The Vikings Are Coming. Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Kids.Niche PC publishers Paradox held a big event earlier today, unveiling a range of new titles and DLC for existing ones. The one I'm most excited for is The Old Gods, a Viking expansion for my 2012 GOTY nominee Crusader Kings II.

In the game, until now, the Pagan and Zoroastrianism religions had been denied to player characters; they're now on the table, with particular attention given to the Vikings, who now get all kinds of fancy features like looting, pillaging and sacrifices, along with a new earlier 9th-century start date for the game (it previously began in 1066).

Due out in Q2, it'll cost $15.

Other things announced at the event include some new DLC for medieval combat game War of the Roses (starring Brian Blessed!), an expansion for Victoria (involving the race for African possessions in the 19th century), a tablet version of Magicka and a new game, top-down strategy title Leviathan Warships.

The Vikings Are Coming. Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Kids. The Vikings Are Coming. Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Kids. The Vikings Are Coming. Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Kids. The Vikings Are Coming. Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Kids.

PC Gamer

Paradox's CEO, Fredrik Wester, has just finished delivering the opening press conference of the Paradox Convention 2013. Announcements included new expansions, a new game, and something involving the thunderous thespian Brian Blessed. Read on for a complete run down of the convention's revelations.

War of the Roses gets Brian Blessed DLC

Gordon's alive! This announcement is bizarre, yet somehow appropriate. A bit like Blessed himself.

In February, War of the Roses will be getting a DLC pack that will feature the vocal talents of the sonorous Brian Blessed. No details yet on Blessed's role, but you can bet it will involve many decibels. The game will also be holding a free trial.

The Showdown Effect blasts into beta

Pre-orders for the cliché-filled 2.5D multiplayer action game will begin today. Everyone who pre-orders will get instant access to the beta.

The pre-order page isn't live yet, but it should be available at some point in the next few hours. Here's the website, and here's a trailer:

Pagans invade Crusader Kings II

Some long awaited news for the feudal feuding strategy, as playable pagans will finally be made available. The Old Gods expansion will focus on Vikings and Pagans, and add landless adventurer characters.

The chance to bother the Scandinavians as a Norse warrior has been at the top of the community's wishlist since the game's release. The Old Gods will also set Crusader Kings 2's starting date back to 867 AD.

Victoria II: The African campaign

Also to be expanded is colonial grand strategy title Victoria II. The Heart of Darkness add-on will focus on Africa, as you "compete with other colonial powers and experience international crises which require Great Power mediation if the world is to avoid war." It will also feature new naval combat.

Ship gets real

The conference also announced a brand new game, Leviathan Warships, complete with the excellent tagline: "Ship just got real."

It's a strategic action game, in which players build and customise their own fleet of warships to pit against three other players. The game will support multiplatform cross-play, with PC, Mac, iOS and Android versions planned.
Product Update - Valve
2013-01-25: v1.091

- Fixed a bug preventing some people from building new trade posts
- Fixed some instability issues on the Mac and Linux versions
- Fixed bug where taking over the last duchy or higher title from a Merchant Republic could give you Patrician vassals
- Blocked "Offer Vassalization" for one Merchant Republic vs another
- Fixed a tooltip bug for the succession type in secondary kingdoms and empires held by Merchant Republics
- When a regular lowborn Mayor forms a Merchant Republic, he should get a dynasty and become a Patrician
- The Patricians in newly formed merchant republics now get some starting money
- Homosexual characters no longer get the ambition to get married
- Doubled the effect of Prestige on Patrician Respect for Doge elections
- Tutorial: Fixed a crash in Realm View
- Fixed a bug where you would end up at war with your liege if beating him to victory in a claim war
- Added text warnings for Independence wars and factions for Patricians, if it would mean Game Over
- Made Ultimogeniture possible for anyone to take, should they be so inclined
- Added the Barony of Altenburg to Meissen
- Gave Ultimogeniture to the Ilkhanate, the Golden Horde and the barony of Altenburg
- Fixed some issues with sound freezes
- Fixed a bug with the "coastal_county_republic" CB that could make vassals of merchant republics independent
- Fixed missing description for Trade Post garrison building
- Fixed issue where a feudal liege could burn a vassal Patrician's Trade Post
- The correct event picture is now shown when Aztecs sacrifice prisoners
- Fixed flag issues for players who don't own Sunset Invasion
- Fixed issues with the Romeo & Juliet event chain
- Added cooldown before the Seize Trade Post plot can be used on the same character again
- Republic random trade events are now slightly less likely to occur
- Lowered the cost and buildtimes of all Family Palace buildings
- Fixed an issue where the Seize Trade Post plot wasn't properly cancelled
- Fixed a bug where your children in foreign courts would not accept being educated by you
- Added a check for negative fertility on either parent to prevent impregnation of or by celibate characters, eunuchs, etc
- Fixed a bug where culture name lists with more than 100 entries would be cut off at 100 entries due to a low random number
- Fixed a problem where a vassal of a vassal who takes an outside would become a vassal of the enemy rather than the old liege's liege
- The Trade posts of Patricians who become independent should no longer be lost in most cases, but taken over by a replacement family
- Fixed bug making Republic capitals immune to some CBs, like Holy War
- Fixed a bug where a betrothed character who married a different person than they were betrothed to could retain the betrothal even when they were not permitted to have another spouse
- Fixed a bug where the educate child menu would be unavailable in foreign courts
- Fixed a bug where children abroad would not show up in the education menu
- Muslims can now never marry matrilineally under any circumstances
- Fixed a bug where the AI would repeatedly unassign and assign a child the same tutor
- Fixed a bug where a deposed ruler would die on the next day
- The Ecumenical Patriarch's pentarchy will now function correctly
- Pentarchs defined in history files for non-titular titles will now always override Autocephaly
- Titular realms will now use their capital when determing religious head for religions with Autocephaly
- Army AI: Fixed an issue with stupid long range land movement
- The Bishopric of Rome will no longer be renamed to the Lateran if the Move Capital to Rome decision is taken
- Gaining a title you are fabricating a claim on via plot will now abort the plot
- The Anti-Pope opinion bonus towards liege will now be properly inherited when liege dies
- Added field to cultures: [used_for_random = yes/no]. Blocks the culture from being available for characters created with random culture.
- Made it more likely that the Mongol Hordes convert to Islam
- Faction View: The Faction labels are no longer capitalized
- Fixed bug with early holders of Family Palace holdings not showing up in the history
- Increased the random factor in doge elections
- Marcella Ziani now has the correct gender
- No longer possible for close relatives to become a married character's mistress
- AI Patricians are now far more likely to upgrade their Family Palaces
- Multiple assassination events should no longer appear when plotting to kill someone
- The province of Ar'Ar has been renamed to Shaka
- When transfering a vassal, the selected vassal will now be shown on the map
- Can no longer ask to join wars against a ruler who is imprisoning you
- You can now always transfer the vassalage of a duke to the de jure liege of their primary title, even if they hold multiple duchies
- Fixed a bug where a landed vassal who inherited their liege's title would remain in their previous factions
- Duplicate independence factions gained from conquering or inheriting titles will now be disbanded
- Fixed a bug where you would not be able to marry the courtiers of Holy Orders and Mercenary Companies despite them showing up as eligible
- Fixed a bug where the add_spouse command would have undesirable results for Muslims
- Improved Jihad notification event to include the religion and portrait of the Caliph
- Fixed a bug with Tanistry that could cause Game Over
- Anti-Pope will now remain as an Emperor's vassal if you press his claim to the Papacy
- Fixed a bug that was causing characters over 1000 years old not to receive events properly
- Exported is_holy_war to cb_types, this determines whether neighbouring AIs of the same religion will consider joining defensively against the attacker
- Can now ask to join Muslim Invasions
- AI will now ask to join Muslim Invasions when appropriate, and is slightly more inclined to defend neighbours against a Muslim Invasion than a Holy War
- Improved duchy distribution AI
- Fixed a bug where you would not be able to ask a character to stop backing a plot if their answer was no, depriving you of just cause to imprison them
- AI: Will now value Kiev more highly and be more inclined to use it as their primary Duchy
- AI: Will now value prestige effects of marriage at a more reasonable level
- The Muslim Invasion CB now requires either a foothold in or border with the target kingdom
- AI: Fixed a bug where countries with a vassal merchant republic would refuse to embargo _any_ republic
- Fixed a bug where a country who had vassal merchant republics could lose them when _winning_ a war against another merchant republic
- Fixed a bug with the Jizya tax modifier for Muslim merchant republics

