pass laws by ensuring you have no councillors whatsoever. The empty seats will now always be considered actively voting against you - Fixed brew_happiness_potion taking society currency from the target rather than the person brewing the potion - Fixed previously identified "witches" being grateful for being released even if they're not actually imprisoned - Fixed the "steward is ambitious and wants land" event triggering even when there's no valid title to give out - Fixed the game in some cases failing to clear out the patricians of a merchant republic that's died out - Fixed voters in some cases getting removed upon losing a voter title even if they've got another voter title - Fixed the leader of a war dying and not getting replaced by anyone in some cases not causing the war to invalidate immediately - Fixed dead characters sometimes still being in wars - Fixed the game in some cases adding someone to the council of someone other than their new liege when their old liege dies - Fixed trade posts not counting for war score in embargo wars if the target character is the liege of one or more merchant republics rather than being a merchant republic - Fixed the game claiming you've got non-aggression pacts with dead characters - Fixed OOS caused by nomadic title ID mismatch - Fixed an issue with any_friend scope in triggers. - Added missing text in the options of two events for the "Perform Statecraft" job - Idolizer was incorrectly shown as being a bad trait for the Stewardship education in the focus view, replaced the trait with the correct trait Indolent - Added the missing localisation for String_Muslim - Fixed the trait 'Immoral Priest' being slightly cut off on the right side for Zoroastrians - Fixed an issue in event MNM.1460 were you would receive money for hosting a gathering rather than paying for it - Fixed a rare crash involving invalid plots - Fixed it taking up to 8 days for courtiers to abort invalid plots and ambitions - Fixed an issue in event MNM.3949, in which you can choose to keep your old religion as a secret religion, were it could give you the wrong secretly religious trait (e.g. getting 'Secretly Sunni' instead of 'Secretly Orthodox') - The Weaponsmith and the Goldsmith will no longer be killed if they become landed - Fixed a crash caused by characters getting deleted while still referenced by events - Fixed a div / 0 crash - The trigger and actual cost for writing a Magnum Opus is now both set to 500 - You can no longer abduct revolt leaders or people who are at war with you - Fixed a few 'Devil Worshiper' events that would give you the lifestyle trait Impaler, even when you already had another lifestyle trait - Fixed an issue where the kingdom of Lombardy/Italy wouldn't get the Iron Crown when starting before 1066 - Fixed an issue in the 'Antiking' faction which required your liege to be a Nomad in order to be able to create it - Incapable characters can no longer host a Grand Debate - Fixed an OOS when changing start dates - Updated Summer Fair events so that they check for Prisoner, Incapable, Inaccessible and Adult status for randomly chosen courtiers/vassals - Courtiers and vassal commanders can now acquire the various crusade traits again - Fixed an issue where you could induct characters you shouldn't be able to into your Devil Worshiping cult - Zunists can now be recruited to the Satanists - You can now find the Holy Grail with unrestricted supernatural events on - The Monophysite Monastic Society now has the same currency gain rate as the other societies - Pagan vassals who subjugate characters above their own tier should no longer go independent from their liege if they are still valid vassals - Can no longer buy indulgences while in seclusion, prison or when incapable - Non-hindus can now properly be visited by Hindu ascetics again - Unified the decision and event conditions for Introduce Heir to Realm, they should now be the same - You can no longer revoke the Hermetic 'Apprentice' title - The Demon Child can no longer trigger the Aztec Invasion ahead of time - Fixed an issue where the Blending In-mission for secret religious societies could get stuck upon evaluating the mission fail-state - Fixed a rare crash on joining multiplayer via Steam - Fixed characters sometimes changing government form on succession for no apparent reason, most prominently tribal->feudal - Fixed an infinite loop while counting trade posts - Fixed the game crashing if a fort was destroyed while sieged, due to for example starting a holding construction - Members of a Secret Cult can now induct wards to have them adopt the same secret religion correctly - Fixed the 4th council job not being set as active by default in multiplayer - Fixed adventurer troops not getting any tech bonuses - Fixed patricians that somehow end up without a liege keeping their patrician title and becoming immortal - Fixed a crash that could happen after resigning and starting anew, as a result of provinces storing references to characters that no longer exist - Immortal characters should no longer die when making love too fiercely with their spouse - Fixed a rare crash resulting from dying during faction validation as a result of faction validation - Fixed loot being reset on loading a save - Fixed OOS caused by objectives referencing characters or titles that don't yet exist on the user's machine - Fixed OOS caused by saved event targets referencing titles that don't yet exist on the user's machine - The game should no longer slow down so massively when a dynasty has thousands of living members. Having such a large dynasty still isn't recommended, but should no longer grind the game to a near halt - Fixed granting someone independence by giving them a title of your tier not reducing your threat - Fixed the game crashing if you deleted a trade post, fort, or hospital while the building view was open and a building was under construction - Fixed the ally order background not changing based on religion, thus not matching the rest of the UI if you played a Pagan or Muslim - Fixed using "include lower titles" when giving out a viceroyalty resulting in the title not being a viceroyalty - Fixed a crash in the tutorial - Fixed asking for a Crusade not working - Fixed an OOS resulting from liege levies being calculated as slightly different on different clients - Fixed Aztec horse archers being invisible - Fixed a crash when a nomad needs a capital but there's no available open slot, or tribal holding to replace - Fixed "add_trait" in the console not removing traits that are mutually exclusive with the added trait - Fixed a random OOS at startup due to societyies membership generation - Fixed the game crashing if your last artifact got destroyed while you had the artifact view open - Fixed the destroy_artifact console command messing up other artifacts in your inventory - Possibly fixed a crash that could happen while idling on the society screen - Due to a lack of contribution, blind characters can no longer host or participate in Stargazing - Fixed an OOS that could happen at the start of MP as a result of characters ending up with slightly different traits on different clients due to timing issues - Fixed a crash when a coat of arms has fewer layers than its template is expecting - Fixed renaming custom titles in some cases leaving their adjective blank - Fixed elective succesion ordering not working. Only affected the 2.7.1 beta - You no longer require Monks and Mystics to rank up within Secret Religious Societies - Must now be an adult to found a Secret Religious Cult - You will no longer notify yourself when publicly adopting a secret religion - It should no longer be possible to convert secretly to the same religion you are following publicly - Fixed two flipped descriptions in WoL.2080 - Fixed converting to local religion not working. Only affected the 2.7.1 beta - Fixed a rare infinite loop in the EU4 converter. This also fixes one way messed up country names could occur in converted saves - Fixed a crash that could occur when loading old saves - Fixed one way the game could crash if extremely high character IDs (1 billion and above) are present - Fixed the Multiplayer button not being disabled after resigning from the Learning Scenario - Fixed an infinite loop

Please report any bugs in the bug report forum!

We will not be collecting bug reports from this thread. Thank you!

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