Dec 8, 2017
Pox Nora - Senshu
Greetings Everyone,

Desert Owl Games is happy to announce our latest project, Space Wars: Interstellar Empires, launches today on Steam!
Space Wars: Interstellar Empires is a turn-based tactical strategy game; players choose a faction to represent while conquering galactic territories through combat. Participating in combat and completing missions grants points and experience for upgrading your captain and officer skills, in addition to acquiring new ships.

Space Wars: Interstellar Empires can be downloaded now on Steam.

We appreciate your continued support of Desert Owl Games; new projects like this help us to continue supporting Pox Nora. Please help spread the word by following the Space Wars Twitter feed, and like the Facebook page. More info can be found on and its Forums.

Happy Exploring,

Desert Owl Games
Pox Nora - Senshu
Greetings Everyone,

We have a major client update today which contains many improvements!

  • Resolved an issue that was causing spectator mode to not correctly end when the match ends.
  • Updated the movement interaction of Large champions so they are easier to move.
  • Updated the targeting interaction of Large champions to correctly scale to the target’s size.
  • The deployment area will no longer highlight invalid locations depending on if the champion is large or small.
  • Improved how text wraps within the game.
  • The Left and Right arrow keys can now be used to navigate text in the chat window for editing.
  • The Up and Down arrow keys can now be used to cycle through the previously submitted message from the player.
  • Hitting the Enter or / keys will always open the chat window and then automatically put the cursor in the text field.
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t click off of the chat window to use quick command keys?
  • Resolution settings will now persist between play sessions.
  • The options menu can now be opened from the map screen.
  • Switching chat tabs while there is text written but not submitted will no longer automatically submit the text.
  • Using left click to pan the map while a champion is movement mode will no longer be counted as a movement command for that champion.
  • When the chat tabs are closed and a player receives a private message the Text on the tab ‘Global’ and ‘Guild’ will transition from White to Light Blue and back. This is more subtle than the old client to not distract players while in-matches.
  • The Pox Nora logo will now be correctly displayed on the Windows Taskbar and in the upper left corner of the application window when playing in Windowed Mode.

Pox Nora - Senshu
Greetings Everyone,

The Planar Disturbances Midterm is here, and with it comes eight new Legendary runes, one Limited Edition rune. The Midterm update includes a game patch for PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

  • The Planar Disturbances Midterm Pack has been added to the Pox Nora Marketplace. This pack will give 1 of the 8 new Legendary Planar Disturbances Midterm runes along with 2 Platinum Tokens.
  • The Planar Disturbances Mid-Term Bundle has been added to the marketplace will award the Limited Edition Festival Mika rune with unique art and sprite, 1 of the 8 new Legendary midterm runes, and 2 Platinum Tokens.
New Runes
  • Draksar Confessor
  • Elder Vampyre
  • Icefang
  • Jellebrium Nexus
  • Rockcharger Warbeast
  • Sarnghavian Gladiator
  • Vashal Interceptor
  • Vothsair Overlord
Limited Edition
  • Festival Mika
Fixes & Changes
  • Addressed several server stability issues.
  • Addressed some visual effects that were not in the correct position.
  • League Rewards are now correctly rewarding Gold, Shards, and Packs.
  • Daily campaigns should now correctly cycle and will no longer give a incorrect notification of not being able to play.
  • Quests are now properly giving progression credit.
  • The Deck Manager will now correctly update when using the Mouse.
  • In-Match players will no longer need to hit the A Key twice to go into targeting mode.
  • Resolved a rare issue that would cause the game to stop processing game server updates in a match.
  • Improved detection parameters for awarding trophies.
  • Addressed an issue that would sometimes cause the game to not load into a Custom Game Bot match.
  • The Victory & Defeat screens will now correctly display if the match was Ranked, Skirmish, or Solo Play.
  • The Victory and Defeat screen will now show the correct league progression value.
  • The In-Match rune details will now correctly show the selected unit’s damage value.
  • When in the queue for a Ranked Match the popup will now say ‘Looking for Opponent’ instead of ‘Entering Queue’.
  • The rarity filter for the Rune Manager now displays the correct rarity type.
  • Legendary Runes can now be correctly Sacrificed or Forged.
  • The Rune Filter will no longer exclude runes that have multiple races or classes if only one of those races or classes is selected.
  • Runes will now correctly display their secondary races and classes.
  • The campaign cinematic dialogue box will no longer cover up the portrait for the champion who is talking.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from changing difficulty for a campaign once it has been beaten.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a match to not correctly end if a Shrine or Avatar was killed by indirect damage.
  • The league progression will now correctly display the progress for 1v1 separately from 2v2.
  • Progress in the 1v1 league will no longer count towards the 2v2 league.
  • Fixed an issue where the abilities Iron Will, Fearless, and Unstoppable were not functioning if they were a champion’s base ability.
  • The Condition popup for Incorporeal has been updated to have the correct description.
  • The spell Execution Order no longer charges nora based on affected units.
  • The ability Lethal Poison will longer kill Bosses or Avatars.
  • The ability Chains of Amareth will no longer kill the Chained Fae if it has the upgrade ability Vitality: Nora.
  • The ability Rapid Growth will now correctly start on cooldown and will go on cooldown when activated.
  • The spell Naturalize will no longer remove terrain effects.
  • The spell Execution Order will no longer cost more nora based on the number of champions affected.
  • The relic Mystic Whirlpool will no longer cause inconsistent interactions with champions using relocation abilities.
  • Illusions will no longer be able to drop nora globes.
  • The K'Thir Forest map will now correctly display what tiles are considered to be water.
  • The condition Blinded can no longer be bypassed by abilities like Pounce, Censure, and Starlight.
  • If the ability Iron Will is removed from a champion they will now correctly become Distracted if Shimmering Flower is equipped.
  • The equipment Avarice now functions as intended.
  • The condition Crystallized can no longer have its secondary effects cleansed separately from the condition itself.
  • The equipment Medal of Valor will now correctly remove Speed when unit's MAX RNG goes above 2.
Pox Nora - Senshu
Greetings Everyone,