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Cripes, they'll kill everyone!

If you listen carefully you’ll be able to hear Adam, all the way hidden in darkest Manchester, mumbling to himself about how much he likes Crusader Kings II. Listen now… [mumble mumble awrite ourkid i love crusader kings ii mad for it mumble mumble>]. Did you hear it! He’ll be uncontrollable with glee to learn there’s a new trailer for the Republic expansion, as well as two other smaller expansions out now.


Product Release - Valve
Three new DLC's for Crusader Kings II are now available on Steam!

The Republic is the third expansion for the critically praised strategy / RPG Crusader Kings II. In The Republic you play as a Patrician in one of the great medieval Merchant Republics. Expand your trade empire as you compete with the other four Patrician families for the coveted position of Doge and the leadership of the Republic.

Songs of Prosperity contains new music composed by Andreas Waldetoft to enjoy while playing as a Republic.

Mediterranean Portraits adds new clothing and thousands of unique face combinations for both male and female characters while playing as Mediterranean Nations.


Crusader Kings II Has The Best Patch NotesYou may have noticed. I like Crusader Kings II. I like it a lot. But I like it for all kinds of reasons, many of which I didn't get space, or time, to dwell on last year.

Like the way that, very quietly, the game has been continually and fundamentally updated by the development team since its release almost a year ago. Sure, there's been paid DLC expansion packs, but even for the regular user who just bought the game and nothing else, there have been so many tweaks, changes and additions to the core experience that update notes, traditionally something to worry about with PC games, are with Crusader Kings II something to look forward to.

Take, for example, the latest notes, updating the game to v1.09 (in preparation for a new paid DLC pack). Yes, there are bug fixes, but there are also things like this:

If married, women now fool their husbands about the parentage of children born from the bastard birth event

Louis d'Evreux now has the correct mother

Tweaked deathdate of Mubashir, Duke of Mallorca, and made him eunuch

There is now a small chance that the Golden Horde will convert to Nestorianism

Fixed error in polygamy event

So good. So, so good. The best part is that, as hilarious as they are in isolation, in the context of the game they make complete sense.

