Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Hi everyone!

Spring is back and to celebrate it the Realms will be hosting Events during the coming weeks. Biff the Buffed Bunny is back and did not come alone: his offspring has been seen roaming in the Mountain areas, throwing eggs at the unsuspecting adventurers. The Tinkerer loves Easter and will be exchanging Magic and Golden Eggs for Rewards!

During the Events, you will also be able to access the Heroic Undead Lair by using Heroic Undead Lair Incantations on Undead Lair Portals, upgrading it to a more difficult and more rewarding version. The HUDL Incantations will be available in the Nexus for a limited time.

We also decided to introduce The Machine as a permanent addition. Steel Constructs in the Godlands will now have a chance to drop a portal and the key is now also available in the Nexus!

Happy Events!

Easter Events:
Start date: 04/18/2019

End Date: 05/09/2019
Event details:
  • Magic Egg Tokens now stack up to 25
  • Egg Baskets in Midlands and Highlands now drop a guaranteed Magic Egg x1
  • Mini Biff Enemies now spawn in the Godlands and have a chance to drop:
    • Magic Egg x1
    • Magic Egg x2
    • Mystery Stat Potions
  • Feed power on Biff’s vanity whites was lowered, but their drop rates were buffed
  • Pet Eggs drop from Biff was nerfed and removed from Easter Eggs
  • Easter Eggs (the one to activate Biff) now have a chance to drop Magic Egg x1
  • Biff himself drops a guaranteed Magic Egg x2 and has a chance to drop an additional Magic Egg x3
  • Oryx drops a guaranteed Magic Egg x2 and Oryx 2 drops a guaranteed Magic Egg x3
General guidelines:
  • Collect Magic Eggs from: Biff, Oryx & Oryx 2, Mini-Biff (in the Mountains), Easter Eggs and Egg Baskets
  • Turn in Magic Eggs for Golden Eggs at the Tinkerer
  • Turn in Golden Eggs for special Easter reskins at the Tinkerer
Event rewards:
  • Biff Drops:
    • Bunny Trickster Skin
    • Dagger of the Hasteful Rabbit
    • Helm of the Swift Bunny
    • Large Colored Egg Cloth
    • Magic Egg x2 (Guaranteed)
    • Magic Egg x3
    • Moon Bunny Pet Skin
    • Pet Eggs
    • Small Colored Egg Cloth
    • Vitamine Buster
    • Wand of Egg-cellence
Quest Rewards:
  • Easter Skin
  • Easter reskins, including a new reskin of Wakizashi Of Eastern Winds: the Sakura Wakizashi
  • New effect on Tiara of Eggscellent Sturdiness
  • Easter Mystery Gift Drops:
    • Backpack
    • Chocolate Accessory Dye
    • Chocolate Clothing Dye
    • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
    • Egg Monster Pet Skin
    • Epic Mystery Key
    • Large Green Weave Cloth
    • Large Spring Cloth
    • Legendary Mystery Key
    • Loot Drop Potion
    • Loot Tier Potion
    • Lucky Clover
    • Magic Egg x10
    • Magic Egg x5
    • Medium Spring Green Accessory Dye
    • Medium Spring Green Clothing Dye
    • Mystery ST Shard x1
    • Mystery ST Shard x3
    • Mystery Stat Pot
    • Potion of Max Level 1
    • Rare Mystery Key
    • Small Green Weave Cloth
    • Small Spring Cloth
    • The Machine Key

Heroic UDL:
Delve into the Heroic Undead Lair and face a new and challenging Septavius. In this improved version of the classic UDL players will need to learn how to rush through hordes of deadlier than before undead.

This dungeon features new enemies stats, reworked behaviour and a new boss fight with 3 new attacks. As every epic fight deserves epic loot, we have improved the loot table of Septavius.


Heroic Undead Lair:
  • Monsters have more HP, inflict more damage and reward significantly more XP
  • Some monsters’ have new attack patterns and behaviors
  • Heroic Septavius is stronger and has new attack patterns
  • Heroic Septavius now drops Greater Wisdom Potions
  • Heroic Septavius drops tops
  • Heroic Septavius is more likely to drop Doom Bow
  • Heroic Undead Lair has a player limit of 15 To access the Heroic Undead Lair, use a new item called Heroic Undead Lair Incantation, which can be purchased directly in the Nexus. Using this item next to an existing Undead Lair Portal will transform it into its Heroic version. ###Weekend Challenges
Also, we decide that from now on, the Chest Events we all know will be called Weekend Challenges from now on! Check out what our Weekend Challenges (thread coming soon) will be during this Easter Season. Note that this thread will be updated with each new Weekend Challenge, so don’t forget to stay updated!
  • Steel Constructs in the Godlands now have a chance to drop a portal to the Machine dungeon
  • The Machine’s boss The Glitch now has a rare chance to drop Toaster Pet Skin
  • The Machine Keys can now be purchased in the Nexus
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Hey everyone!

