Being the result of a corporate partnership between Intel, VICE magazine, Kill Screen and whatever studio is being covered, the new Behind The Scenes web series should be the very worst in developer diaries.

But it's not. It's really well done. I mean, yeah, in parts they're selling you on Crysis 3, but for the most part it really is more of a proper documentary, giving you a genuine look at the studio and the people behind it.

The first episode is above, with installments on Forza Horizon and Gears of War to come.

Behind The Scenes of Crysis 3 with Kill Screen [YouTube]

PC Gamer

Psycho has put on a little weight, hasn't he? Then again, he's lost his Nanosuit, and along with it its maximum slimming effect. Anyway, here's 6:19 of fresh gameplay footage from Crysis 3's domed jungles of New York, a setting that has the game resembling the genetic output of Crysis's East Asia and Crysis 2's urbanity.

One change in Crysis 3 worth noting, and noticeable in the footage: Crytek has decoupled sprinting from energy consumption. It still has a separate, invisible cooldown associated with it (and while you're cloaked, your energy meter will tick down faster if you run), but running won't take sips from your magic power juicebox. A related counter to this are the new EMP grenades carried by CELL soldiers, which drain your battery.

Crysis 3 is due in February.


PC Gamer
Crysis 3 bow attack

The Crysis saga will endure beyond Crysis 3's culminating events, but not under the name Crysis 4, CryTek has revealed. Speaking to Eurogamer, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli discussed the future of the visually voluptuous franchise beyond Crysis 3 and mentioned a future free-to-play version of Crysis.

“I wouldn't name it Crysis 4 at this stage because it would be misleading," he said. "We want to finalize Prophet's story, and Crysis 4 would imply the story just moves on. But we are excited about the DNA of Crysis and of the franchise. There can be literally tons of titles out there within the franchise. Unlike Far Cry, this time around we feel very flexible about Crysis."

Normally Crytek would already be beginning pre-production on the next Crysis, but Yerli says the next iteration's "radical" direction could mean more of a lull between it and Crysis 3.

"Because we want to make this something much more radical and new, we're looking at it as a bit more of a long-term thing," Yerli explained. "It's too early to talk about it for these reasons."

Yerli equipped an equally strong silencer on any details surrounding the free-to-play Crysis project, as its infancy prevented any solid information from emerging.

"We do have a plan for a F2P version of Crysis, but how this looks and when this will be done, whether this is the next one or the next next one, is to be decided," he said. "I believe F2P is our inevitable future. I believe there are F2P titles out there that can be story-telling and cooperative with your friends and competitive with your friends. It's all possible. The business model is independent from the way you design games. It's a very important thing. People always make these things dependent, but it's actually completely independent."

Computer Security Research Team Finds Vulnerabilities in Modern Warfare 3 The same security company that found a security flaw in Steam earlier this year has found security holes in Modern Warfare 3 and CryEngine 3.

As ComputerWorld reports, researchers from security company ReVuln announced their findings at a security conference in Seoul today. They demonstrated two major issues. The first was with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 which, according to the presentation, is open to malicious denial of service (DDoS) attacks that can crash the game servers.

The other major issue was found in Crytek's CryEngine 3, and demonstrated on the game Nexuiz. The research team was able to access a remote player's computer via the game servers and "caused a graphic of cat riding a rocket to be displayed on the victim's computer."

If only all hackers sent cat pictures.

Of course, as a security company, it's in ReVuln's interest to point out security flaws, even minute ones, in any software they can. The company is planning to release full advisories about their findings next Tuesday, to coincide with the launch of the next Call of Duty game, Black Ops II.

Researchers find vulnerability in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [Computer World via Polygon]

Shacknews - Steve Watts

Pre-ordering Crysis 3 will get you a free copy of the original game, EA and Crytek announced today. The offer is good across all platforms, thanks to last year's console port of the first game.

You'll also get the "Hunter Edition," because pre-ordering any EA game these days gets you the Something Edition. In this case, the package includes a Predator Bow and Hunter Nanosuit for use in multiplayer, along with a bonus XP boost up to level 5, a Predator bow skin, and three exclusive dog tags. The game is due in February 2013.

Here's Your Super HD Version of Crysis 2, People
Here's Your Super HD Version of Crysis 2, People

Crysis 2 was pretty, but for hardcore PC types, in some ways it wasn't pretty enough. It didn't push the limits of fidelity in the same way its predecessor had.

While most have moved on from the game, and if anything are waiting on Crysis 3, this texture pack turns Crytek's mildly pixellated New York into an almost photo-realistic New York. So it might be worth a double-back to investigate just how damn pretty it makes everything look.

You can see a comparison above (the one with the graffiti obviously being the updated version), while there are a ton more shots at the project's site below.

MaLDoHD 4.0 BETA [MaLDoHD, via PC Gamer]


There's been glimpses of Crysis 3's competitive online modes out there already, but this latest video gives a bit more detail on what's in store for the sc-fi threequel. The invisible predator aspect of Hunter Mode looks fun but it looks like the mech-jacking in the Crash Site Mode might be one of the more fun things that you'll wind up doing in Crysis 3.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Nathan Grayson)


Do you think Crysis needs more lightsabers? I think Crysis needs more lightsabers. Evidently, the folks behind the original Crysis’ four-years-in-the-making StarCry mod agreed, so they chucked ‘em in – hopefully skewering an Ewok or 12 in the process – for good measure. Wait, good measure? Why would I ever say such a thing when lightsabers – much like love – are all you need? Mainly because they join 1000 new sci-fi-themed objects, 2000 textures, 20 weapons, and 1000 lines of dialog as part of a seriously formidable overhaul package. Intrigued? Well, unfortunately, the RPS lot is fresh out of sci-fi-themed vehicles for break-traversing purposes. We do have Syfy-themed vehicles, though. Might I recommend the Supergator?



For a movie/series with such a cult following, you'd think Stargate would have been better served by the world of video games, but nope. Fans have long been left wanting. Which is probably why a bunch of them have been modding the original Crysis for four years to make their own.

The result is StarCry, which introduces an 8-hour singleplayer campaign that features Stargate-specific art, voice acting and weapons.

The very first proper, official release build of the project was made available today, and you can grab it below.

Oh, and before you say it, yeah, there are a ton of references to other sci-fi series in the project (and even the trailer above). Weird, I know, but the creators say they exist with the campaign "still having a coherent storyline".

Release of StarCry, a sci-fi mod for Crysis ! [StarCry, via PC Gamer]

PC Gamer
Looks like Jack O'Niell in the cap there. Possible player character?

Of franchises using the "Star _____" title format, there's one that has long stood beside the titans of Trek and Wars in my mind: Stargate. For the last four years, a team that shares my reverence for the franchise has been modding the world of evil Egyptian space snakes and interstellar military adventure into the original Crysis, along with nods to other sci-fi franchises like the aforementioned Star Wars and Battlestar. StarCry, the end result, is now finally available for download to all of us Tau'ri.

The trailer above shows off a variety of environments, zat guns, staff weapons, and the titular Stargates themselves. But that's far from all. The mod's release notes boast "More than 1000 new objects, 2000 textures, 20 weapons and 1000 lines of dialog were added to the base game to offer a brand new adventure." Check out the screenshots below, then grab the mod and see it for yourself.


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