Crusader Kings II Updates Released [Steam]

Product Update - Valve
2013-01-14: v1.09

- Merchant Republic gameplay (Duke or higher tier Republics with a coastal capital)
- Added a 'Grant Independence' diplomatic interaction
- Titles can now automatically change name depending on the culture of their top liege
- The Reign length opinion modifiers are now dependent on how long a character has been the liege of someone, not how long the primary title has been held
- Added 1241 Bookmark - "The Mongols"
- Save file transfer now works on Mac
- Reduced max demesne size from ruler tier, especially for Dukes
- Reduced the effect of Stewardship on max demesne size (now 15%, down from 25%.)
- Added a max demesne size bonus (+1) for dukes with more than one duchy
- Increased the Prestige effects of a rank difference in marriages by a factor of 5
- All merc regiments now grow in max size over time
- Added more mercenary bands: Finns, Lapps, Abyssinians, Nubians, Lithuanians, Scots, Irish and Alans
- Added Ultimogeniture succession law
- Added Tanistry succession law

- Fixed a bug with religions that have become or stopped being heresies not being correctly reset on reload
- Sunset Invasion: Slightly increased the arrival strength of the Aztecs
- Increased the strength of the Timurids
- Added a hidden event that clears diplomatic immunity from faction members if the faction leader dies while waiting for the liege response to an ultimatum
- When forming the Roman Empire, de jure assimilation into the Byzantine Empire is now carried over
- Fixed a bug allowing you to declare excommunication wars on lieges above your immediate liege (the war would then invalidate)
- AI: Will not attach units to allied units unless they are in the war target area
- Fixed a bug where a king who was also emperor lost the empire title in a civil war, but retained all dukes as vassals under the kingdom
- Fixed a crash in the province view
- Retinues no longer cost maintenance when you are out of money ( since they do not reinforce when you are out of money )
- Fixed a rare crash that could occur when a character was exiled from the last existing republic
- Fixed a bug with de jure withdrawal out of empires where the counter would reset and nothing would happen
- AI: Infinitesimal chance that the AI will fold to faction demands from tiny factions
- Fixed some bugs with the outcomes of the Imperial Reconquest CB
- Fixed a bug with characters not always returning correctly from foreign courts
- Fixed a CTD with the GamersGate in-game store API if there was a network error
- Forbidding councillors from leading armies is now saved
- Forbidding councillors from leading armies will no longer lead to an out of sync in multiplayer
- Fixed issue where a settlement could be awarded to an enemy after a siege was won
- Character screen no longer moves to front when it updates its data
- When creating a new unit one subunit will automatically transfer over if the selected unit has at least two
- Added a message for when someone takes over as a faction leader
- Prerequisite building missing text in building tooltip is now localized
- Fixed issue where character browser was showing some rulers when set to "all characters" and "no rulers"
- AI: Fixed a somewhat borked odds calculation vs attached units
- Army AI: Fixed an indecision issue - will be more determined to hunt down certain armies
- Army AI: Fixed a bug with splinter armies putting the whole agent into retreat mode
- Army AI: Fixed a rare collection livelock issue if a splinter army was besieging a holding
- Army AI: Fixed a glitch with the potential target province calculation due to moving enemy units
- Claimant Factions are no longer valid for non-elective titles if the claimant has no claim
- Fixed a confusing "any demesne title" trigger tooltip
- Removed the kingdom of Pommerania from the de jure HRE
- Liege levy maintenance cost is now shared with sub vassals
- The old liege now only gets weak claims on members of successful independence factions
- Fixed a rare crash in AI flank leader unit assignment
- Fixed an issue that could allow vassals of vassals to launch independence faction wars
- Independence faction wars are now invalidated if the pre-war liege becomes vassalized himself
- Fixed a bug where the successor of an Ecumenical Patriarch (or a vassal Pope) could change religion to the liege's.
- Vassals of vassals can no longer start claimant factions for claimants in another realm
- You now correctly gain Piety for granting bishoprics to courtiers
- Muslim rulers no longer get Piety for creating a random mosque holder
- Hamburg and Celle now have ports
- Province of Alexandria adjusted to include the site of the actual city
- Gender corrections to certain characters
- Added missing parents for Roupen I of Armenia Minor
- Fixed broken House Oitir dynasty
- Fixed several Mongol characters having the wrong religion
- Constantine de Hauteville is no longer female
- Gytha Thorkelsdottir now has the correct deathdate
- Louis d'Evreux now has the correct mother
- Fixes to Václav II and descendants
- William 'Adelin' now has the correct deathdate
- Miscellaneous database corrections to the de Luxembourg dynasty
- Miscellaneous database corrections for the Normans and the 1st Earl of Chester
- Fixed the birthdate of Saint Louis IX of France and his brother Robert of Artois
- Switched culture for two characters from Irish to Scottish
- Fixes to Danish and Norwegian bastards
- Added the Hvide Bishops of Roskilde
- The culture of Khwarizm now changes to Turkish at the correct date
- Updated the Jarls of Västergötland
- Fixed various issues with wrong or missing mothers for Frankish characters
- Fixed the lineage of Erik III of Denmark
- Added new Maghreb Wikipedia links
- Tweaked deathdate of Mubashir, Duke of Mallorca, and made him eunuch
- Fixed the spelling of the de Cuiseaux dynasty
- Corrections to the Af Sverker family
- Fixes to the ruler history of the Perigord and La Marche counties
- The Pirate King Kyrillos is now correctly imprisoned when captured through event
- Added dynasty and descendants to Umar ibn Khattab
- Fleshed out the the Rassid dynasty of Yemen
- Additions to the Banu 'Amir dynasty and its descendants
- Various changes and additions to the Hammudid dynasty
- Added the Mayzadids of Hillah
- Updated the Scottish name list
- Minor changes and additions to the Italian name list
- The Umayyad and Hashimid now have Muslim-style Coats of Arms
- Added some missing Dukes of Brittany
- Namechanges for several Scottish characters
- Constantinople is now protected by the Theodosian Walls
- Some corrections to Swedish kings and their families
- Links for Hungarian names added
- Changes to the Baltic pagan setup
- Corrections to Birger Jarl's family line
- All Armenian characters are now Miaphysite
- Added descriptive texts of all buildings
- Fixed issue with certain buildings referring to an obsolete Seljuk title
- Updated the credits
- Basra and Tigris now have the correct ruler in 1152
- Blocked claimant factions for vassals of vassals under Medium or higher crown authority
- Blocked most factions for vassals of vassals under Medium crown authority in addition to High and Absolute
- Fixed a problem with the limit of children for heirs
- AI: Fixed a bug with it not dismissing liege levies when done with them
- The pre-spawned 1066 conquest armies in England now suffer normal attrition
- Event spawned civil war armies now suffer normal attrition
- Made the bastard birth event (450) more common
- If married, women now fool their husbands about the parentage of children born from the bastard birth event (450)
- Fixed a bug with kingdom adjudication and barony tier titles under lieges with split allegiances
- Lowered the inheritance chance a bit for most congenital traits
- Fixed some glitches with the Mongol conversion events
- There is now a chance that the Ilkhanate will convert to Nestorianism
- There is now a small chance that the Golden Horde will convert to Nestorianism
- AI: Tweaked the effect of the Content trait on the creation and joining of Claimant factions
- AI: A bit smarter about launching claimant ultimatums
- Diplomacy View: Fixed a minor prestige tooltip issue when marrying lowborn characters
- AI: Vassals of a conqueror's title should not support claimants of another culture
- DoW AI: Now more aware of the possibility of mercs and the military value of Gold
- AI: More keen on using mercs if even slightly outnumbered
- AI: Very rich states are now more likely to use multiple merc regiments if needed
- Renamed the merc fleets after sea zones
- Added a hidden event to disband William's special invasion fleet
- AI: Lords and their heirs always answer each other's call to wars
- AI: Fixed a bug that could prevent the passing of laws
- AI: Smarter about trying to institute Agnatic-Cognatic law
- Retinues are now correctly passed on to the _player_ successor, not the primary title successor
- Fixed a crash bug in the Diplo and Province views with character with a null list of enemies
- Fixed a bug where characters inherited debts
- Fixed a minor bug in the effect 'vassalize_or_take_under_title' that would allow vassalization of unvassalizable titles like the Hashashin
- The religious CB now vassalizes lords of your own religion in the target Duchy
- AI: Fixed an issue where lords would marry off their councillors matrilineally to lowborn courtiers
- Fixed a bug with succession law opinions of children not of their parent's dynasty
- Optimized the line of succession calculation code
- AI: Fixed some bugs with elective successor choices
- Fixed (hopefully) a gross bankruptcy bug with the 'transfer_scaled_wealth' effect
- AI: External powers now more aggressive against civil war revolters
- Various code speed optimizations
- Fixed another bug with dead character in the Allies list
- AI: Husband and Wife always answer each other's calls to war
- Reversed the order of rulers in the Title History View (latest now on top)
- Invasion AI: Fixed a bug where fleets were afraid of loaded armies on enemy fleets
- Army AI: Fixed a brain death issue when under invasion by a Mercenary company whose unit was destroyed
- Army AI: Fixed an issue where it would not raise its own demesne ships
- AI: Will tend to hand out the latest acquired baronies rather than the oldest
- The Traitor opinion is now inherited by ruler successors
- Calling someone to war now makes them dislike you by the same amount you will like them for answering
- Conquerors (rulers of conquered titles) can now call on rulers from back home (Cultural Bonds) while defending against other cultures
- Fixed a rare crash in the Diplomacy View
- The 'vassalize_or_take_under_title' effect now correctly restores the taker liege afterward
- Fixed a bug where certain event effects in CBs could take Patrician titles
- Fixed a bug with the backend poster not having a HTTP POST timeout
- Fixed a bug with the random seed in event effect descriptions not matching the actual effect
- Fixed a bug where rampaging mercs would make an invalid DoW
- Fixed a bug preventing you from nominating bishop successors
- Muslim pulse events are now triggered correctly
- Fixed misplaced IF in decadence_invasion
- Added additional rulers to Chalkidike in the history database
- Chancellor event while improving relations is now properly triggered
- Fixed error in polygamy event
- Fixed issue with event where a character tries to free his/her spouse
- Added missing parents to several Arabic characters
- Added additional Alan dynasties
- Fixes to several Welsh dynasty names
- Some Armenian dynasty names are now Greek as intended
- Fixed the dynasty of Udalard de Besalu
- Characters older than 50 will no longer fight in tournaments
- Fixed pronoun error in Guardian event
- Removed superfluous church opinion effect from several Muslim-only event modifiers
- Fixed issue where the wife of a courtier could suggest a new Lord Spiritual
- Fixed option effect in event 1009
- Added additional Irish and Welsh dynasties and characters
- Added missing parents for the Riyahdids
- Added Muslim Hafsids of Crete and the Anemas dynasty
- Tatikios now has Greek culture and is employed by Alexios Komnenos
- Various additions to Norwegian and Irish family trees

