Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

New Dungeon: Secluded Thicket

The Secluded Thicket is now available as the fourth permanent addition to the Court of Oryx! Thanks to Toastrz and everyone else who was involved!

It comes with three bosses and four new UTs: a staff, a robe, a skull, and a spell.

As Oryx saw his minions fail to defeat the heroes time and time again, he devised a plan with less reliance on brute force. Thanks to some connections with Mixcoatl, he was able to commission the aid of a remote tribe dwelling deep in the realm's densest jungle. Rather than outright pitting the heroes against another one of his underlings, Oryx instead opted to throw the heroes into these woods without hope of escape, waiting to be killed by any number of wild threats.

This accursed jungle is home to some of the realm's most vicious animals, fiercest natives, and deities of incomprehensible strength waiting for an opportunity to wield their arcane powers. The denizens exert wicked black magic, and their leader commands the almighty power of lightning itself in ways which have never been witnessed before. Brandish your mightiest weapons, for Oryx's latest bounty hunting court member, means business.

Difficulty: Hard
Location: Court of Oryx

  • Balaam's Red form damage: 450 -> 350
  • Pure Evil in The Void for outside areas deal higher damage
Tablet of the King's Avatar
  • No longer pierces
  • Damage: 85-125 -> 260-280
  • Shots: 20 -> 15
  • Range: 11.4 -> 2 (Boomerang)
  • Feed Power: 450 -> 1100
Fixes and Quality of Life
  • Small performance improvements regarding invisible objects in client updates
  • Fixed an issue with shooting whilst hovering black tiles or the quest portrait
  • Fixed Ninja missing from the class list for new accounts
  • Adjusted Quest portrait animations and removed hover tooltip
Lost Halls
  • Fixed an issue where Malus 2 could spawn twice
  • Fixed an issue with one of Void Entities' center attacks ending earlier than intended
  • Fixed an issue where Arrow Trap would go in the wrong direction in a specific room
  • Fixed an issue with HP scaling for cultists
HP Scaling
We've had this in the works for a while and now that thresholds are taken care of we can finally go through with it!

All bosses in the game now have HP scaling and adjusted base HP. For the full list, click here!

Some smaller related adjustments have also been made:
  • Malphas and Stheno have slightly less invulnerability but slightly increased base HP
  • Dr Terrible and the Horrific Creation can no longer be paralyzed
  • The Horrific Creation stays invulnerable longer to give transformed players extra time
New Skins!

Older skins that were fixed/edited!
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Hey everyone,

Month of the Mad God 2018 is here and with it comes a new class: the Samurai! We’re very excited about this month and this release as it marks the second anniversary of Deca’s take-over.

We are happy to celebrate this together with all of the Community by releasing the 2nd DECAnniversary Pack on the 08/01 in the Shop, under the Package tab. The pack contains: Legendary Mystery Skin x 1, Legendary Mystery Pet Stone x 1 and Mystery Stat Pot x 100!

Thank you for your continuous support and enthusiasm! Happy Month of the Mad God!

Realm of the Mad God の日本人のファンの皆さんへ、

Month of the Mad God 2018へようこそ!8年間もRealm of the Mad Godをプレイして頂き、誠にありがとうございます!この特別の一ヶ月を機会に、新しい「侍」クラスのリリースを発表させて頂きます。私どもがこのリリースを心底から楽しみにしている理由は、Realm of the Mad Godを運営し初めてから、弊社の2年記念日になるからでございます。今後ともどうぞ宜しくお願い申し上げます。

Patch Notes:
New! Samurai Class
After almost 6 years, it's finally time!

The Samurai class is now playable as the 15th class in Realm of the Mad God!

He wields a katana and can wear heavy armor. He uses his wakizashi sidearm to deal damage from a medium range and to inflict Exposed, a new condition effect which lowers defense by 20.

The ability also comes with a new property; unlike most other targeted abilities it does not target a tile, but can only be cast up to a certain distance away from the character.

Class Unlock Requirements
  • Lv. 20 Knight
  • Lv. 20 Ninja
Untiered Items
  • Wakizashi of Eastern Winds - drops from the Murderous Megamoth in the Woodland Labyrinth
  • Wakizashi of Crossing Fires - drops from Shaitan the Advisor in Shaitan's Lair
New! Skin drops:
  • Jellyhead Trickster Skin now permanently drops from Royal Cnidarian in the Cnidarian Reef
  • Headless Rider Skin now permanently drops from Headless Horseman in the Realm
  • Vampire Lord Skin now permanently drops from Lord Ruthven in Manor of the Immortals
  • Woodland Huntress Skin now permanently drops from Murderous Megamoth in Woodland Labyrinth
Month of the Mad God Events:
MOTMG and its Events madness are here! Take a look at the MOTMG 2018 Event Calendar

for more information about the schedule.
Tokens and Bags [Event]
  • Moss Token: common drop from MotMG events, Moss Token x 10 can be used to create a Moss Bag.
  • Moss Bag: a bag covered in moss that contains rewards!
  • Stone Token: uncommon drop from MotMG events, Stone Token x 10 can be exchanged at the Tinkerer for a Stone Skin.
  • Mad God Token: rare drop from MotMG events, Mad God Token x 10 can be exchanged at the Tinkerer for a Kingdom Skin
Mad God Mayhem [Event Dungeon]
The Oryx Horde is back in the Realm as the main MotMG encounter. Team up with other players to interrupt Craig’s rituals and open the way to ORYX MAYHEM: a brand new event dungeon only accessible during Month of the Mad God.

