Precipice of Darkness, Episode One

Cthulhu Saves the World dev Zeboyd Games is making Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 and 4.

Episode 3, screenshots of which you can see below, launches on PC, Mac, Xbox Live Indie Games, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android in the summer.

The game continues the adventures of Penny Arcade comic character Tycho Brahe and chum Jonathan Gabriel in the world of New Arcadia. Like previous games in the series, it's a role-playing game, with Zeboyd's trademark stylized pixel-visuals.

"Zeboyd has essentially mastered the Throwback RPG as an art form," said Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins. "This isn't their first time to the rodeo. They are true rodeo enthusiasts. I forget what we were talking about."

Zeboyd's Robert Boyd added: "With Penny Arcade's On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness 3, we've taken elements from various classic RPGs and fused them with our own ideas of how a fast-paced turn-based RPG should play. Working with Penny Arcade and in the unique world of New Arcadia has been great and we hope everyone enjoys the game!"

The announcement of the game comes as something of a surprise, given the troubled development of the first two games in the series.

It had been thought there wouldn't be a third Penny Arcade Adventures game because, according to Holkins and Krahulik, of the sheer volume of work involved in making the first two.

Precipice of Darkness, Episode Two Trailer - Andrew Yoon

Penny Arcade's On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness was meant to be a trilogy, but that plan was cut short when developer Hothead decided to move onto the DeathSpank franchise. Today, the Penny Arcade Adventures have been resurrected again, new developer in tow.

Zeboyd Games, developer of Cthulu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII, will be working on the reanimated third episode.

When the Penny Arcade Adventures series got canceled, the comic duo had intended to conclude the series in a non-interactive format. "We're going to finish that story but it's going to be on our website. Our main goal at this point is to make sure that people aren't left hanging on a narrative side, and to allow Hothead to do the best they can on their project."

While today's announcement preserves the intended format of the project--as an interactive video game--the third installment will be a radical departure from previous entries. RPGamer reports thtat "the graphical style will be a 16-bit style similar to that of Final Fantasy VI." No platforms have been announced yet, but the plan is to release on "as many systems as we can."

Precipice of Darkness, Episode One - Valve
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On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is an RPG-Adventure game series based on the popular web comic Penny Arcade.

Create your character in the classic comic style, and join Gabe and Tycho in the alternate 1920s universe of New Arcadia where you'll combat savage enemies, solve mysteries, meet bizarre new characters, and discover their unique sense of humor for a 100% authentic Penny Arcade experience!

Precipice of Darkness, Episode One Trailer - Chris Faylor
After two outings, the interactive adventures of Gabe and Tycho are no more, as Penny Arcade artist Mike "Gabe" Krahulik told Joystiq "there won't be an Episode 3."

A four-episode series inspired by Krahulik and Jerry "Tycho" Holkins' game-centric webcomic, Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 1 debuted on PC and Xbox Live Arcade in May 2008, followed by a PlayStation 3 release and then Episode 2 in October 2008.

Back at GDC 2010, developer Hothead revealed that sales of Episode 2 were roughly one-third those of Episode 1, but that it still planned to complete the series.


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