We are excited to announce the Midterm for Pox Nora’s Planar Disturbances expansion will be released on August 15th!

]Legendary & Limited Edition Runes
The followup to Pox Nora’s Planar Disturbances expansion will add 9 runes of the highest rarity types. This Midterm includes 8 new Legendary Champions and 1 Limited Edition Champion, which will be contained in an all new Pack and Bundle available on the Pox Nora in-game marketplace. Each of these runes come with new abilities that can be used on the PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4.

Thanks to player feedback, we have been hard at work making improvements to the new game client. Improvements include better PS4 Trophy achievement condition detection, better Avatar/Shrine destruction detection, improved rune filtering parameters for the Deck Manager, and numerous other user experience and game balance changes.

PlayStation Vita
We are rounding the final corner of development on the Vita version of Pox Nora, and we will announce the release date soon.


See you on the battlefield!
Pox Nora - Senshu
Greetings Everyone,

A new hotfix has been deployed to Pox Nora. This hotfix is all server related, so PC, PS4, and Mac players will all get the benefits of this change.

  • The issue causing Custom Bot matches to occasionally stay on the loading screen indefinitely has now been fully isolated and will no longer occur. This ended up being related to the system that allowed bots to use Player Decks. For the time being bots will not use player decks until a new system can be implemented.
  • All players will now correctly receive League Rewards when reaching a new league. These rewards will appear as packs in the Marketplace Rewards section of the lobby when they are awarded.
  • Daily and Heroic Quest will now properly give track progress and award the correct rewards upon completion for all players.
  • The ability Rapid Growth will now correctly start on cooldown and will go on cooldown when activated.
Note: All missed rewards from the League and Quest issues have not yet been retroactively rewarded. We want to make absolutely sure these are 100% not happening for anyone before giving out any compensation.

Steam Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale is still active until the 5th of July so make sure you pick up the Pox Nora Steam Bundles before they return to their normal prices.


Pox Nora - Senshu
Greetings Everyone,

The Steam Summer Sale is here, and from June 22nd through July 5th select Desert Owl Games products will be discounted up to 65%!

Pox Nora Steam Bundles Sale
Two all-new, exclusive starter bundles are available on the Steam Store...and for the Steam Summer sale are marked down 65%! The Protectorate Starter Bundle and Wrath Starter Bundle each contain 4 of the new marketplace decks.

Note: The contents of each bundle can be found on their respective Steam pages. Bundles are limited to one (1) per Steam account. Bundles can only be redeemed by one (1) Pox Nora account and will be added upon logging into the game through Steam.