Mad God Mayhem is a challenge-dungeon featuring DECA-era Bosses. Survive through three mortal encounters and fight your way to the DECARACT in an epic final battle.

The Mad God Mayhem drops all of the new UTs (see desc. below) as well as some new and old vanity collectibles:

  • Silex’s Hammer (new)
  • Krathana (new)
  • Random Spell Extraction Device (new)
  • Precisely Calibrated Stringstick
  • Barely Attuned Magic Thingy
  • Lethargic Sentience
  • Unstable Anomaly
  • Toy Knife
Leprechaun rare spawn in Godlands Dungeons [Event]
Craig’s lousy incantations are messing with the Leprechaun’s teleportation magic! Throughout the month, you will have a chance to run into him in the following dungeons:
  • Undead Lair
  • Abyss of Demons
  • Mad Lab
  • Sprite World
  • Puppet Master’s Theatre
  • Magic Woods
  • Toxic Sewers

Leprechaun’s Loot Table:
  • Mini Stone Oryx Pet Skin
  • Paddy’s Flying Hat Pet Skin
  • Rainbow Clover Pet Skin
  • Clover Bow (UT)
  • Sword of the Rainbow’s End (UT)
  • Staff of the Rising Sun (UT)
  • Thousand Suns Spell (UT)
  • Robe of the Summer Solstice (UT)
  • Ring of the Burning Sun (UT)
  • Lucky Clover (Consumable - x1.5 loot drop and loot tier boost for 20 minutes)
  • XP Booster
  • Mad God Token x 1
  • Stone Token x 1
  • Moss Token x 1
Event Quests [Event]
The Tinkerer will offer players a selection of “Event” quests during Month of the Mad God.

  • Kingdom Quests: exchange a stack of [Mad God Token x 10] for a Kingdom Skin of your choice (repeatable quest).

  • Stone Quests: exchange a stack of [Stone Token x 10] for a Stone Skin of your choice (repeatable quest).

  • Solstice Quest (W): exchange a complete Solstice Set (Staff, Spell, Robe, Ring) for a T13 weapon of your choice (can only be completed once per account).

  • Solstice Quest (A): exchange a complete Solstice Set (Staff, Spell, Robe, Ring) for a T14 armor of your choice (can only be completed once per account).

  • Mayhem Key Quests: exchange [Stone Token x 10] for [Mad God Mayhem Key x 1] or [Mad God Token x 10] for [Mad God Mayhem Key x 3]

During Month of the Mad God, Epic Quests will also reward [Lucky Clover x 1].

MotMG Reskins [Event]
  • Bow of the Morning Star now drops instead of Doom Bow in the Undead Lair at a higher drop rate
  • Sword of Illumination now drops instead of Demon Blade in Abyss of Demons at a higher drop rate
New UTs:
Shield of Flowing Clarity:
  • +17 DEF
  • Shoots 5 projectiles 150-330 damages
  • Slow for 4 seconds
  • Cost 80 MP
  • Cooldown 0.5 second
  • 6% Fame Bonus
  • 900 Feedpower
Drop location: Mad God Mayhem - Decaract


Jade Storm
  • 5 Bullets 475-900 damages
  • Pierce
  • Pass cover
  • Cost 175 MP
  • Cooldown 0.5 second
  • 6% Fame Bonus
  • 900 Feedpower
Drop location: Mad God Mayhem - Decaract


Cloak of the Mad God
  • Invisibility for 3.5 seconds
  • Armored for 5 seconds
  • Cost 125 MP
  • Cooldown 6.5 second
  • 6% Fame Bonus
  • 900 Feedpower
Drop location: Mad God Mayhem - Decaract

  • Spirit of Oryx now transitions between phases based on HP left (was previously time-based)
  • Added HP Scaling to Oryx Horde bosses and monsters
  • Reduced Oryx Horde overall HP by ~25%
  • Reduced Oryx Horde Earthsmash damage significantly
  • Increased the drop rate of the Skull of Endless Torment from Shaitan's Lair
Quality of Life & Fixes:
  • Added a /addfriend <username> command
  • Fixed an issue with pet wardrobe where non-flying pets would fly if changed from a flying pet
  • Increased total Vault space from 100 to 120 chests
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs
Just a few changes following up our latest release:

Cnidarian Reef
  • Most Royal Cnidarian attacks now pass through players
  • Gold Cnidarians now have 4000 base HP (down from 8000), fixed HP scaling and are briefly invulnerable after spawn
  • Reduced the total amount of jellies and experience gained
  • Small jellies now spread out their attacks to reduce stacking and fps drops
Pet Wardobe
  • Modified feeding progress bars to make progress more clear
  • Fixed maximum skin count not being consistent
  • Magic Woods and Cnidarian Reef tracking is now displayed in the Statistics Panel under the Dungeon Completion tab
  • Summer Rare, Epic and Legendary Skin Quests at the Tinkerer now give you the option to choose between a Mystery Skin or Pet Skin unlocker instead of each having a separate quest
  • Full stacks of Mystery ST Shard (x15) can now be consumed directly to turn them into the Mystery ST Chest, the associated Tinkerer's quest will be deactivated
  • The Beginner's offer is no longer limited to 7 days after account creation and players who did not benefit from it in the past can now access the offer again via the "Special offer" UI button

Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Hey everyone, Krathan here!