- The event trigger and effect 'any_faction_backer' without a 'faction' field now work for the backers of all factions
- The 'copy_title_history' effect now also copies de jure assimilation
- Fixed some bugs with the 'de_jure_liege_or_above' and 'de_jure_vassal_or_below' triggers
- Character event flags are now shown in the portrait debug tooltip
- The modifier 'assassinate_chance_modifier' on the acting ruler now has an effect
- Added trigger 'is_at_sea'
- Added trigger 'is_patrician'
- Added trigger 'is_merchant_republic'
- Removed unused on actions 'on_siege_won' and 'on_siege_list'.
- Added on action 'on_siege_over' which triggers for all characters in the province
- Exported DOGE_SUCC_RANDOM_FACTOR to defines
- Added effects 'embargo' and 'lift_embargo'
- Added trigger 'has_trade_post'
- Added event target 'trade_post_owner'
- Added event effect 'seize_trade_post'
- Added 'attrition' field to the 'spawn_unit' effect. This is an attrition multiplier.
- Added 'cuckoo' (impregnation) console command
- Added 'culture = random' to 'create_character' and related event effects
- Added 'rep_trade_posts' Plot type
- Added define 'ENFORCE_ONE_OF_EACH_HOLDING' (Require players to build at least one City, Temple and Castle in each province)
- Added event target 'plot_target_province'
- Added a 'capital_holding' event target
- Added trigger 'num_of_trade_posts'
- Added trigger 'num_of_trade_post_diff'
- Added event trigger 'any_trade_post'
- Added event effect 'any_trade_post'
- Added event effect 'random_trade_post'
- Added 'same_religion = yes' field to the effect 'vassalize_or_take_under_title'. It will only vassalize rulers of the taker's religion
- Added 'is_patrician' filter to events
- Increased max demesne size limit for Patricians by 1 (define DEMESNE_MAX_SIZE_PATRICIAN)
- Added trigger 'any_attacker' (war scope)
- Added trigger 'any_defender' (war scope)
- Added 'inherit' field to opinion modifiers