New Marketplace Decks
Pox Nora now has 8 new decks available on the Marketplace which replace the previous offerings. These new Protectorate and Wrath decks are designed to be competitive in matches and price!

The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse Sale
The narrative-driven RPG The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse is now on sale, marked down 60%!

Hotfix: June 22nd
A new hotfix has been deployed to increase the Pox Nora's stability.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the PC/Mac Clients to stop updating the match progress resulting in players needing to restart the client.
  • Fixed an issue for all versions of Pox Nora that could periodically cause the game to stay on the loading screen when trying to play a Custom Bot match.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the ability Kill Sense to trigger on units that it shouldn't.

Pox Nora - Senshu
Greetings Everyone,

It is our pleasure to announce the release of the all new Pox Nora game client! As part of this release we have a massive update to game balance.

All New Game Client
  • Steam: If you play through Steam, the client update will be automatic.
  • PC: Players who use the PC stand-alone launcher (non-Steam), please download the new launcher.
  • Mac: The new Mac version will be available through Steam ONLY.
  • PlayStation 4: Pox Nora can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation Store.
Please Note: The old game client will be no longer be supported.

New Lobby
The game lobby for Pox Nora has been completely redone to make navigating with both Mouse and Controller as snappy as possible.

Custom Games
There is a new Custom games section where players can create matches against other players or bot.

Deck and Rune Manager
You can now create, choose, and edit your decks fully within the game.

The Pox Nora Marketplace is now fully integrated within game client.

Player Details
You can not only see your League Progression, but now Match history, Rankings, and Feats (formerly Achievements) are now accessible within the game client by clicking on your account name in the upper right corner of the lobby.

Premade Decks
As part of the new game client we will be phasing out the current Public Decks. These will be replaced with Premade Decks. Upon logging into the the new game client each player will be awarded the "Ironfist Inquisition" premade deck. This is a fully functioning deck that can be edited. All the rune in the deck will also be yours. To prevent exploitation, the runes from this deck can not be sacrificed in the Rune Forge or Traded. This deck will only be added to a player's account once. Otherwise all of you will be able to do anything you want with these runes, and new players will have a deck to start editing as soon as they launch the game. Additional decks can be earned by beating the Faction campaigns in the Training section of the game.

Cross-Platform Play
All players, whether through PlayStation, PC, or Mac, will all be able to play against each other regardless of platform! In addition, multiplayer for Pox Nora will not require a PlayStation Plus account.

Account Link
Existing Pox Nora players will be able to copy their PC or Mac account's inventory over to their PlayStation™Network account. Please note account cloning will only be available for 90 days at the time the game is released on the PS4, and Accounts may only be copied once. Accounts once copped will there after be treated as separate accounts and will no longer share inventory information. The Account Link feature will be accessible through the Player Details section of the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

See you on the Battlefield!
Pox Nora - Senshu
Greetings Everyone,

We are happy to announce that both Pox Nora & Space Wars will be at PAX East!

Pox Nora
Pox Nora will be available to play at the Sony booth. This demo will show off even more of the game than what was at the PlayStation Experience Event in December, including all 8 factions, improved performance, and interface enhancements.

Space Wars
Space Wars, our newest tactical strategy game, will be available to play at our booth. Not only will people at PAX East be able to play the latest version of Space Wars, which includes the Galactic Conquest mode, but if you stop by you will be able to pick up the Exclusive Ship Stat trading cards.

PAX East
PAX East is being held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from March 10th through the 12th. The Sony booth number is 16019 and the Desert Owl Games booth number is 10127. For more details about the Penny Arcade Expo and to get the booth map please go to the official PAX East site.

We appreciate your continued support. It is because of players like you that we are able to revitalize Pox Nora with an all new game client and create new games like Space Wars. Stay up to date on what is happening by following Desert Owl Games on Facebook and Twitter.



The Pox Nora Team
Pox Nora - Senshu
Greetings Everyone,

Development of the new Pox Nora game client is continuing to progress, but as that draws closer a preparatory patch is needed to make some back end changes to the game.

This patch will also include some things that all of you will notice including some balance changes.

Companionship Gala 2017
It is once again time to celebrate the bonds of platonic love between friends, companions, and comrades. This is the driving force behind the factions and races of Poxanthuru to work together and build coalitions for protecting their kin from those who would do them harm.

