Oct 1, 2018
Battle Chess: Game of Kings™ - burgerbecky
Work log

Updated Steam API to latest SDK
Updated Burgerlib to latest version (Massive sub system re-write)
Updated to latest Visual Studio
Added support for import / export of standard chess "FEN" save games.
Added network framework for future support of cross-chess play.
Chess algorithm crash fixes.
Replaced use of strtok() to a version that supports multi-threaded operation (Fixed a race condition that caused random crashes)
Cleaned up dead code.
Updated texture read code.
Internally uses UTF-8 exclusively.

Report bugs to battlechess@oldeskuul.com
Jan 25, 2016
Battle Chess: Game of Kings™ - burgerbecky
Bugs fixed:
Saved over 20 Meg in wasted memory
Updated math functions to latest libraries
Minor fix for visual error using nVidia 545GT
Cleaned up startup/shutdown code
Updated to latest Steam libraries
Seperated config files for local and roaming data (Hardware values are tied to machine, get settings are in Roaming).
Re-did steam manager to allow future update for steam cloud save games.
Debuging code added to monitor for issues with loss of texture. (Data stored on local machine only)
Plugged up memory leak in streaming audio

A big shout out to those who have sent in bug reports!
Dec 14, 2015
Battle Chess: Game of Kings™ - burgerbecky
Please send an email with what you found and how to reproduce it to battlechess@oldeskuul.com

Dec 11, 2015
Battle Chess: Game of Kings™ - burgerbecky
Pretty much everything is fixed. The only thing that hasn't been fully tested is the Combat Vault, however, the next build is currently being tested which will have the Vault enabled so you can view your previous kills at your leisure!

Thank you so much for being patient with us! :)
Feb 5, 2015
Battle Chess: Game of Kings™ - burgerbecky
Fixed a buffer overrun in the chess logic. (Took forever to find this one)
Fixed an invalid value being sent to the light shader (Caused memory trashing).

Played 4 games from start to finish, no crashes. Either I'm really lucky, or I found the crash bug. Please, prove me right!!!
Jan 30, 2015
Battle Chess: Game of Kings™ - burgerbecky
It's been a while, and thankfully the issues that have kept us from working on this game have been resolved.

Please, do your worst. There's a github based bug tracker set up so the community can report the bugs and watch the progress as issues are fixed. If there's any feature requests, please note them as such and they will be considered.

Thank you for your patience in helping get Battle Chess perfected.

I mean it, do your worst, follow the link below and report issues, but be civil. We're here to play video games and have fun!

Nov 23, 2014
Battle Chess: Game of Kings™ - burgerbecky
Seems that converting from a right handed coordinate system to a left handed one is... fun... Loads of fun. Rather amusing seeing pieces face the wrong way and other nastiness. Trust me, you DON"T want what I've got right now. I expect a delay of a week before I get all of the rotation issues fixed.

Converting from DirectX to OpenGL is a level of hell. Don't worry, I'm feeling the burn.
Battle Chess: Game of Kings™ - burgerbecky
So sorry for the delays, we have been swamped with another project which sucked up our resources for a few months. We are going through the messages here and addressing all issues with BattleChess: Game of Kings.

On another note: a fan was calling our phone number and leaving messages, we wanted to reply, but since the fan didn't mention a return phone in the message and the caller ID was blocked, we couldn't respond. Please, leave a return number if you want a response.
Battle Chess: Game of Kings™ - burgerbecky
Recently, my mother passed away, and when I finally was able to settle her affairs, my wife's father passed away suddenly, causing us to once again drop what we were doing and settle the family's affairs. After getting back, comes E3, and a giant pile of contracts, emails and other stuff that sucked the time and life out of me.

It's all behind us now. Soooooooo... I'm doing a Perforce get, building and coding and wrapping up the few remaining bugs left in BattleChess: Game of Kings, so we can move this game from Early Access to full release!

Thank you, everyone, who has pre-purchased the game and helped me through your bug reports to help polish this game to a level of quality you'd expect from Olde Sküül and my old company, Interplay Productions!

Rebecca Heineman
One frazzed coder

PS. Tell your friends to buy the game and slip some burgers under the slot in my office door. Yum!
Apr 24, 2014
Battle Chess: Game of Kings™ - burgerbecky
A new version of BattleChess is up! Please report any issues. Looks like it's only a week or two away from being final!

Thank you so much for getting BattleChess! I get to eat tonight!

Work log...

Fixed memory trasher in "Prop" handler (Item's in character hands/feet)
Fixed crash and hang when changing screen resolution
Fixed issue where data was uninitialized on the MENUSTART data load
Cleaned up chess logic.
Removed obsolete code
SSE2 support on machines that have it
Game doesn't crash when Steam isn't running when battlechess is started
Built all code under LLVM (Mac) and fixed all code warnings found (Minor issues discovered)
Removed all traces of GameSpy (Leftover code from old codebase)
Fixed a memory leak when an achievement is unlocked
Underlying engine code, too many improvements / fixes to list.

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