Today we are happy to introduce you to the Pet Wardrobe, Cnidarian Reef and new Quality of Life changes!

Just a heads up that in preparation for the new class, the current maximum star level will be a yellow star for a while!

New Pet Wardrobe

The new Pet Wardrobe and Pets UI are here and can be accessed from the Pet Yard! They both come with a lot of new features that you might have tested during Public Testing recently. You will also notice that pet sizes are now based on the Pet's rarity level.

Collect Pet skins

Hatching, fusing or using Pet Skin items from the Vault will now permanently unlock Pet Skins in your Wardrobe. With the update, all Pet Stones / Skins that you have collected in the past and kept become Pet Skin unlockers! All the pets that are currently in your Yard have also been imported to your Wardrobe.

Change skins of your favorite Pets

You can now use the Wardrobe to change your Pet's appearance at will, for a small Fame or Gold fee. Once you have unlocked new skins, head over to the Wardrobe, select the Pet you want to change and the skin you want to apply to it and hit the "Change Skin" button.

Change Family

Skins are tied to Pet Families! For that reason, applying a skin from a different family will change your pet into that family as well as changing the skin. The fee for inter-family pet skin change is higher.

Pet feeding and fusing

The new Pets UI (accessible from the Caretaker) offers a number of new functionalities: better pet selection, better stats display and information about pets. You can now also feed multiple items at once directly from your inventory: open the "feed" tab in the UI, select the items you want to feed and hit the feed button!

We have also taken this opportunity to look at pet fusing and hatching odds - from now on most pets skins can be unlocked with fusion and hatching. Some of them will be very rare though! We also introduced some pet skin drops you might remember as eggs drops from back in the days. These are now exclusively unlockable with the skin unlockers. More to follow!

  • Thessal the Mermaid Goddess and Coral Gifts drop the Sea Slurp Skin
  • Davy Jones drops the Spirit Skin
  • Malphas the Archdemon drops the Demon Frog Skin
  • Native Sprite Gods drop the Sprite Star Skin
  • Tomb Ancients drop the Tomb Snake Skin

Speaking of old eggs... all pet-specific Generator Eggs, a remainder of the old pet system from before 2012 will now unlock skins permanently as well!

We have also rearranged abilities, to make sure every family can start with Heal.

Cnidarian Reef Dungeon Release

The underwater themed dungeon is now available in the Court of Oryx. Craig will grant you access to all of the dungeons at once from now on, so you will be able to choose!

Air bubbles are very close to the Royal Cnidarian, so watch out in there!

It comes with two new UTs: a scepter and a poison.

Quality of Life
  • Craig opens all boss dungeons in the Court of Oryx
  • Improved class selection tool tips with equipment, unlock goals and class quest progress
  • New class unlock animation on the mini map
  • New Quest animation
  • Improved Potions display for better readability on a quick glance
  • Use interact key for Follow/Unfollow Pets, open Wardrobe and Pets UI

The game will now use HTTPS, meaning for the projector you now need to use instead of

Mystery Skin Item Drop Updates

The Epic Mystery Skin item will no longer drop the following skins:

  • Jester Skin
  • Mini Phylactery Skin
  • Mini Swoll Skin
  • Mini Queen Bee Huntress Skin
  • Mini Oryx Skin
  • Mini Geb Skin
  • Mini Twilight Skin

The Rare Mystery Skin item will no longer drop the following skins:

  • Mini Skuld Skin

June Mystery Shards into Summer Mystery Shards

We heard that you liked the June Mystery Shards and decided to extend them through the rest of the summer! These items will become Summer Mystery Shards and will be removed in September. You will be able to collect them in mystery boxes and exchange them for the new Mystery Pet Skin items in addition to the Mystery Skins that you are familiar with - more details on the new Rare, Epic and Legendary mystery unlockers below!

EXP and Leveling

In preparation for the fame rework, we have made some changes to the way EXP is calculated. Other changes as a result will slightly change the leveling experience.

  • Exp gained from regular enemies no longer bypasses the next level 10% limit.
  • The exceptions are all quest enemies, which will now always grant up to 16%.
  • Heroes and level 20 quests are prioritized if the player is level 20.
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Hello everyone,

In our last communication we shared a lot of information with you and wanted to keep you posted on a more regular basis, so here we are.

Let’s start with the most exciting news: we have completed the evaluation phase for client technologies and have settled on Unity being the future for Realm!

While first prototyping efforts are promising, it is a huge project with many unknowns. You all know that we are a small team and we prefer it that way. However, to keep support for the Flash game and build the Unity client in parallel, we need to scale the team up and get in some Unity specialists.

Since we don’t have the big corporate money to fuel this endeavor, we were thinking about running something like a campaign on Kickstarter, but that felt rather awkward seeing as we already have a running game. Instead, we are now planning on putting a Support Campaign in the game for those of you who want to see this project go forward with some solid momentum and help us out. We will be releasing details on this once we have them. Stay tuned!