Winter finally comes to an end.

We're happy to announce the addition of partial ST bonuses, which will give you a bunch of new interesting build choices! Ninja and Samurai also received some well-deserved stat increases. On top of that we have a bunch of other changes and additions, you'll notice that Realms will finally pick from the full list of possible names, which has been around since 2011!

The End of Winter
  • The Permafrost Lord and his constructs no longer terrorize the realms
  • The Crystal Prisoner is no longer icy
  • Oryx's castle finally thawed
  • Tier 11 winter themed weapons no longer drop
  • Beige's Hanami Nexus is back in all its cherry blossom beauty!
  • Valentine's Hearts and Love Letter Tokens have been removed

  • Tinkerer quests can now be re-rolled for gold up to 2 times per day, does not include event quests. The first reroll costs 100g and the second reroll 250g. Rerolling will replace all quests with new quests (open and completed quests alike)
  • ST Sets now have partial bonuses which unlock as more pieces of the set are equipped. The new bonuses will apply with 2, 3 and 4 pieces equipped


  • Maximum VIT increase from 40 to 60
  • Base VIT increase from 10 to 12
  • Average VIT per level increase from 0.5 to 1
  • Maximum DEF increase from 25 to 30
  • Maximum SPD increase from 50 to 55
  • Maximum VIT increase from 40 to 60
  • Base VIT increase from 10 to 12
  • Average VIT per level increase from 0.5 to 1
  • Sunny Side Bow: Fame Bonus increase from 6% to 7%
  • Eternal Graved Great Sword: Fame Bonus increase from 4% to 7%
  • Spriteful Shield: Fame Bonus increase from 6% to 7%
  • Eggre Battle Armor: Fame Bonus increase from 5% to 7%
  • Tiara of Eggscellent Sturdiness: Fame Bonus increase from 5% to 7%
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in certain shot patterns getting out of sync (stacked) when temporarily out of range of the enemy or if it was stunned
  • Fixed the Charge behavior of enemies not executing correctly (and adjusted all existing Charge behaviors to function like before, there should be little to no difference for existing enemies)
  • Fixed Realms not using the full range of randomized names when instantiated
  • Fixed redundant speedy condition effect icon on Ninja
  • Reduced waiting times (slow transitions) at Janus the Doorwarden and removed chest
  • The Ivory Wyvern's chest has stasis immunity
  • Marble Colossus can no longer be dragged out of his room
  • Players must now pick a name during account registration to simplify the flow
  • Improved account email verification process
  • Shop packages and boxes now show limit per user quantity when applicable and are no longer visible when none are left
  • The Shield of Ogmur has new projectiles and particle colors
  • Improved event scheduling for tinkerer quests
  • Improved the campaign feature to allow us to run different types of campaigns and events in the future
  • Fixed pesky floating white pixel on the website
  • Disabled "Beginner's Package offer" which will be replaced in the future

Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Happy Lunar New Year!

Winter is slowly coming to an end
  • Reindeer buffs have been deactivated
  • Ent Ancients finally got the memo that Oryxmas is over and no longer spawn Beer Gods
  • Cube Gods have thawed
  • Winter Tokens have been removed (Ice Shards, Primal Ice, Advent Tokens, Ornaments, Bells)
  • Nexus Crystals and campaign related items have been removed
  • Activated Lunar New Year Nexus
Quality of Life
  • Dungeon Opener Kicking Rights in Cloth Bazaars
    • Using keys grants the opener kicking rights inside the dungeon
    • Only works for dungeons opened in the cloth bazaars, which also excludes chained dungeons
    • /kick <player name> (player name is not case sensitive)
  • Swapping equipment now also works via inventory hotkeys
  • The Lair of Draconis always starts with Feargus the Obsidian Dragon ("black") automatically
  • Wine Cellar Incantations now drop in cyan bags
  • All dyes and cloths now drop in purple bags
  • Greater Nature Sprite always becomes vulnerable instead of disappearing
  • Fixed Silex's Hammer and Oryx's Greatsword shoot sounds
  • Centered Symbiotic Ripper sprite
  • Fixed Kingdom Knight skin pixel offset
  • Increased exp gain for Realm encounters

Updated game page layout for the web!

New Skins and Fixes
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Hello, Realmers!

Oryxmas is coming to an end, but we hope you all have enjoyed the festivities!

Patch Notes X.31.2.3:

End of Events
Oryxmas might be over, but winter continues!