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Last year’s most impressive fratricide simulator, Crusader Kings II, receives another expansion today in the form of The Republic DLC. If you’d like to learn more about trading, nautical dominance, economic skullduggery and political corruption, you could either read several volumes of Serious History, or jog over to the Paradox forums where the designers are responding to questions right now>. People are already saying things like, “Doesn’t this cause problems with modeling the Hanseatic League?”, and regarding the upcoming patch, “Could you provide more background about the 1.09 changes to bastardy/pregnancy?” How many games patch in ‘changes to bastardy’, eh?

The expansion should be live at 3PM CET and costs $9.99.

Product Update - Valve
2012-11-15: v1.08

- Added Nahua culture and Aztec religion

- Retinues no longer get free leaders
- Liege levies raised via the province view are now raised in the selected province
- You can now forbid your council from leading armies
- Optimized succession calculation, which could cause massive slowdowns in big dynasties with many landed members
- Intrigue plots vs barons or their courtiers can now include their liege's courtiers and other vassals
- Fixed Scottish Schiltron building giving 10x defensive bonus to pikes
- Fixed Dutch cultural retinue lacking pikes
- Fixed an issue with AI strength calculations the first month after loading a game
- A bit more randomness in the size of the rebel reinforcements in civil wars
- The Pope now receives even less war contribution score in Crusades
- Fixed a crash with a null war list in Province View and Diplomacy View
- Mercenary regiments and Holy Orders will now automatically get a new leader when the old one dies
- Less likely that the captain of a merc regiment gets reassigned to lead something else
- Kingdoms no longer assimilate out of de jure empires that have no holder
- Fixed a bug with not being able to move capital back to your title's preferred capital
- The Imperial Reconquest CB now only works for the restored Roman Empire
- The Imperial Reconquest CB no longer clears out all rulers under the title
- Disbanding multiple selected units will never disband retinues if there are non-retinues in any selected unit
- Liege levies will now disband if their owner is at war with the owner of the unit
- Retinues no longer reinforce if their owner has no money
- Diplo AI: Imprisoned vassals or below will always accept a demand for religious conversion, and go free from prison
- AI: Much better at assigning flank commanders for important armies
- AI: Less likely to go overboard with Crown Authority
- AI: Not interested in Lower CA plots in irrelevant kingdoms/empires
- AI: Fixed a bug with it not dismissing liege levies when done with them
- Army AI: Fixed a bug with invasions not happening when they should
- Ledger page with independent rulers now shows troops including retinues
- Shift or Ctrl clicking buttons in Ruler Designer coat of arms designer now multiplies the frame change by 5 or 10
- Fixed bug where byzantine unit pack was replacing all eastern europeans
- Raising troops via raise all or raise on province will now merge units
- Now allowed to ask to join tribal invasion wars
- Fixed bugged altaic culture building modifier
- Fixed the history of c_sodermanland
- Fixed consistency issue with German characters name Philipp
- Fixed faulty employment date for Robrecht van Gent
- Fixed broken Ua Conchobair dynasty
- Province of Bira no longer stays Orthodox for the entire game
- Fixed bug where imprisoned underage rulers could kill their regents
- Gave The Two Saltuks from Erzurum their correct names
- Corrections to Phillip IV of France and many related characters
- Sigrid Ylving no longer has the wrong mother
- Fixed the deathdate of King Charles IV of France
- Added missing Ecumenical Patriarchs
- Fixed a bug where courtiers of landless characters would be listed in a weird location
- Fixes and additions to various Frankish and Occitan dynasties
- Fixes and additions to the Hunfirding dynasty
- Missing marriages, mothers, children of Valdemar II and Erik V of Denmark added
- Fixed a rare crash in 'on_siege_over'
- AI: The independence faction does not present an ultimatum until it has at least 33% of the liege's strength
- AI: De jure vassals of your culture and religion, except kings, will not start or join independence factions
- Reduced the chance of massive rebel reinforcements for the Independence faction
- Diplo AI: Mongols and Aztecs will no longer revoke titles off human players just for having the wrong religion or culture
- Armenian, Georgian and Alan cultures updated with new names, name linkings and patronymics
- Fixes to the County of Melgueil
- Ingeborg Magnusdotter now has the correct gender
- Sartag Khan now converts to Nestorianism instead of Orthodoxy
- Corrections to the religion of several Zirid characters
- A few Catalan name fixes
- Changes and additions to the Godwin dynasty
- Fixed a bug with Primogeniture when tracing back through the current holder's mother
- Fixed a very rare crash with Holdings with no holder
- Fixed an issue with inheritance by landless characters when there was no de jure vassal title they could take off the previous holder
- Diplo AI: Much more careful about imprisonments
- Imprisoning characters no longer affects their position in the line of succession
- Fixed a bug with the event pictures on Mac and Linux
- Added blinded trait to historically blind characters in the database
- Added missing space to Armenian dynasty prefix and Irish male patronym
- Byzantine, Armenian and Georgian character fixes and additions
- Fixed wrong liege for Duchy of Champagne and County of Gevaudan at certain dates
- Welsh/Hiberno-Norse Dublin character fixes and additions
- New dynasty for the Kurdish Shaddadids, extended Mirdasid pedigree
- On player agreement, the game now sends information to the Paradox backend when you start a game, containing the names of the DLCs and Mods you run (can be toggled with "dont_track_data = [yes/no]" in settings.txt)
- AI: The leader of a claimant faction will no longer leave the faction in an elective realm where the claimant is currently the heir
- AI: Fixed a slight bug where current heirs would not back claimant factions for themselves
- Spymaster Scheme job has been overhauled and simplified
- AI: Fixed an issue with the number of available galleys check
- Fixed an issue with part of the de jure drift mechanic not being cleared on resign