Once again you will be able to see one such relationship stands above all others. The everlasting bond between Ayla the Huntress and Thor the Tempest Boar are on display in the True Love campaign.

From February 8th to February 22nd the True Love campaign will be available for free in the Pox Nora Story Campaigns. Help Ayla the Huntress rescue Thor the Tempest Boar from Xulos's insidious experiment. For those who are up for the challenge, beating the True Love campaign on the Legendary Difficulty will award the Limited Edition Ayla the Huntress rune.

In the spirit of the Companionship Gala, extend a greeting to your fellow Pox Nora player. Work together with for a common goal by grouping up and playing 2v2 matches to achieve the Team League rewards. For more info check out the official Companionship Gala Post.
Pox Nora - Senshu
Greetings Everyone,

We want 2016 to end with a Bang, with a Massive Update and Awesome Deals!

We are happy to say the free Winter Holiday campaign featuring the lovable Krampus is once again available. Along with the Holiday Reskin, Holiday Bundle, and Holiday Extended Set Special packs.

The Holiday Packs and free Winter Holiday campaign are available from December 15th, 2016 to January 5th, 2017.

We appreciate the patience and support of the Pox Nora community. This Massive Update for all of you to play over the winter holidays includes a ton of balance and bug fixes, but more so, it includes a lot of the back-end work we have done in preparation of the new Pox Nora game client. Things are now at the point where we can start bringing the two versions in sync with one another and do this massive update!