In other news, summer is approaching and with it comes Month of the Mad God! We are hard at work to make sure we can upgrade the events, introduce new fights and items and release the New Class on time. Speaking of the new class, we went through several iterations and are now at the point where we can announce some more details in the roadmap!

While we will have to save our excitement for MotMG for a while longer, we will tell you about a bunch of things that are coming up in terms of development roadmap in the update below.

RotMG Development Roadmap Update:

Guild List

The feature has been released - let us know what you think! With it, we added additional functionalities like the “Last seen” tooltip (to both friends and guild lists) and the ability to promote and demote guild members directly from the panel. We imagined the feature with guild management in mind to allow Founders and Officers to better organize their guilds while also helping everyone socialize more.

Pet Wardrobe & Pet UI

The implementation phase is completed and we are now working on killing bugs and polishing things up. We are aiming at pushing this exciting new feature with our next release!

On top, we decided to spice it up by overhauling the Pet feeding and fusing UI to give you, for example, the ability to feed several items at once and directly from your inventory. As announced in the last Producer’s Letter, your pet stones will turn into pet skin unlockers with the update and you will be able to acquire just about any pet skin via hatching and fusing. You will be able to switch back and forth between skins of a family for a small fee in fame or gold and you will also be able to switch families for more resources.

We have also been experimenting with the scaling of pets in order to base the size of pets on their respective rarity regardless of skin. While we like the first results, we still need to optimize it and investigate a better way to implement such a change. This will likely be an additional update that will come out after the initial release of the feature. We are very excited for this release and cannot wait to see your feedback.

New Class

As discussed above, we have made awesome progress with the new Class and have locked down the core aspects of it: Katana and Heavy Armor with a damaging ability. We are also experimenting with a new status effect that will be exclusive to the new Class. A lot more iterating and balancing is required but we are confident that we are creating something fun and exciting to play. The Class Unlock will be embedded in the system you are already used to with the other classes and the star levels will be adjusted accordingly. Yes, this means you will all be bumped down to a yellow star and will have to fight to get back the honorary badge of recognition that is the White Star.

Fame System Rework

We have started working on XP with the goal of making the fame loop a bigger part of the core game experience. The first step will be to balance the XP formula, in essence guaranteeing you more XP when beating dungeons. This change is quite straightforward and will be implemented gradually, starting with our next release.

In a second step, we will be expanding on this system and will update the achievements and achievement bonuses as well as adding some new ones. Once we feel that the system above is working well, we also want to tackle the fame economy as a whole. The goal is to make more items available for fame and to make use of the currency in more features than just for pets and guilds.

Dungeon Rush

The prototyping for this feature is still ongoing but we feel that it is coming along nicely and will definitely beat the arena in terms of accessibility, fun, and rewards. We are aiming to introduce it to public testing towards fall and implement it fully later this year and have it replace the Arena long-term. We can’t make any promises yet, as we want to get it right and do a lot of playtesting.

Finally, we also picked additional topics from the last Producer’s Letter or recent conversations we wanted to discuss:

Private Dungeons, crashing and griefing

Crashers and griefing are issues taken very seriously by our team. We have made changes to both the current systems and the dungeons design in order to prevent that type of behavior and we will continue to do so. We are investigating what fitting solutions can be implemented to offer a better experience while staying true to the goal of the game which is to be one of the most co-op games ever created.


We realize that bots continue to be an annoyance - in the past, we have managed to get rid of them but only for a limited amount of time. Based on what we are seeing in other games, it will be more than tough to get rid of all bots in a free2play game. Every change we make to combat bots and spammers has to take into account legitimate users and how they will be impacted as well. That doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking and trying new things on a regular basis. A majority of those changes are happening behind the scenes and released silently to guarantee their effects. You can also help making the game spam free: stop buying items or services on third-party websites and other places. Not only will it eventually get you banned, it also gives spammers a reason to continue.

June Mystery Shards

We know that it can be disappointing to open a mystery box and not get the jackpot that you are hoping for, so we wanted to try something different with some of our mystery boxes in June. We added in a special shard to the most common prizes that you can win from certain mystery boxes that you can collect into stacks of 10x and exchange for mystery skin unlockers at the Tinkerer. Many of the player questions surrounding this item seemed to be about the shard’s generic name and design taken from previous monthly events, and we apologize for any confusion that this oversight caused. We do not currently intend to drop these shards from other in-game events, but we may consider rolling out a larger system that includes other ways to collect similar skin shards in the future so stay tuned!

This is it for today. We are really excited about what is coming up to Realm in the second half of 2018. There is more to come and we will continue posting regular updates to keep you in the loop!

Share with us your feedback, expectations and suggestions in the comments. As usual, we are looking forward to hearing what you guys think and how we can continue making Realm a great game together!
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Hey everyone Krathan here!

Guild tab is going live as the first item on the Roadmap, we're excited about it and looking forward to your feedback on it. The Friends list and Guild List are now combined under the "Social" UI and bring a set of quality of life features targeted at social interactions in the game.

The long-awaited Lost Halls rework is also finally here!

Also, we would like to make it clear that we're taking stalking, harassing and griefing other players seriously and have made some behind the scenes changes in order to prevent such behaviors. We will continue to do so.