- The criterion for determining who can lead troops is now determined by the allow trigger for 'job_marshal' (so women can now be modded to lead armies)
- Added trigger 'is_adult'
- Added trigger 'is_marriage_adult'

2012-10-22: v1.07b

- Fixed an issue with broken portraits and other graphics on certain older graphics cards
- Fixed a bug with Claimant Faction wars becoming invalid in Elective Realms
- Fixed a bug where various Dynasty variables would not be correctly reset on resign, which could even cause crashes
- Fixed the initial tech levels in the Nestorian and Miaphysite provinces
- Fixed a crash bug in the religion view that could happen when your ruler's religion changed
- Fixed a bug with Gavelkind succession in Empires where the holder also had many kingdoms
- Fixed an issue where you could become independent by joining an independence faction war in another realm
- Kurds now have access to the Persian cultural building
- William the Conquerer no longer set as mother of three Breton characters
- Fixed the history for c_aprutium
- Fixed deathdate of character 161537
- Fixes/additions to the Strathearn dynasty
- Fixes to the counts of Malta
- Fixed broken de Mello dynasty
- Various additions/fixes to several English dynasties
- Various additions/fixes to several German dynasties
- Renamed duplicate Onega province
- Added rulers to various Eastern pagan provinces
- Spymaster can now use Scheme in provinces belonging to your liege's other vassals
- Fixed hunting event to correctly apply to barons
- Fixed an ugly "invalidated war" message showing messy trigger conditions
- No longer possible to start or join Factions while in revolt against your current liege
- Fixed an issue where a vassal revolt war could sometimes invalidate on mostly unrelated other revolts in the same realm
- Fixed a glitch with the tooltip on the "Start a Faction" button
- No longer allowed to start claimant factions for female claimants against Agnatic law titles
- Fixed an issue with Protected Inheritance
- Reduced size of all event pictures by 25% at no loss of quality
- Muslim Jihads no longer possible before 1187
- The title is now displayed correctly for Russian Grand Princesses
- Some changes to the religious setup in the Levant

2012-10-16: v1.07

- Faction System
- Characters can have both a Plot and an Ambition
- Retinue System support for the Legacy of Rome DLC
- Orthodox and related religions have Autocephalous Patriarchs and the Pentarchy
- Rebalanced Combat, with more focus on leaders and their traits. More leader traits.
- Liege levies. You only raise levies from your direct vassals, and they are not directly connected to Holdings.
- A number of self improvement Ambitions for characters
- New religions: Miaphysite, Nestorian, Monothelite
- Two new Bookmarks: The Alexiad and The Latin Empire
- AI: Improved military AI
- Major speed optimizations
- Greatly reduced graphics memory load
- Plugged some memory leaks
- New events for characters with the lunatic trait
- Spymaster's Discover Plots job has been renamed to Scheme, and now also affects faction membership
- New icons added to all decisions