  • Tokens no longer drop except from Santa's Workshop

  • The Permafrost Lord remains in the Realms, but no longer drops Oryxmas consumables or Oryxmas T6 abilities

  • Oryx's Castle remains frozen and so does the bonus chest, which will continue dropping Oryxmas consumables

  • Ent Ancients, the Rock Dragon, Frozen Ship and the Pentaract are back to normal, although the Cube God remains icy

  • The Crystal Prisoner continues to drop frosty versions of UTs

  • Oryxmas Gifts no longer spawn in lower level dungeons (Godlands)

  • Winter T11 weapons continue to have a chance to drop at standard T11 weapon drop locations

  • Oryxmas T6 abilities no longer have a chance to drop at standard T6 ability drop locations

  • Fixed an issue which resulted in much higher T6 ability and T5 ring drop rates from O2 than intended

  • Fixed scroll wheel not functioning on the options menu in case of a scroll bar

  • Fixed correct Realm name occasionally not showing in the goals UI

New Skins
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Merry Oryxmas, Realmers!

The winter holidays and celebrations are just around the corner and we too, in the Realm of the Mad God, will be celebrating!

Patch Notes X.32.0.0:

Reminder that the Unity Campaign will end on December, 31st!


The Realm of the Mad God will celebrate Oryxmas until January, 8th 2019!

  • The Permafrost Lord is back and now has a chance to drop a portal to the Ice Tomb
  • Oryx’s Castle is covered in snow and scouts are reporting that a chest has been trapped in ice near the castle’s bridge
  • Ice Shards, Primal Ice, Ornaments and Bells are back and can be obtained from various places in-game and exchanged for rewards in the Daily Quest Room
  • Many Events in Realm, the Oryx Castle, the Nexus and other places in the game celebrate Oryxmas
  • Oryxmas Gifts have a chance to spawn in many of the lower level dungeons (Godlands), explore them thoroughly for some additional loot!
  • Santa’s Workshop is back
  • Winter T11 weapons have a chance to drop at standard T11 weapon drop locations
  • Winter T6 abilities have a chance to drop at standard T6 ability drop locations
Oryxmas Tokens and Quests

Ice Shards Quests:

  • Ice Shards drop from many places in the Realm!
  • 3 quests requiring increasing quantities reward you with a total of 5 Primal Ice and 2 Ornament per day (x5, x15, x30).

Primal Ice:

  • Drops from Dungeon bosses, Realm events, Chest Events and Ice Shard Quests.
  • Ice Weapon Quest: requires Primal Ice x 20 for a Weapon of Choice.
  • Oryxmas Ability Quest: requires Primal Ice x 20 for a random Oryxmas T6 Ability Reskin
  • Ice UT Quest: requires Primal Ice x 80 for a UT Reskin of Choice


  • Drops from Quests, Chest Events, Mystery Boxes and other places in-game.
  • Oryxmas Skin Quest: requires Ornament x 25 for a Skin of Choice (Scrooge Priest, Santa Wizard, Helping Huntress)
  • Oryxmas Pet Skin Quest: requires Ornament x 25 for a Oryxmas Mystery Pet Skin

  • Oryxmas Nexus by Lovens: a wonderful place to celebrate Oryxmas, filled with secrets and things to explore!
  • New goal UI in realms to help with general goal setting.
    • Guiding newer players on what to achieve in the realms
    • Indications on the number of Heroes of Oryx left to defeat before Oryx closes the realm
    • UI can be folded (by clicking on the arrow or using a hotkey, adjustable in options, default C)
    New quests and monsters in the realm
    • Minotaur is now a level 9 quest and slightly more common
    • Urgle is now a level 11 quest
    • Hunter Centaur is a new High Forest level 13 quest
    • Dark Elf Queen is a new High Forest level 15 quest
    Fixes and Quality of Life
    • Updated Quest Chest loot table
    • Shatters chests are now stasis immune
    • Larvae from the Murderous Megamoth will spawn more spread out
    • Fixed Guill forgetting about Samurai when asked to pick a random class
    • Orange Drakes now apply temporary stasis immunity to a zapped enemy like Orbs do
    • Added set pieces to Wandering Turkey and Realm Event Chest to avoid spawns in closed-off areas
    • Optimized enemy spawning in the realm
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Hello everyone!

A few months ago, in one of our previous Producer’s Letters, we announced that one of our top priorities on the roadmap was to make Realm of the Mad God future-proof. With the sunset of Flash, this essentially translated into investigating alternatives for the game past 2020.

We then went on to unveil that our choice had been set and that the new client would be rewritten, from scratch, in Unity: a powerful game engine that has proven its amazing capabilities over the years. In our very last Producer’s Letter, we expanded on the topic and shared with you some details about the progress that was made since the Unity project started.

Today, we are happy to announce that we have staffed two additional developers and they are fully set up and working hard on the Unity project. In addition to being able to talk about what we have been up to, we will actually also be able to show you some footage of where we are at with the Client right now in the Realm Remastered Unity Port - Phase I trailer.

As announced, we have also released an in-game Realm Remaster Support Campaign through which you support the Unity project and get your name engraved on the wall of fame in game forever. Once you unlock the campaign, you can collect exclusive Supporter Rewards by spending gold or by farming Nexus Fragments and Crystals in the Realm!