  • Added a new Holiday Bundle pack to the Marketplace. Each pack contains 3 Exotics and 1 Legendary from the Spirits Beyond, Visions of Amareth and Path of De'lim expansions, along with 10 Platinum Tokens and 5000 Shards
  • The festive Holiday Reskins pack is available again on the Marketplace. Each pack comes with 1 Limited Edition rune from 8 holiday themed reskins of legendary runes and 2 platinum tokens.
  • The Holiday Extended Set Special pack is now available on the Marketplace. Each of these packs give the following runes from the Extended Set: 1 legendary, 1 exotic, 2 rares, 4 uncommons and 4 commons.
  • For a limited time the Winter Holiday campaign featuring Krampus will be available to all players for free. Completing this campaign on Legendary difficulty will award 2 Platinum tokens.
  • Five new Wallpapers have been added to the
Ability Changes
  • High Ground has been consolidated into Hunter: Walker
  • Hunter: X abilities no longer stack with each other
  • All of the Jab abilities have been consolidated into being Sabotage abilities with the following format:
    • The next enemy champion deployed from the runedock while this champion is in play takes 6 <type> damage and gains Vulnerability: <type>.
  • The following abilities have been renamed:
    • Bloodless has been renamed Eternal
    • Reclaim Relic is now Ruin
  • Restless Souls, Voil Caverns, New Growth, Gravebind and Corpse Restoration, etc. now all trigger once per turn only
  • Sustain has been consolidated into Transfer Life
  • Swoop has been consolidated with Pounce, retaining the Pounce name but being single target
    • This champion is relocated to the closest non-damaging space to target enemy unit within 5 spaces and makes a Physical attack at +2 DMG against the target if able.
    • AP: 4, CD: 2
    • This means that most Swoop champions are now slightly better, benefiting from the reduced AP cost and CD
  • Massive Leap has renamed to Seismic Leap and redesigned to
    • This champion is relocated to target space within 4 spaces. Enemy champions within 2 spaces of the target takes 10 Physical damage (this damage ignores DEF), are knocked back 1 space and become <condition value=slowed>Slowed</condition> for 2 turns.
  • Shatter Summoned is now:
    • Area Effect 3, Range 5: Enemy illusions and summoned units take 15 Psychic damage.
    • AP: 3, CD: 3
    • This allows for greater control over the effect area and increases the AP efficiency of the ability as well as the maximum output of the ability
  • A new ability "Blood Spear" has been added:
    • This champion makes a Loss of Life attack at RNG 2-5. If the target is <condition value=bloodied>Bloodied</condition> or has less than 50% HP remaining , this champion vampiric heals for 8.
    • Nora: 7, AP: 4, CD: 3
    • Bloodbinder Count and Demonvein Vampyre have this ability
  • A new ability "Vine Whip" has been added to the game!
    • Description: This champion makes a Physical attack at RNG 2-5. If the target is occupying Vegetation, Ensnared or Rooted and is successfully damaged, the target also becomes Burred for 3 turns and Eviscerated for 3 turns.
    • Nora: 6, AP: 4, CD: 3
    • Seed of Potential, Naria Ragevine, Tainted Vinecreeper and Tree Spider have this ability
Champion Changes
  • Due to the size, the Patch Notes have been modified to not display runes that have only had their cost change due to ability cost changes (rather than an actual change to the rune's kit/design)
  • Access to Dispel has been greatly reduced in Protectorate factions
  • A number of lower cost champions lost a drawback ability to decrease efficiency
  • Distribution of Commander, Defender and Boost have been adjusted. Themes should generally only have access to a single one of these
  • Distribution of Healing has been changed. Protectorate factions get stronger healing but at higher cost and CD generally, while Wrath factions get weaker healer but at lower cost and CD, as well as "alternate" forms of healing such as Transfer Life more frequently.
Spells, Relics and Equipment Changes
  • Many Spells, Relics and Equipment have had their descriptions cleaned up as part of our ongoing efforts to streamline game text and add condition/ability linking
  • A number of Spells and Equipment have gotten redesigns
  • All Warbanners now cost 25 nora
  • Cleansing Emerald is now ST/KF, with Impairing Sapphire being moved to SP/SL, expect Impairing Sapphire to get a redesign at some point down the line
  • A number of equipment now gives the actual ability equivalents of their effects, instead of a one-off version. For example, Elsari Shackles granting Careless instead of causing AP loss on its own
Conditions Changes
  • Intoxicated condition no longer debuff enemies. The fact that this was both a debuff and a buff at the same time caused bugs and issues from both a technical and a balance perspective. The "Mead Trap" relic has been redesigned to accommodate the change since it'd no longer work properly.
  • Illuminated condition no longer gets removed on attack. This means that it no longer generates nora either, but will debuff the enemy's DEF and ability to Stealth for the entire duration. This was done to simplify the condition a bit as it was doing a lot of different things at once, as well as to emphasis it's debuff/anti-stealth side instead.
Bugs (General)
  • Fixed an issue with the Gold bonus timer refunding upon relaunching client on some accounts.
Bugs (Abilities)
  • Fixed an issue where Death Harvest was not working at all
  • Fixed an issue where some abilities were bypassing Buffers:
    • Hunter: X
    • Cull
    • Psychological Warfare
  • Fixed an issue where Frost Stance was not granting Catalyst: Frost correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the ability Bulwark Jakei that was preventing it from working.
  • Fixed an where if a player possess a champion with Riftwalker that champion could be sacrificed even if the player is not the owner.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability Hunter: Quick was triggering on units with less than 7 SPD.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability Impairing Luminescence wouldn't spread to other Nora Gems.
  • Fixed an issue with the ability Elusive Leap what was preventing non-basic attacks (such as Constriction).
  • Fixed an issue where Scouring and Eviscerating Luminescence wouldn't trigger abilities like Hunter.