- Launcher now remembers DLC and Mod settings
- Very large savegames can now be sent to clients in multiplayer
- Now always allowed to move capital back to the traditional capital of your primary title (even if you've moved capital once already)
- You now always need at least two kingdom titles to create an Empire
- Fixed several bugs with Gavelkind and Primogeniture succession
- Fixed some issues with the Supply Limit and attrition rules
- It's no longer possible to place councillors in grayed out provinces
- Many, many changes and fixes to the history database
- Character View: Selecting an ambition now auto-updates the window
- Added ticking war score to Claim All wars
- Made the Seljuks pre-mobilized in 1066, like the English contenders
- Added portrait tooltip about a character's religious head
- Added code for locking Constantinople to the Emperor better
- Adjusted the colors of some duchies and kingdoms, mainly in Eastern Anatolia
- Fixed the ship unit position in Lake Mälaren
- Added "Foreign Conqueror" opinion modifier
- Ormond is no longer a republic
- Improved some trigger and event target tooltips
- Fixed some issues with the "change succession law" CBs against secondary kingdoms
- No longer allowed to press Muslim women's claims against anyone
- No longer allowed to press other women's claims on _any_ titles against a ruler with Agnatic succession
- Fixed a problem with law triggers in decisions
- All casus belli event effects are now also initialized properly, so they can refer to laws
- Characters in feudal realms will not flee to republics or theocracies when exiled
- In republics, courtiers who are heirs to foreign titles can no longer be elected
- Gave William the Conqueror three more castles at game start and adjusted the initial armies of all three contenders
- The liege is now imprisoned when losing his or her primary title in a claimant war
- When creating a new higher tier title in the game, your current laws will be copied (if it's not Duke-to-King)
- When creating a new higher tier title that has never had a holder before, its holder history will be copied from your current title
- Plot View: Fixed an issue where Vassal Decisions could be listed twice
- Plot View: Fixed a bug with the tooltip on the Start Plot button
- Fixed the tooltip for effects 'remove_title'
- Fixed the tooltip for effects 'give_job_title'
- Fixed some bugs with the 'spawn_unit' tooltip
- Portraits: All characters are now bald if they wear the chain mail hood
- 1066: Adjusted the traits of the main Saxon lords to like Eadgar the Aetheling a lot
- The end game screen now shows the correct Komnenos dynasty shield
- Added proper claims and ruler history for Tostig Godwinson
- The loser in an invasion CB is now imprisoned by the winner if he becomes a vassal of the winner
- Made the Varangian Guard better
- Added tooltips to the Flank Leader selection view
- Fixed a bug where children of Western ethnicity would not look it if of another culture
- Fixed some bugs with graphical culture type of characters not correctly falling back to Western
- The Golden Horde now receives slightly fewer reinforcements in the second event
- Fixed a bug with the opinion penalty for destroying a title
- Combat events no longer happens the first few days anymore
- The Ambitions to have a son or daughter now increases fertility
- Tweaked fertility effect on impregnation
- Religious wars and Jihads/Crusades now reduce the Decadence for all successful participating Muslims
- Tweaked some default message priorities
- You now only get a Weak Claim on titles that have been revoked
- You are no longer allowed to usurp titles from others in the same realm unless you have a Strong Claim
- Fixed a bug where you could ask to join the wars of your liege's enemies
- Muslim Invasion CB outcomes now also affect Decadence
- Fixed a bug with the "Weaken Fellow Vassal" Plot, where the target could go independent when losing his last Duchy
- Fixed an assymmetric hostility issue vs revolters of an ally of someone you're attacking
- The "No Ambition" alert should no longer appear if there are no valid ambitions to pick
- Fixed a bug with white text showing in some event windows
- Fixed a bug where the AI could ask to educate children of vassals who were actually 'employed' by the vassal's Spouse
- Fixed a bug in the portrait tooltip, where it did not always list the highest title a character was heir to
- Fixed some issues with the wrong event frame being shown for some Knights of St John events- A liege no longers retains any imprison or revoke title reasons against rebel vassals when losing a civil war
- Decadence revolts now only disband the earmarked regiments when they end- Fixed a bug making Holy Orders theocracies
- Added missing clergy clothes for other graphical cultures
- Fixed a bug with dead character portraits not looking correct when loading save games
- Many new CoAs, courtesy of Txini
- Fixed some glitches with the inheritance of Councillors
- Fixed a rare bug with wars ending "inconclusively" just before they ended normally
- Added more war invalidation explanations to the message
- Slightly toned down the size of Decadence revolters
- Pressing the claim of a dynasty member will now always vassalize him or her if possible
- Fixed a bug with the tooltip for normal AND triggers
- Titles are now also considered contested if a title de facto above them is contested
- Tweaked Title Creation and Usurpation tooltips
- Fixed a bug where revolters could remain in an ongoing uprising even after no longer being part of the realm
- Crushing a major revolt now gives all direct vassal rulers a +25 opinion modifier of you for 10 years
- When you White Peace revolters, they now get a 'Spared after Rebellion' opinion modifier of you, +25 for 10 years
- Fixed a bug where a legitimized bastard would hate the parent for doing it
- The Mongol reinforcements no longer arrive if the Horde has already been completely defeated
- Fixed some issues with characters getting opinion modifiers of themselves
- Added beard portrait scripts
- Added missing string about not being able to revoke the last Temple Holding off your own religious head
- Fixed two bugs with landless Mongols not declaring war
- Claimant Wars: if the claimant is a bishop or mayor, those titles are now lost on success
- Wars over titles are now more likely to give the title capital to the claimant
- No longer possible to declare depose liege, or claimant wars on liege while the liege or above is himself in revolt
- Fixed a bug where vassals could nominate successors for secondary duchies or below
- Made the basic "Recently Conquered" tax penalty more severe, so it cannot be offset by tech, etc
- A ward who is at war with his or her guardian now automatically returns home
- Fixed an issue with the automatic removal of inappropriate scripted traits from underage historical characters
- Independent kingdoms with a king that controls their entire de jure area can now break out of de jure empires
- No longer possible to employ Holy Orders while excommunicated
- Fixed a bug with the tooltips for triggers 'lower_tier_than' and 'higher_tier_than'
- You no longer pay maintenance for Holy Orders if you're in a justified war, even if you're also in another type of war
- Fixed an issue where you could not grant titles to vassals which you could not formally create
- Gave most mercs and holy orders a base culture
- Ensured that merc and holy order leaders are always of the right culture and religion
- Slowed down event '39500' which automatically converts counties to Islam
- Fixed a bug where you could move your capital again after a reload
- Fixed a bug where a landed spouse who is the councillor of another ruler would not give you that attribute bonus
- The Excommunicate diplo action is no longer shown for excommunicated characters
- Fixed an issue with granting titles including lower not fully working if the target becomes independent from you through the action
- Blocked Agnatic-Cognatic succession for Hordes
- Horde type culture rulers cannot have Cognatic or True Cognatic succession laws
- Improved kingdom division on inheritance kingdom split
- Fixed a bug with characters not knowing of their own plots
- Fixed a bug with the de facto liege of titles after revocation
- Fixed a bug with the succession bethrothal icon not showing
- Fixed a bug allowing you to assign too many wards to a guardian
- Boosted the effect of the Chancellor's Improve Diplomatic Relations job
- Corrected many spelling mistakes
- Added a notification event when a character is killed in battle
- Both sides in a siege now see the effects of triggered siege events
- The event where a vassal offers guardianship now shows which child will become the vassal's ward
- Fixes to the Christian and Muslim tournaments
- Famous Muslims who join your court now have dynasties and improved stats
- Scottish names are now English instead of Gaelic, whereas before they were a mixture of both
- Russian duchies are now called grand principalities, and their rulers are referred to as grand princes
- Fixed the event where the Hashshashin go after the Mongol leader
- Revised Combat tooltips
- Muslim Heavy cavalry now use CoA colors on their flags rather than the christian flag
- Revised cultural building modifiers
- Added a global supply limit modifier that increases with tech
- Ruler Designer now handles culture different from ethnicity
- Loading screens and flags now look a bit better
- Fixed issue with special characters in find title box
- Flanks will now pick tactics even if they have no leader
- You are no longer allowed to build in settlements held by someout outside your realm or by someone you are at war with
- Fixed some trigger tooltips that looked bad
- Added the winners of the AAR contest as characters in the game
- AI: Smarter about heir nomination when having multiple kingdoms (to keep them together)
- AI: Fixed bug with silly Muslim handing out of titles
- AI: Baron tier and landless characters now get a complete AI when they have raised units on the map
- AI: Fixed an issue where it could spam a player asking to become a vassal
- AI: Holy Orders should no longer run off to help others if they are already "hired"
- AI: Will always accept guardians for childen offered by the Regent (and won't have them replaced on its own)
- AI: Improved passing of demesne laws
- AI: Should now want to revoke a Castle Holding when the primary holding in a County is NOT a Castle
- AI: Prevented some stupid placing of the Chancellor to fabricate claims
- AI: Vassals will no longer spontaneously declare war on their liege to depose him or take a title off him (these things are now faction based.) The only time they might declare war on their own is to create a succession crisis.
- AI: Improved handing out of counties if it's over the demesne limit
- AI: Will now execute "vassal decisions" (like blinding and castrating prisoners)
- AI: Will now switch Guardian for children if appropriate (wrong religion or culture)
- AI: Will not disband free galleys (from event effects)
- AI: Fixed some bugs with turning betrothals into marriages
- AI: More careful with title usurpation and the cost in gold
- Diplo AI: Fixed a bug with "divine blood" marriage calculation
- Diplo AI: Does not care about Matrilineal marriage factors if both parties are from the same dynasty
- Diplo AI: Children in other realms will now still accept education offers from their own parents
- Diplo AI: Fixed a bug with borked marriage proposals and spamming
- Diplo AI: Less aggressive about revoking titles (requires a worse opinion or religious enmity)
- Diplo AI: Will now break betrothals that won't be accepted anymore
- Diplo AI: will not revoke titles while under a regency
- Diplo AI: Early surrender now possible with Muslim invasion CBs. Defender more stubborn.