As always, there are a bunch of new fixes. Plus, Thessal and her Coral Gifts have received the HP scaling treatment!

Now, onto the patch notes.

  • Guild Tab! The Friends UI is now the Social UI and comes with a few improvements, including a new tab for managing and interacting with your guild.
  • Horrific Sorcerer ST Set now drops in-game, from both the Mad Lab and the Parasite Chambers monsters: Abomination's Wrath (Wand - Nightmare Colony), Grotesque Scepter (Scepter - Horrific Creation), Garment of the Beast (Robe - Nightmare Colony) & Horrific Claws (Ring - Crusher Abomination).

Horrific Sorcerer Stats

Set Bonus: +15 Defense, +3 Attack, +6 Speed

Abomination's Wrath
  • Damage: 225-265
  • Range: 9
  • Rate of fire: 53%
  • Fame Bonus: 4%
Grotesque Scepter
  • Lightning: 3 targets - 935 dmg, reduced by 135 for each subsequent target
  • Effect on self: Hexed for 1 sec, Stunned for 1 sec
  • On Equip: +4 Speed
  • MP Cost: 100
  • Fame Bonus: 4%
  • Usable by: Sorcerer
Garment of the Beast
  • On Equip: +10 Defense, +50 Maximum MP, -5 Dexterity, +8 Attack, +4 Wisdom
  • Fame Bonus: 4%
Horrific Claws
  • On Equip: +40 Maximum HP, +5 Attack, +50 Maximum MP, +5 Speed, -3 Dexterity
  • Fame Bonus: 4%

Lost Halls Rework
  • Environment, enemies as well as items received various aesthetic updates.

Dungeon Changes
  • Various adjustments to enemy behaviors and damage, as well as a few new additions.
  • HP Scaling and base HP adjustments across the board.
Lost Halls
  • Rooms: Bigger, more variety, fewer in total and fewer dead ends.
  • Boss: New mini boss to gain access, survival phase is more interactive, new final phase.
Cultist Hideout
  • Rooms: Fewer in total.
  • Boss: New attacks.
The Void
  • Boss: New rage phase.
Item Stats

Sword of the Colossus
  • Amplitude: 1 -> 0.7 tile(s)
Marble Seal
  • Effect: Armored within 3 -> 4 tiles
  • Effect: Damaging within 3 -> 4 tiles
Magical Lodestone
  • On Equip: +5 -> +6 DEF
  • On Equip: +5 -> +6 DEX
  • On Equip: +5 -> +6 ATT
  • On Equip: +5 -> +6 SPD
Staff of Unholy Sacrifices
  • Rate of Fire: 50 -> 55%
Skull of Corrupted Souls
  • Damage per WIS (if bigger/equal 50): 4.2 -> 5
Ritual Robe
  • On Equip: +12 -> +15 WIS
Bloodshed Ring
  • On Equip: +80 -> 100 HP
Bow of the Void
  • Damage: 135–205 -> 165-235
  • Projectile Speed: 15 -> 16 tiles/seconds
  • Range: 6.23 -> 5.6 tiles
Quiver of the Shadows
  • Damage: 200-250 -> 400-500
  • MP Cost: 90 -> 80
Armor of Nil
  • On Equip: -2 DEX -> 0 DEX
  • On Equip: 80 HP -> 110 HP
  • On Equip: 80 MP -> 110 MP
  • On Equip: 4 -> 6 SPD
Brain of the Golem
  • Explosion: Dazed for 2 seconds within 1.75 tiles
  • On Equip: -2 -> 0 ATT
  • On Equip: -2 -> 0 DEX
Golem Garments
  • On Equip: +4 -> +8 ATT
Rusty Cuffs
  • On Equip: +40 -> +70 HP
Lost Golem Set Bonus
  • On Equip: +6 -> +10 ATT
Cloak of Bloody Surprises
  • Effect on Self for 3.5 seconds: Damaging -> +25 ATT
  • Effect on use: Stasis for 3 seconds within 3.25 -> 6 tiles
Omnipotence Ring
  • On Equip: 60 HP -> 80 HP
  • On Equip: 60 MP -> 80 MP
  • On Equip: 3 ATT -> 4 ATT
  • On Equip: 3 DEF -> 4 DEF
  • On Equip: 5 VIT -> 4 VIT
  • On Equip: 5 WIS -> 4 WIS
Quality of Life
  • Added a tooltip with "Last seen" information for Friends and Guild Members.
  • Redesigned Friends tab in the Social UI.
  • A new option under Graphics has been added which displays tiers on items directly (enabled by default).
  • The Epic Quest Chest loot table has been updated (now drops the Orb of Aether instead of Kageboshi in addition to the new Sorcerer ST pieces from the Nightmare Colony).
  • Tomb of the Ancients: the Mark drop and future Chest Event triggers now happen when all bosses are dead.
  • Orb of Aether (and other future abilities that work this way): now requires the targeted tile to be walkable.
  • Disable Ally Projectiles no longer disables character firing animations.
  • Greater Nature Sprites are now immune to stasis.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to immediately kill Skuld in the Haunted Cemetery without her dropping any loot.
  • Fixed and unified damage thresholds in Ocean Trench, Oryx Castle, Janus and various low level dungeons (Pirate Cave, Forest Maze, Forbidden Jungle, The Hive and Spider Den).
  • Fixed behavior aggro issue in Guild Halls (Guill not throwing the Potion Gift sometimes, etc.).
  • Fixed the Mountain Temple encounter sometimes preventing the realm from closing.
  • Fixed a bug with the Friends list hotkey after startup.
  • Fixed overflowing text in the Security Questions pop-up.
  • Disable Ally Shoot now disables animations as well, setting renamed from "On" to "All", added "Proj" setting to keep animations. The hotkey will still toggle between Off and All.
  • Fixed inventory slots remaining red after a trade or moving an item to the backpack.
  • Fixed guild tab not functioning at all under Social in certain cases.
  • Pausing is now disabled in realms for the time being.
  • Reduced the amount of Basaran shots during the final fight with Malus.
  • Fixed HP Scaling in the Void.
  • Adjusted Spectral Sentry EXP.
  • Introducing the Axolotl, a new addition to common aquatic pets! It has Heal as its first ability.
  • The common humanoid pet Muddy Tidechaser now has Magic Heal as its first ability.
  • The common woodland pet Rat now has Heal as its first ability.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to hatch a pet would instead result in an error.
  • Thessal the Mermaid Goddess and Coral Gifts now have HP scaling.
  • Thessal base HP: 96000 -> 69000
  • Coral Gift base HP: 1200 -> 23000
  • Ice Cave: Esben briefly stays invulnerable after spooky minions are cleared and said minions now have multi hit attacks in the final phase as well.
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Hey everyone, Krathan here!