  • Fixed an issue where several abilities were not affected by the SL faction bonus or Hunter abilities:
    • Deafening Aura
    • Psychic Ping
    • Rebuke
    • Flame Siphon
    • Fry
    • Wail of Grief
    • Melt
    • Shred Defense
    • Sonic Roar
    • Magic Beam
    • Black Tempest
    • Cannon Barrage
    • Elemental Storm: Poison
    • Elemental Storm: Frost
  • Fixed an issue where if a champion had both Warguard and Combat Awareness 2 they would take 0 damage from spells but still cause Warguard to trigger.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability Zeal: Speed wouldn't show a condition when triggered.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability Shroud would incorrectly stack.
  • Fixed an issue where Acolyte abilities sometimes wouldn't trigger from start of turn effects like Auras.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability Preparation would lose stacks if the unit has Skirmisher and fails to attack a relic.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability Bodyguard would redirected damage incorrectly and be prevented by Combat Awareness by changing Bodyguard to cause Loss of Life instead of damage
  • Fixed an issue where the ability Spell Breach worked on enemies and relics.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability Logistics: Force Barrier incorrectly gave Rank 2 instead of Rank 3 of Force Barrier.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability Reveal: Kas Pupil could be used more than once if the player had effects that could reduce the CD.
  • Fixed an issue with the abilities Grant: Teleport and Grant: Reflexes having an incorrect range of 7 when it should have been 5.
  • Fixed an issue with the ability Haunting Visions where it was triggering at 30 or less.
  • Fixed a couple of issue with Mirror Swap. First, it was considering older illusions as closer when they weren't and where it could swap at a longer range than intended.
  • Fix an interaction issue with the ability Short-Lived that was causing other abilities to not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the ability Poisonburst ignoring Blinded/Evasive.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability Confuse could be used against Impenetrable units.
  • Fixed an issue where the champion Elven Druid's Bear and Eagle Forms would the champion's range.
  • Fixed an issue where casting the spell Crescendo on a Shielded unit would still use nora.
  • Fixed an issue where the spell Inhibit Power would trigger Snow Blind when centered on a unit.
  • Fixed an issue where the spell Wings of Steel's effects could not be removed via Dispel
  • Fixed an issue with the ability Shrine Mulligan not re-reveal Preordained runes.
  • Fixed an issue with the abilities Shadestrike and Snowstrike that required successful damage instead of successful attack.
  • Fixed an issue with the ability Fairy Flight not giving back Flight if unit goes above 15 HP via +MAX HP gains.
  • Fixed some odd behaviors that could occur if the ability Scrapper was triggered on the opponent's turn.
  • Fixed an issue where Strike abilities did not work on relics.
  • Fixed an issue with the abilities Blood Magic and Cannon Barrage where they could be used while pacified.
  • Fixed an issue where the champion Dwarven Hooligan's ability Attack: Keg wasn't in the first ability slot.
  • Fixed an issue where some relocation effects were bypassing Wandering and Reckless Flight. In addition, when relocation abilities are used the champion will relocate to an adjacent space if the target space is occupied by a stealthed unit.
  • Fixed an issue where the spell Alacrity plays the effect on every single unit, causing significant delay/slowdown
  • Fixed an issue where the ability Arcblade: Frost's second and third attacks were doing Physical damage instead of Frost.
Bugs (Spells)
  • Fixed an issue where the spell Lost Trails was incorrectly requiring a friendly deployment zone to be targeted.
  • Fixed an issue with the spell Pilfered Armory not working.
  • Fixed an issue where the spell Bullseye's effect would incorrectly lasts 6 turns instead of 1.
  • Fixed an issue with the spell Ritual of Ashes's Cursed DMG bonus stacking on each champion.
  • Fixed an issue where the spell Divinity's Touch no longer worked on champions with the ability Elite.
  • Fixed an issue where Draconic Pulsar required a target
  • Fixed an issue where the spell Fan Faire did not have a range preview.
Bugs (Relics)
  • Fixed an issue where the relic The Resistance did not give Slam to newly deployed Elementals.
  • Fixed an issue where the first Zombie from Corpse Pile incorrectly had upgrades.
  • Fixed an issue where the relic Lava trap would not spawn stealthed.
  • Fixed an issue where the buff provide by Collective Struggle was incorrectly removable via Dispel.
  • Fixed an issue where the Blackguard Banner's effects are incorrectly removable via Dispel.
Bugs (Equipment)
  • Fixed an issue with the equipment Chillshard was not properly triggering when new Attacks are gained.
  • Fixed an issue with the equipment Everfrost Manacles' Frost damage is incorrectly prevented by the SL bonus.
  • Fixed an issue where Magnetized from the equipment Moga Magnet was pulling units together more than 5 spaces away.
  • Fixed an issue where the equipment Lightning Rod wouldn't trigger off certain abilities.
  • Fixed an issue with the spell Stellar Horizon where if it is cast from the runedock, then it comes off CD, and then cast it again, it will heal for more than expected amounts.
  • Fixed an issue where the spell Psionic Storm would increases in AE by 1 for every 2 champions instead of for every champion.
  • Fixed an issue with the equipment Barbed Vine Leash where it would damage champions who Teleports but not champions who Leaps.
  • Fixed the equipment Avarice to have the proper description. Also resolve issues related to race change effects, and if the equipment was unequipped the DMG debuff was being kept. Now works properly with Goblins.
Bugs (Conditions)
  • Fixed an issue where the condition Burred was not reduced by the ability Tough
  • Fixed an issue with the condition Illuminated not affecting DEF granted by Calcify.
For this patch due to it's size we have opted to split it up into the respective Faction's Forums. This will also make it easier for all of you to comment about faction specific changes.

See you on the battlefield!

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