Before going into the details of the Realm Remaster Support Campaign and how you can help shape the future of the game, we wanted to give you a full recap of the project and what it means for Realm, for you and for us as a company.

A Realm Remastered - The Unity Project
The choice of Unity

We have said it many times over the past: we are in it for the long run and Realm of the Mad God is the cornerstone that kickstarted our company as well as the team. We have and always will view it as our core.

We knew that taking over a Flash game would bear the risk that the technology, on top of becoming more and more obsolete in the gaming industry, would eventually lose support from its creators and other key third party companies. For us back then, the question was never if that was going to happen but rather when it will happen.

Other than the necessity to change client technology to one that is heavily supported in the industry, performance is a key incentive to the port to Unity. The new client will significantly improve performance and longevity of the game.

Porting the Game - Definitely a remaster

We are essentially rewriting the entire client from scratch in Unity and C# - thus calling it a remaster. Nothing from the Flash implementation will remain and the only things that are carried over will be sprite sheets and XML.

As you can imagine, this is a big project - even if we do enjoy the jokes about the fact that we should be able to do it in our basement, with two people and a microwave. We want the game to feel and play identically which means that we are already working within the boundaries of what the current game is. Of course, we also want to add a lot of improvements made possible by Unity such as visual effects, camera management, performance, UIs and of course playing on full screen.

See it a bit as if you would renovate your house and move back in after it has been refurbished: everything feels familiar and you know your way around but it feels fresh and beautiful… and the leaking roof has finally been fixed. This is pretty much the result we are aiming for with the port.

Getting rid of legacy issues and starting off this new adventure with a clean code is our top priority with this project. We are regularly re-evaluating solutions and refactoring our work, building on solid foundations and as little tech debt as possible.

Team and Resources

We are not planning to stop development on the current game while porting the game to Unity and we actually expect to even have a time of running them in parallel. This was outlined in our past communications and still holds true.

This means that we went ahead and hired additional developers in the past months to form an extra team for the port project. We now have 2 full time Unity developers working on the client and also hired an additional backend developer in order to increase our capacity and prepare the game for what we hope will be a massive relaunch success for the game we love. And since a kid can dream, maybe we will go on to conquer the console space once we are live with Unity.

Remaster Support Campaign

This one was a long time in the making and we went back and forth on it quite a bit. There were just so many options. Should it be a donation only system? Should it incorporate game play? Should it reward the everyday gold spend?

At first we wanted to keep it donation based as that would allow us to allocate the proceeds directly to the remaster project. At the same time we felt that at its core, the campaign is about supporting the game - yes that means finances to a certain degree but it also means engagement, possibly the most important component to us.


People were asking us, why do this at all? We honestly asked ourselves that question and came up with the following answers that we wanted to share with you:

  • It’s a historic moment from the point of view of where the game came from and what it can become

  • Looking for validation that players agree that this is the right step for the product

  • Support the expanse of the team. These things always have to make business sense

  • Give people the chance to etch themselves into the game so that they can share in the credit of making it all possible

In the Shop, you are now able to access a new tab called “Campaign”.

The Campaign works as follows:

  • Donate Gold to join the Campaign and unlock the feature (points only start counting after unlocking the campaign)

  • Any Gold spent after unlocking the campaign in the mystery/package shop or purchases in the nexus will count towards collecting points throughout the Campaign in order to unlock “Supporter Ranks”.

  • As an alternative route, you can collect and use Support Items that you will be able to find in specific locations around the Realm

  • If you wish to go through the campaign faster or feel the desire to do something akin to donating gold to the cause, then you can use the boost option to unlock tiers directly for gold - any gold used for boosts will give you 2x the amount of points

  • Receive rewards associated with each of the Rank upon completion

  • Note that for technical reasons, NOT counted are: vault unlocks, charslot unlocks, class unlocks, skin unlocks, potions from inventories, pet yard features

Now we know that donating gold to unlock the campaign in the first place will get some people’s spider senses tingling, so we would like to explain it right away, since we also went back and forth on that one.

In essence we wanted to make sure that not every newly opened and botting account can get onto the wall of fame. That would discredit our loyal supporters in our eyes. Thus we decided for a very low amount of gold to be paid after which you can go through the tiers by game play or spending depending on your preference. Of course the gameplay part will be quite the challenge, we want to be fully transparent there. Otherwise the rewards would be worth nothing.

The other thing we want to further explain is the limited character glows. We want this one to be very exclusive and reserved for people who are as convinced about the project as we are, so it will be next to impossible to achieve this rank with only collecting shards and crystals. In order to gain access to the exclusive purple character glow, you will have to reach a total of 100.000 pts within the duration of the Campaign.


We want to sincerely thank all of you that have stuck with us and given us such great support over the past 2+ years. We consider ourselves lucky to have such a supportive Community and are looking forward to shaping the future with you.