- IMPORTANT: Added 'inherit_chance' to traits, replacing 'congenital'
- The 'replace_path' bug is now fixed for real
- Added 'effect' character history command. It's like an event option that's run for the character at game start.
- Fixed a bug with 'immortal' traits and sex appeal
- Added trigger 'leads_faction'
- Added trigger 'faction_power'
- Added trigger and effect 'any_faction_backer'
- Added trigger 'completely_controls = [title]' (I or my vassals hold everything in it)
- Added trigger 'revolt_distance'
- The 'ai_will_do' clause in Decisions is no longer binary (the value determines the MTTH)
- Fixed an issue with law triggers in the 'ai_will_do' field of decisions
- Added trigger 'in_faction'
- Added trigger 'war_title'
- Added trigger 'defending_against_claimant'
- Added event targets 'supported_claimant' and 'supported_claimant_title'
- Added 'set_parent_religion' effect
- Can now create Lowborn characters with the 'create_character' effect
- Fixed a bug with scripted attributes in the 'create_character' effect
- Fixed a bug in the 'conquest_culture' trigger
- Added 'is_conquered' trigger
- Added event targets 'heir_under_seniority_law' and 'heir_under_primogeniture_law'
- Added trigger 'any_claimant'
- Added 'from_potential' trigger to decisions (vassal and dynasty decisions only)
- Added event effect 'add_spouse_matrilineal'
- Added 'opinion_diff' trigger
- The event targets 'owner' and 'holder_scope' are now the same and work on both titles and provinces
- Added event effect 'copy_title_history'
- Added event effect 'copy_title_laws'
- Fixed a bug with trigger 'is_landed = no'
- Fixed a bug in the effect 'spawn_unit' with the 'match' argument
- Can now set a specific leader in the effect 'spawn_unit'
- Fixed a bug in trigger 'de_jure_liege_or_above'
- Fixed a bug in trigger 'de_jure_vassal_or_below'
- Fixed some bugs with the 'set_name' effect
- The 'set_name' effect can now change the name of titles
- Added 'capital' effect
- Added 'province_capital' effect
- Added effect 'participation_scaled_decadence'
- Added trigger 'num_of_faction_backers'
- Added trigger 'race'
- Added trigger 'graphical_culture'
- Fixed a bug with event name spaces not working in 'events' fields in On Actions
- Fixed a bug with event name spaces not working in 'events' fields in Job Actions
- Added 'divine_blood' marriage opinion modifiers
- Added more gradual Attrition Defines
- Added 'secondary_graphical_culture' to cultures and culture groups (a fallback option, when not having certain DLCs)
- Added trigger 'has_earmarked_regiments'
- Added 'earmark' argument to the 'spawn_unit' event effect
- The 'disband_event_forces' effect now takes an earmark argument
- Added trigger 'diplomatic_immunity'
- Added effect 'diplomatic_immunity'
- Exported AGE_OF_MARRIAGE to defines
- Ported the last old defines to lua
- Added SeaZone province text promotion
- Added PrevPrev text promotion
- Added trigger 'is_tribal_type_title'
- Added trigger 'has_horde_culture'

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