Today we finally bring you the Ice Cave rework, Mountain Temple changes and more fixes!

We're happy to announce that another legacy issue has been taken care of - you can now use your abilities when hovering the walls or void outside of dungeons, if they are not targeting tiles (the exceptions being Spells, Skulls, Poisons, Traps, Orbs and of course Prisms).

We also finally started rolling out some changes to address the long standing issue with damage thresholds. There are more to come and hopefully soon we will have unified and more co-op friendly loot distribution!

For more information on what's coming to Realm of the Mad God in the future, make sure to read our Producer's Letter!

Ice Cave rework!
  • More enemy variety, with more threats and fewer bullet sponges
  • Changed dungeon generation to make clearing come more naturally (group is split across two paths)
  • Watch out for the new slippery damaging tiles in the main dungeon
  • Boss fight is now HP based rather than time based, certain phases are also more engaging (watch out for the summons!)
  • The chest has been removed, loot table and distribution has been fixed

Staff of Esben
  • Projectile Speed: 10 t/s -> 16 t/s (same range)
  • Rate of Fire: 70% -> 80%
  • Damage: 60-95 -> 70-90 (+10 min, -5 max,+2.5 average)
  • Fame Bonus: 4% -> 6%
  • Attack Bonus: 1 -> 0
  • Feed Power: 700 -> 800
Mountain Temple changes!
  • Added a treasure room (activate all lanterns in the outdoor zone to access Daichi's private study after you defeat him!)
  • Daichi drops the new UT Orb of Aether: this Orb create a static energy zone that lasts 5 seconds and paralyzes enemies close to its center while slowing the one that are farther
  • Jade and Garnet Statues now drop Kageboshi
  • Increased the delay before the statues charge players: 1 -> 2.5
  • The statues now flash in light blue before charging players
  • The Encounter now always drops a portal to the Mountain Temple
  • Loot table and distribution has been fixed

Wand of the Fallen
  • Projectile Speed: 12 t/s -> 14.4 t/s (same range)
  • Damage: +5 min (+2.5 average)
  • Projectile Speed: 14 t/s -> 16.1 t/s (same range)
  • Damage: 360-440 -> 414-506 (+54 min, +66 max,+60 average)
Quality of Life
  • The default camera angle is now 0 degrees
  • The chat text box size has been decreased
  • The default chat star requirement now set to 2 stars


  • Fixed crash issue related to the Deadwater Docks
  • Fixed error when using abilities that do not target tiles while hovering walls or the black background
  • Fixed flash indication on objects not showing when arriving after it started for portals, bags, damage evaluation phases for Liches, Ent Ancients and Ghost Kings, Jade and Garnet statue telegraphs
  • Fixed and unified damage thresholds in Davy Jones's Locker, Oryx's Chambers, Wine Cellar, Sprite World, Undead Lair and Abyss of Demons
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs
Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since we last gave you a rundown of what is going on, what is coming in the near-term and what might be in the cards down the road. Recently we took some time as a team to reflect on the past year and tried to figure out which things we want to prioritize for this year.

As you have hopefully already noticed, we strive to bring you quality of life improvements, balancing and small feature updates with every patch. We enjoy taking the temperature of the community and working on things that players want, and we absolutely love the effort that all contributors and the community as a whole put in to make this game great.

Speaking of making the game great, we have had a couple of hiccups in the past and a lot of feedback from you guys on several topics. While we can’t react to everything all the time, we at least wanted to touch on a few things that stood out to us.

First, we had an issue where we adapted the key prices to better reflect the rarity, risk & reward of dungeons. While our numbers made sense on paper, we completely failed to pay attention to how it would affect players, especially ones that had been with the game forever. We have listened to your feedback and reverted the change while keeping some key prices lower than before. We will make sure to find a better way of evaluating, communicating and rolling out any such changes in the future.