R4 & The Deca Team

Rewards detail (cumulative):
Rank 1 <Basic Supporter> - 500 pts (Unlocking Campaign)
  • Your name on the Wall of Fame at the end of the campaign and in the Unity client’s credits section
  • Automatically unlocked when joining the campaign
Rank 2 <Greater Supporter> - 6.000 pts
  • Beta access to the Unity Client
  • Unity Supporter Vanity Item (Energy Signet)
  • Mystery ST Chest(s) x 1
Rank 3 <Superior Supporter> - 13.500 pts
  • Unity Supporter Pet Skin
  • Mystery ST Chest(s) x 2
Rank 4 <Paramount Supporter> - 24.000 pts
  • Exclusive Supporter Skins
  • Mystery ST Chest(s) x 5
Rank 5 <Exalted Supporter> - 39.000 pts
  • Exclusive Purple Chat color
  • Exclusive Deca Djinja Ninja skin
  • Mystery ST Chest(s) x 10
Rank 6 <Unbound Supporter> 60.000 pts
  • Exclusive Supporter Gravestones
  • Mystery ST Chest(s) x 20
EXTRA: Players achieving 100.000 pts
  • Limited exclusive purple character glow

Additional details:
  • Supporter Gravestones and Chat color are applied immediately after unlocking the corresponding Ranks (refresh the client if not).
  • The Exclusive Supporter Glow will not activate when reaching 100.000pts and will be activated in the coming days.
  • There is no toggle option for chat color and gravestones, activating them is permanently affecting the account (for now).

Update X.31.1.0:

Halloween 2018 Events End

Halloween events come to an end with this update.

● The Nexus and Guild Halls are back to normal.
● Zombie Hordes, Totalia the Malevolent and the Pumpkin Shrines have been banished from the Realms.
● Oryx the Mad God II is back to his normal battle attire.
● All quests (except Candy Quest I) will remain available for another 2 weeks.
● Halloween Tokens will remain in the game for another 2 weeks before being removed.

New - Realm Events!

With this update we will start to gradually introduce events to the Realms!

Following your feedback in the past weeks, we decided to double-down the development efforts to extend our capability to run events and incorporate the Realms more.

Starting this week-end, we will run our first ever Realm event prototype. The plan moving forward is to continue building exciting events with this new system and add more to the variety of events in the game.

New - Supporter Campaign

Our Supporter Campaign is about to launch!

● A new tab called "Campaign" will be available in the Shop when the campaign starts.
● Lesser and Greater Nexus Fragments as well as Nexus Crystals can be obtained to gather Supporter Points.
● Purchases in the Shop and “Boost” will grant Supporter Points for Gold.
● Unlock all Ranks to receive exclusive Rewards!

Fixes and Quality of Life

● Added an indication on how many stats are gained with every level up.
● Vial of Pure Darkness can now only be used in the Lost Halls.
● Wine Cellar Incantation can now only be used in the Oryx's Chambers.
● Suspicious Milk Bottle can no longer be used in dungeons.

New Cosmetics

New Skins!
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Hello everyone!

The Halloween update is here! On the list today, quite a few changes and additions to the game. Without further ado, here’s the patch note:

Halloween 2018 Events (CLICK HERE!)
Halloween events are finally here! Events will run from today until November 15th.
  • The Halloween Nexus, Zombie Horde and Pumpkin Shrine are back!
  • Additionally, something seems to have happened to all Guild Halls...
  • But there is something else, a new magical presence is looming in the Realm.

Totalia the Malevolent

Totalia is a powerful witch who appears to be interested in the bone tokens from the piles of bones scattered throughout the realm. You need to fight her apparitions and ensure she doesn't accumulate any of them!

During the Event, gather Tokens and bring them to the Tinkerer for some exclusive rewards!


Halloween Candy Quests:

Exchange 4 Marks for Halloween Candy x 1 (Puppet Master, Archdemon Malphas, Dr. Terrible and Septavius) (repeatable)!

Halloween Candies can then be exchanged against the following rewards:
  • x25 can be exchanged for one Candy of Extreme Vitality, Wisdom or Speed (repeatable)
  • x50 can be exchanged for one Candy of Extreme Dexterity, Attack or Defense (repeatable)
  • x100 can be exchanged for one Candy of Extreme Mana or Life (repeatable)

Halloween UT Reskin Quest:

Exchange Pumpkin Token x 50 and Bone Token x 25 for the following rewards:
  • Helm of the Jack-O’-Naut (reskinned Helm of the Juggernaut)
  • Trap of the Blood Spirit (reskinned Trap of the Vile Spirit)
  • Orb of Terror (reskinned Orb of Conflict)
This quest is limited to one per day.


