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Hey everyone!

We're holding a screenshot "contest." Post your favorite in-game screenshots for a chance to be featured on the http://www.pvkii.com website!

There are several ways to participate. You can post your screenshots to our Steam Community Page; this forum thread; or post them on our Facebook page or Twitter page using #PVKshot.

Any screenshots we deem acceptable for use will be featured on pvkii.com. Screenshots should capture the essence of PVKII, should be high resolution (1920x1080 with high graphics settings), and cannot feature offensive content.

So go out, play the game, and start creating some awesome in-game shots!
Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II - Crazytalk
Greetings everyone!

We've been hard at work behind the scenes churning out content and squeezing out bugs, but we've still not hit that point where we feel the patch is ready to go public.

However! We made a promise to release the Man-at-Arms in October, so we've run into a problem. We aren't sure if we should polish up what we have and release the patch unfinished, or do we hold off until everything is ready (By end of year)?

We feel this decision should be up to our loyal fans, so we're opening a poll for you to decide the fate of our next patch. The poll will close on Friday, October 24th.

Here are just a few areas that still need to be finished:
  • Combat system changes need more testing
  • Hints/Guidance system to teach the game to new players still needs work
  • Unfinished achievements
  • Some animation/attachment issues
  • Maps still being finalized/polished -- most are about 95% ready

Do you prefer to play what we have by the end of October, or do you prefer to wait for a final product?

The choice is yours, so head to our forums and vote now!
Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II - Crazytalk
Octoshark Studios is excited to announce that Pirates, Vikings and Knights II version 3.0 is almost here! With it comes the Source SDK Base 2013 update. This means PVK will now be standalone with support for Linux and Mac, and multi-core rendering. For a quick look at what this release has to offer, and when it will be ready, see the trailer below.

View Trailer on YouTube
New maps in this video: te_cara & te_sandstorm. Also featuring in-game footage of the Man-at-Arms. Music by: Jaldaboath

The Man-at-Arms is the 3rd class to join the knights team in PVKII. Brandishing a Mace and Buckler for defense, Halberd for offense, and a Crossbow for picking off enemies, this Frenchman is known for his over-the-top taunts and hilarious demeanor. Check out some of his voice commands below.

Taunts | Voice Commands

New Maps

bt_pinegrove is a new booty map by Gaz -- the creator of Island. Pinegrove is modelled off of the original PVK1 map that was loved by many. The map takes place in a peaceful forest. Fight off your enemies and hold onto as much treasure as possible in this spectacular remake of a classic!

te_cara is a brand new territory map featuring two moving territories. Started by Jahhur, the creator of Frostbite and Cathedral, this beautifully crafted map has also received love from Jimonions, Lhorkan, and Sir Bubbles. Work as a team to capture the territories and dominate your enemies!

te_sandstorm may not be a new name to the game, but the map has been completely remade by Ubermann. The style and atmosphere of this desert wonder will whet your appetite as you fight to control the food, water, and weapon supplies.

Some of our prop modelers and texture artists have also helped contribute to these maps. Sandstorm includes props by Alurios7, Juicyfruit, Nordoceltic, and textures by Skuee. James Davis is currently working on horse models for the territories in Cara and a few other surprises in maps like Catheral.

Celebrity Announcers

Alestorm's lead singer, Christopher Bowes, recorded these Pirate announcer lines for us. Alestorm is a Pirate-themed heavy metal band out of Scotland with hit songs like "Keelhauled" and "Wenches & Mead." Check them out here.

Our very own Rejenorst was kind enough to record these Viking announcer lines. You may remember Rejenorst as the man who did the original Pirate and Viking voice commands.

James "Grand Master Jaldaboath" Fogarty, lead singer of Jaldaboath, lent us his knightly voice for this announcer. Jaldaboath is a Medieval Templar Metal band based out of the UK. Their song "Hark the Herald" is featured in our trailer above. Check them out on Facebook.

As we close in on this heavily anticipated release, look ahead for a full changelog. Keep an eye on our Social Media feeds for more!

Give us a shout out: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Moddb | Tumblr
Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II - Crazytalk
We released our first mobile game this week. It's called Disasteroid and can be found in the Google Play Store:


We've also submitted it for approval to iOS and will notify you all when it's ready.

Download it, Play it, and tell us what you think with ratings and reviews!

Keep an eye out for news on our next PVKII Release -- the Man-at-Arms update! More information will be available soon!
Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II - Colonel

The TeamSpeak Address Info & Download link for Public Event April 9 2014

Hop in and hang with us at omb.ts.nfoservers.com using TeamSpeak Program http://www.teamspeak.com/

No password required to join!

Game On,
Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II - Colonel

Ahoy there you salty sea dogs!

PVK2 Developers and Beta Testers will be around the public servers today starting at 1:30 PM EST / 6:30 PM GMT!

We will have a teamspeak server open for everyone, and a few extra game servers for US and EU!

Hop in and hang with us at omb.ts.nfoservers.com using TeamSpeak Program http://www.teamspeak.com/

Join us for a fun afternoon, or evening, of PVK2!
Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II - Cap1
Hello everyone,

It seems the unfortunate Steam error is now behind us, time to get back to your favorite servers and catch up on lost PVK hours.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you all for your patience.

Yours truly,
PVKII dev team.
Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II - Crazytalk
Hi everyone,

We just want to let everyone know that we are aware of the issues affecting the servers. These issues are affecting all Source mods and Valve has been notified.

Server owners should know that there are some possible temporary fixes:

We found a workaround for server admins until Valve fixes the issue:

Note: This fix is for Windows servers only. No idea if something similar works on Linux.

1. Use steamcmd to install SDK Base 2007. It won't work with the old HLDSUpdateTool.
2. Download the Steam client on the server machine and run it until you get to the login screen. You don't need to log in with an account, just leave Steam running at that screen.
3. Start your dedicated server

The server should work like usually now. Hopefully Valve fixes this soon.

It's possibe that listen servers are also working, and that this is only affecting dedicated servers.
Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II - Crazytalk
Happy Holidays, everyone! Here are the Belly Hazard contest winners:

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II - Crazytalk
The submissions are in! These 6 concepts are competing for their place inside the belly of the best:

View the Submissions!

Voting is now open, so give your favorite one a vote by either liking it on Facebook or voting in this thread!

Winners selected by the community and the PVKII Team will have their concept modeled and placed into lts_bellyhazard and will be given contributor status on the website and in-game!

For more on lts_belleyhazard, visit This Thread.

Voting will remain open until December 22. Winners will be announced in the following days!

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