Off-Road Drive - Sneaksie(RUS)
French translation has been added to the game, bringing the total number of supported languages to 6.
Off-Road Drive - Sneaksie(RUS)
The game can now be played in Spanish and Italian in addition to English, Russian and German.
Off-Road Drive - Sneaksie(RUS)
Off-Road Drive racing sim can be played in Russian and German in addition to default English now.
Off-Road Drive - Valve
Off-Road Drive is now available on Steam! Purchase before October 7th at 10am Pacific Time and receive the 1C Racing Collection for Free!

Off-Road Drive is the first game ever to deliver a true-to-life, off-road, extreme racing experience. Take part in off-road events through the worst driving conditions featuring a variety of natural obstacles like swamps, rocks, snow and sand.


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