Halloween Skins and Mystery Skin Unlocker Quest:

Exchange Bone Token x 50 for an item of choice:
  • Headless Rider Paladin Skin
  • Haunted Robe Wizard Skin
  • Halloween Mystery Skin Unlocker
  • Halloween Mystery Pet Skin Unlocker
This quest is limited to one per day.

Oryx 2 Additions
We have a treat for you, Oryx has some new tricks up his sleeves!
  • Increased base HP from 65k to 100k, increased HP scaling from 20% to 30%
  • 4 new phases of which 2 are picked at random each fight
  • He can not be stunned in the new phases but his initial and last phase remain mostly the same
  • Fixed an issue which made him start out with 6 Henchmen instead of 3
  • Henchmen in his first phase only respawn up to 12 times
  • Minions now have 20% HP scaling and reduced base HP
  • Slightly increased top tier and potion drops, specifically T6 abilities
  • Replaced the Oryx Awesome set drops with the new ST set Oryx's Battle Attires
  • He announces who dealt the most damage at the end of the fight
New Knight ST Oryx’s Battle Attires
With the new Oryx 2 fight we wanted to introduce a new ST for Knights which isn’t only a reskin of tops.

Oryx’s Greatsword:
  • Damages: 185 - 245
  • Range: 2.8
  • Armor Pierce
  • Rate of Fire: 110%
  • Fame bonus: +4%
Champion’s Bastion
  • Shots: 5
  • Damages: 385-455
  • Range: 2.8
  • Multihit
  • Pass through obstacles

  • Stun for 1.5 sec

  • On Activate: +15 Def for 2.5 seconds

  • Cost: 75 MP

  • Fame bonus: 4%
Mercy’s Bane
  • +10 Defense
  • +7 Attack
  • +7 Dexterity
  • Fame bonus: 4%
Bloodstone Ring
  • +120 Max HP
  • +4 Defense
  • Fame Bonus: 4%
Oryx’s Battle Attires full set bonuses:
  • +75 max HP
  • +5 Dexterity
  • +15 Defense
  • +5 Attack
Halloween Chest Events
We will have Chest Events active every weekend during the Halloween event. Beside the dungeons mentioned below, the new Oryx 2 bossfight will play an important part in all of them. His chest will be filled to the brim with lots of interesting loot among which you will find keys to the event dungeons as well as keys to the Dungeons you need to farm for the Halloween Quests.

But beware! Shaitan has a new trick up his sleeve and may have trapped some chests - approach with extreme caution!

Chest Event times
  • Oct 26th - Oct 31st: Ice Cave, Haunted Cemetery, Parasite Chambers
  • Nov 2nd - Nov 7th: Puppet Master's Encore, Lair of Shaitan
  • Nov 9th - Nov 14th: Reef, Deadwater Docks
Fame Mboxes
During the Halloween event we will have a Mystery Box active that you can buy for fame. In the box you will find Bone and Pumpkin tokens for your Halloween Quests. You can spin the Box five times every day for 500 fame each.

The box is intended as a secondary route to your Halloween Skins, Pet Skins and Halloween UTs - make your fame count!
  • Reduced Orb of Conflict cooldown from 5 seconds to 0.5
  • Enchanted Ice Shard (Sphinx) feed power: 700 -> 900
  • Headless Rider Skin feed power. 2000 -> 1000
  • Haunted Robe Skin feed power. 2000 -> 1000
Fixes and Quality of Life
  • Pet wardrobe skins now display information about how commonly they can be acquired through hatching or fusion
  • Fixed issues with quest portrait hover and player bubble right click
  • Fixed contextual inventory hotkeys not working for the backpack tab
  • Fixed certain Rock Dragon Oryx taunts
  • Fixed pets and pet skins in the pet wardrobe and pet selection being rendered too small
  • Fixed currently selected pet overlapping "Click to choose pet" text
New Skins!
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

New Dungeon: Secluded Thicket

The Secluded Thicket is now available as the fourth permanent addition to the Court of Oryx! Thanks to Toastrz and everyone else who was involved!

It comes with three bosses and four new UTs: a staff, a robe, a skull, and a spell.

As Oryx saw his minions fail to defeat the heroes time and time again, he devised a plan with less reliance on brute force. Thanks to some connections with Mixcoatl, he was able to commission the aid of a remote tribe dwelling deep in the realm's densest jungle. Rather than outright pitting the heroes against another one of his underlings, Oryx instead opted to throw the heroes into these woods without hope of escape, waiting to be killed by any number of wild threats.

This accursed jungle is home to some of the realm's most vicious animals, fiercest natives, and deities of incomprehensible strength waiting for an opportunity to wield their arcane powers. The denizens exert wicked black magic, and their leader commands the almighty power of lightning itself in ways which have never been witnessed before. Brandish your mightiest weapons, for Oryx's latest bounty hunting court member, means business.