Next, there was a lot of back and forth on the monthly quests and chest events. This one is a tough cookie because it is not as straightforward as one might think.

If we look at the numbers of total players logging in and playing the game while there are chest events vs days where there are none, we can clearly see that many people seem to be craving additional chances for loot. On the other hand, we have people complaining that it feels pushy or boring and forces them to log in every day.

We also hear feedback that some UTs are devalued because they are supposedly easier to get via chest events. We definitely do not want to force people into an activity, nor do we want to devalue UTs - although there have been other voices too, saying that it is too hard to get UTs for a permadeath game. We guess it will be impossible to have a solution that serves everybody, but we are committed to trying to make it better. That’s why in May, we will be removing a lot of the chest events and instead have only two weekend ones while also trying out a couple of less loot-focused events and adding the monthly skin to Oryx instead of a quest.

Putting aside the live status of the game currently, there is a bunch of stuff we are working on that will not make it into the game for a while, but we hope you can get as excited about as us.

RotMG Development Roadmap

Short Term

These features are currently being implemented and should be released to the game soon - which still does not mean tomorrow or guaranteed with the next update. A lot of things can change on short notice, but we are going to put ourselves out there anyway. Without further ado:

Pet Wardrobe

Back when we introduced pet stones, we wanted to give you tons of options for customizing your pets. We got criticism due to the fact that they were one-time use items and that it was not really possible to switch back and forth between your different skins unless you had a lot of them. Taking your feedback, we are developing a Pet Wardrobe that will serve you in a similar fashion as your character skin wardrobe. The system will allow you to acquire permanent pet skins, collect them and apply them to your pets. There are still a lot of implementation details to hammer out, especially on how to acquire the skins and how to use them, but we are working hard to shape it into a good and fair feature. What we can definitely tell you already though, is that all of your pet stones will turn into permanent pet skin unlockers.

Guild List

When we updated the friends list in release X24, we decided to also kickstart the creation of a similar list for Guilds. It is currently being implemented by our team and should be up for testing very soon! This feature, even if smaller, is definitely one of our favorites. From the same UI, you will be able to see who is Online/Offline, when they connected last to the game and interact with guildies (teleport to server, whisper). Guild officers will also be able to manage their guilds directly from the list as we are also adding guild management functionalities to it (promotion, demotion, guild kick). Long overdue.

Mid Term

While these features are underway, they will take longer to implement than the features listed above and should be expected to make it into the game within 3+ months:

Fame System rework

The next big thing on the horizon is fame. It is our intent to bring back fame as a more meaningful part of the core game loop. As of this writing, we are evaluating different options to change both the way you gain fame, as well as the use you can make of it and the leaderboards.

The first phase of this project was completed when we released the Statistics Panel.

We are currently prototyping and testing both new XP formulas (fame gained from monsters) and Fame Bonuses (fame gained from bonuses or achievements on your character). The goal is to make it more coherent, exciting, and challenging to build the perfect Legend character.

Once the above is completed, we are going to implement (or re-implement) additional ways for players to spend fame and fix that loop where what you just gained by dying should help you rebuild your next character.

This whole project will require a lot of testing and balancing, stay tuned for more details.

New Class

Yes, we have decided that we would add a new class to the game. We feel like it is about time and we know most of you feel that way too since the last class was added in October 2012! We are gunning for a release around Month of the Mad God.

Our designers are working on several class concepts as we speak, helped by years of suggestions by the Community, and we hope that we can present you with something soon to gather more feedback. We are building it with you guys in mind, so obviously we want you to help us make it an awesome experience that really adds something fresh to the game.

Dungeon Rush

To us, the Arena always seemed like an unfinished feature idea that was kind of tacked on and not well integrated with the rest of the game. In this state, it was pretty much abandoned and we also only used it for some event tests and otherwise left it aside. Based on our data, most of you guys would agree that it is not particularly appealing. At the same time, we see something there that might be salvaged and that is providing something to those of you who look for things to do casually every now and then without the ever-looming risk of permanent death around the corner.

We are currently prototyping and writing specifications for a feature that is supposed to replace the Arena surrounding rushing dungeon bosses and also providing something like a limited but lower risk training grounds. At this point, we don’t have anything fleshed out enough to share in detail though.

Long Term

The long-term projects that are currently being specified, prototyped and simply imagined. Some are already in development cycle but will require a massive amount of effort, others will simply never get implemented:

A new client technology

It is happening and we have started scoping and evaluating different technologies. We will likely go through a period of prototyping before we can fully commit.

This is by far the most demanding and challenging project that our team has in the pipes at the moment. Porting a project like RotMG is very expensive and quite frankly not easy to pull off, especially when the highest priority is to not lose the way the gameplay feels to the players! We will keep you posted as we go forward, and as mentioned in the beginning, we hope you are at least a fraction as excited as we are about this prospect. It is a really big step towards making Realm last for years to come.

Give a purpose to unused items overflowing chests and inventorie

Hundreds of items in the game are just rotting in players’ chests or inventories, either because they lost purpose over time, because they are too precious to throw away but essentially useless or because they’re not worth feeding. We are discussing solutions to that with the team and have a few ideas on paper that will eventually turn into prototypes for a system that gives all items a purpose.