Difficulty: Hard
Location: Court of Oryx

  • Balaam's Red form damage: 450 -> 350
  • Pure Evil in The Void for outside areas deal higher damage
Tablet of the King's Avatar
  • No longer pierces
  • Damage: 85-125 -> 260-280
  • Shots: 20 -> 15
  • Range: 11.4 -> 2 (Boomerang)
  • Feed Power: 450 -> 1100
Fixes and Quality of Life
  • Small performance improvements regarding invisible objects in client updates
  • Fixed an issue with shooting whilst hovering black tiles or the quest portrait
  • Fixed Ninja missing from the class list for new accounts
  • Adjusted Quest portrait animations and removed hover tooltip
Lost Halls
  • Fixed an issue where Malus 2 could spawn twice
  • Fixed an issue with one of Void Entities' center attacks ending earlier than intended
  • Fixed an issue where Arrow Trap would go in the wrong direction in a specific room
  • Fixed an issue with HP scaling for cultists
HP Scaling
We've had this in the works for a while and now that thresholds are taken care of we can finally go through with it!

All bosses in the game now have HP scaling and adjusted base HP. For the full list, click here!

Some smaller related adjustments have also been made:
  • Malphas and Stheno have slightly less invulnerability but slightly increased base HP
  • Dr Terrible and the Horrific Creation can no longer be paralyzed
  • The Horrific Creation stays invulnerable longer to give transformed players extra time
New Skins!

Older skins that were fixed/edited!
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Hey everyone,

Month of the Mad God 2018 is here and with it comes a new class: the Samurai! We’re very excited about this month and this release as it marks the second anniversary of Deca’s take-over.

We are happy to celebrate this together with all of the Community by releasing the 2nd DECAnniversary Pack on the 08/01 in the Shop, under the Package tab. The pack contains: Legendary Mystery Skin x 1, Legendary Mystery Pet Stone x 1 and Mystery Stat Pot x 100!

Thank you for your continuous support and enthusiasm! Happy Month of the Mad God!

Realm of the Mad God の日本人のファンの皆さんへ、

Month of the Mad God 2018へようこそ!8年間もRealm of the Mad Godをプレイして頂き、誠にありがとうございます!この特別の一ヶ月を機会に、新しい「侍」クラスのリリースを発表させて頂きます。私どもがこのリリースを心底から楽しみにしている理由は、Realm of the Mad Godを運営し初めてから、弊社の2年記念日になるからでございます。今後ともどうぞ宜しくお願い申し上げます。

Patch Notes:
New! Samurai Class
After almost 6 years, it's finally time!

The Samurai class is now playable as the 15th class in Realm of the Mad God!

He wields a katana and can wear heavy armor. He uses his wakizashi sidearm to deal damage from a medium range and to inflict Exposed, a new condition effect which lowers defense by 20.

The ability also comes with a new property; unlike most other targeted abilities it does not target a tile, but can only be cast up to a certain distance away from the character.

Class Unlock Requirements
  • Lv. 20 Knight
  • Lv. 20 Ninja
Untiered Items
  • Wakizashi of Eastern Winds - drops from the Murderous Megamoth in the Woodland Labyrinth
  • Wakizashi of Crossing Fires - drops from Shaitan the Advisor in Shaitan's Lair
New! Skin drops:
  • Jellyhead Trickster Skin now permanently drops from Royal Cnidarian in the Cnidarian Reef
  • Headless Rider Skin now permanently drops from Headless Horseman in the Realm
  • Vampire Lord Skin now permanently drops from Lord Ruthven in Manor of the Immortals
  • Woodland Huntress Skin now permanently drops from Murderous Megamoth in Woodland Labyrinth
Month of the Mad God Events:
MOTMG and its Events madness are here! Take a look at the MOTMG 2018 Event Calendar

for more information about the schedule.
Tokens and Bags [Event]
  • Moss Token: common drop from MotMG events, Moss Token x 10 can be used to create a Moss Bag.
  • Moss Bag: a bag covered in moss that contains rewards!
  • Stone Token: uncommon drop from MotMG events, Stone Token x 10 can be exchanged at the Tinkerer for a Stone Skin.
  • Mad God Token: rare drop from MotMG events, Mad God Token x 10 can be exchanged at the Tinkerer for a Kingdom Skin
Mad God Mayhem [Event Dungeon]
The Oryx Horde is back in the Realm as the main MotMG encounter. Team up with other players to interrupt Craig’s rituals and open the way to ORYX MAYHEM: a brand new event dungeon only accessible during Month of the Mad God.

Mad God Mayhem is a challenge-dungeon featuring DECA-era Bosses. Survive through three mortal encounters and fight your way to the DECARACT in an epic final battle.