More stuff for Guild

Guilds are important! Making friends and facing challenge together play a big role in online gaming. We want to develop new content and add more functionalities to find a guild, recruit new members and manage communities in the game.

New trading functionalitie

Trading and "merching" play an important part in RotMG. The current feature set works but is pretty basic and not secured enough. We want to investigate and eventually invest time into developing a better system for in-game trading.


We hope we were able to give you a glimpse of what is cooking in Oryx’s Kitchen. We voluntarily focused on the features and major changes but of course, there are hundreds of other changes planned in our backlog: balancing and reworking content, introducing new dungeons and items, fixing legacy bugs, adding small but meaningful QoL changes, etc. Those, we will continue to implement with every patch along the way and we will continue updating our backlog based on your feedback.

The RotMG team at Deca is excited to work together towards implementing all of these changes in the future.

As usual, thank you for your continued support and love for the game. We are very grateful for the feedback you’ve been providing and look forward to more!

The Deca Team
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Hi everyone

A few days have passed since the vernal equinox so it's high time we released our Spring update, aka the Magic Woods update! As most of you know, Magic Woods is the name of the newest dungeon, which is now available for you to play. Kudos to Toastrz for designing this dungeon with the precious help of Poshun's artistic touch! We would like to thank all of the contributors (artists, testers) who have also helped to bring this dungeon to life

With this update we are also activating Easter events, updating the Friends list interface and changing the appearance of the Nexus. Full details below

  • Coming along with a UT Mystic set, the new low-mid level dungeon Magic Woods is now available and rarely drops from Ent Gods and Ent Ancients
  • The Hanami Nexus is back
  • Oryx's Frozen Castle finally thawed
  • The Leprechaun has left the realm
  • Increased Pet eggs drop rates across the Realm for the duration of the Events

  • Main Event: Easter Egg Hunt *March 29 - April 12

The Easter Egg Hunt has started again! Collect Magic Eggs & Golden Egg tokens and trade them for guaranteed exclusive gear and skins

You can collect Magic Egg tokens from egg baskets that are placed all around the realm, from an encounter with a certain Buffed Bunny after you destroy all 16 giant eggs in a given realm, and a variety of Chest Events

With the help of the Tinkerer, you can turn in a total 10 stacks of Magic Eggs x10 every day to get a maximum of 20 Golden Eggs per day. The Golden Eggs can then be traded for guaranteed exclusive gear and skins

  • April Weekly Quests *April 3 - 30

The ORYX tokens are back! Collect the ORYX April Shards from the Login Calendar, Chest Events and trade them for the O, R, Y and X letter tokens. Collect all 4 letters across the event to obtain the exclusive Penguin Warrior skin

  • Chest Events *April 3 - 30

There will be 2 Chest Events running each week throughout the month of April! Check out the full list below, or the visual calendar

  • Undead Lair & Manor of the Immortals - *April 3 - 10
  • Toxic Sewers & Davy Jones - *April 10 - 17
  • Mad Lab & Woodland Labyrinth - *April 17 - 24
  • Puppet Master Theater & Mountain Temple- *April 24 - 30

  • Applied a tentative fix to the disconnection issue when swapping or picking up items
  • Fixed wisdom bonus calculations in tooltips for orbs, seals and tomes
  • Nest Encounter Beehemoths always show on the minimap
  • Re-enabled quests in the Lair of Draconis

  • Friend list rework - usability, performance and a new look
  • Implemented New quest type “One per account

Heads up
  • The Feed Power value for all Character skins and Pet skins will be revised very soon. We want that value to be more consistent across the board and avoid unnecessary discrepancies. All of the soulbound skins will be worth 2000 FP, while the tradeable skins will be worth 500 FP. This means that, for instance, the skins that are worth 5000 FP will see their value lowered to 2000 FP. The same goes for Pet skins. If you have been holding onto any skins with plans to feed them to your pets in the future, start feeding them now before the update hits

    The Deca Team ~
Realm of the Mad God - Realm_Devs

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

A new event is starting today. For the next 2 weeks, various monsters and bosses in the Realms will drop Heart items.

You can stack these heart items up to 10 and then exchange them for Love Letters at the Tinkerer… or share them with other players!

Love Letters can be stacked up to 20 and also be exchanged at the Tinkerer for pieces of the Valentine’s Day Archer Set:

  • Heartstruck Bow (UT)
  • Quiver of Dazing Love (UT)
  • Cupid’s Garments (UT)
  • Ring of Unbound Love (UT)

Bella’s Garden also now drops the unique Heart of Gold Prism!

Valentine’s Event details:
  • Event Start: 02/14/2018
  • Event End: 03/01/2018
  • Tokens: Heart & Love Letters

Drop of interest and Location:
  • Heart(s): Godlands, Dungeon Bosses (tradable)
  • Love Letter(s): Tinkerer Quest (soulbound)
  • Heart of Gold Prism (UT): Bella’s Garden

Tinkerer Quests:
  • Love Letters Quests (2,4,6,8)
  • Love Quests (Unbound, Dazed, Struck & Cupid)

  • Added Zodiac Dog pet stone
  • Applied fix on Piglet Sorcerer dye mask
  • Increased size of Lovebird, Prince Frog & Mini Pegasus pet skins
  • Fixed the description for the Rusty Cuffs

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