The Mad God Mayhem drops all of the new UTs (see desc. below) as well as some new and old vanity collectibles:

  • Silex’s Hammer (new)
  • Krathana (new)
  • Random Spell Extraction Device (new)
  • Precisely Calibrated Stringstick
  • Barely Attuned Magic Thingy
  • Lethargic Sentience
  • Unstable Anomaly
  • Toy Knife
Leprechaun rare spawn in Godlands Dungeons [Event]
Craig’s lousy incantations are messing with the Leprechaun’s teleportation magic! Throughout the month, you will have a chance to run into him in the following dungeons:
  • Undead Lair
  • Abyss of Demons
  • Mad Lab
  • Sprite World
  • Puppet Master’s Theatre
  • Magic Woods
  • Toxic Sewers

Leprechaun’s Loot Table:
  • Mini Stone Oryx Pet Skin
  • Paddy’s Flying Hat Pet Skin
  • Rainbow Clover Pet Skin
  • Clover Bow (UT)
  • Sword of the Rainbow’s End (UT)
  • Staff of the Rising Sun (UT)
  • Thousand Suns Spell (UT)
  • Robe of the Summer Solstice (UT)
  • Ring of the Burning Sun (UT)
  • Lucky Clover (Consumable - x1.5 loot drop and loot tier boost for 20 minutes)
  • XP Booster
  • Mad God Token x 1
  • Stone Token x 1
  • Moss Token x 1
Event Quests [Event]
The Tinkerer will offer players a selection of “Event” quests during Month of the Mad God.

  • Kingdom Quests: exchange a stack of [Mad God Token x 10] for a Kingdom Skin of your choice (repeatable quest).

  • Stone Quests: exchange a stack of [Stone Token x 10] for a Stone Skin of your choice (repeatable quest).

  • Solstice Quest (W): exchange a complete Solstice Set (Staff, Spell, Robe, Ring) for a T13 weapon of your choice (can only be completed once per account).

  • Solstice Quest (A): exchange a complete Solstice Set (Staff, Spell, Robe, Ring) for a T14 armor of your choice (can only be completed once per account).

  • Mayhem Key Quests: exchange [Stone Token x 10] for [Mad God Mayhem Key x 1] or [Mad God Token x 10] for [Mad God Mayhem Key x 3]

During Month of the Mad God, Epic Quests will also reward [Lucky Clover x 1].

MotMG Reskins [Event]
  • Bow of the Morning Star now drops instead of Doom Bow in the Undead Lair at a higher drop rate
  • Sword of Illumination now drops instead of Demon Blade in Abyss of Demons at a higher drop rate
New UTs:
Shield of Flowing Clarity:
  • +17 DEF
  • Shoots 5 projectiles 150-330 damages
  • Slow for 4 seconds
  • Cost 80 MP
  • Cooldown 0.5 second
  • 6% Fame Bonus
  • 900 Feedpower
Drop location: Mad God Mayhem - Decaract


Jade Storm
  • 5 Bullets 475-900 damages
  • Pierce
  • Pass cover
  • Cost 175 MP
  • Cooldown 0.5 second
  • 6% Fame Bonus
  • 900 Feedpower
Drop location: Mad God Mayhem - Decaract


Cloak of the Mad God
  • Invisibility for 3.5 seconds
  • Armored for 5 seconds
  • Cost 125 MP
  • Cooldown 6.5 second
  • 6% Fame Bonus
  • 900 Feedpower
Drop location: Mad God Mayhem - Decaract

  • Spirit of Oryx now transitions between phases based on HP left (was previously time-based)
  • Added HP Scaling to Oryx Horde bosses and monsters
  • Reduced Oryx Horde overall HP by ~25%
  • Reduced Oryx Horde Earthsmash damage significantly
  • Increased the drop rate of the Skull of Endless Torment from Shaitan's Lair
Quality of Life & Fixes:
  • Added a /addfriend <username> command
  • Fixed an issue with pet wardrobe where non-flying pets would fly if changed from a flying pet
  • Increased total Vault space from 100 to 120 chests
Jul 5, 2018
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs
Just a few changes following up our latest release:

Cnidarian Reef
  • Most Royal Cnidarian attacks now pass through players
  • Gold Cnidarians now have 4000 base HP (down from 8000), fixed HP scaling and are briefly invulnerable after spawn
  • Reduced the total amount of jellies and experience gained
  • Small jellies now spread out their attacks to reduce stacking and fps drops
Pet Wardobe
  • Modified feeding progress bars to make progress more clear
  • Fixed maximum skin count not being consistent
  • Magic Woods and Cnidarian Reef tracking is now displayed in the Statistics Panel under the Dungeon Completion tab
  • Summer Rare, Epic and Legendary Skin Quests at the Tinkerer now give you the option to choose between a Mystery Skin or Pet Skin unlocker instead of each having a separate quest
  • Full stacks of Mystery ST Shard (x15) can now be consumed directly to turn them into the Mystery ST Chest, the associated Tinkerer's quest will be deactivated
  • The Beginner's offer is no longer limited to 7 days after account creation and players who did not benefit from it in the past can now access the offer again via the "Special offer" UI button


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